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  1. Silence...a beautiful thing in Zaheer, Egypt, where Viper is now. She walks the streets going to the airport returning home to her sisters, whom she hasn't seen in over a month, looking for an anicent artifact, which was found in reduce time. She knew they were still alive, each of them would write her a letter to inform her about the city the live in which is: Delco, Tennessee.

    Boarding the plane, Viper looked at the nearly filled passport in hand. She gave a sigh, she'll be home by evening yet, all she could think about was her sisters, and how great it'll be to see them and "work" beside them again.


    Another crime in Delco, and of course everyone knew who did it...the Shadow Sisters they've been scaring everyone in the whole state. Even the criminals are so scared to come out now, which was not a bad thing but, the cops are tired of trying to capture these girls.

    But, not Jason...oh no, he's far from it. He takes these cases everytime they pop up, which is totally useless for him because there is no trace for him to follow. "Another long night." He said to himself and scanned the crime scene and the previous pictures.
  2. Kaida was at their home, preparing the train. She wasn't currently in her shadow outfit because it wasn't needed. She wore a black tank top and matching leggings. Kaida had just turned on her music, some hard rock band. Then she got to the floor and began to some pushups, the beginning of her usual reps.
  3. Ivy the youngest of the sisters wore a army colore tank top an old black batman sweater and some torn up black skinny jeans as she strolled down the street, her feet landing on the ground in beat with the punk rock music blasting out her earbuds. She had just finished her classes for the day, which she was studying photography and art, and was on her way home. She didn't bother paying much attention to where she was going, absorbed into her music but she expertly weaves and ducked her way around the busy sidewalk. Some people frowned at how oblivious she was but Ivy didn't care much.

    Pausing, her gaze happened to catch a glimpse of a nearby newspaper stand and right on the front in big bold letters read "SHADOW SISTERS STRIKE AGAIN!". Smirking, Ivy walked to the stand and bought the newspaper. Of course there wasn't a charming photo of the sisters to go with the headline, there never was. And that was simply because they were never really seen. Well, they were but not by photographic evidence. Which was just fine by them obviously.

    Turning the corner, she approached the neighborhood where she and the others lived. It didn't take her too long to get home so, kicking off her worn down converse, Ivy made her way to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips, then plopped down on the couch and listened to her music while she snacked on the chips and read the story in the newspaper about her and her sisters most recent little adventure.
  4. Athena was still at work, but she didn't have much longer before it was closing time as she waltzed around she mad sure every book was in its place and making sure she avoided any customer still in the store. She hated that she was so shy, but she couldnt do much about it so the book store job was a good one for because most of the people there wanted to be left alone. After finishing her final round she waved to her boss "See ya Jackie i'm done for the night." she giggled and left heading home. As she walked home she couldn't help but hear the whispers about the shadow sisters this and the shadow sisters that. Giggling to herself she finally made it home walking in she plopped down on their couch next to her sister Ivy. Giving her a little wave she stole some chips from her and layed her head back happy to relax.
  5. Across the room Kaida turned down her music and sat up from where she had been doing sit ups. "Well, excuse you two,"she said irritably. She turned off her music anyways and put the few weights she had out back where she kept them. She grabbed a liter of coke from the fridge and took a long drink. Then she sat on the couch wih the others.
    Kaida stole some chips as well and stuffed a few in her mouth before passing the liter to her twin sister, Athena. "So much for a long workout."Kaida mumbled through a mouthful of chips.
    After chewing and swallowing she peeked at the newspaper. "Anything good in there? Like the wound I inflicted on that one man. That was a pretty clean cut for me, I have to say."Kaida said, fixing her black hair that was styled into a faux hawk of sorts. She pushed a lock of red dyed hair from where it had fallen in front of her eyes.
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  6. As the Sun started to rise in the East, the Sun began descend in the West. Viper stayed up through out the whole plane ride because it was a habit for her. She slept most of the day and was awake most of the night. The plane landed in five hours. "Its midnight...wonder if the girls are out yet." She thought to herself, walking to the exit of the plane and entering the airport, the huge television screen had caught her attention. "This just inned, another gruesome killing from the Shadow Clan, these women aren't the type to mess with they literally ripped their victims apart, limp from. We have a witness that has come forward to explain what happened to them that night."

    The news shows a young man, who's no older than 18, probably 17, who is wearing a dark colored wifebeater and torn up pants. " I was just walking down the street coming from a party, when I was attacked by some lunatic weilding a machete, swinging it back and forth trying to cut me open. That's when they came, one by one they landed in front of me causing me to fall back because I heard stories and heard things about them and I was more scared of them than I was the lunatic. Within seconds they ripped him up like he was just paper and left with out saying a word....but, I'll always remember the eyes they were all so...alien."

    Satisfied with that Viper, continued to walk until she got a cab, driving her a block away from their house, she paid the driver and walked the rest, seeing no one was on the streets she had no use to use her loaded accessories. Finally she made it home and unlocked the door, walking in to see her three sisters: Ivy, Athena, and Kaida eating chips and reading a news paper. "Such a beautiful welcome home party." She announced as she locked the door and walked towards the kitchen.
  7. Ivy frowned at her two sisters but smirked. "Doesn't drinking a coke kinda defeat the purpose of a work out? Burning calories but drink a pop? Water is better." She teased Kaida. "And yeah, they mention it but they don't go into the gory detailed about mutilated arms and such." She said with a chuckle. Personally, Ivy liked the gory details. She even thought of being a crime scene photographer just to get a good look. Turning her own music down, she read on a little more slowly so her sisters could catch up.

    While Ivy was finishing the last scentance she heard the front door open and looked up, smiling brightly at the oldest sister, Viper, who returned. Tossing the paper to Athena, Ivy rushed to Viper and hugged her. She always admired Viper more than the others for obvious reasons. Viper was a leader figure, the oldest and in Ivys opinion the wisest. Ivy looked at Viper, her eyes bright with curiosity. "What was it like there? Was it hot? Did you find what you were looking for?" She raised an eyebrow with a sly grin on her face. "Were there any cute guys?" She let out a small giggle.
  8. Kaida offered Viper a small smile but didn't get up. She wasn't much of a hugger. She set the soda down, her sister was right about it being the wrong decision, but she hadn't regret the few sips she had.
    Kaida stood up with different motives. "Can I get into my shadow outfit yet, Viper?"she asked, voice laced with excitement.
  9. Viper was a bit off guard with the many questions that Ivy was throwing at her. She was glad to she her youngest. sister because in each family the oldest and the youngest always had the special bond. "Well, let's see...it was quite beautiful there, many educational things,...it was most definitely hot, yes, we found the artifact, and the men there weren't the cute, they were more older than expected."

    "Greetings, to you to Kaida. And yes...the time has come for us to "work" but..." Viper scanned the room. "Where's April? I was hoping to "work" with all of my sisters when I got back."
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  10. Kaida shrugged in response, unsure of where April was. "Well...I'm going to get ready for work."Kaida said, her voice smooth and portraying some excitment. She was usually excited to work. It made her feel free, powerful even, and she could actually preform her more advanced parkour without as much suspicion. Also, she'd be with all of her sisters. The pack was fully back again and they could be on the prowl once more.
    Kaida left to her room to get ready.
  11. Athena had taken a few sips from the coke before handing it back to Kaida snacking on the chips she had stole. Meeping she got hit in the face by the newspaper and swatted it down blushing a bit "Dang it Ivy warn a girl." she shook her head and stood up smiling she waved at her sister. "Hi Viper glad your back." she smiled and turned around following her twin to their shared room so she could get ready to. "Im gonna got get ready to then since we're going to have some fun tonight." she smiled and stepped inside heading to her side of the room where she got her suit out and started putting it on.
  12. Kaida set the liter of coke on the dresser near her bed. Her bed had a deep red blanket with grey and black pillows. A few books, mostly graphic novels, were littered either on and under her bed. By her bed was a taboe that was occupied by some paper, pens, a few building materials, and some tools. Well, afterall, she was an engineer.
    Kaida dressed in her shadow outfit which was a decorated black, armored, hooded cloak. It was alike to Athena's clothing in style, just a bit more flashy. Afterall, it had to easily hide the unsheathable claw blades she had now secured to her forearms. She unsheathed the claws with a hiss, smiling. then she sheahed them under her sleeves and retrieved her eye contacts that werw quite unique in color. She put them in carefully before walking out of the room, fully ready.
  13. Ivy had run off to her room when she heard they were all going out again. She was practically overflowing with excitement. Closing the door, the young girls room looked similar to any teenager even though she was 20. The walls were painted a bright red, but she had used large stencils to spray paint black and white skulls and bones as well as various other graffiti art on the walls. She also had quite a few band posters, horror movie posters and MMA fighters tapped to her walls. At the far end of the room by a window was her bed which had plane gray blankets and pillows which had drawing material and cameras scattered across it. She ran to the closet, pushing aside her clothes till she got to a large locked chest where she kept her Shadow Sisters things. Ivy unlocked it and dressed into the outfit, wrapping the chain around her waist being careful to avoid the spikes, and slid her large black katana on her back. Once she finished the outfit, she tied her hair in a pony tail, pulled the mask up and carefully put in her contacts. She turns to a body mirror against a wall an smiles at the outfit.
  14. Athena smiled at her twin as she left the room full dressed she herself was taking her time in putting her outfit on. Her side of the room was a bit messy what with several books and comics here and there. She had run out of room on her shelf long ago and so now they just kinda cluttered up her room. On her walls she had several nerdy posters starwars and marvel etc. Other then that she had her closet and bed but neith was very special. After a bit she smiled and finished getting dressed tying her boots up she stood and walked to her mirror being very careful as she put her contacts in. After which she strung her quiver and bow across her back and went to meet up with the rest.
  15. Watching her sisters leaving to get ready, Viper left to her room. Opening the door and pushing the bead curtain away for her to enter, her room was decorated like a gypsy mix with watercraft just without the symbols, her bed was a lavender shade, with streaks of silver in the folds, the blankets were a shade of gold that was made by the finest cotton she could..."find". Viper likes to make her own sheets, and clothing. The room itself was colored differently, it was dark with unique colors. She walked to her closet and separated the clothes, there laid a door that was part of Viper's Shadow secret. She went inside and another room...a small room was smaller and the size of an average walk in closet. At the very end there were three tubes, man size, to two on the sides were their mother and father stitched up, dead yet, frozen. She found it hard to let go of them ao she stitched them up and frozened them she found it better than letting maggets chewing on their flesh, this was the only secert she never told her sisters because this is how she copes to their death and gives her a motive to go out and get answers of their death. The tube in the middle was her Shadow Clan equipment. After getting dressed and ready to start the night, Viper turns and looks at her Mother and Father. "I will avenge your deaths, and once I do, you will rest in peace." She shut off the lights and exited to meet her sisters in the kitchen.
  16. Kaida stood in the kitchen, fully clothed and ready. She put her hood up and bandaged her hands with the white bandages fighters wore to protect thwir knuckles. This was partly the reason Kaida wore the bandage but the other reason was to protect her hands from rough materials when using parkour and difficult climbing techniques. Kaida also prepared her two pistols that she kept in her large pockets, though she didn't really use them often.
  17. Athena walked back into the living room and sat back down on the couch making sure her bow was positioned just righ before doing so. After gtting comfortable she put her feet up on the coffee table and pulled out one of her comics she kept in here. She smiled as she started to read her mind drifting to the thoughts of the sisters possible having their own one day. giggling quietly she read on as she waited for her sisters to show up and them to head out for the nights fun.
  18. Viper....no, Sister Shade....came into the kitchen and turned off the lights after lighting candles, she surrounded the kitchen island with them and pulled out a file. "Alright sisters, there was more things I found in Egypt...the symbol was there as well, so we can narrow it down, that this group...is international." Her vioce was much darker then before, mainly because Viper likes to escape herself and be someone else. "We're up against a more powerful opponent then we thought...but, we're not stopping there...because the bigger they are the harder they fall." She took out a map and laid it on the island. "So here's what we're going to do...I need Night and Dagon to go towards the back, the reason? You'll soon see...Steel and I will follow you by rooftop, we'll eliminate any obstacles that lies ahead." Shade announced the last part while giving Steel some silencers. "If we leave now, we'll be there when they close."
  19. Sister Dragon leaned closer to study the map, listening carefully to her sister. "Why the back for me?"she asked, her now colorful looking eyes stared at her eldest sister in a questioning way.
  20. Athena aka steel looked at the map her contacts letting her visualize everything easily she nodded and smiled "Well this will be fun hehe my arrows need some blood to quench them." she nodded and took a step back before pulling her arrows out to double check that they were sharp. Taking a few moments she moved her finger up and down each one being careful not to cut herself. Nodding in satisfaction she put her arrows back up only to pull her bow out to check the string. After she finished with this she watched and waited for her sisters to finish talking and figuring their spots.