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9:30 pm Tokyo, Japan.

Mission: Inhuman activity has been detected in the center of the city. The result has been multiple casualties and several soldiers units gone dark. S.T.R.I.K.E.R. has been deployed to investigate and execute all strange forces, then return with the report. Grab and bag is only required if of value.

Team Current Location: Beta Fort Osaka

Fort Osaka was a three leveled building of undercover security. The top floor was like any other military organization, the second floor was the intelligence room with several super computers and worker to keep them running, and the bottom floor was the S.T.R.I.K.E.R. level. On that level was the highest of military rank weapons, technology, research, and the secret weapons, Ninja. But we don't mean those spy movie type ninja, these are highly trained and highly armed personnel. Known for the ancient way of ninjutsu, swordsman ship, and wisdom. This organization was built on the even thought of protecting the world's order for humanity, which is jeopardized by the savage attack of demons, fiends, enemy ninja if found, and stronger anomalies.

In the corner area of the room, Jin, was sharpening his katana. It was forged from pure steel from the ore of his clan's land. His sword has been with him for several missions, but twice as many years of training a tranquility before S.T.R.I.K.E.R. Laying his sword on a nearby table, he pulled out a whetstone and started sharpening his katana for the mission. The rest of the room was noisy from people trying to arm up, deploy, and keep their eyes open for extra activity between demonic forces.
"Jin!" called someone nearby. "The commander wants you and your friends to round up, we're moving out soon." He put his sword back in it's sheath and mounted it on his back, then nodded at who called him. Jin never spoke much, but it was a saying he had. Power is displayed in silence, the quieter the stronger. The soldier felt wired that he was being so quiet so he just pointed to the elevator. "Just head over to the far side of the room and take the elevator up to the landing pad." Once again, he nodded and carried on quietly.
Axel chattered amicably with the other soldiers of his unit, commenting on various weapons and gear they seemed to be picking up. He was always fascinated with weapons and their use, and the destructive power they held. His lively and curious green eyes lit up at the sight of weapons that held the power of death in its shell. Not that he was entirely fond of killing. He was raised in a village run amok by pacifists. He just happened to be the odd one out.

Today would be his first mission as part of S.T.R.I.K.E.R. and he was completely psyched. It was like working for the CIA - the completely human side of the force. But this was better. The action had more hype and it got his blood pumping. Like he always told people: 'This kind of action makes me rock hard!' Axel chuckled at himself, huge grin plastered to his face. He ran his fingers through deceptively short hair. Not many people knew the truth about his abilities aside from his expertise in Taijutsu. His knuckles were his babies, next to his sweetheart: his hair. Oh sure, he was a pretty boy to a point. He was vain when it counts but hey, who wasn't?

"Jin!" He heard an officer call. He did his research. After all, he was a ninja. Jin was a quiet person. A bit too quiet for his tastes, but whenever he felt he needed to be let alone and couldn't exactly get away, hiding in the other guy's shadow was the way to go. It took some doing to shield his presence from the others let alone that guy. But it was good practice; the more he hung around the other, the better his stealth. At the thought, Axel found himself softly mumbling the tune of the old movie "Mission Impossible." If possible, his grin only grew.

"The commander wants you and your friends to round up, we're moving out soon," the officer stated. The poor guy didn't look too sure on his feet around the quiet operative. No one was, really. Not the softer than lead operatives, in any case. Axel laughed a little to himself. It was time to go out and have some fun! With that, Axel bent to snatch up his pouch and secure it to his right hip.

He walked up to the awkward looking soldier and gave him a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder with his free hand. "Calm down, man. He won't kill you if you blink at the wrong time -- wait, he would. But--," the poor man seemed to pale just a little and Axel couldn't help the laughter that bubbled out of him. "Calm down, I'm just playing around. Don't fret."

Still chuckling softly, Axel took off at a light jog to catch up to Jin, managing to make it into the elevator just before the door closed.
Jin walts slowly into the elevator and pressed the five numbers to start it up, then turned his back to face the doors as he crossed his arms. He had just about closed his eyes to focus his energy before a fight, then suddenly one of the new guys tumbled right inside with him. From what they appeared to him, he seemed like what the soldiers would call, "Green as grass." At least to the S.T.R.I.K.E.R. expedition he was. And from other information, he was the only active teammate with him in this base, so he'd have to make him count. Plus keep his ass alive. Jin stared forward without a single thought further on him.

As the elevator went up, they started passing by bridges of engineers, soldiers, and dispatches, all scrambling to keep the world informed on attacks. Ground troopers were scambling across cities, skies were flooding with air support, and shadows continuosly began to infest with demonic power. To most it felt like a burden to be winning fights in other places, while knowing around the world others are being lost.

Finally the elevator came to a stop and the doors smoothed open. Jin uncrossed his arms and walked off like the new guy wasn't even there. He mannuvered past a small crowd, then met up with the commander on a plasma screen.

"Jin," said the commander. "You and whatever allies you have with you are going to be taken to the east side of Tokyo. You will be accompanied by the new recruit, Axel. Understood?" he asked addressing the both of them. Jin replied to the man with a nod in agreement. "Good," said the commander, "A chopper is waiting for you at the top of the building." Jin noded once again, then moved for the heli-pad.
Axel shrugged at the other's indifference and followed him out of the elevator. Sure, he could have been considered, by all means, a 'noob' but he knew his way around the battlefield. Axel nodded to the commander, giving the man a mock salute before striding after the other operative. The east side of Tokyo, eh? Never been there before. Axel threw his arms up and laced his fingers behind his head, giving into the urge to whistle some tuneless song. Jin would probably kill him for it, but at least he was going to die enjoying himself.

The helipad was like no other he'd seen before -- counting movies he'd watched and all. The thing was massive, and the copter was armored all the way up to the propellers. They were stock still, but he saw the barrels at the edges of the blades. Those things were made to use spread shot tactics should they be in any kind of danger, especially useful because most copters were only arms with those large rifles near the engines in front.

"Shotgun!" Axel crowed [hehe...], bounding before the other operative and sliding into the back seat. He knew it was backward, but at least he got the wall-seat. It wasn't as picturesque as the window seat but it gave him a reason to bug whomever was next to him. So in the end, it worked out for him. It made him pity the other soul who was with him, however.

Jin glanced at Axel with the same plain stare he always had when he looked at others. But at least it meant he could ride on the chopper without being annoyed with chitter-chatter. He got inside and grabbed at the roof-bracer for the chopper, while standing up in the back. Jin wasn't one for sitting down unless he was meditating or sleeping-- for which he uses meditation for both. In the pilot seat, the driver started powering up the propellers. The copter lifted about three inches off the ground as it started powering up.

Quickly soldiers started climbing in to go along and give support if the two of them needed it. A seat was still perfectly opened for Axel, and weapons were being mounted in the back when it was time to land. The destination Jin and Axel were to be was about three miles out, making it about a fourty minute ride. So far Jin was able to keep his silent composure, he hoped it'd stay in tact.

The co-pilot of the chopper looked in the back and gestured his hands to let Jin know they were taking off in a minute. Jin noded at him and continued on with waiting for Axel and the chopper to lift off.
Axel couldn't help but vault through the door of the chopper. He grinned at the pilot and shot a thumbs up at his partner who stood in the back. But Christ, the kid needed to lighten up some. Axel scanned the faces of who was to be their backup and took a head count. It would be really useful to know whose asses he'd have to save if push came to shove. The dark haired man lost himself in his thoughts, wondering where the others of the elite team were. Or more importantly, who they were. He wasn't allowed to peruse the files, really. They said that the operatives could be changed at any time and it would be a waste to expect people who were going to be shut out of the organization in the end. Axel supposed he could agree.

Axel crossed his left ankle over his right knee, settling in for the loud, possibly uneventful ride to the site. Damn, but he couldn't wait until the real action started!
Ariel stood in the elevator with the captain, you see she's a new recruit in the ninja team. Also one of its few girls, but she whipped right through training. However; fighting and stealth was nothing new to her, because her father had trained her all her life. Now, she was going to get to show it when she went on a mission that was about three miles out from here. Hopefully she gets a good person to sit by on the ride, but if one person makes fun of her for being a girl it will be hell in the sky.

"Now, are you ready?" The commander asked as the elevator dinged and a large helicopter appeared into view.

"As ready as ever sir!"

"Good, now just hop in and tell Jin you're with him this go around?" He and with a nod she took off running towards the chopper.

It was already around three inches of the ground, but with the help of a side shooter she managed to scale her way in. Looking around she didn't immediately see any other girls that would accompany her this time, but she did see two men sitting that stuck out to her. One was sitting down and had his head back probably thinking of strategies. While the other sat their and looking like he had ants in his pants. She walked over to the quieter of the two, but there was only a seat next to antsy boy. Oh well, she took the seat and leaned over tapping the quiet boy on the knee.

"Hello Jin? I'm Ariel and I will be riding this on with you guys" I said trying not to sound how I was really feeling...Adrenile rush!
[you're just in time :P]

Axel raised an eyebrow. Late comer, he saw. But whatever; the more the merrier right? He chuckled. He felt like he was in some twisted Naruto episode. Either way he was just psyched. He hoped he got to feed something his fists for dinner. Once he did that, he was happy for the rest of the mission.

"Hello Jin?" the girl said. "I'm Ariel and I will be riding this one with you guys!"

Axel half grimaced, half smiled. He hoped to God Jin wouldn't kill him but this girl seemed to have no kind of fear. Well, he feared for her and Jin's sanity.

He felt the copter level off the ground and rotate into the direction they were to go.

"Let's git 'er done!" he muttered to himself. Axel wasn't a redneck by a long shot but it seemed appropriate for the moment. One of the other soldiers nudged him and he turned to see a wide grin. Ah~ lip reading. Axel grinned back, chuckling a bit. At least one of these goons had a sense of humor.
Ariel sighed and leaned back in her seat. Was she happy that she was stuck with two boys on a mission? Not really, but she'll deal with it. Now, to milk the boy next to her for some information. Like what the heck we were doing the commander was very brief. She turned to hear the boy whisper "Let's git'er done!" She smiled inwardly, but wasnt going to show it.

"So, umm boy that I dont know your name what exactly are we doing?" She said in that sweet voice that her brother used to say would get her out of anything.

Which was true she used it to get out of so many terrible situations, and now she was stuck here with two boys. One that wouldnt talk, and one that was probably the guy that normally got on her nerves. Well...lets just see how this goes.
Axel looked over to the girl with a raisd eyebrow. Well damn. This one was audacious as sin!

"Axel," he answered over the roar of the propellers. "We're going on a search and destroy thing. At least that's what it is in a nutshell." Axel grinned mischievously. "We get to blow shit up and turn asses inside out and not have to worry about expenses! That's all I need to know, anyway. Jin knows all the specifics, if you want something professionally answered. I just do what they tell me."

Axel knew he sounded like a buffoon but it was what he did as a ninja. Friend or foe, always be on your guard. And the best defense is the best offense. Be the ass and offend everyone. That way they'll be too pissed at you to come near. Awesome defense. Though, it would be a problem when those people come back to try to kill you but that's where the fun and games were.

His grin widened and he wagged his eyebrows at the girl. Ariel, right? Yeah.

"And by the way," he added. "That voice can't work on little old me. I've been through it too much to be affected. Nice try though," he added, patting her on the head and retracting quickly before she could decide to snap his wrist.
Ariel had to hold herself back before she potentially attack Axel for deemeaning her with a pat on the head. She was not a little kid she was a young woman! This is why she left home all the nonsense and torture by the aunts and uncles. Youre so cute and you will be a great such and such. She was not having any of it. The only person that understood her was her father, and thats why he taught her to fight. She was going to snap at him when she decided just to play his little game.

"We will see little boy...All in good time." She said with a smirk before turning and looking straight forward.
Axel decided right away that he liked this girl. Not romantic, in the least, but at least she'd entertain him. She was less menacing-looking than Jin, so he had an idea of what to do. She, at least, glared. He wondered what she was like in battle.

"Oh~!" He turned to her. "What do you specialize in, anyway? Never read your file."

Too bad if she may want to maul him for the pat on the head. He knew most people hated it. and that's why he did it. But they were on a team and therefore needed each other. He had time to plan his lively escape after the mission should she still want to castrate him.

[i'll never let you haze my AXEL DX]
(ahaha castrateXD)

Ariel gave him a confused look, what gave him the right to look through files? Or know anything about her? Now, what game what he playing at, because she loves games but his are strange. Her father always taught her hand to hand combat and thats what she was best at. She would always knock out her brother with a good punch to the jaw of one to the nose. Father always praised her better than her brother, and sometimes her brother hated her.

"Good thing, because im more of a mystery anyways..." She said still not looking at him.
"No shit," Axel muttered. So okay, he was stuck with not one, but two clams for this mission. He did a mental backward count of the time he'd spent on the copter. Using his fingers of course. Can't let them in on his intelligence after all, heh.

Five minutes?!

Axel rolled his eyes and groaned, sending a sideways glare at Ariel. And here he thought he was going to have some sort of verbal fun out there with a teammate. Backup would be hundreds of meters away from the site. What the hell? He was all well prepared to go along with Jin. That was a given since he hid in the other guy's shadow on countless occasions. But having a female Jin incarnate....

At least she responded to his statements even if negative...
Ariel groaned not only had only five minutes gone by, but that mean half an hour with this boy left. Then came the mission with this boy and quiet boy across from her. At least Jin wasn't annoying. Oh well better just try to get along with this Axel character.

"Having fun counting on your fingers?" She said giving off a little laugh.

She hadnt counted on her finger since she was five. Oh those were the days.
Axel gave her an offended look. "Hey," he defended. "Some of us like visual confirmation, thank you very much."

This girl... He needed to get her file as soon as they got back from this mission. She was a firecracker, alright. But what did he do to deserve this? So what if he decided to count on his fingers? Everyone has to do it some ​time!
"Or this some of us cant really count..?" She said shaking her head at him.

Little boys, and their defensive sides. She really enjoyed teasing men, because they always got all im so maucho. When half the time she could pin those guys in fifteen seconds flat.
Axel flattened her with a look. "I hope for your sake you're a lesbian," he commented. "Any man crazy enough to fall for you has got to either be stupid or a transvestite."

He folded his arms over his chest. "And for your information, I can count. I just don't feel like using all my mental energy keeping track of it in my head. I'm lazy. Sue me. You'll only get my taxes."
Ariel gave him a look that her mom called 'killer' "You did NOT just call me lesbian! I have had plenty of boyfriends!" This boy had no idea. Her life was hard always expected to be something else for everyone. So in truth she had no idea who she was, and she wasnt finding out anytime soon. She did know she liked guys though.

"And any girl stupid enough to fall for you would well have to be that...STUPID!" She said glaring at him
Axel blinked once. Twice. Three times.

And immediately howled with unabashed laughter. He laughed so hard, tears were falling out his eyes in droves. He held onto his sides and peered at her through soaked lashes, using a finger to wipe away a stray droplet.

"Oh man," he wheezed. "Defensive much?" He chuckled and tried to catch his breath.

"And anyone who falls for me, obviously has good taste," he said, still laughing but managed a smirk and flexing his visible bicep and waggling his brows at her.

Looks like he'd have some sort of fun after all. Women were so damn ​easy!