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  1. Anyone interested in either? I run a Dark Heresy Pen and Paper game I plan on bridging my Inquisitor over to start one.


    Warhammer 40K: Ordos-Ordos (Is what it will be called.)

    Warhammer 40k: Ordos-Ordos Rp
    Within this Rp there will be a group under the command of one inquisitor tasked with rooting out those within the Imperials most holy inquisition suspected of rebellion and disloyalty. Along the way it will also be in the tasks of the Ordo Malleus to root out heretical and Xenos forces on many planets while deepening the mystery designed around the infiltration of the Inquisition of Chaos Forces.

    Playable Characters:
    Within this you can play as any character type within Warhammer 40k restricting the use of certain Alien races. I may allow an Eldar to join the Retinue. This means you could make a Sister of Battle, A limited 1 Psyker may be played besides the Inquisitor. A Mechanicum Priest or Varying rank. Of course comes the Storm Troopers and other forces that accompany an Inquisitor. I may allow two Space Marine characters depending on what I decide the difficulty of this will be.

    If any of you know the Fantasy Flight Warhammer 40K Rp's heres my CS
    Warhammer 40K Pen and Paper Inquisitor CS (open)

    Name: Viterous Sebastian
    Type: Stormtroopers/Sanctioned Psyker/Inquisitor
    Alignment: Neutral
    Aptitudes: Willpower, Agility, Ballistic skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offence, Toughness
    Regiment: 007th Elysian Drop Troops
    Planet of Birth: Elysia
    Xp: 500
    Divination: Pyromancy-Telepathy

    WS 50[5]
    BS 53[5]
    S 60[9]--
    T 50[5]
    A 53[5]
    Int 60[6]
    Per 55[5]
    W 73[7]
    Fel 42[4]

    -Common Lore(Adeptus Arbites)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Adeptus Astra telepathica)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Administratum)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Imperial Creed)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Imperium)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Tech)[Int]+20
    -Common Lore(Underworld)[Int]+20
    -Forbidden Lore(Cults)[Int]+10
    -Forbidden Lore(Inquisition)[Int]+30
    -Forbidden Lore(Ordos)[Int]+10
    -Forbidden Lore(Psykers)[Int]
    -Linguistics(High Gothic)[Int]
    -Linguistics(Low Gothic)[Int]
    -Scholastic Lore(Cryptology)[Int]
    -Scholastic Lore(Judgement)[Int]
    -Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis)[Int]+10

    -Air of Authority
    -Arms master
    -Blade Dancer
    -Bulging Biceps
    -Combat Master
    -Deadeye shot
    -Die Hard
    -Eye of Vengeance
    -Heightened Senses(Hearing, sight)
    -Hip Shooting
    -Iron Discipline
    -Killing Strike
    -Leap Up
    -Lightning Attack
    -Lightning Reflexes
    -Melee Weapons Training(Universal)
    -Nerves of Steel
    -Precise Blow
    -Quick Draw
    -Rapid Reaction
    -Rapid Reload
    -Resistance(Cold, Heat, Psychic Powers)
    -Step Aside
    -Strong Minded
    -Sure Strike
    -Swift Attack
    -Target Selection
    -Total Recall
    -Two-Weapon Wielder(Ranged/Melee)
    -Unarmed Master
    -Unarmed Warrior
    -Weapon Training(Universal)
    Special Abilities:
    Psyrating- 13

    -Malleus Terminator Armour(BC, 13AP All)[]<>
    -Boltgun(BC, 100m, s/3/-, 2d10+6X Pen.9, Rld 1 Half)[]<Tearing>
    *Clips x4(30/30)[Kraken]<>
    -Nemesis Doomfist(BC, 2d10+6E Pen.7)[]<Power Field, Sanctified, Unwieldy>
    -Plasma Pistol(BC, 100m, S/2/-, 2d10+7E Pen.7, Rld 2 and 1 half)[]<Maximal, Overheats>
    *Clips x2(10/10)[]<>
    -Frags x3(Range SBx3, 2d10X Pen.0)[]<Blast(3)>
    -Smoke x3(Range SBx3)[]<Smoke(devil)>
    -Poor Weather Gear
    -Basic Toolkit
    -Messkit & Watercanteen
    -Blanket & Sleepbag
    -Rechargeable Lamp Pack
    -Grooming Kit
    -Dog Tags
    -Rations(2 Weeks Supply)
    -Survival Suit


    Fate Points:

    Eyes: blue
    Hair: Black
    Skin: White
    Weight: 203pounds
    Height: 6.3
    Age: 48
    PsyRating: 13
    Insanity Points: 37
    Corruption: 13

    Half Move 3
    Full Move 6
    Charge 12
    Run 24
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  2. I love Warhammer, never did a Pen and Paper version though, so that CS is just crazy to me xD

    I would be interested on joining.
  3. If still looking for people, I'd be interested in Dark Heresy. (Adeptus Arbites)
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