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  1. Modern technology is something to behold, everyday advances in computer and weapon technologies continue to advance. While this may seem as a good thing there is always a down side to everything, sometimes this technology falls into the rong hands and in turn is used on the very people it was meant to protect. This is were you and your squad come in, holding no true alliance to anyone nation your team works as an international mercs specifically train in anti terrorist situations. You and your men have been given some of the worlds most advance systems and weaponry in good faith of course...now it's time make good on your word. Recently a terrorist organization has begun making its move to cripple world powers and plunge the world in anarchy. The most recent attack is surely one to behold, having some how gotten their hands on some major fire power they are now holding an enitre town at gun point and threaten to kill everyone if their demands are not met.

    Your job infiltrate the town and take out the terrorist without alterting them or harming the hostages, you'll be going in at night from a high altitude drop just outside the northwest wall and sweep the enitre town. You have until the following night before the local government starts a bombing run, once the town is secured you're to make your way to city hall where you fire off an abort beacon. Good Luck team now move out!

    char sheet

    Tactical Postion: (Sniper, assult, demolition, leader etc.)

    if you want to you can add on what ever you want a breif bio what kind of person they history etc.
    oh one more thing I will be leaving the leader position to a first come first serve basis so long as you make atleast one post every four to five days if possible

    RULES: (keeping it simple)
    1. no op characters you can't have some invincible suit or gun that shoots magic curving bullets
    2. no thread hijacking
    3. respect the other rpers
    4.no character hijacking or killing off
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    I promise, I will dd more.

    Position: Leader/ Assault