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I'm always a sucker for suicidal aliens.
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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Dark Fiction, Dark NonFiction, Eh a dash of romance here and there is appreciated. If it has a good plot, I'm in. Horror is also welcome.
Hello there, the name is Sav. I'm looking for a long term 1x1 partner with decent grammar and spelling. My posts tend to get a bit lengthy at times so a partner who has experience with writing long posts is preferred. Anyways, I have one specific plot idea in mind however I'm always open to suggestions.

I prefer to do MXM and only MXM given my poor experiences with MxF in the past. I have one MxF plot that I'm looking to do, and the details are below. Anyways, MxM. My characters are strictly versatile given that often makes the plot more interesting. I have a unhealthy love for all things dark, gritty and angsty so if you're looking to RP fluff, expect it in small doses. My average post amount is usually 3 times a day, more on the weekends, more when my schedule opens up. I'm busy during the day until 3:00PM and I'm usually on until 10:30PM.

Plot Ideas

> Soul Mates.
I've kind of got the itch to play a crazy fellow. Cop /FBI Agent/ CIA, what have you, has no choice but to accept the help of a criminal, and I'm not talking your every day baddie. They hate each other, but If they don't work together, everything falls apart.

Someone else put the whole 'soulmate' thing into my head, so perhaps that as well? They have each other's marks but that only makes them hate each other more? Can be in a universe where the 'marks' (tattoos) of a person, define them. A person is born with some marks and develop more as they go along. Maybe the only mark they're born with is the soul mate mark?

Anyways, yeah. They tentatively begin to trust each other, but they always end up doing something to screw it up. Maybe, the Criminal drags down the FBI agent with him which results in them becoming fugitives? On the run. Wanted DOA.

The would already be doubts about the FBI's agent's loyalty given that in this universe, Soul mates are everything so it's extremely hard to believe that the FBI agent wants nothing to do with the criminal--the criminal uses that to his advantage.

Ooh, maybe until you find your soul mate--your out of balance. Like, there is something wrong with you. For some--without their soul mate, they're a nervous wreck, or arrogant--there's simply a 'flaw' in the person until they meet their match. For the FBI agent, it's that he's too uptight. Abides every law. Too good. Won't even jaywalk. For the criminal? He's too evil. Has no limits, morals, sanity.

Eh? Eh?


> Bleeding Green. [MxF] Marvel Fandom.

I'm looking to do a 1x1 concerning Loki, Angrboda and their four children. I'd be set within one of the Marvel movies. I really want to RP the dynamic between Loki and his family, given their strange and unusual backgrounds. Plus, RPing the reactions of the Avengers to the kids and wife would be fun. This plot requires a basic knowledge of Norse Mythology and you must've seen one of the Marvel movies. Sorry no exceptions, for the sake of the plot.

Anyways, I'm dying to play Angrboda but I could play Loki just as easily.


If your interested, PM me!
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