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  1. Guidelines you should at least read:
    1. I mostly respond when you reply, unless I have things to do in college or my part time job. I prefer a person who could respond on a day to day basis.
    2. I mirror posts, but the least I can do is a large paragraph, or two paragraphs. The most I can do is five or six, but I'm open to whatever you can manage.
    3. We should have separate posts for OOC related stuff, and we'll talk there. Don't worry, I'm very open and friendly.
    4. I absolutely dislike it if you do another roleplay, and abandon the one we're doing without giving a reason or explanation. Please, at least clear things up before leaving.
    5. To know that you read the rules, please include your favorite quote from any fictional or real piece of literature or film. Thanks!
    6. If I say something's not good, then I won't do it. Even if you try to convince me, I won't agree most of the time.
    7. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation -- to a degree at least.

    Also, I am not that big into fandoms, as long as the characters are original, but still within that setting. Set personalities don't appeal to me, as well as messing with characters.

    Now we have all that settled, let's get on with the original roleplay ideas!

    Short, 'We-Can-Plan-This-Via-PM' Ideas
    - Something similar to Mad Max
    - Shadowrun themed roleplay
    - Fallout
    - Soldier who finds himself in the future after being 'killed'
    - Yandere Simulator
    - Need for Speed
    - Ace Combat

    Extremely Long As Hell Original Plot Ideas

    High fantasy meets steampunk.

    Corporus. A city of steam, brass, copper and steel. For what it's worth, they are the most advanced technological country this world has ever seen. But a threat looms on the horizon, as praying to their gods after multiple millennia created the most powerful, unknown energy -- that even the Corporus cannot understand. The High Sermande Empire rose to power, taking lesser nations at the advent of this 'blessing from the gods'. It gave them the reason to 'liberate' other nations in their power, and the Corporus see this as a breach of the peace.

    Allied with the more primitive empires, and with their steam powered firearms and massive airships capable of raining death down from above, they fought their summoned spectral dragons and their mages that can fire pure bolts of magic in place of arrows. The war waged for half a century, their battles growing in casualties, and the control of nations going back and forth as a brief period of peace is attained, and then the war is back on.

    Attempts at diplomacy have failed. Therefore, they decided to assassinate their leaders. Creating 'the Inquisitors', a company of soldiers armed with experimental weapons, sent behind enemy lines to destroy places of worship, to disillusion the populace and liberate them in one fell swoop. Without their altars, the gods cannot help them, breaching their morale and preparing the place to be controlled yet again.

    During their seventeenth quest, they landed from the airship high above the Earth, from pods of steel and brass landing gently outside the Altar of Power as they went to work shooting up another cathedral. However, their brigadier captain saw an innocent woman, with a gleaming light upon her, praying that she would not be killed at the hands of the Corporus. She was a Nun of the True Gods, technically the enemy.

    Morality is in question, and eventually they had to decide. She saw them, and turned, facing them with a deep bow, and stood. She was ready to die.

    But did the captain have the will to pull the trigger? She was unarmed, but could be a enemy. His men backed him on whatever he did, but he wasn't sure if the Commanders at the Corporus Headquarters would accept this.

    This is an adventure roleplay, with heavy action and slight psychological things included in it. PM me or ask me about it on a reply to this thread if you're interested!

    Sci-fi cyberpunk.

    What creates a human? Is it the distinct body parts? Personality? Emotions? A soul? The consciousness that drives them to do what they want and need to do?

    What makes the human a 'human being' and a 'monster'?

    Man has been the sole dominant being on Earth. Although, we, as a human species, are completely unique. Wars have been incited on things humans can't change, such as race. Many have been fought for resources. Many for the basic commodities that allow humans to live in varying degrees of comfort. Show a man from the past what happened in the future, and let him either shed tears, or watch in vain as the country that he once lived on, has become separated and fractured, and the hometown he lived in a bombed out ruin.

    Technology, science. Named the demons of the modern world. Mechanical parts have long been seen as merely attachments to things that don't have the capacity to have a life. But people have long since accepted these so called 'mechanical augmentations' on the surface. A metal man. A cyborg. Even though conflict has been drawn on this, they were all swept under the rug in the end.

    But, when science is this advanced, they begin tinkering with artificial life. Artificial intelligence. Possibly the ability to learn, to have conscious thoughts and feelings. Underneath a metal exterior lies a living heart, so says some. But the idea of machines coinciding with humans? Unimaginable. Odd. Perverted. For people who cannot socialize with other people. They are outcast from the social norms of life.

    Even the more advanced, almost purely-human looking robot companions -- 'androids', many humans think that people who allow these beings to have a free will is simply preposterous. Something about some sort of robot uprising. But despite their programming, and all the tests -- science has unwittingly given androids the ability of free will.

    Love. Sadness. Fear. Happiness.





    Follow the story of a creator, and his creation -- as they try to survive anti-android thugs, the scorn of society, and eventually the government cracking down on 'android free will'. Will they survive? What will happen?
    The Brink of Dawn

    There are two galactic ideologies splitting them apart from the rest. One is the more traditional ideology of religion, in which their doctrine denounces philosophy questioning human morality the mere icon of sin, the lowest of low; one the church does not allow. Their religion is of heavy faith, and without said faith, thinking that you would simply be cast out is optimistic. Their deity is one that takes the form of a human, and their council determines who would be the next incarnation of their beloved deity, after the other dies. The deity is seen as the real, almighty being, but in truth -- they're just mouthpieces of the church. The other ideology emboldens the idea of freedom of speech, a more civilized way of seeing things -- but like all good things, most people have an agenda. Brutal dictatorships spawn out of these planetary colonies, solidifying the hatred of the religious population of the each and every planet. Religious crusades and 'religious disease control' are just different words for killing those who don't stand with them.

    The two main characters would be different in their own unique ways, but they would be on opposite sides of the coin. One would be the deity, one that has been recently appointed due to the recent assassination of 'the Incarnate', and one would be a high ranking Captain in the unified galactic government's navy -- as long as they both were not made to cross paths. Barely escaping with his life, the former escapes unscathed, while the latter nearly dies as a result. Barely making it back to his ship.

    They were never to cross paths at all, but tragedy strikes the colony that the other character is stationed in. A murder has been committed, one of the councilmen of the church murdered by what was reported to be the deity. The deity was reported to be also missing, and is currently the most wanted person by the church and the galactic government, until a distress signal was heard from a single floating, almost derelict looking ship.

    The deity was calling for help. Would the Captain set past differences aside, and save the deity? Or will the hunter be the hunted?​
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  2. "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars"
    Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

    Hi! I really like your ideas The Brink of Dawn and Actualization. If you're still looking for a partner for either of those, I'd love to begin plotting something out for them.
  3. @EquinoxSol

    Hello! Thanks for your interest! My Actualization roleplay... I'm not quite interested in that one anymore, since many people have tried to do it but end up failing to meet my expectations. Not to say you might be bad, I'm just sick of everyone asking for that plot and giving me one liners.

    For the Brink of Dawn, I would love love love to do that with you. PM me!
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  4. Would you be willing to do a shadowrun RP with my eccentric satyr rigger? She's from a tabletop campaign but we meet so rarely and I really love playing her. She had three drones at lvl 1 (a scout, one that actually does damage and a healbot) and a van to hide 'em in, but if you'd rather start from scratch she could get a hold of them along the way. I'm happy with any shadowrun setting/plot to be honest, I just miss her :D

    I won't be around for the next couple weeks, but I will have lots more freetime at the end of April, if you'd be willing!


    We don’t live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.”
    - J. B. Priestly
  5. @Lady Amalthea

    As much as I would love to have you for a roleplay, I'm currently now looking for someone that can at least reply on a two day basis. Waiting for someone until the end of April just isn't what I'm looking for, regardless of the quality of roleplay. Unless you promise to do the above, I'm going to have to decline.
  6. Fair enough, best of luck to you!
  7. I just finished Mad Max. Could be interesting to roleplay within that setting. I'm also craving something rather dark and macabre--I'm not certain that's your thing, but we could discuss it at least. PM me if you're interested.

    Oh, and for the quote:
    "A reader lives a thousand lives. The man who never reads lives only one."
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