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    The sun was just beginning to rise into the milky red sky when within the confines of the office of Sydney Pine Academy, headmaster Mildred was preparing for her big introduction for the new school year here at S.P.Y academy. Her slightly graying hair was kept in a neat pony tail as she finished the last of her speech. She turned and signaled for one of the office assistants.

    "Gather all the students into the main courtyard, if you will." Mildred told him as she scanned her paper for mistakes and such. The assistant nodded his head and left the office. First the young man approached the girl's dormitory. He knocked on every door and told them the news, and then he did the same as he approached the boy's dormitory. Soon after that, the whole courtyard was beaming with the early morning faces of students. It was still quite chilly and many were in their coats.

    Mildred stood up from her chair and straightened her skirt before she made her way onto the stage that stood as the main focal point of the large area. She walked up the steps with a confident stride and not even a single thing made it seem she was tired although it was around four-thirty AM. She approached the wooden podium and spoke into the microphone with a strong, confident voice.

    "Welcome, welcome my students! As you must all know by now today is the beginning of our new semester here at Sydney Pine. Some of our older teachers have been called to the different missions so first things first, we'll introduce our new teachers. Right now only one of them has arrived so here's your new fire arms expert, Miss Lune!

    From the other side of the stage a young lady with short blond-hair approached, her stride was just as confident as the Headmasters and she wore army pants and a tank-top that exposes her belly button. Her skin was sun-kissed and she had several tattoos on her neck and her arms.

    "Hello everyone, I'll be your teacher in the combat of fire-arms. Do not expect the class to be easy, you will get hurt, you will be sore, but you will be a better spy. So I expect your full cooperation." Lune spoke in a strict, army-like voice as the headmaster gave her enough room to use the mic. Many of the students began to murmurer among themselves about the new teacher but Mildred calmed them down enough for her next announcement.

    "The rest of the new teachers will introduce themselves during their respectful classes. You may all go back to your dormitories however you must be at your combat lesson by Six. Thank you for your time. Dismissed."


    Rosalyn was among the crowd during the introduction of the semester. She couldn't care less really, right now she only wanted sleep. Her light pinkish hair was swept to the side into a intricate pony tail, she was wearing a long fuzzy coat and slippers, even then it was still quite cold and she could see her breath. The teacher Lune, was interesting she looked more of an army girl then a spy but Rosalyn knew she'd have to be taught by her nonetheless so she didn't really care.

    She glanced around the crowd, she could see a couple of other faces, a handsome man around her age with indigo hair, another girl with a strong and curvy body and another man off to the distance. She wondered if she'd see them again when real classes began.
  2. The new fire arms teacher looks like fun, Merri thought to herself as she walked back to her dorm, tapping her fingers on her thigh as she walked. she wondered what her other teachers would be like. She also wondered about some of the other students. There were new faces amongst the old, and it made her curious as to how many were in her classes. She adjusted the cap she wore and continued into her dorm, dropping comfortably on her bed with a flop and a happy sigh. It was great to be back. Her holidays had been filled with secrecy from her parents, stress, conflict. Now she was back here, somewhere she could relax and be herself. It had been so hard. She wondered if she'd have a roommate this semester. Her last had graduated the year before and now she was alone. She looked at the empty bed, kicking off her shoes and relaxing back. She couldn't wait for the term to start.

    A new semester, Jayson thought with a smile, studying the class timetable in his folder. He had a class first up, a lot of new faces, some old ones. He smiled again, deciding the course of the class for the day. Introductions, some brief poetry perhaps, ideas from the students. yes it sounded like a plan. They could discuss what they already knew, what their talents were and what they could expand on. It would be a great day, he knew that. He hoped his new students would like his class and teaching technique.
  3. Gig yawned, out of tiredness and boredom. He pulled on his cape for warmth, finding the introduction to be useless, at the very least they should have announced this stuff beforehand, just so he knew his hours he could spend sleeping in were going to be wasted for this.

    ... Still, he always figured it was better than the streets. It was stuffy here, and there were too many rules for his tastes, but compared to having barely any food, no comfy beds... Gig looked up at the fire-arms teacher, scoffing. Weapons were useful, but they were cowardly, take away their precious weapons and they would be screwed. Now the melee teacher, that was someone to respect, and they were one of the only ones that Gig did.

    "... Really? That's it?" Gig said, complaining to no one in particular, "If you're gonna have your fancy-pansy school have an announcement before the sun even shines, you might as well make it useful." he sighed, turning to go back to his dorm so that he could properly dress and get ready for his melee class.
  4. Darlomin looked at people going about announcing the assemblies end. Already dressed for the day knowing he could never go back to sleep regardless of attempts he headed indoors. Inquiring the whereabouts of the cafeteria he muscled over the events so far en route. Although a rude awakening, attending the meeting proved both interesting and useful. He was able to see headmaster Mildred and Miss Lune, plans for talking to them soon ensued. Both would have information on this place and any clues to helping his cause, one an insider’s point of view/knowledge, and the latter could offer thoughts/first impressions. These thoughts scattered his brain as he sat down with his meal, where he silently prayed and began eating with gusto. He’d have to learn the rules avoiding unwanted attention/termination. He then pushed all thoughts away to enjoy his meal… <o:p></o:p>
  5. Rosalyn was walking down the stone-paved pathway to the dormitories when the Headmaster approached her, Rosalyn gave a surprised as the headmaster gave her a hefty hug, she could feel her cheeks flaring but she didn't break the embrace until the headmaster finally let go. Rosalyn wasn't exactly use to such acts, her family raised her like a spy not a small girl who's all bubbly and giggly.

    "Hello Rosa, as you probably have guessed, I'm the headmaster here at Sydney Pine. I'm actually a big friend of your parents and they told me to keep an eye on you." The headmaster said with a smile.

    Rosalyn offered an awkward smile but kept silent. The last thing she needed at a school was the headmaster breathing down her back.

    "So uhm. Not to be rude or anything like that.. but what are you doing here?" Rosalyn asked keeping her voice low. The headmaster gave a loud laugh that Rosalyn thought could wake up near students.

    "The dorm room you just recently slept in will be given to two last minute students. You'll be bording with a miss...Grant." Mildred replied warmly, only stopping to look at her paper. "It on the third floor, right by the staircase."

    Rosalyn thanked her quietly and awkwardly side-stepped out of the headmasters way, hurrying to the dorm room. She didn't turn back as she went up the stone steps until she reached the third floor, she found the large wooden door and pulled open as she pulled on the iron handles.

    "Grant? You in here?"
  6. Merri looked up as the door opened and her last name was spoken. She sat up, half twisting to look at the girl that came in. 'That's me, Merrilee Grant. Just call me Merri. Or Lee.' She shrugged, beaming at the girl. 'Are you my new roommate?' The curvy girl asked, starting to crack her back by twisting her body a little more, holding on to the sides of the bed as she did so. She let out a relaxed sigh as the audible sound of her efforts reaching success filled the room. she adjusted the thin tank top she wore that barely covered her midriff and smiled, offering her hand. 'Hi, what's your name, and what do you specialise in? I'm firearms mainly. I particularly like explosives. You?'She asked, eager as ever to meet new people.
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    Rosalyn automatically recognized the beautiful tanned girl that laid on her bed sheets with a relaxed posture. Rosalyn put her small delicate hands on her hip-bones that poked out of her small sleeping clothes. She flipped her pinkish bangs to the side and peered into the barely lit room she could make out a room that looked very similiar to one she had first slept in, it had a very olden luxurious feel to it.

    "Yeah. I got moved here for some reason." Rosalyn told Merilee as she slipped inside and closed the door behind her. She walked to the other unoccupied bed. She set her bag down and sat on the smooth silky bed covers.

    "I know how to shoot well I guess..and I'm Rosalyn." She informed in a quiet tone glancing up at the other girl.
  8. 'That's a cool name. Shakespeare yes? Or no? I don't know I'm just making banter.' Merri said, retracting her hand as it was ignored. She sat back down on the bed, stretching again before looking curiously at Rosalyn. 'Mind if I call you Rosie? Its a cute name.' She shrugged as if it didn't matter to her if she didn't want the nickname. And in truth it didn't. She just liked having nicknames for people. 'So, were your parents spies or are you a recruit like me?' She asked, pulling a giant stuffed giraffe over to the edge of the bed to lean on.
  9. Rosalyn offered a small smile but she didn't say much she turned so that her feet were on the bed as the girl continued to speak, she grabbed her bag off of the ground and threw out her belongings on the bed, including her Iphone with a hello kity case, her pink comb, her nintendo 3DS, and her camera. Her attention was caught as soon as the name Rosie entered her ears. She glanced over at Merri.

    "..I guess if you'd like that." Rosalyn said in her quiet tone. She didn't really enjoy the sound of Rosie, it was too innocent, too childish but she thought it'd be best to be nice to the girl she would be stuck with for the next year.

    "My parents enrolled me here. Their supposedly good friends with the headmaster..so yeah." Rosalyn answered. She looked over at Merri as she spoke, her hands fumbling with her light pink hair.
  10. 'Oh that's cool. My parents aren't anywhere near as cool as that. My dad owns a firearms shop, and the shooting range it sits on. I grew up with weapons. My mum's always sick, so i usually look after the store. It was really hard going home to see them. They have no idea what kind of school this is, so when I don't elaborate on what we do at school they get really angry and annoyed.' Merri chattered on, thinking that this girl seemed really quiet. She hoped that maybe she'd open up a bit as the semester wore on. maybe she was just shy. 'Is this your first year here?' She asked, wriggling on her bed to get comfy.
  11. A sleek black car pulled up to the front of the school, bringing the academy's new espionage teacher. She, a slender and professional figure, stepped out of the car with suitcase in hand. As the car drove away she took a second to assess the area. Echo was far from impressed. Her lack of enthusiasm must have also stemmed from the fact the it was not her first choice to come here. He newest assignment was far less exciting that those before. What thrill was there in teaching a class? At least she got her favored subject, and she was prepared to run the students thought their paces. This was not going to be an easy year. A grin found its way onto her face as she thought of all she had planed this year. Perhaps not such a bad mission after all.

    The woman figured the next and best thing to do was find the other teachers and the headmaster. She had been given detailed profiles of every teacher and student in the school, so it would not be hard to spot them. And just to prove it, she found the headmaster, Mildred, right away. Echo gave her a smile to greet and said, "I made it."
  12. Rosalyn nodded quietly at the back-story of her roommate. She of course didn't speak much as she usually isn't as talkative so she just laid down on her side and pulled her blanket was up to her cheeks as she listened intently to Merri's story. It wasn't that different from hers, after all her parents had often left on missions to the point where she even felt closer to her maid Tabitha. Merri wasn't that bad of a person, to Rosalyn and frankly she enjoyed the out-going girl's personality. As the baton was passed to her she answered

    "Learning how to be a spy here? Yes. Learning how to be a spy in general? No. My parents taught me to be like them since I was thirteen." Rosalyn told Merri quietly. Her eyes darted t o the window and she noticed that the sky was beginning to shed off the grayish tone to reveal a red-orange milky sky. It wasn't long before classes would begin.


    Headmaster Mildred was walking down the pathway towards her office when she ran into whom she believed to be the new espionage teacher, Echo. She was well-known around government officials due to her prowess in her spy skills. Headmaster Mildred offered a warm smile to Echo.

    "Well its very nice to have you on board. You see, here at Sydney Pine you'll find a lot of talented youngsters and I'm sure teaching here will be a joy for you. I have to go back to my office to do some important paperwork so I'd suggest you introduce yourself to the other teachers and students. The girl's dormitory is the closes and its right over thataway." The headmaster told Echo warmly, at the end of her last sentence she pointed behind her at the large house.

    The headmaster would like to known more about her new teachers but her work called for her so she left with a simple good bye and a small light hug.
  13. 'Oh that's cool. I bet it was fun at first, learning all the cool stuff. but the training's hard isn't it? It's all focused on peak physical conditions and all that. It was really hard for me originally. But I was pretty fit anyway.' Merri smiled and wriggled around a little more to get comfy. 'So it was just a matter of training my body to the right conditioning.' She explained, jabbering on to fill the silence. She liked to know what she could about people, gauge how they'd work together. Following the girl's gaze out the window she smiled. 'Oooh class will start soon. What do you think the new teachers will be like? I hope they're fun. I really hope the recreation teacher didn't leave. You'll love him. He's so great. He's one of those people that don't treat you like you're a bunch of kids learning to sing and dance or whatever. He really treats us like equals. It's so great.' She exclaimed, rolling off the bed and pulling out her clothes for the day, the easy to move in cargo pants and another thin tank top that allowed free movement and breathing. She pulled them on, shameless as ever, and then set about putting her weapon harness on. She always wore it, even though she wasn't permitted to carry weapons on the grounds outside of class. She then knealt on the ground and pulled out a heavy insulated case from beneath the bed. Popping open the latches she lifted the lid and stroked the contents lovingly. 'I'll be back soon I promise.' She whispered before closing the case again and pushing it carefully under the bed. 'Alright, Shall we go?'
  14. Echo already did not like the headmaster. To fluffy and cheery, and the hug only proved her point. And it wasn't just the headmaster, it was the whole school, there was a light and fluffy aura about, cheery and warm. While most enjoy this feel, it was the last Echo would like. This was no environment for agents and spies to train in. It gave them no sense of what their missions would be like. Hardly did any task turn out with rainbows and congratulation all around. Echo hoped that this aura would fade as the year went on. Throughout the year their burdens would grow heavy, and the cheer would drain.

    The headmaster did have a good idea though. Echo was no teacher, so perhaps looking for a few pointers and ideas from the others would help. It would also give her a good chance to analyse them. The first teach she found herself meeting was Jayson Butler, the recreation teacher, as that was what his profile had said. Echo casually walked up to his desk, neglecting to introduce herself. "You are Mr. Butler," that was either a question or statement, it was up to him to interpret it.
  15. Gig stretched, still somewhat tired from having woke up so early, but was much more awake than before. He pulled on his gloves, the last part of his outfit. Despite how he usually acted, he didn't mind wearing something so formal, even if it seemed like more casual clothes were permitted. Apparently this was what his father wore when he was his age, still remembering that fact from the life-changing car ride. Did he take the offer because he thought this was a better life, or did he really think that he had it in him to be a spy?

    Looking to the other bed, Gig knew he'd have a roommate. Hopefully they wouldn't be too annoying, or at least not what he considered to be that. Looking to the clock, he tapped his foot, wondering how much longer it would be until he could go out onto the field, he needed to get into a good fight! If anything, it was in his blood.
  16. Jayson looked up at the woman before him and smiled. 'Well, i was this morning. Is that such a surprise, miss..?' He asked, pausing a moment before studying her carefully. 'Wait.. let me guess.. You're either a disgruntled parent or a new staff member. Not the fire arms teacher.. so perhaps.. either Melee or espionage. I'm leaning more towards espionage.' He flashed her a smile. 'Am I right?' He stood and held his hand out to shake. 'I certainly hope you'll enjoy it here. I know I do.'
  17. Echo returned his smile, but it was much less sincere. She took the hand offered and shook it. "Good deduction," she confirmed. Taking her hand back, she placed it on the desk next to the other and leaned forward a bit. "I certainly hope that you still are, I would very much like to get to know this Mr. Butler, he sounds very well liked," Echo played with her smile turning into a intentful grin. He was a rather handsome man, Echo wouldn't mind getting to know. Seeing how this year would be one of the more slow and drab assignments, she could use something to entertain herself with, a small distraction in other words. "It will be a pleasure working with you, Jayson." Echo again avoided introducing herself.
  18. The intercom made a large bleep sound that resonated through the multiple hallways and courtyards sprung out across the large hidden school. Headmaster Mildred's warm voice came through as she tested the mike from her office where she sat quietly in her large office chair patented with a soft material.

    "Sydney Pine Academy students, it seems our melee teacher will be arriving a bit late and for now Miss Lune will now be instructing both subjects of weaponry until they finally arrive. I thank you for listening to this short announcement."

    The intercom ended with a simple click sound and Rosalyn turned to her new friend, Merri. She was planning on elaborating but it was almost class time so she signaled to the door blankly.

    "I think it's time for class. Let go ahead and get to the training facility?" Rosalyn asked calmly as she snatched at her large bag that she had left by the door, it contained her clothes. Before Merri could answer, Rosalyn was slipping into a pair of black jeans, a tight white tank-top and a red hoodie. She zipped up the hoodie to the mid-point of her breast and glanced back at Merri, expecting her reply.
  19. Darlomin put his silverware down with a soft a clang. After that meal he just rested in his seat and sighed deeply. Even though it wasn't home cooked, it was still edible, and just as he was putting his tray away he heard the Headmaster's announcement. “So the melee teacher is running late huh?”he thought as he walked toward the exit. Headed to Miss Lune’s class he figured he’d be treated differently since he knew nothing of firearms. “Well at least I’ll be able to talk to Miss Lune and see a new environment” he mused as he decided today was gonna be a good day.<o:p></o:p>
  20. Jayson chuckled, shaking her hand firmly and then letting go, slipping his hand back into his pocket as he leaned on his desk. 'A true espionage teacher to the end then? Refusing to even name yourself when you already know so much about me? That is rather rude don't you think?' He asked, that charming crooked grin on his features as he leant casually, meeting her gaze levelly and coolly, basically telling her that while he seemed very easy going, he wasn't one to mess with. 'you might as well tell me, as we'll all be introduced at the staff meeting this afternoon anyway.'

    Merri decided not to get annoyed by the fact that she had suggested that exact thing barely moments earlier. Instead she snapped a hairband on her wrist, pressed her ballcap firmly on her head and then pulled on her battered old denim jacket. 'Alright, I can't wait to see what this new teacher is like. If she's any good with Melee weapons I bet she'll be a great firearms teacher.' Merri herself wasn't all that great with Melee, but she knew enough and had enough skill that she wouldn't be killed if confronted by someone and all she had was a set of sai.