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[ T a r o t ]
--- My name is Tarot and I have been role-playing since 2005. I am chick if you must know.

[ W r i t i n g ]
--- I require a base reply of two paragraphs, which is ten to sixteen sentences. I don't like to role-play with people who write in first person but if you are skilled enough in story making and plot development I might change my mind. Also, take your time to write me the best quality post you can, I will make sure to do the same. Because I might hate you if I write five paragraphs and you give a very crappy paragraph. Here is some samples of my posts.

[ P l o t t i n g ]
--- Plotting is a really big requirement of mine. I want to get the creative juices flowing for both of us and make sure we are on the same page. There will always be a private message where we can talk about the progress of the story, and if you want to we could have friendly conversation as well~

[ C h a r a c t e r s ]
--- I play both male and female and I will play from age sixteen up. I can play submissive, switch, and dominant roles. I also play any sexuality hetero, yuri, or yaoi. Do not come in demanding I play a role or gender, you may ask me but I don't like ultimatums. Lastly, I tend to get very attached to my characters, I really do. So I prefer if there is little main character deaths, NPCs, let's slaughter 'em all, I don't care. Oh, I can use anime or face claims for pictures, either is fine with me. OCs ONLY!!!
--- Something I've noticed is people come to me asking if they can be bottom. I am fine with a dominant role but I don't like to plan out who is dominant and who is submissive I feel like it takes away from the character development. Plan out your character's personality and see where things take us.

[ M e d i u m s ]
--- I prefer threads to private messages because I can make pretty post formats, but I will role-play over private message if you would like.

[ R e p l y i n g ]
--- I have a super busy life and I also may not be in the mood to role-play every day. My posting speed is once every week to two weeks. If it has been longer than a week, feel free to pm me. And even though I say once a week doesn't mean I won't post faster or slower than that. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO ROLE-PLAY ANYMORE TELL ME, I WILL TELL YOU!!! If you read my information then answer this in your private message to me (please private message me and not post in the thread), What glows in the dark?

[ I d e a s ]
--- I am always open to other ideas than what is below~ But, I don't really like Sci-Fi and horror so that might take some effort to recruit me.


*The pictures range in maturity.

Two Sentence Horror Stories
*Some are better than others, but they are good for inspiration.

Original Plot Concepts
▸ Pirates / Thieves / Rouges / Criminals
▸ Royalty
▸ High Fantasy
▸ Other Planets
▸ Mythical Creatures
▸ Gods / Goddesses / Religion / Cults / New Age Movements
▸ Priests / Shamans / Mystics
▸ School Setting
▸ Apprenticeship
▸ Vampires / Werewolves / Fae / Elves / Dwarves / Fantasy Races
▸ Demon / Angel
▸ Shape-shifters
▸ Video Game
▸ Dungeoneering / Adventuring / Questing
Slave x Master
▸ Age Play (16 and up) [ To me age play is when there is a ten plus year difference between two characters]
▸ Drow
▸ Circus Freaks

▸ Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
▸ Nana


[ Cleric x Evil Overlord ]
--- There is an Evil Overlord who is trying to take over Amaranthine and he has killed hundreds of people mercilessly, without a care of race or title. There has been many adventurers who have failed in destroying the Evil Overlord. Then a Cleric bound by the pacifistic oath he swore to his Goddess, somehow ends up in the Evil Overlord's throne room. He tries to convince the Overlord that the Gods will forgive him if he pulls his army back, but there will be ungodly consequences if he doesn't. Intrigued that a weaponless person would come to face the Overlord, the Overlord spares the Cleric's life. But not just out of mercy, there is a vendetta against the Cleric. The Overlord wants to prove that there is no hope and that there will be no help from these so called "Gods" that the Cleric worships. And most of all, he wants to see the Cleric break his oath of pacifism.

[ Dreamer x Dreamer ]
--- There are two people who for many years have shared the same dream, every night. They have come to know each other as friends but they know they cannot find each other because even though they have told each other everything about themselves, they are worlds apart. After a few years of dreaming, the person who lives on Earth is magically transported to the world that the other person lives in. United, how do these dreamers fare?

[ Angel x Demon/Human/Devil/God/? ]
--- All angels serve under God and are said to never do any evil lest they fall and become a demon. But what happens when an Angel is commanded by God to do something evil and not fall? The Angel does as God says but even after it feels the guilt of their actions and betrayal of God. What will the Angel do? What will God do?

[ Ranger x Creature ]
--- When an apprentice completes his or her training as a ranger they always get an animal companion to complete quests with. The last requirement to graduate is that you catch the animal or creature that you want to have beside you on your adventures and make a pact, a magical agreement that binds your animal and you together and allows you to talk telepathically, understand the current status of each other, and know the location of the other, between the two parties. It isn't enough just to be strong, rather you have to have some charisma and diplomatic skills. And though a beginning relationship may be tough, what does it develop into?

[ Pirate x Priest(ess) ]
--- A group of pirates found a old, weathered map and journal to a location that is to be full of treasure. After they finish the quest they were on at the moment, they were planning on going to go to the newly found location. But when they board the ship and the captain takes a look at the journal, from what the captain can read the place they are going to is not only haunted, but has magical seals placed throughout the area. The captain thought it would be easy, the men and women below the captain were always willing to fight so the haunting didn't matter, and the captain could always hire a mage to go along on the journey to the location. Again, not so easy. The person that the captain would need was a priest of a holy sect because the magical seals belonged to the Dark God(ess). What treasure will they find? How with the Dark God(ess) react to their treasure being stolen?

[ Artist/Writer x Servant ]
--- From childhood to now this artist/writer has always created new worlds in their work. New creatures, new landscapes, new Gods, and so on and so forth. One day the artist/writer is taken from their home and transported into what seemed to be a void of space. What the artist/writer is presented with is one of the God(esses)s that they have created before. The God tells them that they are the creators of the new world and not only do they have to create every aspect of it, they also have to live in it, though, of course, the artist/writer cannot die. Interested in this challenge the artist/writer starts working on the world, as the artist/writer does so another creature from their work comes along and informs the writer that it will be their servant. What will the two experience? How will the world end up?

[ Self-Harm-er x ? ]
--- Four associates from school were sitting at a table at a basic restaurant just chatting away. Each had their own secrets but one hid scars the person inflicted upon themselves. Then the topic of love came up and each person was asked it. When it came to the person who cut, they asked if they partook in love, and the person replied with no eye contact, "It is my most elaborate form of self harm."

[ Criminal x Innocent/FBI/Criminal/Kidnapped ]
--- A criminal takes people and locks them away on their farm in the middle of nowhere. The criminal has an ultimate goal to complete with the people they have taken, but it is unknown to those who are investigating this case because all they know is that there is disappearances. Nothing else has been identified. Who is the criminal's next victim? What is the criminal's ultimate goal? Is this criminal going to be caught? Will someone make the criminal question what they are doing?

[ Bully x Fighter ]
--- There is a bully who goes around trying to prove they are the biggest and baddest of all the people in the area. Well one time this bully steps on some really bad toes and messes with a kid who has a (sibling or friend) who is a boxer/MMA fighter/etc and the kid tells his (sibling/friend) about the bully. The next time the bully goes to prey on someone the boxer/MMA fighter/etc confronts them and beats the shit out of them. Well, the bully's mother/father was getting remarried to a man/women the bully only met a few time and it turned out, when the bully's mom/dad moved in with the woman/man that the boxer/MMA fighter/etc would be the bully's sibling. What would their relationship be?

[ Reincarnated x Reincarnated ]
--- There is a species among the human races, they are known as the Wisps. They are able to reincarnate themselves at will in the world and have existed before man. Though, like humans, there isn't peace among their kind. Wisps are prone to more emotional interactions, especially of that with violence. One Wisp in general had a lot of others that they abused, both human and Wisp. But somehow this said Wisp was killed and the Wisps that were affected by the said Wisp's actions waited for their reincarnation so they could seek revenge. But one other Wisp knows a secret about said Wisp and wants to protect the said Wisp. Who will find the Wisp first? What emotions will show? Will history repeat itself?

[ Peasant x Sultan/Sultana/God(ess)/Peasant/Necromancer ]
--- A peasant was born in the ghetto of sandy desert village but they wanted so much more. So the peasant took the first opportunity they could to get out of the town; they didn't even check if it was a valid one. After a mixture of bandits and enslavement the peasant found themselves working for a necromancer who frequently offered sacrifices of human bodies to their God(ess). One day the God(ess) speaks to the peasant. The God(ess) tells the peasant that if they kill the Sultan(a) that the peasant will be freed and will receive the riches that they deserve. Bound for freedom the peasant accepts. In an attempt to get into the palace the peasant finds out that the Sultan(a) is looking for a new bride/groom. Thinking it would be the easiest way to get into the palace, the peasant places himself/herself in the queue to be interviewed. To the peasant's luck they are one of ten candidates accepted and each of them will go on a trial set by the Sultan(a). What will happen to the peasant? What side will the peasant ultimately be on? Who will influence the peasant's decisions? Will there be love?

[ Prostitue x Delinquent ]
--- There is this high-schooler. It is said that they sleep with everyone. It is all for connections, money, favors, just to see how many people they can sleep with, or whatever else, you know how rumors are, they say more than their is. The thing is that said prostitute is also a delinquent at the high school and can kick a lot of people's asses. The prostitute is also really good friends with another delinquent who is stronger than they are. But the thing is, the prostitute is in love with the other delinquent. It is the only person that the prostitute hasn't slept with. It is a weird dynamic. What will happen with their friendship? Does the delinquent like the prostitute as well? Will there be competition? Will the prostitute's past come back to haunt them?

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I read drow. o o You said drow. I want a drow.


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Hi there!
I like the looks of the Artist/Writer x Servant, Criminal x Innocent/FBI/Criminal/Kidnapped and Bully x Fighter plots, and wouldn't mind discussing the possibilities!


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