Sachiko Ever After (A Corpse Party Roleplay)

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    The 'Sachiko Ever after charm', a mysterious charm intended to induce communion with Sachiko's spirit and, if performed correctly, Sachiko will pass through and grant you her blessing; Those involved in the spell will be bound together as true friends for eternity.

    Supposedly it had been tried five years ago, however Satoshi Mochida refuses to talk about it after some of his friends supposedly disappeared after rather horrific events.
    A group of new students become rather curious about the charm and decide to try it out, after all, what could possibly go wrong?

    General Information

    So yeah, I thought this could be a really cool idea for a roleplay. I've been obsessed with it for some time now, but not really had anyone to roleplay it with, so I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone is interested.

    You don't really need to know much about the series, apart from what the Sachiko charm is and the fact that this is of course horror and I hope to have some romance in it also.

    I'm accepting OCs , and also, if anyone wants to be a teacher, that could work too! :D

    Also, if you want to have multiple OCs, that would be fine too, because we could do with a few deaths and I wouldn't want anyone killing their main characters~

    Character Sheets

    Age:(I'd say 16-18, 16-17 being second years and 17-18 being third)
    Blood Type:
    School:(I'd assume most would be Kisaragi, though it's fine if you want them from another)
    Class:(Again, I assume most would be in the same, though if you want to be in a different, that's fine)
    Future Dream:
    Crush:(If applicable)

  2. Name: Emiko Hikari
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 85lbs
    DOB: July 2nd
    Blood Type: A
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: She is a mostly kindhearted young girl who mostly tends to put the happiness of others before her own and is most likely to take in homeless pets, which is something she has done many times, which explains her number of cats, something her friends tend to comment on, and yet her parents don't have it in their hearts to tell her to get rid of them. She is quite lively a lot of the time and it is rare that she can actually act calm and it is probably because of this side of her personality that she is rather clumsy and often manages to hurt herself quite easily because she is always excited about things, in quite a childish way. The girl is also quite ditzy and naive, often not noticing how people feel about her, even if they practically spell it out to her. She is also forgetful and air-headed which she often get teased by her friends about
    School: Kisaragi Academy
    Class: 2-9
    Likes: Cakes, sweets, cats, other animals, singing, playing guitar, friends, fun
    Dislikes: Being bored, healthy food, water (to drink)
    Hobbies: Performing, singing to people, baking
    Future Dream: She wants to be on stage, but as a theatre actress
    Crush: (Probably will choose to have one once people apply xD)
  3. Name: Ren Hakujou
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5ft 4in
    Weight: 104lbs
    DOB: October 20th
    Blood Type: O

    Personality: She is an intelligent young woman, and she always receives the highest test scores in her grade. She is also the representative of her class. However, her above-average knowledge never seems to assist her with her lacking social skills. She typically treats other people coldly and speaks to them with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Most people assume that she is just arrogant because of her superior intelligence. However, this is not the case. Due to an unknown event in her past, she is afraid to get close to other people and only engages them in conversation when it's absolutely necessary. Thus, she has very few friends. She spends most of her free time reading in solitude.
    School: Kisaragi Academy
    Class: 2-8
    Likes: Books, studying, anpan, cockatoos
    Dislikes: Socializing, rain, trains
    Hobbies: Reading, taking long strolls around the countryside, taking care of her pet cockatoo
    Future Dream: To be accepted at a good college and eventually become a teacher.
    Crush: Not applicable at this time.

    (Not sure if you're still accepting applications for this, but I felt like sending one in anyway. I love this series!)
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