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  1. The kingdom of Hetopia had been a peaceful kingdom in its early years. Then the dragons came. Many lost their lives in the age that became known as the dragon war. To bring peace back to their kingdom, the Hetopians made a pact with the dragon elders. Each year, a sacrifice was to be made. One civilian every year for all eternity. So the sacrificial ceremony began. Each year, a sacrifice was chosen and the royal house was lucky. Since only one heir was born each generation was born, they were never chosen as to continue the blood line. That was until the current king and queen, King Terren and Queen Gwen had the prince and princess. Twins were quite rare, yet there came Prince Clarrik and Princess Calista. Both siblings were fair haired and blue eyed, though Clarrik was far more vocal than his twin sister who preferred hiding in her books.Though Calista was born first, Clarrik was chosen to be ineligible for the sacrifice since he was male, leaving Princess Calista the first royal in centuries to be eligible to become a sacrifice once she became of age.

    Having become of age the previous winter, Calista was officially eligible to be chosen as the sacrifice when summer came. It had been unanimous. Her parents and brother were devastated, however Calista had accepted it the moment she heard the council's decision. She had two days with her family before the night of the sacrificial ceremony. An hour before the ceremony, Calista had been escorted to an almost empty chamber. There was a copper tub so she could bathe, a towel to dry off with, and a white shift dress for her to change into for the ceremony. Once she was done, the council retrieved her to escort her where she was to be left for the dragons. As they exited the council building, they made their way through the city, out the city walls, and to the sacrificial circle which consisted of a circle of torches surrounding two wooden poles connected by an iron beam along the top, a set of shackles dangling from the iron beam. Her parents and brother awaited her, her parents saying nothing and her brother whispering "I'm sorry, Cali ..." in her ear. Whispering back with a sad smile, she would kiss her brother's cheek. "It's alright, Lar. Take care of mother and father. They will need you."

    With her final goodbyes said, she would nod to the nearest councilman signaling that she was ready. With a sad nod, the councilman and two guards would escort her to the center where they proceeded to raise her arms, shackling her wrists before the backed away. "I am so very sorry, Princess ..." the councilman whispered before the small group disappeared, leaving Calista alone, her heart slamming in her chest as she awaited her fate.
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  2. "Going out, Brother?" A cold voice rang out, chilling as the blizzard of Mount Brum'ar, the disdain barely coated with a thin veil of elegance. "Ah, this is your favorite time of the year, isn't it?" The owner of the voice snorted, a huge Frost Dragon, silverish-blue scales and glimmering ice crystals on his grand body. "Why do you insist on participating in this pointless ritual? There are other, lesser, dragons to deal with those insignificant 'humans' you love so much." He spoke the word 'human' as if it has the same degree as an insect, white mists spewing from his nostrils, tickling the neck of his fellow dragon, his own older brother, Kruziik.

    "Now now, Dear Camus," The other dragon spoke, turning his head to the side so he could look at the reptilian eyes of his brother, "While I do agree with them being insignificant, I find them interesting, like a master to his favorite pet." The two siblings were opposites of each other, Kruziik was a Lava Dragon, inheriting his natural element affinity from his father, while Camus carried on the legacy of their mother, a Frost Dragon from the mountains of Brum'ar. Their sibling rivalry and bickering were a common sight in the Kogankell Dragon Clan and there were even rumors saying that should Kruziik and Camus agreed on something, the earth itself would split apart, that was how vitriolic their relationships were. Nevertheless, they both respected their father, Dro'kazul the Chieftain, so their conflict were always settled with a good spar or two... for now at least.

    "It is almost time." Kruziik looked down from the edges of the cliff overlooking Hetopia Kingdom, a tiny congregation of humans which pledged loyalty and annual tribute to the great Dragon clan in order to preserve their lives, a deal that Kruziik found particularly... amusing. He spread his wings wide, his powerful aura of heat melting the snow around him as he launched himself off the cliff, heading to Hetopia, trailing a mesmerizing line of fire in the night sky. "Tell Father I will be late for supper!" He jokingly called out to Camus.

    "Brother..." Camus gritted his teeth, growling at his fiery brother, "What does father see in you?" He also took flight, but on the opposite direction, returning to the clan's main settlement.


    The poor sacrificed Princess' thrumming heart was appropriate considering her situation, she had every right to be afraid for she was just a minuscule creature in the face of mighty dragons, a sacrifice to the dragons, there was no greater honor for a human like her. The winds picked up and though faint, Cali could feel the temperature around her rising bit by bit... until she could see a trail of fire high in the sky heading straight to her direction, then the fire descended, like a meteor plummeting towards earth, only to slow down and stop just before it made contact with the ground just a few meters away from the chained young woman. "Ah... What do we have here?" now she could see the Draconic Heir in all of his splendor, a huge being of living flame, his wings proudly spread, marking the very space as his own.

    After a few moments of dimming down his heat and tucking his wings, Kruziik lifted his claws, moving forward towards Calista with each step sending small earthquakes on the ground, rattling the chains that kept the princess bound, "Tell me... human, did they tell you what do we dragons do to a sacrifice like you?" He bent down, his visage completely occupying Cali's vision, a spark of dark passion clearly visible in his tone, his gaze taking all of her body in, "What are those insects thinking? Restraining you like this, what for?" He chuckled in sarcasm, "Are they afraid that their little sacrifice would run away? Hmmm... I think that's quite plausible." He grinned, a puff of fire spewing from the corners of his jaw, "Their whole lives are at stake after all, a runaway sacrifice... oooh one could only imagine what we will do... but ah, talking about lesser beings disgusts me, though you," He locked his fiery gaze to Cali's icy blue, "You are lovely, such a beautiful little creature, one I could ravish for all eternity," He deliberately kept his words vague, letting the human guess what he actually meant by them, "Too bad my brother can't see it, he must be quite blind, but well, not everyone was born with a peculiar taste like me, so tell me, human..." Kruziik opened his jaw, revealing his massive fangs, "Do you fear death? Beg to me for your pitiful live and I might just spare you, release you from the chains that bind you so, you only have to acknowledge your place as a lesser creature."
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  3. The higher the temperature rose, the faster her heart would pound. This was really happening. She was about to die for her people. Then the trail of fire appeared in the sky. Her eyes widened a bit. So it was just like the people had told. As the trail of fire plummeted towards her, she gathered what courage she could. The earth soon shook beneath her bare feet, making her bite her lip as her icy hues drifted up towards the face of the dragon prince before her. As he stretched his wings and spoke, Calista would shiver, though she would stay silent. The beast was much larger than she had imagined, and far more menacing.

    Once the dragon had dimmed his heat down some, Calista would relax a bit. Though, there was still some sweat dotting her brow and trailing down her spine, making her light blond locks stick to her forehead and neck. At the dragon prince's first question, she managed to shake her head gently. At his next question and thoughts providing his theories as to why, she would bite her lip gently again before she finally spoke up. "As royalty, their princess, yes they feared that I may try to run ..." She began timidly. Finding her courage, she would continue. "However I would never do so. If my being the sacrifice this season saves even one of my people, I would happily take their place so that they may have the chance to live that much longer." She finished, compassion showing in her tone. The way Kruziik said the word ravish made Calista shiver again. She didn't want to even imagine what he meant by it. Then he asked his ultimate question. Fear flashed in her eyes at the prospect of dying, however resolve would soon take its place. "I do fear death, there is no lying about that ..." She would begin, her voice a little shaky. "But, if dying is what I must do for my people ... Then so be it." She would finish, her voice strong and eloquent. The shackles binding her wrists would clatter as she adjusted, her hands to clasping the chains as she held Kruziik's gaze, awaiting her fate.
  4. "Oh?" The giant beast raised one scaly eyebrow which followed by a light snort of disbelief mixed with a tinge of fascination, "Did my ears deceive me? A princess, you say?" He inched closer then turned his head to the side, allowing one reptilian eye to stray dangerously close, his slitted pupil a mere foot away from Calista, he held still as if gazing deep into her eyes, past those icy pupils, and into her soul, "I sense no deception in your voice, human female, it seems you are telling the truth." He drew back, the pressure emitted from his aura slowly lifted, the dragon was taken aback, Calista's revelation about her status shocked him, though he tried to hide it as best as he could.

    "A princess..." He shifted his body uncomfortably, "So the pitiful humans decided to sacrifice their royalty, just to save their own skin, where they could just easily present a whore or two," He roared in anger, but not at the blond young woman, "What madness is this? Have they no honor, no shame?!" Clearly Calista's status as a princess and sacrificial maiden struck a nerve in the dragon prince, "As expected from insects, they couldn't even protect their betters, they deliberately left you to die. My father will kill anyone who so much even think of harming his sons, apparently, your father is the complete opposite, dear 'princess' or should I say, sacrifice?" He then stayed silent, letting his words sank into the petite woman.

    Kruziik's body slowly glow in a show of crimson light, his magic working at his body as the dragon vanished, replaced by a man, naked as he was born, to replace him. The man with the same deep red eyes and auburn hair stepped up to Calista, his toned hand reached out as he forcefully gripped the princess' chin, "You're even worse, you thought letting yourself be killed an honorable act? Pathetic..." He spat, "Save your people? Ha... there is nothing stopping us from breaking the pact, my clan can trample your tiny stone huts at will or burn them down in a single swoop." He tightened his grip, forcing the princess to look directly into his eyes, "My brother, Camus, you see... thinks your kin should be exterminated like vermins you are. I, however, don't, I still see value in your short-lived existence, but... with this unforgivably dishonorable - even for humans - act, I am very inclined to change my mind."

    He released her then slowly paced around the altar, like a hungry wolf eyeing a wounded sheep, "So, tell me, your 'majesty', why should I let your kin live?" His right hand reached out from behind her, caressing her waist then moved up to grab her neck , the human-formed dragon put his chin on Calista's left shoulder, his hot breath tickling her ear, "Your death will only bring extinction to your people, this I promise. What else can you offer me?" He strengthened his grip, just a bit as to not choke her, but making it clear enough he could effortlessly snap her delicate neck like a twig, "I'm waiting, your 'majesty'..."
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  5. Calista fought the urge to flinch as the large beast inched closer. She could see the surprise and fascination in his eye. She was fascinated by his sudden curiosity about her. Had there truly never been a royal or noble ever sacrificed before? Her focus stayed on the dragon prince's eye as he stared into her own icy gaze. It was an odd feeling, as if he was looking past her physical being all together and into the depths of her very being. As he drew away, she would relax once more as she spoke out. "I have no reason to lie." She would say simply and neutrally as she watched the beast as he spoke to her further. His sudden burst of anger made her flinch instinctively. Though she was certainly surprised. Why this would hit nerve with the dragon, she had no idea. "Under normal circumstances, I would not have been considered ..." She began as she straightened once more.

    "However, I was a born a twin. A brother to be exact. This left the royals open to being chosen, but despite the fact that I was born first, my brother was chosen to be saved. They chose who they felt would be best for the kingdom." She explained with a nod, whether to the dragon or to reassure herself she wasn't sure. "They are honorable people, making the choices they felt would best appease our people. A royal had not been chosen for decades, if not centuries. When my brother and I were born, it caused an unrest in the people. Which is why it was ultimately decided to have one of us be eligible. My father would kill for his children, but he knew that saving us both from the sacrificial ceremony would have caused riots, if not civil war." She explained, her voice strong and vigilant as she spoke. "My father did not willingly make that choice." She finished, her voice fighting to stay steady.

    As the dragon prince's body began to glow, she would blink in surprise. She had read stories of this. Dragons changing into human form, so it was true then. Her fascination quickly changed to surprise and fear as the now auburn haired man gripped her chin tightly. "I said nothing of honor ..." She would say before she could stop herself. Wincing as he tightened his hold, she would hold his gaze as she listened to him further. "Yet you don't and haven't. One or two humans a year can't possibly be enough for such a mighty dragon clan as yours. Yet you have continued to stick by it for centuries. We all know that there is no way for us to beat you in a full out war. You could easily annihilate us in a single swoop. So why haven't you broken the pact then?" Calista found herself asking the dragon prince before he began to circle her.

    The look in the dragon's eyes made her shiver. It made her feel like nothing more than a piece of meat. As he caressed her waist and grabbed her neck, Calista would tense instinctively. Feeling his breath against her ear made her tense even more, her shackles jingling as she squirmed ever so slightly. "They have done nothing but chose what they felt were best for the people. My people are innocent, they never asked for that war or this pact. Their very lives have been taken out of their hands, which is not fair to them. They should have the right to choose whether they live or are sacrificed. They love and protect one another without question." She began, compassion showing on her features and in her voice as she spoke. "The mother comforting her hurt child. The militiaman heading off to his post to protect his family and neighbors. The fruit stand owner giving a homeless beggar food so that he doesn't starve. Vermin or not, their kindness, compassion, and love for one another is worth more than you will ever know." She would say before he tightened his grip once more.

    Withholding a wince as the dragon prince did so, Calista would keep her resolve steady. "All I have to offer you is myself." She would say. "A princess would be quite the prize, would it not?" She found herself saying. She was shocked by the words that had slipped from her lips, but her peoples' lives were at stake.
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  6. "Hahaha..." An obviously sardonic chuckle snaked out from the dragonkin's lips, his voice spitting venom at the betrayers Cali called 'her people', "So the reason for your fate was the very 'people' you wished to protect? Amusing..." He released her then chuckled, which grown into a full-blown cackle of anger, disbelief, and fascination mixed into one, "Hahahaha! Do you know how absurd you sound right now, Princess?" He stepped in front of the princess, grinning from ear to ear, "Your people are imbecile simpletons, your father is a coward, and you, princess, are a fool." He exhaled, a long exasperated sigh, he couldn't believe the idiotic minds of these lesser creatures, but they were humans? What else could he expect?

    "Why haven't we do it?" Kruziik snorted, "Now consider this, princess," The lava dragon in human form stepped close to the chained young beauty, trailing his right index finger on her clavicle, then slowly travelling to her neck just under her chin, "You see an ant nest in front of your home, tiny harmless ants who posed absolutely no threat against you, will you destroy it? Hmmm?" He didn't let her answer for it was a rhetorical question, "No, of course you won't, why waste precious time and effort to crush a simple ant nest? Even better, this ant nest willingly provide an ant every year for you to use as you see fit" He chuckled, he believed the princess could understand that simple analogy. "Though even they would not give the queen ant as sacrifice... only a group of very 'unique' ants would do so."

    "Your people are everything, but innocent, dear princess..." Kruziik lovingly caressed the blond's neck, though his touch clearly showed who was in power, "You are young even for a human, a mere sapling compared to us, you don't know anything about your own people, let alone us..." He merely scoffed off her attempt at glorifying her kin, "Yes, you really know nothing, Princess. How your kin first came into place, your lost history... but it is no use to you now, you are a sacrifice and therefore, you are mine." He reached up to her shackles then broke them to pieces with his draconic brute strength, freeing her.

    "Looks like you understand your place, princess, but know this..." He pulled her towards him, his right hand circling around her wrist as his left held the back of her neck, his red eyes burning into her blue, "If you truly wish to protect your people, listen to my words and listen well," He would pause for a second to let her gather her thoughts, "You must not reveal your identity as a princess to anyone in the nest, not a single soul shall bear this knowledge, especially my father." His tone was dead serious and through Cali's natural empathy, she could feel concern hidden deep within it.

    "Understood? Good." Fire burst from his back as Kruziik shifted to his half form. Draconic wings, tail, horns, claws, and patches of scales grew on his body, not quite dragon nor human, he picked up the princess with both of his hands, bridal-carrying her, then took to the skies, trailing a smaller line of flames in the sky.


    As they flew... "Tell me, what is your name?" He waited for her response before replying, "I am Kruziik Zun Do Lein in Draconic, simply 'Drake' in your tongue, but you must call me 'Master' at all times," His voice was cold, holding no pity for the sacrifice, "You will respond to 'Slave', of course, because that is what you are, my slave, forget about the life you had, you belong to me now." He tucked his wings, descending into the mountains, into the mouth of a huge cavern with dragons flying around them as guards. A dragon nest. "Welcome to Kogankell Clan, your new home."

    As Drake approached, a dragon would fly alongside them, his green scales reflecting the moonlight, "Lord Kruziik, I bid you welcome." the dragon growled politely.

    "Yes, Shar'karon, I have acquired the sacrifice given to us."

    "I see, my lord, what will you do with this one?" Shar'karon inquired as his reptilian eyes examined Calista.

    "I shall keep this one as my personal slave, a pet." Drake chuckled as he smirked at Calista, "She is quite attractive for a human, I find myself attracted to her."

    The guard simply nodded as they both entered the cavern, revealing a huge hole spiraling down, with branches leading here and there, like a humongous ant's nest. "Lord Kruziik, Chief Dro'kazul and Lord Camus are waiting for you in the feasting chamber." The guard informed as Drake was about to enter the tunnel leading to his personal chamber.

    "I see..." The half-dragon stopped, then turned to face the guard, "Tell them I won't be attending supper tonight, I have to get my new slave to acclimatize herself."

    The guard dragon became silent, a bit unsure on what to do, before he nodded, "Understood, my lord." then he flew away.

    Drake would simply continued without another word and after a few moments, they arrived at his personal chamber, a huge cavern filled with various giant furniture made out of stone, though there was a curious human-sized tunnel on one corner of his cavern, it was there he took the newly captured blond. As they approached the end of this particular tunnel, the sounds of chains rattling, moans, and various chatter, all of the distinctively human could be heard, then Calista would find out what awaited her there, a cavern filled with prison cells, cages, shackles. Female human slaves were bound here and there, their necks wrapped by glinting collars made out of silver with a ruby gem attached to it, their hands and feet connected together by manacles. Two slaves, who weren't chained to the wall or locked inside the cage, approached Drake as he entered, "W-welcome home, Master..." They glanced a look at Calista, but not for long, turning their submissive gaze back at their master.

    No one recognized her as their princess? Drake thought, I see, so she's not a popular figure, all the better. "Greetings, my lovely pets," He sighed in satisfaction as he dropped Calista, "This one will be joining you as my slave, do the usual." Drake turned around, "After they are done with you, find me in my chamber, new slave." then left the room without another word, leaving Calista alone with her fellow captives.

    Wordlessly, the two slaves would approach Calista then strip her clothes, proceeded by guiding her to a bath, cleaning and drying her then putting on aromatic oil and powder on her body, then they would adorn her bare form with the same silver ruby collar, binding her arms and feet with shackles, "I believe Master is waiting for you... y-you should go to him..." One slave urged Calista, she sounded very meek, but if she looked carefully, the woman didn't despair about her condition, in fact, she looked kind of... content.
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  7. Calista would stay silent during the dragon prince's rambles. Many thing came to time, but she found that it was in her and her people's best interests if she kept her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself. Instead, she would follow him with her eyes, doing her best to show no emotion over her features or in her eyes, though it was quite difficult to do so when he called her father a coward and compared humans to ants. Before she could think of anything neutral to say, her shackles were being removed. Calista's hands instinctively went to her wrists as she gently rubbed the sore and raw skin were the metal had been rubbing against it. Any human man would not have been able to accomplish what he did. It was as if the metal was no more than paper, which made her look to the dragon with awe.

    Then he was pulling her close, her gaze meeting his as he said she knew her place. Yes, she did. She didn't like. She didn't want it, but she had no choice. She hadn't been given a choice. Any normal person would have been angry. When she first found out years ago, she had been, but she had come to accept it as time passed on. Nothing she said or did would have taken her off the chopping block. What he said before they took off into flight echoed in the very depths of her soul. She could only imagine what they other noble dragons would do to her or her people if they knew who she truly was. The very thought frightened her more than death itself. Managing a quick nod, Calista would gasp as she was lifted into the air.


    Calista had to narrow her eyes as the flew due to the wind, it made her eyes water. The view was quite stunning from up her, that she had to admit. For the first time in her life, she found herself somewhat jealous of the dragons. It must be such a wonderful thing, to fly. At his question for her name, she would glance up to the dragon prince. "Princess Calista Elyse Rhuimin, Cali for short." She replied, raising her voice a bit so she could be heard over the wind. As he provided his name and the instruction as to what to call him, she would nod her meekly. "Yes ... Master..." She would respond, acknowledging that she understood his instruction.

    As he welcomed her to Kogankell, her eyes would widen in awe and surprise. It was huge. She had never seen so many dragons in her life. And in vast amounts of colors and sizes. It was eerily beautiful. Keeping quiet as the exchange between Drake and what appeared to be a guard, Cali found herself trying to shrink away. When she overheard Drake saying he found her attractive, a blush would soon burn across her cheeks. Embarrassing as it may be, it was apparently what was currently saving her people. And her.

    As they parted ways with the guard and entered a new cavern, Calista already felt lost within the vast mountain. The chamber was quite large, to be expected for a dragon. She then noticed the human sized corridor to the side. As he took her through the corridor and into the room on the other side, Calista would instinctively tense. Her eyes widened, fear momentarily dancing in them before she quickly fought to regain her neutral composure. Some of the girls, she recognized right away, but most she couldn't get a good enough view to tell if she knew them or not. As two slave girls came forward, Calista would shiver as she placed on her feat. Compared to the dragon, the room was quite cold. Much colder than her home. At Drake's instruction, Calista would nod her head as she gazed at him over her shoulder. "Y-yes ... Master." She managed in response before her full attention turned to the girls before her.

    As much as Calista wanted to try and start small talk, she had the feeling that it wouldn't go over well. She let herself be stripped and put in the bath. She let the wash and dry her. She was almost numb, unable to process that this was really happening. It was when the pair began to collar and shackle her that her eyes widened, her body trembled, and her eyes watered as all the pent up emotion tried exploding at once. She wanted to scream. Cry. Beat something, anything. It wasn't until one of them finally spoke to her that Calista came to her senses. Standing silently before then, she would manage a nod before turning towards the corridor to Drake's chamber.

    Calista made her way through the corridor. She had to fight to keep her features neutral. The smell of the oil and powder on her skin made her nose wrinkle as she tried not to sneeze. Her blond hair, still a bit damp, rested limply against her back, its ends tickling just above her rump as she walked. Entering Drake's chamber, Calista would avert her gaze to floor as she came to a stop. "Present, as you requested ... M-master." She said softly, her tone almost back to its musical self.
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  8. As the captive princess entered the dragon prince's huge personal chamber, she would find him - in his human form, clothed and clean - leaning his back on a wall just beside the entrance. The rattles of her chains with each movement she made were like music to his ears, the prince turned to face his new slave, an amused smirk on his lips, "Ah, my pet," He approached her close, his right hand grabbed a few of her long golden strands, then brought them to his nose, savoring the smell, "Mmm..." He sighed in pleasure, deep red pupils consuming her bare chained form, "You look beautiful, I approve of it really, as expected from a..." He paused, making absolutely sure no one besides Calista could hear him, "former princess".

    Though he kept his mostly stoic face, Drake was mesmerized by Calista's extraordinary beauty, her long golden hair and blue eyes matched her cute face perfectly, she was rather petite but certainly wasn't lacking in womanly curves, the silver-ruby collar and shackles only added to her seductive chained beauty image, it was - almost - too much for the Prince to handle, a low draconic growl vibrated from his cords as he firmly gripped the chains connecting her wrist, then pulled her towards him, his breaths were ragged and it took all of his willpower not to go berserk right then and there. "Follow me, slave..." He gritted his teeth, pulling her towards another human-sized corridor.
    Unlike before, Drake didn't take his time as he marched through the corridor lit by floating magical orbs of fire, his strides were long and purposeful, his grip on Calista's shackles didn't relent, forcing the smaller woman to keep up with him or risk being dragged. They arrived at the end, revealing a lavish room, fit for a prince, with a large bed with crimson sheets and curtains, expensive engraved furniture, and exotic decorations from all over the continents. There were a few cages and shackles, but they were all empty, only Drake and Calista were in the room.

    A few incense sticks were already lit, filling the room with a sensual smell, meant to awaken carnal desires. "My beautiful pet..." His left hand trailed her form, downwards from her neck, to her shoulders, caressing the side of one breast, to her belly, and finally resting on her womanhood, two fingers rubbing the place between her legs, aiming to make her squirm in pleasure, "I believe I promised I would ravish you, didn't I?" He whispered into her ear, nibbling the lobe while he's at it, then he pulled her towards the bed.

    The lustful dragon sat on the bed's edge, he gently pulled the ex-princess down, "On your knees, pet..." He made her kneel before him on the floor, between his legs, "Now..." He undid his robe, revealing his manhood to her, stiff and ready, "Pleasure me with your mouth, slave-princess." He said simply, his right hand gripped the back of her neck, "That is an order, for you and your people's sake, you do not want to disobey me."
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  9. Under normal circumstances, she would have found the dragon prince extremely attractive. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was beginning to think she did find him attractive even under the circumstances. As he took a strand of her hair into his hand, she would bite the inside of her cheek gently as she held back a shiver. The way he was looking at her made her want to squirm uncomfortably and as his words sunk in, she couldn't contain the blush that was soon coloring her cheeks. Then she heard the growl as he gripped the chains connecting her wrists. Shivering, she would gasp as he tugged her towards himself. At his comment, she would nod her head quickly. "Y-yes master ..." She would manage quietly as he tugged her along.

    Another corridor fit for humans that she hadn't noticed when she first arrived would soon come into view. What did he have planned? She had a good idea, but she wasn't ready to believe it just yet. Surely it must be something else? Calista was a fair number of inches shorter than Drake, even in his human form. So as his long legs marched them along the corridor, Calista found herself practically jogging along in order to keep up. It was that or be dragged. She was almost certain that that method would not go well. As they arrived in the the room, Calista's eyes would momentarily widen before she blinked, returning the composed look over her features. At least they were a lone.

    As they paused, Calista was able to get a full view of the room. It quite stunning, she had to admit. Well, except the shackles that is. The smell of the incense soon hit her nose, making her eyes close for a moment as the smell overwhelmed her senses. It wasn't a bad smell, quite calming, sensual almost. Soon his fingers were leaving a heated trail over her skin, making her shiver. The lower his hand went, the brighter her blush would grow as it colored her cheeks once more. Soon she would biting the inside of her cheek again as he reached her womanhood. As he caressed teasingly, she would certainly squirm in a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. Deep down, she knew her virginity was always going to be lost this way. The realization of it being true hit her like a ton of bricks. As he whispered into and nibbled her ear, she would shiver again as she glanced to the floor again.

    Before she could respond, he was pulling her towards the bed. As he sank onto the bed and tugged her down, she winced gently as she dropped to her knees. Sitting on her legs, Calista let her hands rest in her lap as her gaze was drown up. There he was, in full view and at the ready. Then his order sank in, which made her eyes widen ever so slightly. Looking up so that she was holding his gaze, she give him a slow nod. "Y-yes, Master ..." She would whisper reluctantly. Taking a shaky breath, Calista would lift her hands, slipping them gently around her manhood. Was she really about to do this? Closing her eyes, Calista would lean her head in, slowly slipping her mouth around him. Her tongue would tease along his manhood as she took in as much as she could without choking. Her hands rested at the base to help keep her balanced. Opening her eyes as she pulled her head back, she would look up at him as she teased his tip with her tongue before taking him in again. Hopefully she was doing this right.
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  10. He didn't say it, but Drake was on the brink of forcefully pulling her head down, plunging his raging member into her small mouth, ravaging those sweet lips and throat, he wanted to see how her muffled musical voice as he despoiled her mouth... but fortunately for her, the ex-princess began working soon enough. "Oh..." The dragon prince tried to stifle his groan, but it slipped nonetheless, the pleasure was overwhelming, he hadn't felt so much comfort in quite some time, truly the princess was made for this, a slave of the highest degree, her being chosen for sacrifice and their eventual encounter must be fate arranged by the Gods.

    "Sss, k-keep... keep going, slave..." He hissed, attempting to sound composed, but the stutter betrayed him. Annoyed by the slave's skill, Drake's right hand moved to her head, caressing the golden scalp that once held a crown upon it, no more... she's his now and if this was but a glimpse of what she could offer, then she was going to stay his for a very long time. With his right holding her head, his left would gently - yet firmly - massage her body, her shoulders, arms, then caressing her breasts, cupping his hand around one then rubbing his thumb on the hard central nub. After a while, Drake dropped his stubborn pride and just let himself loose, groaning in pleasure.

    It continued in this way, He urged her to intensify her work then he winced, "I... can't take it anymore..." He grunted as both hands held the back of her head, keeping his member deep inside her mouth and not allowing her to move as he climaxed, sending his seed inside, filling her mouth and some going into her throat, "Khh..." he stayed like that for a few ticks before slowly pushing her head back, removing himself. "You did good, slave..." His right hand went to her chin then held it there, locking her jaw shut, "Now, accept my offering, do not waste even by a drop." He wanted her to swallow everything he had given her and would not release her until she did so.


    Meanwhile, in the feasting chamber,

    "What did you say, Shar'karon?" A lava dragon, quite similar to Drake, only older and wiser, "My son won't be joining us?""

    "Yes, I am afraid so, Chief." The same green dragon guard, bowed deeply to the leader of all Kogankell.

    "Hmph, he rather spends his time with lesser creatures rather than his family, Father." Camus scoffed, taking a bite out of the mammoth he was feasting, "I see no reason he should be heir..."

    "Hmmm... I see," Dro'kazul growled then dismissed the guard - who left promptly - then turned his attention to his other son, "His fondness for humans is indeed worrying, he refused every suitor and instead... so eager to take in females of the inferiors. What do you think I should do, Camus?" He inquired, which brought an ambitious smirk from the ice dragon.

    "I think it is clear, Father. If brother wants to play with his insects, then fine, leave him be, but this clan needs a leader who cares about it, not a xenophillic Prince," Camus stepped up to his father, "Let me be Heir, I shall lead the dragons to our glory and fulfill our destiny."

    "..." Dro'kazul was silent, before he growled, "I shall consider your words, Camus, for now... I lost my appetite, I am retreating to my sanctum." The Chief took flight and flew away, leaving Camus alone in the feasting chamber.

    Camus watched as his father flew away, smirking all the while, "I'll make you understand, Father, one way or the other..."


    "Slave..." Drake pulled his pet up, then sweep his arms around her body, bridal-carrying her as he gently put her on the bed with her head resting comfortably on a pillow. He pulled a rope, closing all four crimson curtains, creating a quaint little sanctuary, just for the two of them, "Why weren't you born sooner, my beautiful pet?" The Dragon Prince murmured as he placed himself on top of her, his shadow looming on her petite body, a predatory look on the mighty dragon, "The Gods must have blessed me... and you, I have found an impeccable possession, you should be honored."

    His right hand gripped the chains on her wrist-shackles while his left foot pushed the chains on her ankle bindings, slowly yanking her arms over her head and spreading her feet, his left leg was between her thighs, spreading her legs, he forced her to show everything to him,

    "Mmm..." He leaned in, pressing his lips to hers in passion, he overpowered her, forcing her lips to open as he inserted his tongue into her cavity, exploring and tasting everything. While he did so, his left hand trailed downwards, two fingers rubbing and caressing her womanhood, torturing her with pleasure, he kept it up until she was on the edge of climax, then he stopped... cruelly denying her release, his grip on her chains didn't allow her hands to finish herself off.

    "Do you want release? Is your body aching for it? Well... you can," He shifted their position so he was now lying on the bed with her on top of him, almost straddling his waist, her womanhood just right above his stiff member, he still took hold of her chains, not allowing her arms to move much, "Embrace me into you, my pet, you just have to lower yourself, like the slave you are." He said as he urged her to lower her waist.
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  11. Upon seeing and hearing the dragon prince's reaction, Calista would relax a bit. Part of her feared what he would do to her if she didn't please him. Or worse, what he would do to her people. Her mother, despite Calista's chances of becoming the sacrifice when she became of age, made sure that her daughter had been taught the ways of pleasing a man. The lessons were extremely embarrassing at the time, but they were coming in handy after all. At least, they were keeping her and her people alive.

    Hearing the prince's command, Calista would glance up to him for a moment. He was certainly trying to stay composed, but he was slipping. Closing her eyes again, the princess would continue on, moving her mouth up and down his shaft, her tongue teasing every so often. Every once and a while, she would hold him in her mouth, her hands staying at the base to keep her balance before she would pull back slowly. As he caressed her hair and the rest of her body, Calista would shiver in surprise and a bit of pleasure as he teased her breasts. Her body was betraying her. She shouldn't be liking this. He soon urged her to quicken her pace, which she did so reluctantly.

    Then he grabbed the back of her head, holding her in place with his manhood deep in her mouth. It took her a moment to realize what was about to happen. To late. His warm, salty seed began to fill her mouth. Her eyes would widen as her mouth began to fill up. Before she could spit any of it out, his hand was on her chin and locking her mouth closed. She held it in her mouth for a few ticks, wanting so badly to lash out at him. The pain of his fingers locking her jaw closed won in the end though as she reluctantly forced herself to choke it down, swallowing every last drop.

    Her eyes began to water as she looked to the floor. She was so embarrassed. She could only imagine what her family would say if they saw what was to become of their daughter and sister. Drake's voice soon hit her ears as he swept her up off the floor and into his arms like before. She would shiver, biting her lip as she was laid on the bed, and the curtains were closed. If she hadn't felt alone and exposed before, she certainly did now. At Drake's question, Calista would meet his gaze as she blushed softly, her blush growing as he climbed on top of her. She felt tiny beneath him, even in his smaller human form. His next comment made her shiver again. She wasn't fully sure how she felt exactly anymore, but honored wasn't currently one of them.

    Her arms were soon over her head and her legs soon spread open as the dragon prince kissed her. Calista squirmed, her eyes widening in surprise as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She had the urge to full on bite him, but she knew it would not do her any good and, though she wouldn't admit it, it felt kind of good. Then she felt his fingers wandering again, and despite the fact that she knew she should enjoy the feeling, a blush colored her cheeks as pleasure began to ease its way passed her defenses. Then it stop, leaving a teasing ache in its place.

    As Draked asked new question, Calista blushed as a bit of a scowl slipped its way through her walls. It wasn't directed at him, but her body for not listening. Her features cleared to surprise as he adjusted them, with her now resting on top of him, her womanhood hovering above his shaft. There was that word again, slave. Each time he said it made her cringe inside. She was nothing but an object to him or to anyone now. No friends. No family. No one. Nothing. She was alone and worth nothing more than the pleasure she could provide to the dragon prince. She knew she should defy him, but her body was reacting without her.

    She would lower herself slowly, wincing as she felt his head slip inside her. Biting her lip, she woud shiver and wince again as she lowered herself fully onto him, taking as much as she could in without causing to much pain. Being her first time, it was going to take a few moments for her body to adjust, making her blush in embarrassment.
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  12. The emphatic princess could notice that, even for a split second, there was a definite apprehensive look on the dragon prince's visage as she lowered herself down and their members caressed each other's. His eyes slightly widened and his jaw lowered a bit, he was actually unsure if he should take another noble's virginity like this even though she was but a 'mere human'.

    When they became one and Calista winced, Drake grunted, looking away from those innocent blue eyes, "I..."

    "Having fun, Brother?" A familiar chilling called out from outside the curtains, a looming shadow cast on them like shadow puppets.

    "!?" Drake immediately - but gently - removed Calista from him, he hadn't gone deep enough to penetrate her hymen, another inch and the elastic membrane would definitely tear. He instinctively put Calista behind him as he shielded her, a natural reaction from an alpha male protecting his mate though at the moment, he was too preoccupied to realize this, "Camus..." He gritted his teeth in annoyance.

    "I knew you'd be here." The figure opened one curtain, revealing a tall man - taller than Drake - with piercing frost eyes, paler than Calista's gentle icy blue, like a pair of malicious avalanches not gentle snowflakes. "This room of decadence, you specifically made for copulating with insects..." His voice held no compassion nor pity, barely even looking at the captive princess, "I know you have always been an oddity, Brother, but I never thought..." He crossed his arms across his chest, "You abstained from father's yearly anniversary feast to spend time with this inferior creature." Camus took a step forward, but Drake's death glare made him pause.

    "What do you want, Camus?" The lava dragon deliberately ignored his brother's accusation.

    "Oh nothing," Camus shrugged, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "I am just curious on who is the 'fair maiden' that my brother chose over Father, Chief of all Kogankell, hmmm?" He glared daggers at Calista, "Who are you, human?"

    Drake stayed silent as he looked at Calista past his shoulders, this was a delicate situation and Camus was no fool, if Drake showed any unusual reactions to defend this particular slave, he'd suspect something, him missing out on his father's birthday was bad enough. He couldn't say it, but how this ordeal would turn out depended on the ex-princess' answer.
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  13. As she lowered herself, Calista opened her eyes, watching Drake quietly. For a moment, she could have sworn she saw a look of apprehension in the dragon prince's eyes. He felt bad. This realization made her opinion of the dragon prince soften a bit. As she paused, biting her lip to keep herself from wincing again as her body tried adjusting to the feel of him, Calista watched him look away. A pale eyebrow would begin to arch as Drake started to speak, but it would quickly stop as her eyes widened in surprise as a new voice filled her ears.

    Before she could say or day anything, Drake already removed her from him, placing her behind him. His gentleness and the fact that he was shielding her caught her off guard, making her blink gently in surprise as she crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself a little. He was the opposite of his brother, pale haired, light eyed, and taller than Drake. Calista instinctively lowered her gaze, staring at the bed as she listened to Camus speak. She could feel the tension between the two brothers. The way Camus was speaking two Drake and how he addressed her people made her jaw tighten. It was taking everything she had to keep her heart from pounding in her chest.

    As Camus finally addressed her, she raised her gaze for a quick moment, glancing from Camus to Drake. The look in Drake's eyes made it painfully aware that how she answered this question was extremely important. She remembered his advice, before they left Hetopia. However, she knew that if she tried lying about her name, Camus would easily tell. So, how could she hide her identity without giving away that she wasn't being honest? Then it hit her. Her middle name. Only her parents, brother, and, now, Drake knew it. None besides them did. And she wouldn't be lying, it is part of her name.

    "Elyse, sir ..." She managed quietly, averting her gaze as she bowed her head. More out of fear than respect, but it worked for Camus' title. Unsure as to what else he wanted from her, Calista would spare a sideways glance to Drake before looking back to Camus.
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  14. "Elyse..." The human-formed frost dragon rubbed his chin with his left hand as his cruel eyes raked her form, only revulsion coated his features, unlike Drake who was infatuated with the slave-princess. "Elyse, Elyse, Elyse..." He repeated her name, each time in a lower tone, Calista could sense the only thing standing between her and a fate worse than death was Drake. "You haven't answered my question yet," Camus smirked at her as if he knew something she didn't, but as usual with the enigmatic frost dragon, nothing could be said for certain, "So, I ask again, Elyse, who are you?" Camus tapped his left foot on the marble floor, once. This... dragon, this beast in human form was different, he considered humans even lower than cattle, they were pests deserving nothing but extermination, at least Drake took good care of his slaves, as evident by the girls seen earlier by Calista, though bound and restrained, they didn't hold a single bruise or wound on them.

    "That's enough." Drake finally interjected as he stepped down from the bed, tying his robe back as he confronted his little brother, "She answered your question, Camus, what more do you want?" The prince raised an eyebrow, "She is my slave, my pet, my property," Drake tried to sound as cold and casual as possible, but there was affection hidden in the cracks, "I think you should word your question appropriately, dear brother, you are asking who she was, not who she is right now. Well, let me tell you," Drake gestured to the captive princess with his head, "She was just a peasant, the daughter of a farmer, honorably chosen to be our sacrifice, instead of eating or killing them like you always do, I took her in as my bed warmer, is everything clear now, Brother?" Drake was dead serious with his words, he aimed to clip Camus' sharp tongue.

    "I see," The other dragon simply shrugged, "I believe you," Did he? "Though that still do not explain why you weren't present in Father's anniversary, Shar'karon told me he reminded you so that takes out the possibility of you forgetting it, what say you, Brother?" This dragon was smart, sly, but smart nonetheless, he already had plans to push Drake into a corner, no matter what Drake said, he was going to win.

    "I..." Drake growled as he closed their distance, their face separated by mere inches, "What I do is no concern of yours, no, especially yours, Camus," He raised his hand, silencing any further words from the younger dragon, "Should Father be cross at me, I shall take full responsibility, you have nothing to do with this. End of discussion." He turned around, facing Calista, "Follow me, slave, we're done here." He gripped the chains on her manacles, pulled her close to him, then carried her away from the room, leaving Camus alone.

    "Left in solitude, twice in succession, oh Fate, why are you so cruel to me?" Camus spoke to no one in particular, his signature smirk curling on his lips.


    The prince carried Calista back to the slave pen, where the same two slave girls welcome him back, "I am done with this one, my pets, do you have a cage prepared for her?" Drake inquired, his eyes glowing in satisfaction at his little collections. "Also, please give her the elixir, it's her first dose so please take it easy."

    "Yes, Master, we have and understood" The slaves in charge of the pens bowed deeply to him, drawing a satisfied smile from the dragon.

    He gently put Calista down then he kissed her neck, "I am afraid our little misadventure must continue later, my toy, do be a good prisoner and follow them, I have some business to attend to, perhaps I'll see you in the morning." He caressed her hair, then lovingly adjusted her collar, "I'm... sorry." He whispered, barely audible and faint, then left Calista in the hands of the two slave girls.

    "Please, right this way." The two slave girls, one a tall silver-haired, one a petite redhead, escorted Calista deeper towards the pens, passing by their fellow captives, the sounds of clinking chains, idle chatter, moans, and sobs filled the cavern, but there was not a single scream of pain or agony. Finally, they arrived at one empty cell, cold iron bars on one side, the cavern wall - with shackles hung on the wall -on the other side. "Diana, please get the elixir, I'll take care of her," The redheaded slave girl spoke to the other one then turned her attention to Calista as she opened the cell door, "Please get inside, slave." She said with a calm tone, escorting the princess inside.

    "Leona, I got it." Diana, the white-haired woman, announced as she returned, entering the cell, her right hand carried a vial filled with thick red liquid. She nodded at Leona.

    "Alright then, slave," Leona smiled as she gently caressed Calista's golden hair, "Our kind master gives a vial of his blood to all of his prized possessions, granting us a taste of his draconic nature, the blood will grant your body to age much slower, heal faster, endure more, and last but not least," Diana seductively whispered as she caressed Calista's breast, "Provide you with much greater stamina, so you can serve our master better."

    Leona approached the princess, then gave her the vial, making sure Calista held it firmly. "Drink it, embrace Master's blood into you." There was a reason all of the slaves here looked young and healthy, no one would suspect that some of them were hundreds of years old, completely transformed to be the most valuable pleasure slaves. Diana and Leona would make sure Calista drank the vial first before they chained her wrists and ankles to the wall, "First night will be rough, you will as if your body is burning from the inside out, you will thrash and wish you are dead instead, but it'll all be over soon enough, as morning comes, you shall be reborn, slave." Then they exited the cell, locked the door, leaving the bound Princess alone to go through her ordeal.


    As the hours went on, Calista would feel heat from the depths of her body, then it grew and grew until it consumed her in internal fire, her eyes would glow and her body tortured with pain similar to being dipped in a pool of lava, but the worse was over, a gentle warmth would flow through her, a soothing almost erotic feeling, her body felt aroused, but the manacles firmly binding her wrists and ankles to the wall didn't allow her to move much, let alone relieve herself, she was forced to endure the ache until morning came.
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  15. Calista would glance to the bed as the frost dragon mulled over her name, as if he was trying to recalling hearing of a human by the name. As he said her middle name several more times, it reminded her of when she would get into trouble when she was a child. If she had feared what it would be like being Drake's slave before, she didn't now. Camus' cold and cruelness towards her frightened her deeply. She could only imagine what he did with his slaves, if he kept them alive long enough that is.

    Thankfully, before she had to answer, Drake answered for her. Visibly, she showed nothing different. Though, for affect, she made herself blush as if embarrassed and ashamed. Before she knew it, the conversation was over and she was being pulled from the bed. Stumbling to her feet, Calista would look to the floor as she nodded her head gently. "Y-yes m-master ..." She would manage before she was lifted into his arms again and carried from the room. Everything that had just happened made her head spin. The entire night as a whole was making her feel dizzy with confusion and apprehension. As they returned to the slave quarters, Calista kept her features neutral as the conversation about a cage for her and an elixir proceeded as she was set gently back on the ground.

    As he kissed her neck, Calista would blush and shiver. As he spoke and caressed her hair, she would relax into his touch for a moment before catching herself as he affectionately adjusted her collar. "Yes, master ..." She managed, though she quickly blinked in surprise. As she was lead away, she found herself looking over her shoulder after him. Had she heard what she though she heard?

    Returning her focus on the two slave girls leading her deeper into the slave quarters, Calista would manage a soft nod as she stumbled forward. She wasn't quite use to the collar, chains, and shackles just yet, but she was working on it. Calista made sure to keep her focus on the two slave girls before her, the sounds of chains, moans, and sobs making her shiver. It certainly wasn't what she had anticipated, Drake seemed to be kind to his slaves. As the paused at what was to be her cell, Calista looked to the two women, her eyes watering as she slowly stepped inside.

    Calista stayed still, holding herself up with as much grace as one possibly could in such a situation. As Diana returned to Leona with the vial, Calista would eye it warily as Leona explained what it was and what it did to/for them. It certainly explained a few things. Particularly why many of them she didn't recognize. Who knew how old some of them truly were. As Diana caressed her, Calista shivered and flinched, a blush coloring her cheeks as the vial was handed to her by Leona. She wasn't given much of a choice. Frowning, Calista reluctantly swallowed the contents. Choking it down, Calista closed her eyes as she swallowed.

    Before she knew it, Calista was chained to the wall. Fighting the urge to squirm, Calista closed her eyes as the women left her alone. Silence beat at her senses, then the heat overwhelmed her, making her feel as she was being cooked from the inside out. It wasn't until her head was pounding did she realize she had been screaming and crying in agony. Death would certainly be a sweet release about now. As the pain edged away, a comforting warmth took its place, arousing her body in ways she didn't know were possible. She was left to deal with the ache, a restless sleep soon slipping over her as she awaited for morning.
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  16. -The Chief's Sanctum-

    "Forgive me, Father." Drake - in dragon form - lowered his head before the older dragon, Dro'kazul, Chief of All Kogankell, his father.

    "I usually take no heed to your infatuation with the human females, my son, but I think you are taking my leniency for granted," The Chieftain growled, there was a bit of anger in his voice, yes, but most of all, disappointment and sadness, "I never thought you refused to celebrate my annual hatch-day, I already gave you permission to personally acquire this year's sacrifice, but..." Kazul leaned in close, his fiery gaze staring to his eldest son, "I did not permit you to mate with the sacrifice, not when I am waiting for you." He snorted, two puffs of flames tickling Drake's forehead, "Camus was here, if it wasn't for him, I'll be a fool celebrating his own anniversary, with your mother gone." He paused to let his words sink in, then he raised his voice, "What do you have to say for yourself, Kruziik?"

    "I..." Drake looked away from his father for a moment, ashamed and regretting his foolish decision, he could just have attend the feast for a few hours then came back to the princess, but no, he chose a human over his father. He couldn't say he was charmed by Calista's beauty, to say he felt a special attraction to her unlike the other slaves, those excuses would incite the Wrath of Dro'kazul, "I have no excuse, I will accept any punishment." Drake admitted, gazing to the stone floor of his father's sanctum.

    "Hrrrrmh... You should've known better, especially as my eldest son and Heir to Kogankell," Kazul shook his head slowly, "Very well, a punishment it is," The Chief raised his head regally then bellowed in his kingly voice, "Kruziik Zun Do Lein, I hereby sentence you to prohibition, you shall no longer mate with any human..." The decision made Drake flinch, but Kazul wasn't finished yet, "Failure to obey will result in your status as Heir revoked and banishment from the clan. It shall be so, as said by Dro'kazul Do Lein, Chieftain of Kogankell Clan." After the initial boom died out, an awkward silence would fill the huge cavern. "I didn't want to do this, my son, but you had gone too far."

    "Father, I..." Drake wanted to protest, to scream, to rebel, how could he be so cruel? Just as he was this close to mating with his most beautiful slave, the Gods were cruel indeed, they blessed him with a fair princess only to wrench it away from him in the very same night, but... he couldn't do that, knowing that if he didn't become Heir, Camus would. Drake would rather kill himself than letting that serpent of a dragon to be Chief, only the Gods knew what kind of atrocities he'd commit, not just to humans, but to his fellow kin. In the end, Drake sighed in defeat, "I understand, Father..." His voice trailed off.

    "Good, now you are dismissed, I wish to rest." Kazul ordered, turning around and entering deeper into his sanctum.

    Just outside the entrance, a tiny humanoid figure could be seen, eavesdropping on the conversation, neither Krazul nor Drake realized this however.


    -Drake's Slave Quarters-

    The captive princess would wake up with a stir, her wrists and ankles no longer chained to the wall though still connected by manacles and chains, the iron door of her cell locked, trapping her inside. The ache in her womanhood still there, her body in heat and aroused, it was the perfect time should Drake decide to mate with her. "Awake, darling?" Drake's voice echoed in the cavern, he was in his human form, standing on the other side of the iron bars that kept Calista imprisoned. "I wish to tell you something, come closer." Drake motioned for the princess to approach the bars.

    "I..." He hesitated for a moment, "I can no longer mate with you... or any human for that matter so..." He scratched the back of his head, a rather awkward reaction from the usually composed prince, "I know you are in heat from the elixir they gave you," His right hand reached out, caressing her neck, he examined her eyes, tiny speck of flames could be seen in the blue pupils, "I see it's working, from now on, you are reborn, no longer a mere human, I am sure Leona and Diana have told you what my blood can do." He smiled, a sad longing smile, "But alas, fate is cruel, looks like you have to do without me. I will send a slave to ease your ache or you can pleasure yourself, your choice, my pet." Though he said that, what Drake truly meant was how could he endure his desire without the princess.

    "D-do you have something to say, Elyse?" He called her by her middle name, "You won't be seeing me much from now on, so... if there's something you wish to say, say it now."
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  17. Calista was unsure as to how long she had actually slept. It had been restless, but at least it was something. As she began to stir, she realized she had more mobility with her hands and ankles. Manacled still, but at least she was no longer restricted to the wall. As she began to sit up, Drake's voice filled her ears which sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. Not a reaction she had expected. Glancing to the dragon prince, Calista would nod her head gently. "Y-yes, master." She would say, her tone back to its soft, musical self. Had he just called her darling? That was an affectionate term, one she did not expect coming from the dragon prince.

    Standing, Calista would close the distance quickly. As she reached the bars, her hands would each wrap around one as she gaze at Drake. As she listened, Calista would keep her features soft, though a hint of surprise danced over her features momentarily. From the news or his awkward demeanor, she wasn't sure. As he caressed her neck, she would instinctively lean into the touch, not realizing she was doing the affectionate gesture. "Yes, they did m-master." She would say with a soft nod.

    She could see the sad longing on his face. Did he really want her so badly? He didn't seem to show such special attention to any of the other slaves. At his offer, she would shake her head. "I appreciate the offer, but ..." She would begin, her gaze drifting down to the floor. "I will take care of myself, m-master." She didn't realize it at the time, but this answer was because she didn't want her true first time to be with some random slave that meant nothing and that she didn't know. Deep down, she didn't want to hurt the dragon prince by doing so.

    At his final question and statement, Calista would look back up at Drake, holding his gaze. "I ..." She began, biting her bottom lip nervously for a moment. "If I was to ever have my first time, I always dreamt it would be with the man I loved and married. However, under the circumstances that obviously isn't a possiblity. You were gentle and passionate with me, which was pleasantly unexpected. If I am to ever have my first time here, it should be with you ..." She continued as she glanced away for a moment. "I also wanted to thank you for protecting me from your brother. I certainly got the better of the brothers as a ... master." She would finish, sadness dancing in her eyes as he told her that she wouldn't be seeing him much. Looking back up, Calista would meet his gaze.
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  18. Drake smiled softly at his beloved slave, the slave falling to his affections and submitting all she were not a rarity for the lava dragon, most of his slaves ended up succumbing to him sooner or later, but, this was the first time that he found himself mutually enchanted by her beauty and traits... he couldn't explain with logic as his fondness for Calista was indeed a matter of the heart, irrational and unpredictable. He sighed, longing and annoyance mixed as the princess chose him as her first time, but alas, his own foolishness denied him this, though a determined smile soon replaced it as she spoke about that icy snake, "I will never let him hurt anyone, not dragon, not human, and especially, not you." He firmly yet lovingly gripped the back of her neck, "I did say you are mine, I mean it, slave. Your body, mind, and soul, they belong to me and no one else, your life belongs to me." He growled, his eyes burning with obsessive desire and the fact he couldn't act on it only riled him up further.

    His fiery eyes glanced down towards Calista's womanhood, obviously wracking in heat with her bodily fluids smearing and dripping from her lower lip. "Hmmm, what is this?" His left hand reached through the gap in the bars, then two fingers would firmly press between Calista's legs, rubbing her there, the princess would feel pleasurable spasms all across her body, "You are one unruly slave, aren't you?" He whispered seductively, yes he couldn't mate with a human anymore, but he still could tease them, his fingers would keep going but stopped before she reached her climax, then he drew back from the bars, "Pleasure yourself then, my pet, I want to see you squirm in bliss, admit that you want this, deep down inside, you have always wanted to be my slave, dear Elyse." He chuckled.

    The Prince would watch in amusement, he would savor Calista's inner-conflict between her bubbling desire and what remained of her pride, every wince and tremble, he'd take it all in. He would stay there for as long as she needed to finally submit to her lust, putting his right hand to his chin, eyes raking her body, ears listening to every shuddering gasp and squirm, all the way until she climaxed. "Very good, pet," He approached, one hand grasping the bars, "I will keep you, forever and ever, one day... I shall be Chief, and on that day, dear, you and I can finally be one." He smiled, turning to leave Calista alone in her cell as his hands trailed the bars.


    The ex-princess, collared and restrained, with the cell locked, was left to her own musings for a few hours, until footsteps echoed in the cavern, getting louder as a figure came before the bars, it was Leona, the slave girl was in the same state as her, nude and collared, but she bore no shackles on her wrists and ankles. "Master told me your name, so I will now call you Elyse," The short redheaded woman said as she unlocked the cell, "Come, I have something to tell you." She'd urge for Calista to get out of the cell then walked with her through the slave quarters, "So as you can see, Master likes to keep his collections beautiful and clean," She said as she gestured to the slaves - shackled and locked in cages - around them, "We have slaves, usually the ones who had been with him long enough and loyal, to take care of the pens, feeding, cleaning, easing their desires, that sort of thing." The woman explained, "Those who don't have shackles around them, those are the slaves Master trust enough to run the nest, me and Leona also have the authority to appoint these slaves, we are his first two possessions, just for your knowledge." She put her hand to her chest, proud of that fact.

    "Though, we're a bit jealous to you, Master seems to like you very much even though you are here just for a little more than one night." She smirked, suddenly groping the blond, her hand caressing Calista's breasts, "But I understand, you do look very beautiful and as one of Master's slaves, that is saying something." she released her, "But I digressed, back on the task at hand, why am I showing you this? Well..." She took a ring of keys from the wall and with a few clicks, Calista's wrist shackles and ankle bindings were released from her limbs, freeing her movements, "Master appoints you to be a caretaker, you should be proud," Leona gestured her head to one cell, occupied by a slave, a woman with raven hair, wrists and ankles chained to the wall as she squirmed and pant, "She's new, just like you, she had just taken her first elixir and are in heat, why don't you... go ahead and 'cure' her?" Leona said as she put her hands to her hips, "Come on, she's suffering, you know?"
  19. Calista would listen to Drake as he spoke about his brother. His reassurance would was somewhat enduring. Even the way he gripped her neck, though a bit possessively in manner, made her relax some. As long as she kept her head down and didn't bring any unwanted attention to herself, she should be find here. Drake would make sure of it. Though, the look of obsession and desire in the dragon's eyes made her blink in surprise. Under normal circumstances, it might have scared her, however it was keeping her alive and she was even become fond of the dragon prince.

    She hadn't noticed the wetness dripping from her. As he noticed and commented on it, she would blush brightly, her gaze drifting to the floor. Her blush would grow brighter as he slid two fingers down to it. Biting her lip, Calista would grip the bars tightly as she squirmed. She couldn't believe such a reaction was coming from her. It was embarrassing, and shameful. She shouldn't be succumbing to it. Closing her eyes, Calista would let out a small gasp as he stopped and drew away. His teasing didn't help matters. At his command, her eyes would open. She would blush in shame, squirming beneath his gaze.

    It was bad enough she needed to do it at all to get some sort of piece. It was even worse that he insisted on making her do it while he watched. It would be quite some time before she would finally succumb to the need to fulfill that unending burning desire. Once she was finished, she would curl up, covering herself. She was thoroughly embarrassed that she had done that in his presence. He seemed to enjoy the show, but still. Listening to him before he left, she would meet his gaze as he spoke. One could only guess when that time would be, but he was determined for it. As was she, though she wouldn't admit it aloud.

    She had managed to fall into a slightly more restful sleep after Drake had left. She was soon pulled from it when footsteps neared her cell. As she looked to the bars, she would see that it was Leona from earlier. Sitting up as Leona unlocked the cage, Calista would eye her quietly for a moment. Reluctantly standing, Calista would follow Leona out of her cell, wondering what the slave woman had to tell her. As the woman began to talk, Calista would nod warily, her gaze following the woman's gesture to the other slaves. She didn't understand why the woman was telling her all of this. As she mentioned that her and Diana were his first two slaves, it meant they were well over a century old, something she found herself struggling to accept.

    Then the mention of jealousy hit her ears and she found herself frowning. She had worried about this and here it was. Before she could come to her defense, the woman was groping her, making Calista gasp in surprise, a scowl tugging at her lips. She had a serious urge to slap her, but she let go almost as quickly as she had grabbed her. Then Leona was removing her wrist and ankle shackles, leaving Cali free to rub at her wrists. Caretaker? They can't be serious. "I ..." She started before looking to the slave that Leona was pointing out to her. "Say again? Y-you aren't serious ... ?" Calista found herself saying, a bright blush coloring her cheeks as she looked to Leona. Who looked completely serious. Did she have much of a choice? Reluctantly, Calista would move forward, her cheeking burning in embarrassment as she went about 'curing' the other new slave.
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  20. Leona smirked with a satisfactory grin as Calista accepted her fate then began pleasing the other slave, good, her appointed to be one of them was a great boon indeed especially for a slave so new, normally it'd take years or even decades. Draconian's sense of time was vastly different than humans after all. "Excellent, Elyse, after this you can wander around and see if you can help with taking care of the quarters, if you have any questions, just come to me or Diana." The redhead nodded as she turned around, continuing with her duties.

    Seven nights passed with Calista doing her duties as a caretaker. Her contacts with Drake were rare, only once every few days, and each time, the dragon was obviously longing for the princess, like star-crossed lovers they were, the master and slave were barred from consummating their fondness due to the evils of politics and intrigue. On the eight night, the moon was shining bright in the night sky, illuminating the forests and mountains in its ethereal glow. The slave-princess found herself sleeping on the cot in her cell, unlocked due to her status as a caretaker, having done her work for the day. It was to be another peaceful ordinary night in her new submissive live... if not for the footsteps approaching her cell, light and fleeting, much unlike Drake's heavy regal steps. A sudden chill in the room would prickle at her skin, stirring her awake.

    "Greetings..." The figure called out to her, its voice eerily familiar, as Calista focused her vision, "Elyse, oh Elyse." the sight of Camus' soul-piercing gaze would grace her. He was standing on the other side of the bars, hands clasped behind his back, his usual smug smirk plastered on his lips, "Don't even think of screaming or calling for your precious Master, it is futile" He warned beforehand. The human-formed Frost Dragon stepped forward, literally passing through the bars as parts of his body dispersed into mists then converging back into solid form once he was inside, a show of his magical prowess. "Do you know why I'm here, Elyse?" His hand suddenly reached out, grabbing Calista's chin as he pulled it up, sizzling sound of dry ice touching warm flesh could be heard, the dragon was hurting her and he perfectly knew it, "Little insect," he leaned in, his touch and voice were devoid of any compassion, affection, or kindness; his lips were right beside her ear, cold mists spewing from his breath, "I know who you are," he paused, "Princesssss...."

    He would suddenly draw back, savoring the reaction he'd get from the revelation. With a chuckle, Camus continued, "I am sure Drake had already told you the repercussions should your identity be spilled, 'Your Majesty', but unlike my secretive brother, I am quite eager to do the opposite, I wonder how Father would react, oh... it shall be amusing." Camus rubbed his hands together, "Not to mention, what he would do to this Master of yours..." Every shudder, every gasp, ever cold swear dripping from the princess, he'd devour it all. The younger sibling would let Calista have her moments first, before raising his right index finger to place it on Calista's lips, "However, I am a kind soul, I do have some compassion for your kin, Princess, despite what Drake says about me, so I am offering you a chance..." He grinned, "A chance to be free and save your people, never again you shall hear from us, you just have to do me one small favor..." He took out a small pouch, filled with powder, then gave it to Calista, "This pouched is filled with finely-ground Dragonsbane seed. As its name suggests, it is extremely toxic and lethal to us dragons." Camus caressed Calista's hair, "When Drake comes to visit you, spread the powder to his nose and mouth..." He deliberately didn't explicitly tell what that deed would entail, it should be obvious enough, "Do that for me and I will free you and return you to Hetopia, the annual sacrificial ritual shall also be abolished, this I promise." The hand that was caressing her hair suddenly grabbed the back of her neck, "However, if you don't, rest assured nothing would be left of your kin, yourself, and your master. I suggest you make a wise decision, Princess."
    He drew back, his form phasing through the bars then walked away, leaving Calista alone as the bitter cold slowly receded.


    Early Morning

    Another footsteps echoed in the corridor, but this time they were Drake's, Calista would know it at the top off her head by now. The Dragon Prince arrived just before the usual time Cali woke up, to visit his beautiful pet, "Good morning, Elyse." He greeted softly, entering the unlocked cell door, leaning his back on the cavern wall, "Did you sleep well?" He focused on her face, completely unaware of the concoction Camus gave to her just yesterday night.
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