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  1. "Good. That wasn't a fun time. Well, it was, but it stopped being so quickly."
  2. YAY! I will try to be in attendance! <3 I'll be playing Victoria, a wealthy socialite who enjoys taking photographs. :D
  3. I'm playing Rex, a smooth English rogue who's on the prowl for ladies.

    He has a moustache and a tuxedo. >:{
  4. "Did you get a chance to meet Lyra?"
  5. I'm in, seeing how I've managed to get myself very ill.

    Still scheming as to what my character might be, though. I'll let you know.
  6. I'll drop in, though I'll probably be a little late. :P I'll be Sadie, an adventurous college drop out who wanted to see the world, but somehow got a crummy job on a cruise ship.
  7. (Yea)


    Ray: "I was more referring to the future of technology. Though I don't believe anyone should 'play god' so to speak."


    Jason kept taking notes, expanding to the whole class.

  8. Wow, I didn't know there was an Ooc <3

    I'm playing Sakura, the 17-year-old who thinks the world is the perfect and full of jooooyyy ;D. She goes by her nickname, follows her own rules, and is a rebel with style ;D She's on the cruise ship because her mother likes these sort of things, but really, she wants to see what the hoopla about the bermuda triangle is all about with her own eyes.
  9. Blair

    She smiled "I am sure she is very proud of you. I bet she loves what you do. Not to mention how much bacon you can afford and make every morning." She chuckle then grew silent "I dyed it." She lied and fiddled with a lock of her hair. It had turned this way slowly after she started to focus more on her abilities. Despite the fact that she had had it since she was six. "Oh, thank you so much again mister Harper." She grinned at him then sighed as she saw her workplace "Well I guess I should get moving. Do you think by any chance we could..." She offered him a friendly little glance "Meet up again? Not even for the work aspect but, I did enjoy walking and talking."


    "Them?" She inquired confused. She had no idea who he was referring to. Her eyes widened as he picked out the bone. Shit. Shit shit. She could pull herself out still. There were plenty of people who could make bone. She was sure of it. She had met a few. There was no way he could assume she was Reaper. The reaper.

    "Oh! That was from a dissection earlier." She said smoothly "I must have dropped it or...look kid I swear." Quieter she said "I am considered one of those mutant like people. But I swear I am not doing anything to hurt you. I barely even use this. I am so frightened to. No one likes a mutant."
  10. THANK YOU GUYS! That turned out REALLY, REALLY, REALLY awesome! Loved it!
  11. Ray

    He pulled up to her house. "Hey Blair." He smiled and opened the door for her.


    He was waiting the rafters near the doorway of his hideout. It was almost time.
  12. (Early)


    He chuckled. "You don't need to do the keys thing, ya know." He smiled.


    He raised an eyebrow. "Motivator?"
  13. (I tend to stay up later on weekends. Generally it's just a thing until I can't take it anymore XD)


    She retracted her fake talons "Aw man. But I looked so awesome," she joked, completely forgetting about the rest of the day "Oh no matter I'm still great." She pursed her lips as she took another sip "Besides the people are pretty good here. Had a brawl months ago. Eileen was like a ninja in hiding, broke it up so quickly we didn't even see it coming,"


    She smiled "You know into the justice life style. I will be like a mentor, a motivator, and of course the late in sleeper." She
    Rolled her eyes at her self "That's not important."
  14. Blair

    "You kidding? You were great for a first timer. First time I tried to socialize there Eileen had to get me to even get eye contact with the people I came with."
    She got into the car "Thanks again. How are you so polite?"


    She smiled back and rested her head, still giving room to Jason "Let's just make a truce. We won't scare each other again,"
  15. I'm up for a sequel! XD And VICTORIA. Dun really have a bio for her (yet c__c; how rare for diana!) but I have a picture and random notes!
  16. Rex

    He'll have shaved his moustache by the time of the sequel.
  17. [​IMG]

    This is Arnold trying to get a loan for his hardware store...Now imagine that guy in a hawaiian shirt...Though of course, he did have his tux WITH him on the cruise.
  18. I am so down for a sequel!

    Sadie will have finished her degree, and her focus will be on taking care of her mom and trying to find a way to deal with her past, as well as find a place for herself in the present.
  19. Ray

    He wrapped his arms around her. "I did, and you kissed me back." He smiled.


    He kept running.
  20. Where is the Photoshopping!?

    Where is the sequel!?

    Where is that damn nephew of Arnold...so I can force him to be my puppet!?