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    Deep within the hearts of the chilly Mount. Shasta lies the large campus of Sydney Pine Academy. A prestigious academy facilitated and run by the best of the best. Of course your boring high-school subjects such as math, geography and all that jazz are taught here..but.

    This government instated school trains their students to become some of the next best spies.

    The students are taught in the finest ways of espionage, this including combat lessons for any and every kind of weapon, lessons in persuasion and disguise and even some extra courses like music and singing for the extra suave every spy should have~


    S.P.Y Academy has been one of the many things contributing to the immense list of accomplishments the United States's spies have managed to do. With their talented faculty and eager students they have been putting out amazing spies over and over. Of course someone would want to steal the secrets of this enigmatic school.

    Somewhere in this school there are rats. People who have turned their back on their own blood in turn for money. What happens when the school is thrown into turmoil with rumors of betrayal? The students are put to the test.



    Mildred, played by Rufia (NPC)

    Firearm Combat Instructor
    Lune, played by Rufia (NPC)

    Melee Combat Instructor

    Espionage Teacher
    Echo, played by Redwinter

    Recreation Teacher
    Jason, played by Indubidadly Ali


    Teths Caul, played by Rufia (NPC)

    Lester Tuind, played by Rufia (NPC)

    Gig Peruto, played by TheLackofaBetterName

    Merilee Grant, played by Indubidadly Ali

    Darlomin Forherra, played by JulyTable

    Rosalyn Asher, played by Rufia

    Raven Hawk, played by Grimm


    Name: Derp
    Gender: Derp
    Age: Remember we are in Highschool people.
    Position: Teacher, Student etc.
    Weapon Type: Melee or Firearm. Affects your teacher in combat.
    Personality: Derp
    Biography: How you got in the school. Parents are spies, blah. Let your creativity shine through.
    Appearance: Anime photos are like by me. But whatever its your character.
    Extra Suave: What makes your character have that charming spy feel. Like Singing, Appearance.


    A whole section devoted to my endless ramblings..

    Naw. I'm joking, I'll just put some important information here conveniently tabbed by spoiler tags and sorted by dates. Yeep.

    JANUARY 24, 2013 - Important info about the roleplay and its functions.

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    Okay so the thread just began and here's some basic things about the positions.

    The Students would probably limit like around six maybe not including my chars. Teachers already have a limit so yeah.

    Oh yeah! There'll be many multiple NPCs played by me and one..will be the rat. Its up to the students to figure it out. I'll be leaving hints so its like playing a detective game and stuff with hopefully you and the others will be playing.

    Discuss different theories on this thread if you want.

    Oh and story wise you can ask me if you want some more elaboration.

    JANUARY 27, 2013 - Huzzaaaah.

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    Okay so its Sunday and I posted this of Thursday and it already has a nice amount of people, thanks so much for joining everyone!


    The roleplay thread is up btw, the links on page two. School starts tomorrow for me again and my posting time'll be around 6:00 PM to like 10:00PM which is sadly a very small window. The reason for such a small period I'll be devoting to posting is that for my class I have to make a five minute speech and memorize it completely by Tuesday so yeah. Busy busy.

    But once again, Thank you guys all for joining, you've all made my weekend awesome.
  2. Name: Gig Peruto

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Position: Student

    Weapon Type: Melee

    Personality: Gig could be described as a 'smart-aleck', having blatant disrespect mostly everyone around him, even teachers. However, he cooperates well enough when he needs to, but other than that can be described as unbearable to be around. Some of the only people he does respect are melee fighters, especially those who can beat him in combat, and such has much respect for the melee teacher. He likes to just fight in general, and certainly wouldn't mind starting a scuffle to get in one. One of his big weaknesses is his moral obligation to some things, like children- he can't stand to see them hurt, and would defend them instantly.

    Biography: Gig had an otherwise poor life- His mother died when he was young, and having no father or other family to go to, was bounced around the foster care system. Eventually he got tired of it and ran away, convincing himself that it was better to live on his own. He managed to take care of himself on the streets, but would always get into fights, steadily improving his melee skills.

    One day, a man approached Gig, asking him to go with him somewhere. Gig initially didn't believe the man, and only upon seeing the limo did he finally get in. As it turned out, Gig's father had been a spy, though his mother's death was unrelated to this. They had been wanting to enroll him for some time, but it was difficult finding him until a few years ago, due to the fact that he had run away from foster care.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    *Eyes are navy blue*

    Extra Suave: Gig has a rather smooth voice; if he could control his temperament, he could at least pretend to be a friendly person.
  3. Accepted. :3

    Thanks for joining btw~
  4. Name: Merrilee Grant
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Position: student
    Weapon Type: Firearm, explosives. Does dabble in some melee but prefers long range and things that go BOOM
    Personality: She is bubbly, friendly and talkative. Good luck getting her to shut up when she's in a good mood, which is generally always. She is serious when she has to be. Merri takes her training seriously as its the only thing she really has going for her in her mind. She is protective, sensitive and possessive, but tries not to show her sensitive side, preferring to just keep smiling at whoever is bothering her until she is alone and able to get her feelings out, generally with a mass murder on the range. She puts a lot of effort into keeping fit and keeping her mark.
    Biography: Merri grew up around weapons, her father owning a firearms shop and shooting range. Her mother was often sick, so Merri was left to watch over the family business when her father took her mother to her numerous appointments. Having been raised to know how to handle the weapons, she grew quickly adept to them. She began to dabble in the mechanics of it and built her own weapon at fifteen. One day when she was watching the shop, a man in a suit came in and started asking odd questions. Merri wasn't sure about him so when he had his back turned she tried to get the jump on him, getting her modified weapon and pressing it to his back, ordering him to get out. The man laughed softly and then disarmed her in an instant, pinning her to the ground. 'We could use someone like you.' Was all he said before he helped her to her feet. Two days later she was at the academy and training with the others.
    Merri (open)

    Extra Suave: Her appearance is something that allows her to win people over, combined with the right words and behaviours and she's one hell of a package. She knows how to use her assets to gain information but prefers not to.
  5. Accepted~

    Welcome to the Rp. c:
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  11. Name: Darlomin Forherra<o:p></o:p>

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17<o:p></o:p>

    Position: Student<o:p></o:p>

    Weapon Type: Melee<o:p></o:p>

    Personality: Calm, Collected, Polite, Positive, Respectful.Enjoys listening to music, appreciates good humor/wit, and Food is his weakness.<o:p></o:p>

    Biography: Darlomin lived with his mother. Growing up hewould enjoy taking care of the house while his mom worked. He would try hisbest in everything to gain her admiration delving into Arts, History, Medicine,and his greatest talent Hand to hand combat. They had each other and everythingwould’ve been fine if left as such. Life had other plans however and during ausual picnic in the park Darlomin heard his mother’s scream while he played Frisbeewith some kids. Rushing back he found no traces of his mom. Upon looking overthe site there was no trace of what could’ve happened. Not knowing where to go hewent home. Awaiting him was person who hid in the shadows of his hallway. Thestranger threw a package at him saying, “If you wish to find your mother this placewill give you some answers… find Suroquine.” After this message Darlomin wasshot with a tranquilizer. The months that followed were a blur as investigationswere made and his world was changed. Allowed to live independently, Darlomin wonderedmany things. The package he had been “given” contained an application to SydneyPine Academy. Without any leads and no other purpose he applied.<o:p></o:p>

    Appearance: Likes wearing no more than 2-3 colors. Very pickyabout his Shoes and Watches, enjoys wearing suits as they fit any situation. <o:p></o:p>

    Extra Suave: His Confidence and his Demeanor really stand out regardless of the situation. When all else fails he uses his “AmazingSmile” to emotionally disarm anyone.<o:p></o:p>
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    Only thing is how exactly is S.P.Y tied with his mother disappearance? Hmm.

    Regardless, your still accepted just msg me or post here. c:
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    Also, here's the RP ad submission, so once you get a banner you like, you could submit it there.

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    I always hate when I have to critize something that was made for mee. </3
  15. Name: Echo (Code Name, and the only name she goes by now)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Position: Espionage Teacher
    Weapon Type: Both melee and firearm. She goes with a combat knife fro close range and the inevitable back stabbing, but greatly prefers her sniper rifle.
    Personality: A cunning, persuasive, manipulative, cold-blooded killer. She is a spy to the fullest and dose anything necessary to get the job done.
    Biography: Echo was a exceptional field agent before she became a teacher. She was held in the highest regards. But when her cover was blown due to her incompetence, that she was sure to eliminate afterwards, she 'disappeared.' Later emerging under the alias 'Echo' she was to start her new career as a teach for the S.P.Y Academy.
    Koty (croped).jpg
    Extra Suave: Besides being cunning and attractive, she in in some ways genetically enhanced (not too much) to help improve performance. Also speaks several languages. And can easily change covers. One moment being a wealthy business owner, the next a gang member (I don't know. Random example) Perceptive and has high endurance.

    Okay done. I'm trying to get over the fact that I used a screen shot... But whatever; I'll live.

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    I'm pretty sure your accepted anyway so..

    Tis' okay with you if you'd be labeled as the melee teacher? :3

    Echo can still use her sniper during missions anyway. Oh and I'll reply to your message in a sec.
  17. I'd be fine with being a melee teach if you wanted. I forgot to put down Espionage Teacher when doing Position. I'm going to put it that way for now, but tell me if it needs to change.
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