S.T.A.R Intergalactic Prison for the Supernaturally Unstable

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  1. "Welcome To Hell" The guard tells you as he pushes you into the metal room. A monitor before you turns on and a women in a uniform stands there. Your hands are handcuffed together and you stand there impatient as you listen to her.

    "Welcome to S.T.A.R Intergalactic Prison. You are here because you obviously cannot control your anger, powers, or just plain stupidity. So we've taken you out of your dangerous environment and placed you here until you can learn to control yourself. You are a danger to our worlds, and a danger to yourself. You will be here until your government decides you may return home, but be warned others here are serving an actual prison sentence. Watch your back here."

    You see the door behind you open and the guards push you though it. The handcuffs come off as you walk into your prison capsule, a large room surrounded by celled rooms used for sleeping. The place you will be calling home for however long the government decides to keep you here. Some people say that governments forget people in here and they go crazy. Well you don't have to worry about that, you're already pretty crazy to end up here. Some might even go as far as to call you insane. Maybe you've had a tough life and couldn't catch a break, or maybe you're just a straight up rebel teenager with the power to blow some poor suckers head off. Whatever the reason, you're stuck here, unless you can make the right friends. Maybe you'll escape this prison, or maybe you'll join the crazies.

    {Optional CS}

    Why you're here:
    Short Bio:

    Name: Jessica Albone
    Species: Elemental Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Powers/Skills: She can control fire and she's one hell of a gun user
    Why you're here: Jessica is in here for blowing up Times Square in New York and multiple murders, But no one can prove she did a single thing wrong. She's a little fire cracker if you know what I mean.
    Short Bio: Jessica is a total daddy's girl, and that would be perfectly normal.. If her father wasn't the head of a huge drug cartel. That weed you've been smoking with your high school friends? Probably supplied by Jessica's father. Those steroids you got illegally, Jessica's father as well. Vince Albone, Jessica's father, is very tight with the government and can usually get anything he wants done with either a threat or a couple phone calls. Jessica is a spoiled brat and a feisty temptress. Her father is very protective of his little girl. He believes she is completely innocent, but Jessica is far from innocent. She loves to tease, flirt, and set fires.

    The fiery redhead was being pushed into the room by two guards. Her hands still handcuffed behind her back as she swore and tried to bite the two men. "Welcome back Jessica" A guard smirked. Jessica scowled and flipped her fire red hair out of her hazel eyes. "I swear to god Jim If my powers weren't contained in this damn room I'd blow your damn head off" She growled to the guard. "Fiesty as ever I see, no matter I don't see why you even bother to fight them anymore. You know you're daddy pulls a few strings and your out in a few days. Maybe not this time though huh? Heard you blew up a couple buildings in times square? Let's see how daddy talks you out of this one." Jessica rolled her eyes as the guards unlocked the handcuffs and let her walk away. She shook her head as she walked away. "Oh I'll be out soon.." She muttered as she leaned against the bars of the window in the large room.
  2. Picture: Armored:[​IMG]
    Name: No one knows his real identity. He's know as Death Jr. A.K.A. DJ
    Species: Demon/Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Powers/Skills: Has god like strength, endurance, agility, and speed. Even though a gun shot would hurt him, it would barely make a dent, plus he heals at an accelerated rate. He can breathe fire and has the power to create certain illusions with his mind. He also has very advance telekinetic powers. He wields an indestructible sword he calls "Medusa" which he can call to him at any time just by calling it's name and extending his arm ready to catch it. (Of course in the prison he's stripped of what he's famous for, which is his armor and weapon. No one knows what he actually looked like until now of course. Due to the label that's on his cell that clearly reads "Death Jr." makes it obvious who he is.)
    Why you're here: DJ is here, because of how he perfectly portrayed the Grim Reaper/Death and went to different worlds in different galaxies and dimensions just to murder more and more people. At his young age of 20 he has already killed over 120 million people all over space and time. Of course he's not as magical as the actual grim reaper so this was all done through stolen items, vehicles, technology, etc. so on account of not just murder, but grand theft auto, stolen devices, fraud, and much more.
    Short Bio: (Will gradually reveal in rp)


    They finally caught him! They finally found the the reaper. The one who killed millions. The most triumphant murderer to ever live. They caught him! There were many casualties and, of course, deaths during the take down, but after a couple days of trying to bring him down, he eventually gave up. He simply said he was tired and he voluntarily got arrested and put into this hell hole. DJ was being held in a power restricting straight jacket. He was shackled from head to toe. His mouth magically glued shut and muzzled. He was being wheeled in a hovering wheel chair by a heavily armored guard. They passed the jail cell of a red headed girl who looked like she could pack a couple good punches. He stared at her with eyes that changed colors mysteriously. After passing her cell he was pushed into a very dark room. It was pitch black, except for the light that was now shining through the open doorway. He looked intently at his shadow before the door closed. Once it was closed, he very easily broke out of his bindings and snatched the muzzle off. The only thing he couldn't seem to do was open his mouth. shit, he thought to himself. Smoke blew through his nose as he desperately tried to melt the "glue" that held his mouth shut. It took about 5 minutes, but the what ever was holding his mouth shut was off. He coughed up smoke, then blood. He spit toward the corner of his new cell, then went to the small window of his cell. "Hey man," he said to the heavily armored guard who pushed him in not too long ago. "I'm not going to do any thing crazy. No need to bind me up like that again. Besides you've stripped me of pretty much all of my abilities. I mean I can still breath fire, but who's that gonna harm here, hm? You've left me with not even an ounce of my strength. All I'm asking for is some of that back...just to defend myself...I'm not going to try to escape," he said. The guard was somewhat surprised at the fact that he'd gotten out of the tons of shackles and things that they'd layered on the man, but he was told to expect this.
    "I-I'll talk to the warden about it before d-dinner. Just...don't hurt me for it," the guard said in a nervous tone. "If I wanted to hurt you I would've done it by now," he said, before returning to the darkness of his room. He lived in darkness almost his whole life. He had no problem with living in it once again. "So what's your name buddy? Since I'll be spending my jail time with you, almost 24/7."
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Gabrielle Nightshade
    Species: Dark/Evil Fairy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3647
    Powers/Skills: Controls shadows and the creatures of the night
    Why you're here: Used peoples shadows to kill themselves/others, and set off a heard of night creatures on to an orphanage
    Short Bio: Gabrielle has been kicked out of several jails/asylums/correction homes. Everyone hopes this one can save her.
  4. Jessica watched the guy get shoved into a slightly smaller cell next to her. She smirked as he stared at her and she winked as he was walked away. He must have been really dangerous to have to be basically carried in. That's okay though, danger excited her. Her eyes twinkled mysteriously and she giggled slightly. If there was one thing about Jessica people underestimated, it was her innocent act. Because who would ever suspect a perfectly innocent 17 year old girl with a pretty face and a rich daddy. Jessica rolled her eyes at that thought and leaned against the wall as more and more new people arrived.
  5. "Jess leave the poor guy alone. He looks angry." Gabrielle smirked as she watched Jessica "flirt" with him. She remembered when Jessica got here. She looked about as angry as the new guy. Although Gabrielle has been here probably the longest, everyday felt like new. There was always new fresh meat to pick at, and ally.
  6. Jessica smirked. "You know me.. when I see it I goat have it" She licked her lips and winked before laughing at Gabby. They had been good friends since Gabby was here 24/7 and Jessica was in and out constantly. Jessica had even committed a few crimes just to get put back in here to talk to Gabby. Gabrielle understood her better than most people. "Gab why don't we ever just kill all the guards and jump out a window?" She asked her friend though the bars. Any minute now they should be letting them out to "Socialize" and "Get help" from other inmates.
  7. "If only it was that easy..." Gabrielle smirked holding up her magically bound wrists. "You know I can't perform any magic with these on. I can't even fly.. Which is a huge pain in my a-" A guard cut off her curse word by banging on the jail bars. She spit at his feet.
    A bell rang throughout the halls signaling "social" time. "Ready to go pretend to like everyone else here?" Gabrielle then stood and stepped out off her space with a sigh.
  8. Jessica laughed as the doors opened to her cell open. She strutted out and waited for Gabrielle. They were known as the two "bad girls" in the cell. Because of sexist beliefs many people think girls can't be dangerous. That's the naive way of thinking. "And come on you can't NOT think he's cute.." She said as she looked over to the new guy. "It's a shame he's locked up.. I'd loveee to socialize with him" she giggled and smiled at Gabby.
  9. "Easy tiger." Gabby muttered as they walked to the Social Room a.k.a the Cafeteria/everything else. Gabby never had any friends but she was glad she had Jessica. In the social room they were separated into there race/species for the beginning and then they were allowed to mingle with others. Bidding Jess farewell, Gabby headed over to the other misfit fairies.
  10. Jessica rolled her eyes and waved goodbye as she walked over to the other fire power possessing people and or things and say down. "Howdy boys" she said as she sat down. "Ayeeee Jess back again huh?" A guy asked her. "Yeah, apprently you can't blow up Times Square, who knew?" She said as she laughed and flipped her hair out of her face.
  11. Gabby ignored all the other fairies. They all looked frightened. The only reason some of them were there was either a misunderstanding or acting out at their job. Other than that they are all just annoying. Sometimes one will try to start a conversation, but one glare from Gabby shuts them up.
  12. DJ's cell opened slowly. He walked out and stretched sarcastically, before turning around and smiling at the guard who never stated his name. "I'm just going to call you Frank!" his eyes glowed a bright yellow and a dark black for a moment, then returned to normal. "So I guess I join the demons, huh Frank?" he asked. The guard, who definitely was not named Frank, made an effort to try to escort DJ to the cafeteria. When the guard grabbed his arm, that's when DJ snapped.

    "I was cool with you until now Frank!"

    DJ lifted his hand and extended his fingers. As that happened, the guards armor simply shot off of his body leaving the guard only in his underwear. Before he could blink, DJ pinned the man up onto the wall with his arm.

    "Time to lay down some ground rules. One, don't EVER touch me. Two, don't EVER touch anything that belongs to me legally or illegally, and three don't get in my way...EVER!"

    Before DJ let him go, he made sure everyone in the area could see what just happened. He smirked and laughed devilishly.

    "You can write it down later Franky boy! In the meantime I offer my hospitality!"

    DJ grabbed the nearly naked man by the neck and through him into his cell. He shut the door hard when the guard tried to get up and make a run for it.

    "See! I told you I wouldn't hurt you Frank...you're not injured right?" he asked with sarcasm.

    "Make a peep and I melt your face off guy."

    DJ then made his way to the cafeteria to notice a whole bunch of different groups of people. You had the elementals, the mages, the humans, (his favorite to mess with) the mutants, etc. He looked toward the fire elemental group and noticed the girl he saw earlier. His cell wasn't too far away from her's. She's a hottie...pun intended he thought to himself. He turned his head slightly to notice the demons. "Ah my people!" he said laughing out loud. The turned around to look and at first sight saw some stupid guy who was about to get his ass beat, but after a second look and noticed his eyes, they knew immediately who he was.
    "Death Jr.!" they all chanted. One demon male separated from the group to greet the well respected hybrid that they all learned to respect after hearing so much about him.

    "I'm Garvin! I'm the leader of this little group we have going on here," he said in a deep Scottish accent. The man had a full beard with a rough face, obviously another hybrid, due to the fact that half of his face was full demon. He also had large bony wings that he happened to be flaunting at that moment. "It's so nice to finally meet you. We're all very honored"

    "Yeah, yeah that's great," he said clearly not paying attention. He was taking a second look at that fire elemental girl. "So it was nice meeting you guys, but as you know I belong in many different groups, one of those groups being fire elemental, so I shall be migrating over there," he said keeping his eyes on her. DJ began his walk over toward the fire elementals. He sort of slipped into the conversation they were having and once they started laughing, because of some stupid joke, he assumed, he laughed a long. "Haha, alright so what exactly are we talking about...eh it doesn't matter, I'm here now. Anyway, I'm DJ nice to meet all of you, I really only came over here for her," he said pointing at the girl, "so I'm just gonna pull her from the group if that's okay with you guys," he said grabbing her hand with his cold bony one and pulling her away to a table. "You're not hungry, are you?" he didn't give her a chance to answer. "Cool, so what's your name?" he asked waiting for an answer.
  13. Jessica was laughing with the guys as she was the only elemental girl among the tough looking guys. She saw the demon guy show the guard who was really in charge and she smirked. He thought he was hot stuff and she couldn't help but laugh at his cocky attitude. She notice him talk to the demons quickly before eyeing her again a and start walking over. The other elementals were watching him as well and when he started to laugh with them the others stared at him. "Hey newbie.. Who do you think you are? Jess you don't have to go with this punk.." Jessica got up when DJ touched her. "It's fine Alan." She said calmly as she walked a bit away to another table. She leaned against the table and listened to him ramble. "Woah listen there buddy boy, I'm not quite sure who you think you are but you're NOT the boss of me. Rule 1: don't ever touch me again. Ever.
    Rule 2: don't ask a stupid question and not let someone answer. It's rude.
    Rule 3: learn some manners buddy. Usually I'd throw you into the wall, but you're lucky you're cute." She said quickly as her eyes narrowed at the boy. The fiery red head looked fierce and everybody knew not to mess with Jessica. "I'm Jessica, most people just call me Jess." She flipped her fire red hair over her shoulder. "So you got a name with all those rippling pecks?" She asked as she looked him up and down.
  14. He smiled wide as she took dominance and authority which he really liked in a girl. "You have to be the sexiest girl in this whole damn prison!" he said still keeping a smile. "I'm DJ...Death Jr. You've probably heard of me," he said being extra cocky for her. "So why is a pretty little girl like you doing here?" he asked. "Other than the fact that you've probably burned countless men alive with that death stare of yours," he added.
  15. "Death Jr? Yeah never heard of you. What are you a stunt guy or something? Petty thief?" She teased him. Jessica smirked and replied "You're cute sweetie," she smirked again as he complemented her looks. "But I'm not a "Little girl" Thank you very much. And the only guy to ever call me that is my daddy, Vince." She stated matter-of-fact. "Why am I here? Hmm I burned down Times Square. Oh and I murdered my fathers enemy and his son who just happened to cheat on me.. But nobody can prove it." She said as her eyes lit up.
  16. His eyes widened. "Will you marry me?" he asked smiling once more. "I'm much more than what you think I am though. We'll go into that later if that's okay with you my love," he smirked.

    "So what can a young demon do to have some fun in here? I'm so booorreedd!!!"
  17. CS (open)

    Name: Mica
    Species: Unknown
    Gender: Female (Presumed)
    Age: Unknown
    Powers/Skills: Ability to "Erase space", she can ease parts of the universe from existence, it is impossible to touch her as it seems she herself does not exist. Can freely float.
    Why you're here: Because of the sheer danger of her ability, destroyed several vessels before submitting for capture, damaged a crucial scientific facility.
    Short Bio: Remnants of ancient civilizations are quite common in the universe, and maybe corporations and treasure hunters made a lot of money off of locating and raiding them, selling whatever they find inside to archeologists or scientists.
    In the system of Spica, one such remnant was found. A massive station, still operational and armed, it took a smaller corporate armada to take down the defenses and finally board the station. Onboard this station they found a treasure trove of technology and artifacts. And in the middle of the station, where one would expect its core was an unusual device.
    The device was powering the defensive systems of the station, the defensive systems that took down several hundred ships. Naturally the scientists immediately unhooked the device and sent it to their research center. In the research center, an even greater discovery was made, the device was in fact something like a cryo-statis chamber, inside it was a single life form. The scientists got excited over the opportunity of communicating with a living member of the species that constructed the station and immediately started working on opening the device.
    Unfortunately for them, inside was not a member of the species that constructed the station, but their prisoner, an unknown life form known only from the data on the device as Mica. As soon as she was released she created a massive hole in the station and escaped. The corporation immediately dispatched ships to intercept her, but it took five ships to convince her to surrender. Why she surrendered was unknown, as the ships' weapons had no effect on her.

    At the end of the hall, the door opened. The sight was completely unusual, two guards were standing about a meter and a half behind a girl, no restraints were on her, and the two guards only pointed their guns uncertainly towards her. The guards merely waited for her to float into the prison area before shutting the doors.
    The girl immediately looked around the area, various prisoners looked back at her, she had to be the only prisoner to walk in through those doors without any restraints. Mica sighed, allowing herself that much, and moved on, they assigned her a cell, but didn't want to go in during "socialization time".
  18. Jessica laughed out loud. "Marry you? Honey, I'm not one to be tied down. My life is just beginning" She said as she looked over her shoulders. "So we'll talk about you later hmm, saying that we will talk again?" She chuckled. This boy was cocky dangerous and cute. Just how she liked her boys. Her attention was drawn to the new girl who seemed to float into the large hall. She returned her attention back to DJ. "Heh.. fun around here? Well besides doing me?" She winked. "I'm kidding.. mostly. Anyway uh not much really. Some people play sports in that corner. Others play poker or card games at the tables. It's solo boring here so get used to it."
  19. "I don't do well when it comes to competition. I lose temper fast, and quite eaay. Do you know how many times I've been 'disqualified' from a competition? What ever that means." DJ looked at the girl intently. "Well I hope your little friends let you talk to me again, those sons of bi-" he was cut off by a guard who seemed to have come out of no where. He hit the back of his leg with an electric night stick. He fell to his knees. "What kind of prison doesn't let their inmates curse? Where does this law apply to any prison anywhere!?" he sighed then got up, trying desperately not to go after this guard as well. "Ehem, those sons of absolutely great mothers seem to be sort of protective of you," he said before getting up from the table to tower over her like he did with most people. He looked down at her. Obviously her confidence didn't fade. "You go back to your group and I'll...consider going back to mine...and yes we WILL talk later. We're in cells close to each other's right? We'll talk later," he smiled and winked before turning his head to where inmates were playing sports.

    "No referee on this field...I think I might actually have fun," he said with an evil smirk.
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  20. Jessica watched the guard take DJ down to his knees. She smirked and laughed at the guy. "Eh I'm a pretty little figure to them, I'm also the only girl in that group of guys. They just like trying to be my protectors so I'll do them. But I'm not a sl-" Jessica started to say as a guard turned around and eyed her. "I'm not a uh.. I'm not an object for some disgusting guy to take advantage of." She smiled at him as he towered over her. "Guess I'll see you later then DJ." She said as she turned to walk away making sure he got a good view of her curves. She sat back down at the table of guys and said with a straight poker face. "Okay boys, deal me in"