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  1. ɪ ɴ ᴛ ʀ ᴏ ᴅ ᴜ ᴄ ᴛ ɪ ᴏ ɴ

    i'm Simple.

    i came back from a pretty long hiatus and would like to find role-play partners again.

    ᴀ ʙ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ
    ᴍ ᴇ

    i am a proficient writer. though i usually mirror post, my norm is two+ paragraphs.

    i do have decent spelling and grammar in IC posting. i tend to just do my own thing in OOC.

    i hate one-liners.

    i'm quiet. unless i have an idea to share and we plan something for it, or something comes up, i tend to not chat a whole lot over OOC.

    i love romance. every story will either have it as a main component or, at least, as a side component. it mostly depends on the plot.

    i don't do smut. i'd rather stay away from the awkward burden of describing kinky sex. i prefer the fade to black method.

    i do not play f// or m//. i stick with f/m.

    i play both males and females fluidly. however, i've been playing very little female characters lately, so if you'd be willing to let me have the female role on some of these, i'd be extremely happy.

    i have a very busy life at the moment, and post frequency can go from a couple of posts on one day to going silent for a week.

    i may not be able to handle more than one or two partners.

    i have difficulty handling more than one character, though depending on the plot, i will double or triple up for some plots.

    i tend to keep character sheets simple. as a side note, i prefer anime/anime-esque appearances or written descriptions for character sheets. i dislike using realistic pictures.

    ɪ ᴅ ᴇ ᴀ s

    *** = craving

    Best Friends to Lovers***
    [Teens/Young Adults {16-21}]

    Dragon Tamers
    [Young Adults {19-25}]

    Guardian Angel
    [Teens/Young Adults {17-23}]

    High School Romance***
    [Teens {14-18}]

    Road Trip***
    [Young Adults {19-23}]
    [possibly multiple characters]

    [Teens {15-17}]

    Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
    [Young Adults {19-27}]
    [possibly multiple characters]

    [Teens/Young Adults {17-21}]
    [possibly multiple characters]

    thank you for your time.
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  2. You've got some really great ideas and I would love to RP with you. But I'm not a native English speaker/writer so I might make grammar mistakes etc. Also I tend to write shorter posts, around 7~10 lines probably, cause I think that it will give more action in the RP.

    But, if you still need a RP-partner and you don't mind what I mentioned above, feel free to send me a PM!
  3. i would like to do a zombie apocalypses rp with you
  4. I'm quite curious on what you had in mind for the high-school romance?
  5. i have multiple pairings and ideas to choose from for that one, Lanawint. you can PM me if you'd like to hear all of the options.
  6. oh! I like the last one! The one about Lycanthropes! Pm me or sholud I Pm you?
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  7. I really like the scientist and the experiment. My only question is, what are your thoughts on that? Any plot ideas?
  8. yes, i have two ideas for it, Taichou. you're free to PM me if you'd like to hear them.
  9. Experiment and scientist... I would love to do it if you still can.. or dragon tamers.
  10. Hello there! I'm Finn!
    I would love to do a high school romance or best friends to lovers.
    Do you have any ideas for it? Or are you looking to wing it?
    I'd love to hear anything you have. I can help with input and such.
  11. Hey there! I'd be totally in for the Bestfriends to lovers and the Experiment x scientist ones... should I PM you?? *^*
  12. edited the format at the top. since i have more than one idea for each, i'm just leaving them open.


    i have a few ideas for it. feel free to PM me if you'd like to hear more on it.


    go right ahead.

  13. I'd love to role play with you. I actually have been wanting to find someone that wanted the friendship to lovers Roleplay ad you're the first I found.. I'm not new at role playing but I am new to this site so I may make a few grammar mistakes but I shouldn't make many.
    I also have time in my day usually so I can post just about any time of the day so whatever works for you.
    If you're Interested get back with me? Okay, thanks.:)
  14. Hope you're up for more rp's :), though I'm not a native english speaker, so I might make some grammar and spelling mistakes.
    I'm interested in either dragon tamers or the lycanthropes, which ever you wish.
  15. Hello!

    I've seen many ads for partner requests, etc. and I, too, have just recently returned from a hiatus...I'm still a little slow at getting myself restarted on my other RPs, but seeing as how I've craved romance for a good amount of time now (to no avail, as my frequent RP buddies aren't into it like I am...I'm also a fade to black type person), it would be utterly delightful to have someone to RP with who has a decent amount of experience writing and the same desire to RP as I do.

    Unfortunately for me, most people grow intimidated because of my advanced writing style and need for fluff (I absolutely adore descriptive posts...the more descriptive, the better, though don't go explaining the fine details of a single button on me XD). Hopefully you and I could come up with something that balances us. My posts adapt to those of my partner, so the shorter yours are, the shorter mine and same goes for longer posts.

    I love dragons, and anything involving dragon riders/companions I'll happily do. If you're interested, please send me a PM! I'd love to have romance with a new face! <3<3
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  16. Experiment & Scientist sounds very interesting, if you are still looking for a rp partner I would love to do this one with you.
    pm me if you would be interested in plotting something or just generally discussing the idea.
  17. I absolutely love all of your ideas, and i'm happy to hear you like romance as much as i do ^.^ I especially would like to try an Apocalypse or BFFs to Lovers roleplay. Or maybe Dragon Tamers?
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