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  1. And here's the OOC :)

    Sacred Heart Academy is, to some, a place where every mutant is sent to get some decent education but for the mutants, a safe haven away from the people who think of them as 'freaks of nature', 'dangerous criminals' etc. But not only is this a place of education, it is also a place where mutants can find experience true friendship and sometimes...true love.

    In addition to regular subjects like Math, Science, Literature etc., they also hold classes that teach them how to use their powers properly.

    The academy is located far beneath the Pacific ocean, surrounded by a gigantic dome that functions just like the sky. It changes from day to night, rains, snows during winter and allows students to experience all four seasons properly. Inside the dome lies an extraordinary campus which includes a four-story main building where classes are held with an underground mall beneath it, a cafeteria, a library, a green house, a gym, football/baseball/soccer fields, tennis/badminton/volleyball/basketball courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a view room where you can see what's outside the dome, two five story buildings(one for boys, the other for girls) that function as dorms for the mutants, and a three story building for the teachers dorms. Dormitory buildings have ten rooms in each floor, that means fifty rooms on each dormitory building. Each dorm has three rooms, this for the boys, and this for the girls. It also has a bathroom(Boys & Girls), a lounge(Boys & Girls) and a study.

    There is a teleportation device that is built into the envelope you get your acceptance letter in. (You're character won't know that until he/she appears in the school yard for orientation)

    This will start on the first day of school. The last few days of summer. Right before fall officially starts. Follow Iwaku rules and have fun....fyi romance is HIGHLY encouraged. (I may or may not have this moved to mature...just depends on who joins and how explicit it can get)

    Character Name:
    General Appearance (image fine):
    General Personality:
    General History:
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  2. You're absolutely lovely bro!
  3. Where will we be able to post character profiles? i remember you posting tht this rp will begin when school begins again.
  4. Ooh im so excited tht i actually dreamt about the character i created!
  5. Hehe, I'm excited c:
    I hope that I'll be able to join.
  6. Chuu! >o< This is so exciting! Now I gotta pick what characters i'll use... Maybe mine will come to me in a dream as well? :D
  7. Hmm.. *rubs chin pensively* I wonder if my character will come to me in a dream~
    I have a character that I can use already.. but if he isn't accepted.. who will I use? o w o;
  8. Here! Right here is where you create them! And no it'll actually begin when I get at least 8 characters in and accepted!
  9. And there's absolutely no limit to what you can create.
  10. [MENTION=3712]Megalodon[/MENTION]: Oh, cool! Is there a specific profile we should fill out? o 3o
    Also, I was wondering if there was a possibility of being able to play the Vice-Dean of the academy?
    As in, I wanted my character to be the son of the current Dean/Headmaster who is also teaching a class or two?
    But, I wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to do that, haha!
  11. Should the students be any specific age? Are they starting freshman year? And im also asking if there's a profile we should fill out
  12. [MENTION=5305]Asura[/MENTION] that's totally fine and form will be up tomorrow :)
  13. and it's 14 through 18
  14. [MENTION=3712]Megalodon[/MENTION]: Sweet~ O(≧∇≦)O
  15. Check the first post for a char sheet! :D I'm off to bed guys. I'll get back to you tomorrow. I have a concert to perform at tomorrow (I'm a singer btw guys! :D) So I'll be gone for a while, but I'll be back.
  16. [MENTION=3712]Megalodon[/MENTION]: Oh man! You're a singer? o v o So cool~
    Good luck, hope you sing well!
  17. Show Spoiler

    Character Name: Nathaniel "Nathan" Weathers
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Celestial Being; An angelic race whom take on human forms in order to blend into society.
    Age: Twenty Six in appearance, his true age is unknown..
    General Appearance (image fine): Picture provided above!
    General Personality: Nathaniel is a very meticulous person, he usually pays very close attention to the detail in almost every aspect of his life. Being the son of the Headmaster, he feels that all eyes are watching him and he can never settle for anything less than perfection from himself. Aside from his perfectionist attitude, Nathaniel is also a very calm person who desires a friendly relationship with his students.
    General History: Nathaniel was raised at Sacred Heart Academy, his origin unknown. Taken in by the Headmaster when he was seemingly young, Nathaniel began studying about the various types of 'mutants' around the world. He grew up without a mother figure, leaving him only his father who he not technically blood related to. However, he still treated the Headmaster as if he were his real father. Over the years, Nathaniel excelled greatly at the academy and soon became the Vice-Dean as well as the teacher of some of the popular 'Power Training' classes, where students attend to learn how to use their abilities properly. Rumors say that he was born of star dust, others say that he was reincarnated from an ancient race that had long died out and over the years he lost his memory, some even say that he was an angel sent to lead the mutants in a revolt against the humans. But, all of these were simply that.. rumors. He grew older knowing of his situation, however, he never dwelt on the matter for too long. His father had always kept him from learning too much about himself, Nathaniel was always too busy to worry about such things anyway.
  18. Name: Kishi & Sabah
    Age: 16
    Race/Power: Human/Elemental= They are humans and an elemental race mix. They look mainly human but have the power to control an element. Kishi: Controls Shadows Sabah: Controls Light
    Appearance: Pictures xD
    Personality: Kishi: Is friendly and caring. She loves the company of others. Sabah: Is cold and not friendly. He dislikes interaction with people if it can be helped.
    History: They both grew up in a regular home and family. They went to a regular school having minor problems, like Sabah getting into a fight and getting cut on his left eye. When they were around 13 or 14 their powers started showing up. At that time and on wards they have been together more. There mom enrolled them into the school when they were 14, she herself being a Elemental went to the school, having spent the last two years at the school they are Juniors this year hoping to make it a remember-able one.
    Kishi's Picture (open)

    Sabah's Picture (open)

    I hope it's okay that I play two xD
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  19. Name: Jaymi "Jay" Robinson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Mutation: Goes invisible when she's unnoticed. She can't control it and she's the only one who can see herself while invisible.The only time anyone can see her while she's invisible is if she stands in front of a mirror. Every inanimate object she touches becomes invisible with her. Also, if Jaymi is exposed to too much negative attention,-for example: a whole cafeteria laughing at her- she feels physical pain.
    Appearance: Jaymi has long, straight, black hair down to the middle of her back and light blue eyes. She has light skin and she's about 5'2. She's very pretty, but she'd never believe it if anyone mentioned it.
    Personality and general history: Jaymi's mutation first started affecting her in middle school after puberty and her parents' success. The more they forgot about their only child, the more she felt herself fade out of their vision. It took them a month to realize they couldn't see her when she finally snapped and yelled at them while invisible. And when they found out, they despised her. Jaymi's parents always hated mutants, but somehow she thought they might change for their little girl. She was wrong and that's when she stopped caring. She was done being a victim. After distancing herself from her only friend-a blind blonde girl- her new best friend became her mask of sarcasm and pessimism along with her new interest in writing horror stories during her abundant free time. Sacred Heart Academy will be her escape from ignorant parents and judgemental classmates. She'll see it as a way to get an education and avoid trusting anyone.
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