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1. As a biochemical boss bitch, I only want to RP with other girls. Holla at my ladies. ・*.☆゚
2. You don't have to be an English major, but suitable knowledge in grammar, diction, imagery, and plot is required.
3. I don't want to bend over backwards building every plot twist by myself. Give me a hand, mate.
4. No one-liners. I'll be happy with two paragraphs, yes I will. But if you want to write more, be my guest!
5. I RP in PMs. Sorry! I just have this silly thing where I need to write in a private setting.
6. Original RPs are my jam. I don't like playing canon characters, neither do I don't like playing against them.
7. I love cartoons, but real faceclaims work better for me in RP.

☆﹕ ᴘʟᴏᴛ

Muse A is a tiny bookworm who has frizzy hair, huge glasses, and an illustrated collector's edition of the Harry Potter series. If you looked up blushing virgin in the dictionary, you'd find her biography. Boys don't see girls like Muse A. Muse B, on the other hand, is a regular Romeo. He's the kind of guy who's got it all—looks, charm, swagger...everything but money. Hence why he took up a gig at a sex hotline. In other words, Muse A and Muse B are as different as night and day. But even the moon and sun have to eclipse eventually, because when Muse A's cheeky friend gives her the number to Muse B's hotline, she rings it up.

☆﹕ ɴᴏᴛᴇs
I'm willing to play either Muse A or Muse B. Moreover, if you have any edits you'd like to make in the plot, I'm all ears! Er, it's written for MxF, but I'm open to MxM and FxF as well.
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I'll be up for it! Send me a PM and we can discuss it from there. :)
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Oh no! I was very excited to RP with you but it appears I've been beaten to the punch. If you're still looking I'm open. If not I understand and good luck :)
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