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  1. Year 2015.

    Ninja have been saving the world from a world of darkness for centuries. From demons to enemy ninja, their legacy of defence has grown. Eventually the old ways of the ninja grew out of date and their tactics were failing them, the darkness began to rise up and take control. Our modern day military took up arms to the the enemy and failed months later. Seeing as ninja were more accustom to fighting the unnatural, they banded together with them and made STRIKER. A special Task Force of Ninja used to seek out and elimenate the threat. The Government supply the weapons and the ninja give the skill to use it.

    You are STRIKER agent, and the best of the best at that. Because of recenty activity between the enemy, you've been dragged into an investigation around the world to figure out the large amount of trouble.

    Character Sheet:
  2. {Work in progress~}

    Raquel Sooyung
    {Rah-KELL Sue-Young}

    Twenty-four years young

    Lady Person

    Picture :D (open)
    There is the symbol of some weird 'X' mark on both her palms, underneath her gloves. It is big, it is thick, it is a crimson red tone. There are small strikes that pierce out against the skin, towards the outer directions along the palms. They do not match each other, because these markings set them apart. Her Chakra is channeled through these marks. Every time she is to use any of her Ninjutsu techniques, the markings all glow the brightest color of red. Except the 'X's. They turn a deep, metallic silver.
    Basically, don't 'effin mess with Raquel. Mmmmmkay? <3

    Lots of shuriken -
    And some silver kunai on hand, cause why not. -

    Crystal Armour
    - The user covers their skin with a thin sheet of crystal, protecting them from physical attacks. This Armour can also aid the user to perform stronger physical attacks. The crystal is transparent and can only be notice by light reflecting off it.

    Lightning Release: Black Panther
    - After generating black lightning from their body which takes the form of a panther, the user can manipulate it to affect multiple victims at once by electrocuting them. Like various other Lightning Release techniques, the potency of this ability can be increased through the application of water.

    Storm Release: Laser Circus
    - This technique creates several beams and shoots them at the enemy. First a halo of bright energy spreads around the user's hand as this technique is activated, then the technique encircles the user's hand and from that the beams are shot out towards the enemy. The user is able to alter the beams direction after being shot, making it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity. The user can increase the number of beams to a great amount to pin down an enemy. This technique uses up quite a bit of energy, and the user may feel fatigues after long uses.

    Raquel is much more of an optimistic soul than a pessimist. She enjoys to laugh and smile, and believes everyone in the world should chill the 'eff' out sometimes. She does enjoy a good, or a bad joke, or a few. Sarcasm is very popular upon her usual given sentence in conversation. She is spontaneous, very much loves adrenaline, and adventure. This can be bad, however, and can bring her into situations that just turn out to be too much for her to handle alone. However, she is stubborn, and will push away help most times she is offered, unless she is in a near-death scenario. When she knows she must be hard at work, she will push herself to get he job done. But, if not, it isn't unusual to find her chilling back and relaxing as hard as she can manage.



  3. Character Sheet:
    Name: Elise Elizabeth Maria Ward
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon(s): 1OF .32 revolver

    Personality: Elise can appear cold and uncaring, but it's simply the walls she's placed around her. She doesn't trust people easily and finds it hard to connect with people unless she lets them in. But when you get through the walls and get to know the real Elise, you'll find she's a loving caring person who would do anything for the people she loves and cares about.

    History: Elise grew up in England, London with her parents Lisa and Ken. Her mother was a stay at home mother while her father worked for MI5, spending most of his time away from his wife and child. Leaving Lisa to care for Elise by herself. The two formed a strong bond, Elise never seen far from her mother's side, and vise versa. Her father wished for her to be send to private school like he had Lisa had, but her mother wouldn't allow it so she was taught at home in their English manor by a long list of professors who would visit her every week to take her for private lessons.

    Although she very almost never saw her father, she aspired to do exactly what she did. She was taught tactics and ways to outthink the enemy from a young age. Her father would teach her how to take down a man with one hit. She managed to fit in training, school work and family into her life. When Elise was 19, she and her mother witnessed a murder, both identified the killer. A week later their home was attacked in search of them both. Both woman relocated to Asia, where Elise completed her training. She found out on the eve of her 21st birthday that her father had been killed in Paris while on a black op. Since the lose of the man she cared so dearly about she's put walls around herself, stop people getting in at risk of losing them.

    After the loss of her father, she threw herself into training, she helped a bit when the darkness started, but was quickly pulled back by her mother. She however wasn't shocked when word got to her that the army was failing, no one in the army had the training of a ninja.

    Extras: She has a goddaughter, Melody, who she cares about dearly. And wears a bracelet with a single sapphire, an early 21st birthday gift from her father.

    [I do apologise if this isn't up to standard, I've never done a ninja RP before, so I'm not overly familiar with it yet. Also, I wasn't sure how old you wanted them too be, I don't mind making her younger if I need to. Also, what does
    Ninjutsus mean?]
  4. What sort of ninjutsus?
  5. Ninjutsu can be anything you can think of like: Elemental, physical enhancement, or transformation. You can have have atleast three types of jutsu, so any jutsu you can think of is ok with me. But try to keep it balanced.

    You can also make a military character if you choose, but be sure you can handle both of the characters. :3
  6. "Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques) is hard to define; it is basically any technique that does not fall under either Taijutsu or Genjutsu, which means that it uses sources outside those naturally available to the body or the mind to accomplish its task. Ninjutsu relies on chakra and, most of the times, hand seals (Sequential positions the hands are put into in order to mold chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu)."


    By the ways, I'mma use Naruto websites that have lists of different Jutsu techniques to choose from. -nod.-

    I have a feeling I'm going to lean more towards one of storm element, one of shadow element, and one of crystal element.
  7. Thank you Staci for that education post. ^^
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  8. yaaaah sure no problem.
    I hope Raquel is okay so far. I'm liking her.
    I'll think up history and extras for tomorrow..
    I have no clue what I want for history yet. :D
  9. That's all cool, she's awsome to me. :)
    Take your time and pace yourself. XD
  12. What role does the military play in all of this?
  13. Character Sheet:
    Jin Ishida
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
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    Weapon(s): http://www.swordsswords.com/images/...1045_Carbon_Steel_Samurai_Japanese_Katana.jpg
    Fire Style Ryuujin's Wrath:
    A large focus of heat and ferosity blasts from his handss and form a massive flaming dragon the searches the area and demolishes it's enemies. This ability uses a great amount of chakra to both focus and launch.

    Berserker Style: Burst Limit:
    The users strength, speed, and senses become enhanced to that of a God's for as long as the user's chakra can maintain it. If over used this can push the body immediately into an instant shut down.

    Hidden Art Phantom's Blade:
    The user moves at the speed of light making vital slashes to important parts of the body. The speed makes the user seem invisible to the untrained eye, but those of similar skill can keep up.

    Personality: Jin is always serious in most situations. Attempting to fool around can sometimes to expected at very little chance. He enjoys a good joke here and there, but will knock it off when the timing is inappropriate. Jin's carring heart makes him and warrior who believes in nerver backing down.

    Jin was the youngest of his village, yet also the most promising. His amazing ability to learn jutsu in the blink of an eye made him a prodigy among all others. When he became 15, the constant attcks on mankind took his friends and family from him. Later on he was raised by an old Shinobi who taught him everything he knew. For a brief two years he lived in harmony until the the elder was soon killed after. Jin soon had enough of the bloodshed and joined up with STRIKER to both end this conflict and redeem his fallen's honor.

    Is easy to anger.
  14. Military are also apart of STRIKER as the support actions. They're sent in with the ninja to give heavy support if they need it.
  16. ​LAWWWWL. Jin and Raquel ain't gonna get along.
  17. We'll see about that. :P
  18. Character Sheet:

    Takuya "Fidelacchius" Kurama








    Two chokuto.


    Specially made ninja 'nanomail'. Made of an unknown, flexible alloy that is as light as silk, the shirt is able to stop low to mid caliber bullets and any bladed weapons overall. The suit is coated with a layer of Takuya's chakra, which acts like a suction device to absorb energy from any attack that hits him, be it heat or kinetic energy - However, this absorption is not perfect and it only absorbs about forty percent of the energy, while the rest passes through.


    Pair of bokken - What he usually carries.


    Pair of extendable tonfa he keeps at his sides.


    The Blade Dance (open)
    Dance of the Phantom Blade
    - Takuya forms illusions of himself, each as real as the other and he hides himself among them. They all swarm upon the enemy at once, each one vanishing upon a lethal hit and then reappearing elsewhere in the midst. During this time Takuya sneaks up upon the enemy and finishes him off with one blow.

    Dance of the Crescent Moon
    - Takuya leaps up into the air, surging chakra along the edge of his blade and cuts forward, blasting out a wave of energy leaving behind an after-image of a crescent moon, thus it's namesake. The damage done by the wave is dependent on how much chakra is put into the sword.

    Dance of the Executioner
    - Takuya runs at such speed that he flickers, leaving after-images after each flicker in seemingly random patterns that is meant to confuse his enemy. After a moment, he vanishes completely before he appears right behind his opponent and finishes him off with a cut through the neck.

    Dance of the Relentless Rage
    - Takuya engages his opponent in close combat, chakra flooding his body and by doing so he shuts down the nerve receptors for pain within his body, pushing the brainpower required to other parts of his body thus enhancing his physical abilities. During this time he feels no pain, and he constantly darts about his opponent hoping to find a weak spot and hopefully wear him down by relentless blows.

    Dance of the Merciful Master
    - Takuya engages his opponent with only the flat side of his blade, striking hard enough to heavily bruise and in some places, break bones. The finishing blow within this dance is a blow to the back of the head to knock someone out.

    Dance of the Feinting Fox
    - Takuya, wielding both of his chokuto backhand runs forward at close to blurring speeds and run pasts his opponent, feinting a cut. He will repeat this up to six times, including both real cuts and fake cuts in order to confuse and to mentally stress out his opponent.

    Dance of the Avenging Angel
    - The final, and most deadliest of Takuya's ninja arts, Takuya travels at the speed of light, and by doing so he is completely blind. He will cut at random, at anything in his way and the speed of which his blades land is enough to cut through almost anything in the world. However, at the end of this Dance Takuya's body will experience extensive muscle damage and go into a coma from which he might not survive.

    Hydraulic Snipe
    - Inhaling a large amount of water into his gullet, Takuya molds it with chakra to turn it as hard as rock, and he is able to spit it out in a stream or multiple short bursts at pin point accuracy.

    - Takuya, through his affinity with the element of water is able to call upon nearby water sources to fill the area, seeing as many of his elemental techniques are to perform at maximum efficiency when done with water.

    - Sinking into the water, Takuya uses chakra to manipulate light rays in such a way to cause multiple images of himself to appear in the water in the very same position, confusing his opponent and allowing him to catch his opponent, hopefully, by surprise.


    Takuya, due to his low physical strength fights more defensively. He, instead of receiving attacks head on will diverge their paths or just deflect them in another angle, allowing his opponent's force to be used against him. One can say that his style is similar to the art of Tai Chi, but in actual fact it is an amalgamation of Tai Chi and Wing Chun, both martial arts that focus much on defense and a one-shot, powerful offense. Takuya has honed his senses and perception to the point where he can assess your breathing by just looking and also notice the way your muscles tense, thus predicting the way you will move in order to anticipate your actions and defend himself better.


    A pacifist through and through. Takuya dislikes fighting, but he understands the need for those who can defend, to defend. However, despite this he is still inconfident of his own abilities and has little faith in himself. Takuya is a shy and humble boy, and it is hard to hear him speak clearly - He usually stutters in the presence of women, or do not even speak at all.


    Born to a family of ninja, Takuya has been training in these arts since young, doing so particularly fiercely due to the gift that his father had seen within him from young. When he was a teenager, his father returned home from a long mission, that had been ongoing for three years - In a body bag. His mother, who was his father's partner in the mission grieved over the loss, blaming herself for being unable to watch her husband's back well enough. Now confined to bed, Takuya's mother is distant towards him, leading to much heartache for Takuya. He doesn't speak much about his past.


  19. If you think I've gone overboard with the number of moves, please do tell me and I will remove some. I just don't wanna have too many unnamed moves.
  20. Yeah, you could bring it down to atleast four ninjutsu. O_o