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  2. Inspiration

    *The pictures range in maturity.

    Two Sentence Horror Stories
    *Some are better than others, but they are good for inspiration.

    Planet Generator
    *Does not belong to me, just sharing it.

    Plot Ideas
    The four horsemen, though powerful still, are not as crippling as they were in the past. So, in order to compensate for the technology gap, Satan creates more Horsemen/women. For example: Insanity, Infertility, Paranoia, etc.

    ▸ Red Riding Hood and the wolf were always nemesis since the day the wolf ate her grandmother, however, over time there became a mutual, unspoken bond between the two. It wasn't until Red was a grandmother herself when the wolf walked up to her for the first time in years. He asked her "Shall we start the cycle again? There cannot be two of you and you know this."

    There is a sweep of intergalactic piracy, but the biggest in name is The Lost Ones. With a planet system war, a new treasure map to this "land never thought to exist" there are many of adventures to be had. (Yes, I just did that)

    Oringinal Plot Concepts
    Pirates / Thieves / Rouges / Criminals

    High Fantasy
    Other Planets
    Mythical Creatures
    Gods / Goddesses / Religion / Cults / New Age Movements
    School Setting
    Vampires / Werewolves / Fae / Elves / Dwarves / Fantasy Races
    Video Game
    Dungeoneering / Adventuring / Questing


    ▸ Crossbones
    Maximum Ride [ James Patterson ]
    ▸ Mercy Thompson Series
    Any Myth (I do have a set of books so I should have the original text of most)
    Escape from Exile [Robery Levy]
    V for Vendetta
    Ouran High School Host Club
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    Various Anime

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  3. x
    !!! Please note that these are pulled from the drawer, some were even when I first started writing so they may have bad grammar or may need to be edited. I just wanted to post them; I'll edit them later. !!!

    [ 1 ] In the future the world has expanded to other planets but the main hub is still on Earth; however, prisons are not. No matter the crime you are convicted of or how old you are, you get sent to an outpost far in the galaxy. This planet is still in the process of being "cultivated" and slave labor is always fun, especially outside of the jurisdiction of the newly combined world government.

    [ Convict x Convict ] [ Guard x Convict ] [ Convict x Creature* ] [Guard x Creature ]

    [ 2 ] Vampires are creatures of habit, and ages old tradition. It's what got them this far and most of them think that their antiquated rules and ceremonies will continue to suffice. However, when the leader of the North American (can change) coven (or house, depending on your fiction) is killed with no heir apparent, it’s plunged into chaos as his most powerful advisers vie for his empty seat. While that was going on, a sect of younger vampires, intent on shaking up the dusty system, rebels. More chaos to add to the mix. Intent to stop it before all hell really breaks loose, a vampire/vampiress finds that their leader does, in fact, have a living blood relative--living being the operative word. A great, great, great, great grandson/daughter is living not terribly far from the main house--fate? Will the vampire hunt this relative down and convince them to take over? Will vampires follow a human, or even such a new vampire?

    [ Grandchild x Rebel ] [ Rebel x Old Vampire ] [ Old Vampire x Grandchild ]

    [ 3 ] In a state much like Africa, but in 2035, the world has reverted. There is not much technology, and women do not have many rights at all, and are considered wastes of life. Life is not harsh but very criticizing in many ways. If you fall out of an order you are dealt with by the law personally. A prodigy in science, Dr. ___ works constantly on making the world a better place. If something can be done, he is the man to go to. Well one night he went out walking, and when he got back, there was a child ( teen maybe) looking in his workshop window. He went to see whom it was but made a sudden noise, and when the child turned around it happened to be a girl who ran quickly as possible. After a week or so of this happening the doctor finally caught the girl, and after a long talk, she told him how she admired his work and how she truly liked science. The man had an idea pop into his head, he would make this child his apprentice. So he started to teach her basics and what not, and started getting attention from the law. What would happen to their lives? Would there be consequences? Would women get freedom?

    [ Doctor x Teen ]

    [ 4 ] A child, after leaving her/his home after a fight with her/his parents, runs into the forest close to her/his house. After running quiet a ways away (s)he comes to a river and plans to cross it. Unfortunately, (s)he trips on a root of a very old tree and falls into the river, and for some reason there is a strong current and (s)he can't get out. When she wakes up she is near an unpaved road, and something that looks like a hellhound is ready to attack, but a stranger comes to save her/him in the nick of time. After a long talk with the stranger, the girl/boy finds out that the stranger is a mythical creature* and that the girl/boy is on a different planet, and she/he is the only human, and humans are a sign either good or bad but they have to see the oracle that is far away.

    [ Teen x Mythical Creature ]

    [ 5 ] A child, whom nobody believes, has an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend is real, though the only person who can see it. Because he/she constantly insists that the imaginary friend is real people just stopped thinking that she was telling the truth. Every day is like a living hell for him/her and some days are worse than others. One particular bad day, she looks into a mirror while having a conversation with her imaginary friend and is sucked into a new and twisted world of darkness.

    [ Child x Imaginary Friend ]

    [ 6 ] As an orphan you always wanted to go see the circus, and one day, it happened that you could. Every act, every stunt, was done in perfection and you never forgot about it. When you turned eighteen, the circus was still on your mind, and it was getting close to when the orphanage would give you up, and you'd live on the streets. Hearing that another circus was in town, you decided to go see them. Late one night you crept out of bed, and out of the building, running to the hill where the circus was setting up. Though you dressed in your best outfit, you still looking like a wreck. After telling some clowns what you wanted they took you to the ring master and you told [him/her] your story. (S)he agreed to let you join, but when [he/she] asked you your skill, you were unable to answer. The ringmaster gave a sigh and told you that you would have to be on cleaning duty until you could figure out your skill. You agreed and started your work at the circus. You quickly learned that the people that worked with you were not human but it did not bother you for some reason. All you were worried about was developing a skill.

    [ Teen x Performer* ] [ Teen x Ringmaster ]

    [ 7 ] In the future the Sahara becomes a thief town where every outlaw lives or is sent. All are included in the criminal life, even orphans. A girl/boy forced to grow up in this world learns the ropes as a thief, and becomes very good at what she/he does. Though if there is one thing, no one steals from one family, the Crosses. They hold the power and are considered to be the kings and queens of this world, but the thing is they are not solitary. They are nomadic, moving from place to place. This is how they acquire their riches, which are valuable beyond belief. The girl/boy makes the mistake of her life time when she steals from them.

    [ Teen x Crosse ]

    [ 8 ] Teens at certain age you expect rebellion. Though, what if it is not the age of rebellion, it is the age of angst, crave of blood, or even things against the law. All teens and children whom show signs of this abnormality are now sent away from society in a school on an isolated island where they learn, though what teacher will stand in between such kids fighting. The school has no authority, the strongest do, and it is sink or swim here. The most common thing you see here is not grass but blood stains on the floor. So welcome and take your problems and beat them down.

    [ Student x Teacher ] [ Student x Student ]

    [ 9 ] A flash from a small screen appears when you turn on the TV. You are a regular American for doing so. As you go to change the channel from the news, something catches your eye: an article on Sliver of Sanity, one of the newest bands that has sold so successfully over this week alone. Your eyes stay glued to the screen as the announcer goes into picture and starts talking;
    "The amazing band that has the world on their door step, is having an enormous get together at Central Park for their first stop in their world tour three nights from tonight. There is an expected half a million people to come. The tickets will be sold for five dollars, thanks to the band members themselves. This concert is a tester to see how well they can truly handle a crowd, or so they say.

    Though there is one really amazing thing, the band and their manager are having a drawing. This prize pack is for three lucky winners that will be able to spend a day, which will be the day of the concert. The tickets are still up for grabs, and they are five dollars each. If you wish to buy some over the phone, have your credit card ready and call this number, 1-800-973-4245." The first reporter said speaking like a robot into the TV camera as he stood where the band would play soon.

    "Isn't it just amazing how these newbie’s made a jump from being new singers, to professionals in just a month? Even my kids love them, and their music, simply captivating. Let’s see other opinions on Sliver of Sanity." The second reporter said as he rushed to people who were willing on the streets. Not one bad remark was made, from child to elderly.
    You look at the TV as the news goes to another article, hitting the button off; you grab your credit card, and dial the number.

    [ Band Member x Fan ] [ Fan x Fan ] [ Band Member x Band Member ]

    [ 10 ] The street of America was never safe. With technology it became worse. Nothing was holding back the gangs or the mafias, nor was anyone willing to stop them. People of the underworld grew with power, though many households fought to be on top. After a war named Wars of the Hells, for the immense blood shed and slaughter done, two predominate households gained the most power and more people to join them. They were known as the Banishers and the Ancients. Both were two very different underworld divisions.

    The Banishers, view people as weapons for their brute force. Wanting only to kill, and most of the time have no strategy to go along with their fighting. They train hard, using every tactic available to make one withstand pain and in a sense no be affected by it. Their training is tough, but when you pass it, it proves that you are dedicated; since most people die. Men tend to rule more in this mafia.

    The Ancients, view people as weapons for their intelligence. They prefer power of intimidation, reverse psychology, and strategies. They are required to be street, book, and overall smart, but they must be talented in the art of war as well. They train people to use their brain power, and never to second guess themselves. Less people die through training, but more die from not following rules. Women tend to rule more in this mafia.

    What both of these underworld powers have in common is that all will follow the rules of the leader. No one dares to talk back, for severe punishments are given if so. Both is feared by the public and is the cause for stricter curfews. How will this war end, in a peace treaty or in a murderous downfall?

    [ Mofia Member x Mofia Member ] [ Police Officer/ FBI Agent x Mofia Member ]

    [ 11 ] It was believed that some people from around the area of Egypt were nomads, and they traveled up to China (and it was believed that they crossed the land bridge, into North America; that is why all pyramids have similarities.) So how about a group goes from Egypt (area) to China (area) but doesn't like it, and heads back, but for some reason (maybe a path block) they cannot get back, and settle upon a river and make their own home. The culture of both areas will be mixed, for instance they believe in the afterlife, but the ancestors have the ability to come back and watch over them, or continue on their journey. They are really into festivals (where they can do offerings and more), and they have something similar to a monarchy (Egyptians had pharaohs and Japanese had a Dynasty ruler- where a family had power.)

    [ Many Possibilities ]

    [ 12 ] One day a man/woman went up to a really famous writer telling him/her that his/her story was nothing more than copied ideas from other writers and fluff. The author showed no signs of emotions, apparently how he/she always was, which angered the man/woman even more. That night/the next morning the man/woman went to the library to see the book that the author had written, he/she picked it up and was going to rip it up, but instead there was a light coming from it. He/she was not longer it in library, but _____ (Terrain we choose).

    [ Author x Critic ] [ Author x Main Character ]

    [ * ] Means "To be discussed."
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  4. Bumping the topic up a little bit.
    I added some more things to the second post.
  5. The plot for Red Riding Hood and the wolf sounds quite nice..
    I wouldn't mind joining it as a group or 1x1
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  6. @N I C O L A E ♥
    First off, Nicolae was one of the best characters Gaia ever made, and I just had to state that.

    And thank you, I did not know what I came up with until it was done, and I feel like basking, ego-ly so, in the glory of that little three sentence structure. But that is mainly because I am a dork. Do you have any specific ideas that you want to attribute to that role-play idea?
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  7. I'd love a romance apprenticeship type deal or possible the pirates idea?
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  8. Hello, Ethereal.
    A plot that involves thieves, pirates, or rogues sounds interesting. Perhaps we can set something up later?
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  9. @Ethereal Wanna PM me? c:. We can talk about it together there, since I don't wanna spam this thing.
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  10. Aw what about me D:
  11. Oh, derp XD
  12. Updated the thread~
    Look at the third post for detail on my role-play history and schedule is going.
  13. Hello there.

    Are you still looking? Pirates or thieves sound fun..
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