S.T.A.R.(Strategic Tactical Assault Recon) Squadron: The Galatic Sepulcher



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War is a common epidemic that ravages the mind of every human. Altering their minds to think such things as hope and loyalty to a cause. Those with the determination make this cause into an idea that affects the masses. It doesn't matter what moral ground this idea is founded on, as long as it exists and impacts the majority while the few speak out with meager voices. It's said that war is inevitable for the human species. A disease that can't be cured no matter how advance the technology maybe. Such was the fate of a galaxy solely populated by the human species.

When the bell tolled on the planet Terra, its great governments swiftly evacuated their future prospects and leaders before the fiery wrath of their abominations could cleanse their existence from the plane of reality. One by one, space ships launched into the deep dark vastness of space. Each space ship with enough inhabitants to populate the barren planets away from Terra. The spacecrafts may have been from different governments but all of them had the same objective; rejuvenate the glory of their respected government. With the materials they needed to create anew, the spacecrafts wondered in the abyss.

Now in the age 3110 A.A.(After Armageddon), the newly erected governments spread their idealism throughout the galaxy in a bloody campaign laden in violence and the coldness of death's embrace. Worlds are invaded by enemy forces in floods with the directive to occupy their enemy's source of resources and to take control over the planet's capitol. But the main theater of war is space. Without destroying a planet's orbital defenses, there isn't hope for a occupation assault. The need for pilots are great and that call to duty is filled with great prestige. For when an individual becomes a pilot, there isn't much hope they will see their home ever again.

A new division of the Humus Union Government Military has been created. A covert ops squadron that would act as a first strike measure against foes. Discrete missions are handled by this group yet their very existence isn't known to their fellow comrades. The four pilots can only rely on each other. A team veiled in shadows who involuntarily vow to shun the light and forever be damned to work in the darkness. This unit is called S.T.A.R Squadron, and their mission is to weaken the enemy's fleet, participate in battle if need be, and any mission deemed unethical or with special conditions.

This is a story of four pilots who are selected to be a part of this experimental group. Their lives change with every mission. In a covert unit, teamwork is key though can they put aside their differences in a time of intense bloodshed? Young lives forced into a life that will make them see their feeble innocence fade away before their eyes. This the tale of S.T.A.R Squadron. . .
Tabitha Baxter

Amelia Dawn

Irene Graystone


Rosalyn Crane
(Character bios will be posted later. Please wait patiently till then. The picture below is the main spaceship of the S.T.A.R. Squadron, the Phantasm, and the standard fighter of the Humus Union, the Squall.)



I would like to join but not as one of the girls... That good or not?
sure, feel free to. i have decided against players picking from pre genearated characters. Treat the characters that I mention simply as suggestions. However, refrain from posting a character bio just yet. I have a specific character outline I want players to use though it maybe a little while before I get around to posting it. I will, however, create some home planets that players will have to choose from. Depending on what planet you hail from, determines your character's background and how they are treated by others. Thank you for your interest and patience.
Is this still going? If so I would also like to join, but not as one of the girls.
Good question. I'd like to see something done with it.