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ft. something showy; exhibition

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welcome to our circus.

here you will find a wide range of luscious, alluring,

and one-of-a-kind stories to contend for

that empty space within your despairing heart.

now tell me, won't you stay with us awhile?

we won't disappoint.



〘 rules & conditions 〙
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'ONE : respect me. i'm a simple person who asks very little,
but i keep the company of humans who actually act
humane. if i have a particular distaste for something
don't push me into doing what you wish.

'TWO : a watchful eye. i'm not especially picky when it comes
to immaculate grammar and spelling. yet, please do
glance over your work before posting as one too many
mistakes becomes bothersome.

'THREE : communication. ooc chat is needed as i get quite lonely.
along with the mentionable fact that if you do have ideas
it would be absolutely brilliant to share with me.

'FOUR : absences & rp drop. tell me. i rather you tell me
that you're bored or that you need to leave than
making me wait for an agonizing response if i am even
given the courtesy of one.

'FIVE : look at my resume. any other specks of information like
sexuality or gender of my characters are answered there.



〘 roleplay ideas 〙

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colored feathers
raven x blue bird || war ; romance ; angst ; drama || pg-13

synopsis :: once upon a time there was a raven king and a travelling blue bird. the raven was a bitter pessimist, a merciless ruler who took away the freedom of anyone that dare cross into his dark realm of black and gray. one day he stumbled upon a small jay, lazing in the crisp breeze without a single care in the world, ruffling star shone wings. don't ask why he fell in love, the reason is unknown, but through some force of oddity the two birds came together. but alas, these birds were not of a feather and the jay suddenly disappeared without even leaving a letter. over come with woe, the raven vowed never to fall in love again.


beyond the gates

lipheth x guardian || adventure ; high fantasy ; violence ; death ; war || rated pg-13

synopsis :: taken from motherland and hidden within the human zone, muse a would be raised as the mortals unaware of their birthright. however, muse a would soon be thrown into an old war raging between the frail lines of the gateways once finding thier grandmother torn in half when reaching the desolate countryside. in panic, muse a reached to call the police as darkness falls and whispers can be heard from the opened doorway. as fear takes over, muse a locks herself into the attic where muse b, a black cat lazily dozes. it opens its eyes and gaping a wicked yawn and says, "do you wish to live?"

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new neighbor
trickster spirit x new tenant || comedy ; slice of life ; college || rated pg

synopsis :: muse a 's new to the area, just being kicked out of their old dorm by their too loud ex-friend who cheated them out of their girlfriend. now that muse a has found a home, one that is spooky, said to be haunted, with over 20 past tenants to testify their sure everything will be just dandy. like honestly? ghosts? who would believe in anything that crazy, right?


ties that bind

nemean lion x mythical creature || violence; swearing ; sexual themes ; drug use || rated pg-13

synopsis :: muse a's parents are dead, their brother has abandoned them, and they live looking over their shoulder with a feral grin. dragons are nearly extinct in human society, while the remaining live back in their home world attempting to pick up a destroyed civilization. they take on a human form, hidden and strictly from out of sight from humanity's eye with only hope to carry them through. until one of them decides to make her own pack, picking random mythical misfits from off the city streets and playing god over the town. muse a is the leader, king of the hill, and most of all - dangerous. when an mysterious organization starts picking off their pack members one by one, they'll have to turn to unexpected allies and find out the truth about themselves and why they're not allowed back in home world.


my imperfections

monster x human || romance ; violence ; drug usage ; depression || rated pg-13

synopsis :: humans hate monsters and monsters hate humans, simple as that. in a world where humans rule, you can't honestly expect that monsters have a chance in defending themselves. divided in sections of color, the green zone is the richest and is populated by only humans, the yellow a slightly poorer area with a small mix of tolerated monsters and humanity, while the red zone is impoverished, run down, and completely maintained by monster kind to suffer in. now imagine what happens when muse a enters the red zone because of "work related" issues and gets chased down by a gang of vengeful monsters with clubs and less than neighborly intentions.


pinky swear

mythical creature x mythical creature || romance ; orphans ; adventure ; angst ; drama || rated pg-13

synopsis :: it's not easy being an orphan, especially one that is thought to only be a legend. when a child is brought to an orphanage meant for supernatural beings, they are cut off from the human world until reaching age 18. muse a and muse b, two children who meet, opposites in all cases but build an unbreakable bond with another, and one even secretly proclaims to love their oblivious friend. they make a promise that no matter what happens they will always protect each other. that promise became a distant memory on a fateful night when one of them runs away never to be heard from again.


differences are human
supernatural x human || violence ; drama ; angst ; segregation || rated pg

synopsis :: welcome to a world where vampires, werewolves, faeries, and ghouls are apart of the status quo. ever since coming into public eye, through all the lobbying, riots, political debate, and underlining fear they are finally accepted into society with governmental rights, some more than others. now your swim teacher could be the decedent of a siren, though you might need to be careful as they may try to drown you. children receive lycanthrope vaccine by age 14, but sometimes it doesn't always work. your professor can be your history professor, though you may have to take a night class. but some people don't like change and want things to go back to when the creatures of the night stayed hidden in the night.


cold existence
ice royal x ill human || drama ; adventure ; violence ; character death || rated pg

synopsis :: in the great planes lies a frozen kingdom of giant warriors who protect an artifact that has the power of world destruction. but no worries, it's been placed inside of muse a, an ice royal so the universe is completely safe. until muse a decided to ditch their royal duties and escape into the human realm. while living it up with new found popularity and fame, muse a cares for no one. then they bumped into someone who needs to be cared for.


hunt the dark

mythic black ops x human || dark ; abuse ; violence ; redemption ; romance || rated pg-13

synopsis :: it’s been about 2 decades since the human government figured out that mythological creatures actually existed and surprisingly they’re fine with it, though there is a catch. mythicals can live among humanity as long as they look human and they’re not dangerous, but if you didn’t fill one criteria you might as well start packing. that’s where project 05 comes in. hired mythical forces that betray their own kind just so they can have the easy life. but hey! not everyone can have a noble heart.


picture perfect

werewolf x photographer || romance ; drama ; college ; slice-of-life || rated pg

synopsis :: no inspiration, not even a flicker. so muse a resorts themselves to pity parties in a nearby book & coffee shop. flipping through books they could care less about, something catches their eye. a tall waiter, whose steps seem like a predator and chilling personality could scare off any sensible person. thank goodness, they left common sense at home. with new found curiosity, muse a strides up to muse b and asks to take a picture.


blind to murder

mythical creature x ??? || war; angst; violence; gore; || rated pg-13

synopsis :: humanity has ruled that the supernatural beings of the world can live in peace among the humans. they will be given full rights, free to roam the land they once persevered, and for this to happen all they had to do was one thing: wear an electric pulse neck brace to keep them in check. but unity was short lived as mythicals began disappearing left and right, taken from the streets, their homes, and their offices. turns out there is an international gang, one that has experimented on the creatures to find that their blood can cure humanities worse diseases and even give them their own unnatural powers. the mythicals call for the government to put a stop to it, but how can they when this new ring flickers from sight? With mythicals unable to protect themselves from the mass droves of humanity to their dwindling population, they live in fear for their lives.


truthful lies

u.e detective x supernatural business owner || murder ; romance ; crime ; sexual themes || rated pg-13

synopsis :: the supernatural live right under everyone's noses and no one even suspects. your ancient teacher could be a withered vampire, your girlfriend who refuses to swim in the water a mermaid, or your boss a psychopathic killer. at least that's what the unnatural enforcement team thinks. when multiple humans start pilling up dead in the u.e's backdoor they link the deaths to muse b, the very boss of the cooperation and send their best detective, muse a to apprehend the suspect. unknowingly, muse a might just end up on the killers blacklist.


little wishes

crow shifter x ??? || romance ; slice-of-life ; drama || rated pg

synopsis :: when muse a, a lonely character goes to a fountain in a large park they take out a penny and make a wish. the next day when walking through the same park, the sit down on a nearby bench and nearly dies when a crow lands right on their shoulder. hurriedly, they brush the bird off and watch as it perches on the bench. somehow, maybe through a sort of desperation they start talking to the crow. everyday now muse a comes back to the bench and the crow waits for them, usually giving muse a silver trinkets. one day the crow does not show and muse a feels shattered and even betrayed, enjoying the one-sided conversations. then muse b plops down right next to muse a, throwing a silver item in their lap.


six sense

super human x super human || drama ; adventure ; romance ; violence || rated pg

synopsis :: muse a is a bit off as some people would say, jumping back from random people for no reason and declaring that so-and-so may not be a good date, but that because muse a has a sixth sense that measures the danger of a single individual from 1 to 10. luckily, muse a has only seen a person of a danger measurement of 6, until muse b walked into their school with a 10. it gets even worse when they approach muse a and insist on having them guild them around school, but muse a didn't need to worry about that. after all, a bomb did just go off inside of the school.

dipping edge
unstable x friend || drug usage ; suicidal attempts ; violence ; angst || rated pg-13

synopsis :: muse a's parents thought they were crazy, a nut job no less and threw them to their grandparents before running to a different country. muse a isn't insane, just mentally reserved with a distrusting aftereffect. all they wanted was for someone to tell them they loved them and to find a way out of the nightmarish hellhole known as their mind. with the help from the wrong crowd and a lover who couldn't even care - they did it. popping pills, long hangovers, days were they couldn't even remember their name - they finally found a way out, but damn, it was still empty. one night, muse a wandered out on the street, looking for mistakes and a long forgotten memory, muse b passes by just in time to help them.


fleeing aches
abused x abused || abuse ; angst ; runaways ; depression || rated pg-13

synopsis :: muse a hides in the closet waiting for a drunk father to tear down their door, muse b takes the verbal punches from a destructive wealthy family whose aim is to make them a better person. abuse comes in different forms some more bruising than others and when two torn kids stumble on each other by an introduction from friends they find that they live in common world of tears and self-hate. when the blows become too much for either, they take a drastic choice and run away from home to find peace in a place where no one knows them or their flaws.


when in forest green

victim x foster brother || family death ; crime ; high school ; deception ; romance || rated pg

synopsis :: pity - a rather disgusting display of a small fear exhibited in another person's life. that was muse a's definition of it at least. since their family was killed, they've gotten used to the downward apologies and faint whispers. it's what happens when tragedy occurs and no one knows how to say the right things, so instead you gossip about it. except their new foster sibling, muse b doesn't buy the whole "feel sorry" spiel and treats them with a cold shoulder. but after the new house guest returns from a late night walk, muse b finds muse a in their closet and muttering to themselves "he found me".


street fights & satin kisses

underground fighter x fashion designer || violence; swearing; sexual themes; abuse; toxic || rated r

synopsis :: muse a was raised in an abusive home, where a father would beat his children with broken beer bottles and a mother that would mourn over childish, fragmented dreams. they were sickly and thin, cancer leaving them without their right eye and a patch to shamelessly display their pain. muse a barely graduated from high school, decorated in scars and bitter resentment for the world and her laughing games. they left their childhood home, never to look back at cracked bricks and dying ivy leaves, and found their place in old hotel rooms while juggling a part time job of filming bad porno and being battered in underground fights. muse a thinks of men as competition and women as objects, and when they come teetering to the end a single ray of sunlight comes in the form of foolish muse b with big, bambi eyes and blooming smiles.


like clockwork

serial killer's child x police chief's child || dark ; murder ; romance ; death ; violence ; crime || rated pg-13

synopsis :: murder is suppose to run the family genes, turns out it skipped over muse a. their family was odd to begin with, a serial killer dad and a mother whose existence was like a ghost, at least that's what their grandmother said while talking to herself as she spun around in garden in a dusty wedding dress. muse a never took her seriously for obvious reasons, like her decreasing understanding of reality until the police showed up at the door one day with some startling news. turns out muse a's father was in the area and he left a message carved into his last victim's body - "always watching."


when love was real

stranger x dumped || romance ; slice-of-life ; drama ; college ; sexual themes || rated pg-13

synopsis :: dumped and humiliated three days before, muse a goes out for a drink and ends up getting too tipsy. they drunkenly walk to their lover's apartment building in the middle of a blizzard and start banging on the door but no one answers. exhausted, they lean again the door and start muttering how much they love them and how they could ever win their love back. when the door swings open, they are face not with their old lover but muse b whose sleep was interrupted by muse a's emotional speech.

where shadows gather
human x human || post-apocalyptic ; violence ; horror || rated pg-13

synopsis :: we've been caged in. can't move around much, always being watched by the screens. it's been that way since the eaters appeared and not many people even care about the fact that soul-sucking monsters are waiting outside the gates. not like it matters, since we have our own soul-sucking demons to deal with on a daily basis - a.k.a the government. but something changed for the worse and the eaters have found a way in and now humanity is trapped. lucky us.


new oddities

robot x human || soft sci-fi ; romance ; dystopian ; conspiracies || rated pg

synopsis :: humanity has been hit by a mysterious virus that has wrecked the immune system as non responsive, leaving humans to suffer from everyday illnesses such as the cold that have become deadly. as human numbers start dwindling, they begin to plan for the worst and place humans inside time capsules to serve as the new generation along with building robot companions to restore the world for when these humans emerge from their sleep. thousands of years have passed and the earth has been ruled by the machine for years now. the human pods have disappeared out of sight and out of mind until muse a, a renegade robot comes upon a pod stuck in the rubble of where a bomb once blew down a human laboratory.


echo me this

??? x human || horror ; psychological ; thriller || rated pg-13

synopsis :: when buying an antique mirror you don't expect much other than an old mirror. but strange things are happening late in the night, tickled whispers, fast moving shadows, creatures looking in through the windows. you're becoming paranoid, maybe even trying to leave when you couldn't take it after the slow knocks on your bedroom door, but the car isn't working - the ties are slashed. turns out the mirror is a doorway to a world of nightmares and every 37 years that door is opened.


metallic heart
human x robot || action ; romance ; futuristic ; soft sci-fi || rated pg

synopsis :: human intellect has advanced and with it so has their technology. now in a robotic utopia, humanity has slid into a relaxed phase of ease as their robotic companions do all the work for them. they even have robots taking care of criminal activity so no more humans have to put their lives at danger! unfortunately, that’s where things go terribly wrong of one human that’s gotten caught up in the wrong crowd in the wrong time. so being forced to steal a couple radioactive samples from a restricted governmental building wasn’t so bad. what was bad was when muse b, the enforcer came and held a gun to muse a's head and started reading muse a's rights. things got worse when the same wrong crowd sensed an abandoned mission and blew up the building, but it got a little better when muse b saved muse a's ass and bounded down the street. yet, it was strange seeing their picture on the screen along with their robot savior with the title of ‘wanted – dead or alive’.


i swear i can fly

science experiment x boarding school student || drama ; government corruption ; adventure ; death || rated pg-13

synopsis :: muse a isn't an angel despite the gray set of wings. more or less, they're a human experiment being probed and cut open for a majority of their life. then something changes, security systems failed maybe the apocalypse happened, they don't know but they do know that they were able to squeeze through a door and out to freedom where they can soar. but flying can get a bit tiring, so when muse a crashes into a pine tree that muse b is sleeping under, both freeze as they stare each other down in shock and fear.


not connected
soul mate x soul mate || romance ; dystopian ; drama ; advanture || rated pg

synopsis :: the government has declared that soul mates are illegal since the last couple civil outbreaks were caused by them. Supposedly the brain starts developing a toxin like drug to infect the brain, causing the two lovebirds to become violent and quite possibly insane. so to keep the peace, the government chooses your spouse. muse a and muse b barely know each other, only passing when leaving the train but throughout the day they hear a voice that's not theirs randomly popping up and causing outrageous headaches. finally a desperate muse b, calls out the odd voice demanding that they give a name and who they are. crazy right? well it gets even more crazy when the voice replies.


Active Roleplays

.01 ─ pinky swear || gore || october 2015

.02 ─ new oddities || j_"kraken" || october 2015

.03 ─ the great game || sansa stark || ???

.04 ─ street fights & satin kisses || xwhysoseriousx || november 2015 ( wip .... )

.05 ─ when love was real || dia thames || november 2015 ( wip .... )

.06 ─ my imperfections || skull. || november 2015 ( wip .... )

.07 ─ ??? || kimsim12 || november 2015 ( wip .... )

.08 ─ little wishes || m i s s f o r t u n e || november 2015 ( wip .... )

Paused Roleplays

none at this time.




This would be problematic.

Because he was a problematic person in general. His eyes fluttered shut, teeth chattering in aimless thought and foot tapping in reply, all the while standing outside a pale blue door with a class busily at work. The call from early morning, the one that rose him from bed with a groggy groan and hand fanning the air for a missing cell phone, which he slide under the pillow only two hours before would be his undoing.

Convince him.

How he would do this was still an uncharted mystery. However, he wasn’t one to argue with an order, it simply wasn’t his place. He didn’t bother knocking, only walking into the class with the sharp clack of freshly polished boots. Heads snapped up, following the gentleman dressed in gray with a new found interest, abandoning all hope of ever finishing doodled assignments and rightly so. He caught glimpse of forgotten pencils of dotted color and shreds of scrapped paper, strewn about on a wooden desk where he sat and his mouth hinted a frown. He labored a sigh, muffled as it was beneath an exterior of professional mien. A sudden headache had just occurred and it would only take a handful of minutes of dealing with him to assure surrender to four pills of aspirin. Rubbing his temples, he reached the desk, silence falling over the room as his footsteps came to their momentary death and his stubborn refusal to speak. He was soaking in the peace while it lasted.

Dylan. We need to talk.

❝ Oh darling, you make it sound like your rules apply to me. Didn't you realize that I’m above the law. ❞

His smile couldn’t grow any thinner, in fact it hurt to a degree. But it didn’t matter at this point, nothing mattered in the conclusion of it all. Her expression was priceless and it took all the humanity in him, every single ounce of strained gravity not to laugh, whether it still be from disbelief that she was right there. She wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t supposed to be having this conversation.


Upon hearing another question, demanding some sort of deprived confession, this man let loose a small fit of mirth, barking laughter that couldn’t be kept in any longer because it was all too rich.

❝ Are you tempting me Melisa?❞

Step away.

It stood frozen, tension in its most fearsome. He was wary, standing on the edge of a gruesome pit, and if he were tired of this life he would allow himself to fall into temptation. A single trigger would finish the job, but he wasn’t one for cowardice. Eyes darkened with shadows lingering from long and restless nights, drained and broken of all strength, narrowing thinly to peer into the silhouette, unmoving with stubborn will. Fingers loosened, anxiety springing, jumping in glee, but he couldn’t do this again. His arm swung, a defeated laugh, dried in a famine of chained emotion finally burst forth, threatening to undo tight, imprisoned decision and he teeth clicked, snapping with such irrational containment. The gun nearly fell, glimmering sheen fleeing into the dark as another gasp, desperate to regain lost pride was caught in his lungs and he felt compelled to shut his eyes.

He COULDN’T point a gun at him again.

I’m busy. I’m exhausted. I’m ready to fall apart and now you decide to get in my way? Who do you even think you are? Telling me what to do, like you understand.

His voice was raising, dangerous and trembling. He needed to go away. He needed to just leave. So why was it that he always came when he was on the brink of insanity? It must be a test, one playing on tied strings and waiting to see which would break. But not today. His resolve hissed, breathing a dragged shift of control and he opened his eyes, hard and cold and his jaw clenched.

Blood splattered against the concrete.

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oh shit
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looking for partners and new plots !!!

i need one more partner and i'm hoping for
someone to be interested in six sense.

please don't post on this thread if you
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oh shit
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looking for partners !!!

i've been out of it lately and lost a couple people who
were once interested due to a long absence.
so i'm seeking out some new people to write with.

please don't post on this thread if you
want to talk about a plot, just pm me.
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