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  1. |S| |P| |A| |C| |E|
    Spacial Perturbations & Aphotic Cosmic Entities
    The year is 2530.
    Our company, LanGrab Industries, is one of the most successful scientific organizations humanity has ever seen. With billions of currency, we have aided mankind in nearly all of their expeditions, including the old but forever famous apollo mission back in the 1960s. Without our knowledge, we, as a species would be still be in the dark ages, fighting over earth's black blood.
    We know all there is to know about space and it's nature.
    Until something happened.
    An unknown planet had revealed itself, across our solar system. It seemed to have just 'appeared'. Knowing our nature and that of other companies, we sent out a ship, the 'Vanguard' to this new planet.
    On-board the Vanguard was the best of the best. World-renown scientists, engineers, and other professions, backed by the most expensive private military fleet. During their approach to orbit this planet, now referred to as 'Eve', the Vanguard had an unfortunate accident. The ship's engines malfunctioned, and so did the gravity stabilizers. The Vanguard free-falled into the atmosphere of Eve, taking with them the most skilled people.
    Out of the hundreds on board that ship, only 6 survived.
    <The Captain>
    <The Cook>
    <The Hunter>
    <The Engineer>
    <The Scientist>
    <The A.I>
    Alright, welcome everybody to an experimental survival RP ran by me and a good friend, Volitaire. We had an idea about a hardcore space survival roleplay that's driven by the roleplayers themselves.
    We aim for this roleplay to take quite some skill to succeed in. Not in writing skill, but actual, survival skills, meaning as your character, you'll have to make important decisions that'll not only affect you, but the rest of the survivors as well.
    Now, to keep it hard but fair only the GMs can godmod, and they will only godmod when it's necessary. Fights between characters or general enmeies are fair, and sensibly done.
    Any questions? Ask in this thread, and i'll answer, but for now, let me go over the rules.
    1. Do not create Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters. The only amazing trait about them is their profession.
    2. Do NOT rush for the spotlight and force your character's own plot out there. It'll make you look bad and will most likely get your character killed as a response, and you removed from the roleplay. Everyone will get their turn as the 'spotlight character'.
    3. If you do not post within 5 days (without future notice or none at all) your character will be killed off and you will be removed from the roleplay. Had too many problems with that.
    4. Be sensible with your posting. No one-liners, but then again, no Wikipedia either. Try and keep it within 2-4 paragraphs. This can be excused if you have writers block or are just feeling literate.
    5. Have fun!
    That wasn't hard, right? Now, time for you to sign up and hop aboard the Vanguard!
    <Character picture>
    Age(Must be above 18):
    Physical Description: (Not required if you provide a character picture)
    Extra: (Things like, likes/dislikes, relationships with another survivor, anything else I forgot, etc)
    I hope to see you all aboard the Vanguard.
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  2. Definitely interested, I'll make the C.Sheet soon. :3
  3. Name: Xavier Harcourt
    Age: 22
    Physical Description: Xavier is a fit but thinner young adult standing at 5'10. He keeps himself tidy and well dressed with the common official attire of suits and ties and is complimented in his casual wear as well. He wears a black suit jacket with a dark blue buttoned up shirt under with dark dress pants and polished dress shoes. His facial features consist of brown, neatly combed medium length hair with a goatee fashioned around his lips. Lastly, Xavier has deep blue eyes with thin (Kept trimmed) eyebrows.
    Role: <The Scientist>
    Personality: Xavier is a inviting individual. He enjoys the company of others and likes to work with others and have people watch him work. He keeps a good attitude but can be easily disappointed and can fall under a lot of stress when a situation is dependent on him. Xavier can be a bit pessimistic at times with his "realistic" sense of life and how unfair it can be to those undeserving of its perils, but he generally keeps that idea under wraps with his positive demeanor.
    History: Xavier grew up a sheltered child. His parents were both strict about self-presentation and scholasticism which reflected on his work ethnic and impression making. With them both living busy lives, his mother a Interstellar Researcher and his father a Ship Captain, Xavier hardly had time to bond with them. But because of their strict parental guidance and hard pressed authority Xavier only but obeyed their whims and attempted to make them proud of who he would become. His interest in the Biological Fields had sprouted during a tour of the Vanguard. He was shown a behind the window display of the ships scientist studying foreign life from other planets and drawing conclusions to the planets geography, atmosphere, population, and the creatures' behaviors towards other forms of life. This sparked his self-inspired study of other planets and proven/possible life among them. This occupation approved by his parents, they funded for the his schooling for the Field Scientists of the Vanguard in August of 2526. After graduation Xavier had applied to be the lead Field Scientist for the Vanguards next expedition. Soon he sees himself behind the lab window as tourists watch him and become inspired by his work.
    Extras: Xavier tends to be a bit of a wanderer, letting his curiosity sometimes block out others. Xavier is very inclined to his work, hardly letting anyone take over for a project he has planned. Xavier sometimes forgets his parents' names. Xavier tends to feel intimidated by those with a more out-spoken than he. Xavier likes pound cake.
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  4. Name: Isabella Hart
    Age: 21
    Physical Description: Isabella is characterized by very sharp features, accompanied with pale skin and layered dark brown-almost black hair and striking green eyes. But on her left cheek a large noticeable scar can be observed, but she usually covers it up with bandages. She stands 5'7 and her body, well developed. She isn't techniquely reserved with her features but it isn't like she flaunts them reguarly.
    Role:The Cook
    Personality: Isabella, a fiery passionate lady who is not afraid to speak her mind, she can come off as brave and optimistic in some of the most negative situations. Always looking to the greater side of things, she feels that as a cook her job is to raise morale and so she will always try to help around as much as she possibly can. However, her fiery passion can often lead her into heated arguments, as it has in the past. She can also be stubborn as well
    History: Isabella grew up with only a father around. Her father, an army veteran and herself lived in a rural area back on Earth where they lived off of his huntings and her cooking. She grew into a strong confidant woman,her fathers determination and fire inherited. When her father eventually died two years ago, she decided to join the Eve project and the Vanguard's crew as she wanted to see what the universe offered, like her father once had.
    Extra:Isabella is not afraid to speak her mind, neither is she afraid of using more vulgar words. Isabella is versed in multiple ways of cooking, although leaning towards more rural techniques, she knows how to bake, boil, fry etc. Isabella loves more hearty meals.
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  5. Name: Kate Rasti, but she goes by Jae
    Age: 19
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Role: The Hunter?
    Personality: Loyal to her mates, quiet, keeps to herself mostly. She's caring though, despite how she might seem from the outside and despite her attitude
    History: She doesn't remember her parents because they were murdered when she was really young. She grew up on Earth, dealing with a lot of bullying because of her foster parents who drank alot and never had the money to buy her new clothes, so she always wore a hoodie and a pair of jeans. When she got older, a friend of hers got the chance to go into space, so Kate went with her to explore space. Kate split paths with her friend after a few years in space. She found that she was unnaturally excellent at hunting and was invited to come aboard the Vanguard to be the lead hunter.
    Extra: She loves the sound of pretty much any music and she loves water. She hates is when it gets dark, it hinders her vision. She always carries a pistol and 2 knives with her from habit. She wears a black helmet with a shaded visor that keeps her hair off her neck. She wears a dark blue tank top and a black jacket with silver plated armor over it. She wears black jeans with silver armour and black steel-toed boots. Her favorite weapon is a bow and she is very skilled with an automatic rifle.
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  6. Can you save the engineer spot for me, please? Working on my sheet now!

    Name: Hikari Tsukumo, "Kari"

    Age: 21

    Role: Engineer

    Personality: Observant and kind, Kari likes to be of use to people. When she's working, it's hard to talk to her because she becomes totally involved in her work. She's cheerful and polite and out of tune with her emotions. Being a young prodigy, she yearns to create relationships with people, but finds herself holding back. Though she is sincere, she is also a bit emotionally detached.

    History: A scholarship student, Hikari finished both her bachelors in electrical engineering and her masters in computer hardware within three years. Fresh out of university, she was recruited by NASA as a researcher, working on implementing new technologies like carbon nanotubes into spaceship design.

    She is sent aboard the Vanguard in hopes of being NASA's head liaison for Eve as well as to get an idea of what kind of technology is compatible with the new planet.

    Extra: Hikari is also an apprentice technician for the Vanguard.

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  7. [​IMG]

    I-A I A (ee•aye•ah) || Aya, Ai
    Age: Twenty one physical years || Three years old
    Physical Description:

    I-AIA stands at a decent five feet seven inches. Its body, as it is artificially constructed,is lean and thin, but hourglass shaped and altogether pleasing to the eye for those who value aesthetics in androids. Its hair is a bright teal, and its eyes an accompanying aquamarine. I-AIA also prefers to categorize itself in the female gender.
    Her body has been fitted with various gadgets and gizmos. The two circular disks on her head are her thought processors, which allow her to absorb information and recalibrate it so that she can use the said information in a way that gives her the upper hand. There are rocket thrusters built in on the side of her hips that she uses during battle. These rocket thrusters don't allow her to fly, only to propel herself forwards. I-AIA's skin is reinforced titanium metal, and as such, functions as her weapon in most cases.
    She carries on her person a pair of gloves that allow her to hack into technology and access information that is usually undisclosed to the public.
    Role: The A.I

    She does not have feelings; she does not
    feel. However, being an artificial intelligence, I-AIA learns by interacting with other people. In her three years of being 'alive', I-AIA has accumulated 53,321 words in her wordbank, 4,972,052 possible sentence combinations, and a whopping 1,231 separate reaction functions and emotions. The whopping part was sarcasm.
    She can display emotion, however, she herself does not experience them. The ultimate goal for her creators is for her to function just like a normal human would.

    After saying that, it is safe to assume that I-AIA is quite lifelike with her personality. However, she is programmed to obey, and therefore quite strict with her personality, often coming off as cold and unassuming.
    She questions many things, often saying phrases such as, "This is where I am to display the human 'emotion' sadness, correct?"

    Her history is the blank slate that any A.I has. Born three years ago, I-AIA had been implanted with the huge database of information most androids have, and one command, 'learn'. She was placed within the team in order to fulfill this command, and has learned much till this day.

    || She tends to speak in a most polite way of phrase.
    || She doesn't eat- or sleep, for that matter. It is only when she needs to recharge that she actually does anything resembling the human practice of 'sleep'.
    || Relationships ||
    The Captain
    Likeableness: ♡♡♡♡♡​
    The Cook
    Likeableness: ♡♡♡♡♡​
    The Hunter
    Likeableness: ♡♡♡♡♡​
    The Engineer
    Likeableness: ♡♡♡♡♡​
    The Scientist
    Likeableness: ♥♡♡♡♡​
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  8. [​IMG]
    Charles Barkley

    <Physical Description>
    I'm about 6'2", built with a fair bit of upper body strength, heh. I have a few 'proof of experience' marks on my face, as you can see.
    Most of my hair is shaved, saved the top portion. It would be 'against the rules' if I kept it any other way.
    First of all, don't start assuming you know me, and how I act, just because I filled this out. If you're good to me, I'll be good to you.
    Treat me like shit, and - well, you get the idea. Am I done with this now?
    Well, I was born an American kid, on American soil, in Philadelphia. My family is full of gearheads and military men, but unlike them, I had to be runt of the litter. I wasn't as strong as my brother, Jame, - who's probably in the Air Force still - but I was a nice kid. I ate my greens, stood up for my family, and was loyal to my parents. Until my drunkard of a father starting seeing my mother as his personal punching bag. My siblings were too busy being successful to notice or care, so I stood up for her.
    One night, I had enough. I took a knife into their bedroom and tried to kill him. There was a struggle, and me being the weakest link, I lost possession of the knife. He was furious, so he tried to give me a taste of my own medicine, and cut me right in the left eye. (That's where the scar came from, if you haven't connected the dots.) My mother went to defend me, but she just ended up with multiple stab wounds, and we both got sent to the hospital.
    I was in the room next to my mother. I remember hearing the doctors shout at each other as they rushed to save her slowing heart. She could barely move and her consciousness was slipping away. The doctors gave up. They knew they couldn't save her, so when the room got quiet, she had said something to me. She told me to stay a good kid, and that protecting her wasn't a mistake.
    Then, she was gone. I cried for days. Shit, this is pen. Ignore that.
    Anyway, my left eye was replaced with a biotic one, yada yada. Moving on with life, I kept those last words of her close to heart, and enlisted in mercenary work. It was tough, but we did good. Years later, I was tried of that dangerous game and decided to take a route similiar to my older brother, James, and become a captain. Now, I command the Vanguard. Big step, eh? What, did you imagine some old, bearded man with a hundred medals?
    This is real life, and in real life, there are no second chances.
    No, I'm done here.
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  9. Alright everyone, today's the day we start the roleplay! Though, before we begin, I want to go over something real quick.

    I'm thinking about making some sort of inventory system for the roleplay. It'll be just a way to keep track of what the survivors have currently. You can use spoilers, but honestly, it's too glitchy for me to mess around with, so, for my character, Charles, I'll have a inventory section just under his post, stating what he has with him and what's equipped. It should look something like this:

    >Charles' Inventory
    • Battle Rifle
    • Ammo clip x3
    • Welding Tool
    • Canteen

    You get the idea, right? Now, you may be wondering: "Well how do I figure out what my character has?" Honestly, what your character will have is totally up to you, just make sure it'll make sense, for example; The captain shouldn't be carrying medical equipment on him that you'd normally find on a field medic. The A.I shouldn't be carrying food unless it was instructed to. Etc, etc.

    What do you guys think?
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  10. I agree with the idea 100%, although the captain might carry a small medical kit for field emergencies in case there's a problem with the medic...=P (that's my anylyzing everything side coming out again)
  11. Fine with me.

    It's actually would be pretty neat. But people have to be realistic of course~
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  12. So I'm working on the introductory post right now, will there be a posting order? :3
  13. I'd say no, but that would mean that we keep the posting rate sensible, meaning back and forth conversations between characters are okay if they aren't /too/ long. Basically, try and make sure not to leave anyone in the dust and have them read up on every singe post just to catch up, because that's not fun to do.
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  14. M'kay. Well I posted.

    I hope its okay. ^^"
  15. Excellent. I love it!
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  16. I'll make a post in a short while! c:
  17. Sorry, I wasn't on yesterday! went touring. I'll be posting super soon :)