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  1. 30 minutes before the crash.

    The vast, open space surrounding Eve was quickly occupied by a few ships just exiting a warp. A battle cruiser, two heavy frigates, and the Vanguard. The 4 ships moved in perfect formation, with the Vanguard in the back.

    In the captain's cabin, located near the back of the ship, there stood Charles Barkley, ex-mercenary and famed captain. In his cabin, he had a personal log of all of the ship's systems. There, he was able to order crews to certain areas of the ship that needed immediate attention.

    The captain leered over his desk as he carefully read over his own, recently rewritten bios. He was a little shaken up, having just finished writing about his painful history. "You got a little carried away there, Charles." He told himself. "We've entered Eve orbit, Barkley. I bet you haven't even noticed." stated the captain of the neighboring frigate. Charles held down a button on his vest that was his personal radio. "I'm not blind, Boeing. I can see it."

    Since he was reminded, Charles stood up and walked over to a button on the wall and pressed it. The section of metal in front of him faded, turning into a mirror and giving him a view of Eve.


    It could be considered a sister planet to Earth, having similar looks and a breathable atmosphere. Charles turned away from the window and left his cabin. He was on his way to the command bridge, which every member of the Vanguard had access too, though, he wouldn't be surprised if most of them were in the lab. 3/4 of them were scientists of multiple fields, anyway.

    >Locations on the Vanguard
    • Command room
    • Laboratory
    • Armory
    • Crew Quarters
    • Corridors
    • The Den (Pilot's quarter)
    • Engine room
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  2. 25 Minutes Until the Crash.

    Isabella walked through the long corridor riddled with doors leading to different cabins for different crew-members, she pushed a large but quick moving cart filled with various food that the different chefs as well as herself had cooked. One by one she knocked on the doors delivering whatever there was to be delivered until she came to some of the scientists doors.

    "Open up already..sheesh." Isabella muttered crossing her arms at the fifth unanswered door she had met. "Damned scientists need to eat or their brains won't work properly." Isabella said aloud, knowing that no one was around. She had decided to just head to the command bridge and give it to them there.

    As she walked into the room, brimming with scientists and other patrons of the ship she slowly began going around, passing lunch to those people who realized just how much they had been working. Isabella's cart soon began to empty until there was one plate left. Looking around she noticed that all the scientists had been fed so this was for the captain, who had also not been in his cabin. Isabella wondered if had made his way here, seeing that it was almost landing so she began to search the crowd once again until her eyes found themselves on the back of the tall-standing man. She casually walked towards the Captain until she was right behind him. She stopped her cart grabbed the plate consisting of Spaghetti and addressed him.

    "Captain. Your Lunch." She spoke respectfully. She didn't really know how to act around such a high officer as this was the first time she had ever really cooked for such important people.
  3. ((are we counting down in units of 5?))

    20 Minutes Until the Crash

    Kate sat down in one of the empty chairs in the command room, watching the crew around her move around. She pulled out one of her knifes, testing the blade on the edge of her shirt. "Perfectly sharp, hooray." She stood, stretching a little before heading to the Armory to make sure she was ready before landing. "Better to be safe than sorry." She told herself as she slid out of the command room into the hallway.
  4. [​IMG]█▒█▒█▒█
    artificial android
    "Everyone, the cyberterrorism has b e g u n, run away!”
    artificial an
    "Even if you want to become a hero of justice , you can’t! ."
    artificial android
    Keep spitting out soul distortion forever!

    Get ready to crasClink, clank. The sound of metal against metal and bubbling liquids told I-AIA that she was currently situated in the

    The android pulled herself up out of the recharging pod, her processing center spinning from the recollective dream data she had acquired during her rest. She took a moment to recalibrate herself, and closed her eyes to peer into her mainframe and datastreams, All systems online.

    She blinked once, her aquamarine orbs scanning the heat signatures of the room. Finding nothing, she turned back to the recharging pod, and sealed it with the keycode that had been programmed into her.

    "Twenty minutes until landing," she found herself saying, as the automated clock within her was programmed to voice out the time until landing in five minute intervals.

    Finding nothing else to appease her, and no programmed commands, I-AIA found herself making her way out of the lab.

    artificial android
    "Crybaby angels are unprecedented, tt r i c k e r y judgement, a major premise!"
    artificial android
    artificial android
    "Even if a tailwind blows , SOUL D E P R E S S I O N , sneer, yes! In this kind of world, dreaming is nothing !"
    artificial android
    I’m the invincible trump card!
    O ut O f C haracter :
    { Hehehe, I hope the format doesn't blind your eyes! ; v ; Blue can be harsh against a black background! Also, I hope my post is satisfactory! It's a tad too short but I hope it works!}
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  5. Tsukumo Hikari, †hε εηgïηεεr ▶ ▷ "Kari " [​IMG]
    I want to meet a guy who paints on a
    napkin & calls it a masterpiece.
    10 minutes before the crash

    She was moving fast. The scientists were constructing a small scale model of Eve's atmosphere's chemical constructions and giving her an idea of what kind of damage the outer hull of the ship might sustain. There were landing projections across the room on a table with holograms. Although Kari just an apprentice technician, Kenmark, her boss, had her running around doing a little bit of everything. He was using her skills well. Unlike most of the researchers on board, Kari was more technically experienced. She'd built small planes and tested robotic flight maneuvers. Though the Vanguard was an immense, giant ship, the main control pad was simplified for delegation of use.
    Kari hurried into the command room. She had an all-access pass as a NASA worker. The captain had opened the main screen, offering the elite crew a view of the spectacular Eve. Kari didn't even take a moment to look. She stood next to the main hologram pad, put down her phone and starting loading the information being sent by the ship's various surveillance crews. The speed of the ship, the gravitational pull of the planet, the chemical composition of the atmosphere and it's effect on the hull. She kept an eye on all the numbers as they continued towards landing.
    At the same time, she pulled up her phone's request lines to emergencies only, meaning if any of the upper -staff required some kind of emergency technical assistance, Kari was ready to assist.
    Eight minutes. She didn't even have a chance to relish the moment.
    >Kari's inventory​
    • Small toolkit for technican work​
    • hologram projection device​
    • Advanced AI cellphone​
    • Ration crackers​
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  6. Kate took her small protection jacket, putting it on and grabbing her automatic rifle and canteen before going back towards the command room, taking a deep breath. "We're almost there..only eight minutes before we can step onto the new planet..." She said to herself, traversing the almost empty hallways.

    >Jae's inventory
    • Automatic Rifle
    • Ammo clip x5
    • Two knives, sharp
    • Pistol
    • Canteen
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  7. "Thank you, miss Hart." The captain acknowledged the renowned cook. He took a look over the plate he was given, and luck would have it that Spaghetti was actually his favorite. "Really - wonderful job." He wasted no time, inside of the slim plate was a fork and a spoon, and once Charles hovered his hand over it, the fork slid out through the side.
    10 minutes before the crash

    As the scarred captain finished his meal, he took a moment to survey the command room. The crew handling the systems were much more active now that the fleet was close to the planet. He quickly dispersed of the plate and napkins before mentally preparing himself for the heavy task ahead.

    "Mr. Barkley, the battle cruisers will be on standby over Eve while the frigates follow you in. How are things on your end?" said Boeing, the captain of the escorting battle cruiser.

    "We couldn't be more ready, we've already set the engines for a landing procedure and the heat shields are deployed."

    "We'll follow you in." said a younger voice, no doubt someone from the frigates.

    With everything checked, it was nearly time for descent.

    7 minutes before the crash.
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  8. Kate stepped into the command room, noticing the captain she sat back in her chair. It's closer to time than I thought. She watched the people in the room, ready for any order or command that came her way.
  9. Tsukumo Hikari, †hε εηgïηεεr ▶ ▷ "Kari " [​IMG]
    I want to meet a guy who paints on a
    napkin & calls it a masterpiece.
    3 minutes before the crash

    An alert appeared on her phone. Kenmark wanted her to leave the command station and report to the captain. A good chance to make yourself useful, Hikari his message read. She shrugged, grabbed her phone and moved towards the captain's cabin, raising her ID to the scanner so that he would be notified of her credentials. "Tsukumo Hikari, sir. NASA Engineer," She introduced herself with a small smile, "I've been sent here to ask if there's any station in particular that you feel needs direct attention at the moment. I am your service, captain Barkley."

    >Kari's inventory

    • Small toolkit for technican work
    • hologram projection device
    • Advanced AI cellphone
    • Ration crackers

  10. 10 Minutes before the Crash.

    Isabella smiled at the compliment, her first big-shot customer was satisfied after all. She took the plate and placed it back in the bin compartment of her cart, rounding around the room once again collecting, normally if they were to eat in their dorms there would be a trash compartment but not here from what she could gather not here.

    She took the cart to the main disposal unit in one of the corridors and emptied it quickly. It was only when she could feel her stomach drop slightly at the change of altitudes signalling a landing. She checked her watch which she timed to the trip's schedule, it was only five minutes left.

    Wanting to see how the sister planet looked like from this close then returned to the command room, her breath taken as she saw the planet up close, she walked closely until she was next to a brunette lady who had also been watching.

    >Isabella's Inventory
    • Butcher Knife
    • Frying Pan
    • Small Set of spices
    • Bandages (For accidents with the knife.)
    • Canteen
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  11. ((Just a heads up, Sakura, Charles is in the command room, so we can just imagine she went there. :P))

    >Current Location
    Command room

    The next few moments were tense. The long awaited time was here. The people aboard the Vanguard were going to be the first in human history to set foot on Eve. With how similar the planet was to their own, it was highly likely that a colony could live there, and it could even be a second home for them.

    A female voice broke the Captain out of his wondering. As she stated her name and affiliation, he took some time to admire her willingness. Normal crew would shy away from high ranks, but she looked calm. "I could use you in the engine room, at the back of the ship. We're about to land, so there should be more than enough hands back there."

    Meanwhile, a certain crew member monitoring the planet's energy levels saw a spike in change. A large amount of energy - about the same amount of energy used for a warp drive - gathered at a central point on the planet. For anyone looking out of the window, they would see a large ball of blue forming together like a storm.

    "Captain, I'm getting some strange energy readings on the surface here.."
    said the man. Charles nodded towards the female engineer and quickly made his way over to him

    "Well, what is it?"

    "No clue, sir, but whatever it is, it's getting bigger."

    In truth, it was getting closer. A strange sphere of energy soared from the planet and toward the fleet.

    "..What in the hell are you..?"

    The sphere quickly approached them. It was made of raw energy, and just barely passed the Vanguard, hitting the battle cruiser just to it's side. Large chunks of hull and engines flew in all directions as the ship itself exploded on contact with the blue sphere. The crew was instantly panicking. People ran from monitor to monitor trying to make sure the Vanguard's systems were fine. Suddenly, the entire ship shook violently. On the outside, a destroyed engine part from the battle cruiser smashed into the Vanguard's, rendering them inoperable.

    "Sir! Our engines are damaged from the outside, and our gravitational systems are failing!" "Fix the systems first, get them online!"
    "We've tried! Every time we try and reboot the system, it just shuts off again!""Damn it, that was no natural entity, that was a fucking EMP."

    Just off to the side, where the windows were placed, a large frigate seems to have had the same problem. It fell down just beside the Vanguard. Visually, it was easy to see the damage being down was in the side of their ship. Their lights were flickering, their engines were disabled, and so was their gravitational system. The second frigate came down, the nose of their ship crashed into the Vanguard, just around the Armory. The hull was breached, so anyone making their way there would be locked out of the ship by automated systems, and the only one able to quickly override locked doors would be the engineers.

    This would mean, the hallways linking the armory to the rest of the ship would be locked with screen doors to avoid the lost of oxygen.

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  12. Kate jumped at the sight of the ball. As everything began to fail, she looked back to the hallway and walked over to the door. She reached for the handle but was knocked off her feet as the ship shook violently, slamming her shoulder against the wall. "Ouch.." She muttered as she got back to her feet, rubbing her shoulder. She looked out of the window as she heard that the ship was failing. "Not now..not now.." She repeated, taking hold of a pole welded to the wall.
  13. Tsukumo Hikari, †hε εηgïηεεr ▶ ▷ "Kari " [​IMG]
    I want to meet a guy who paints on a
    napkin & calls it a masterpiece.

    The Captain was cool, Hikari would give him at least that. He didn't ask questions. He didn't demand answers. He responded exactly the way she wanted. She liked that. She turned to head to the engine room, overhearing the bit about something getting bigger and an strange energy. Curious, Hikari let the overheard voice replay in her mind a few times as she looked over at the command room's window screen. That's when she saw. The something big he was talking about. Her breath hitched, she'd never see anything like it.

    There barely a moment to process the information. The ship was hit with something and went rocketing to the side. Hikari lost her balance, hitting the ground and tumbling until she hit the leg of a desk. It hurt terribly and her left knee was burning with the impact, but she scrambled to her feet, pulling out her phone and displaying a projection of the ship, highlighted in red were the portions sustaining critical damage. She frowned.

    The engines were damaged. The gravity system was failing. At this rate, Eve would pull them in too fast! Emergency alerts were popping all over her screen. She started running to the the command room exit, making her way towards the hallway to reach the engines. It was hard to make her way through the ship. It was shaking with each impact and the lights seemed to be going off. She entered the hallways, alarms were going off. The armory is shutting down. Kenmark's message came to her phone. The engine crew needs backup! He was calling her now. Her phone buzzed in her shaking hands.

    "Tsukumo, where you?"

    "Trying to get to the engine room! The worst damage is the gravitational systems. We have to stabilize those to land! Where are you Mr. Kenmark?"

    "I'm inside the armory. Most of the engine systems have shut down. When you arrive, make sure you ask what they're working on to see if we can get a frigate back up. And Hikari?"
    It was odd for him to call her by her name. He was her boss. More of a mentor anyways, from the NASA program she'd been recruited into a a college student. It had been three years since they'd known each other, but he was always one for formalities. Why the sudden change?

    "Be careful."

    "She was struggling to push herself back onto her feet. The ship had taken another hit and lurched her across the hallway, slamming into the wall. It was a painful hit, took her a few minutes to catch her breath. Kenmark's breath hovered on her phone.

    "Yeah, I will. You too." She managed to mumble. She didn't understand why he was being so serious. She stood up and hurried down to the engine room.

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  14. ((Everything went silent..?))

    Kate looked around, regaining her balance. She walked carefully over to the Captain, her eyes flickering between him and the windows. "Anything I can do to help, Sir?" She asked carefully, shifting her feet to keep her balance.