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  1. They are the

    Specter Obliterating Assembly Protecting Society

    But most people know them as the

    Super Organized Aesthetic Placement Service


    They are the only people who know ghosts exists. They've each had their turn with trying to convince others of the existence of the paranormal but they have all received the same result.
    Cruel, unrelenting laughter.

    They were shunned and ridiculed, but even experiencing all of that abuse, they could not turn their backs on the ignorant people. They cared too much.

    And so they formed a task force that masqueraded as a Housekeeping service and began taking jobs in households that attracted ghosts. Their history and real estate expert researched the houses, going all the way back to it's foundation and the land that the building had been built upon. When they gathered enough intel, they would approach the family, offer their services, and get to work.

    They eliminated numerous ghosts in that fashion, and in the end it all paid off. Their consciences were clear and their worries greatly decreased.

    Even if they still had to clean someone else's toilet.


    Their HQ is located in a damp, decrepit basement under a dry cleaning store owned by the co-founder's mother, but the members all have their own homes or dorms in the case of the ones that are still in college.

    In order to fight ghosts/specters, the team utilizes their cleaning equipment as weapons because they don't have enough money to buy actual guns/swords/knives etc. Oh how they long for the day when they can hold actual ghost hunting equipment in their hands...But for now they'll just have to make do with what they've got. Despite their lack of resources, these people are far from novices. Quite a few of the members have over five years of martial arts training under their belts.


    Their story starts in the small town, Lindle, Massachusetts, current population: 392 humans and 4 ghosts. For awhile now, the resident ghosts have been quite peaceful. They keep to themselves and lurk in the places that they perished. They never seemed to hold a grudge against anybody, and they didn't resent the S.O.A.P.S, in fact they approved of the group. Many a time have they congratulated the group for ridding the town of an angry ghost. Gave them a bad name, they had said. But in reality, the ghosts just needed a few patsies to rid them of the presence of the other ghosts.

    There is a myth about ghosts that says that too many spirits in one place can stunt the abilities and block the opportunities of others.
    And now that they're gone, the four ghosts can finally do as they please. And that involves wreaking havoc on Lindle and getting revenge on the descendants of those who wronged them.

    • I need long term dedicated people who are active. However, I am aware that school is starting for some of you and I will take that into consideration.
    • The post requirements are: Third person, past tense, at least one paragraph (min. ten sentences). Medium level grammar and spelling is required. You don't have to be perfect but your posts can't be riddled with mistakes.
    • The appearances will be anime based, but with realistic eye colors. (No red, lack of pupil, heterochromia with a red eye etc). The only characters with oddly colored eyes are the ghosts.
    • Although the appearances are anime based, the characters are not all Japanese. So please try for some western/other culture names.
    • No superpowers save for being able to see/hear/talk to/touch ghosts.
    • No abused background characters. This rp is supposed to be a comedy.
    • No Godmodding. No "parroting". AKA when someone responds to somebody by copying and pasting what they said into their own post.
    • If you are applying for co-founder say so in your sheet. No applications are final until I accept them.
    • Rules are subject to change.
    The Four Ghosts

    • [​IMG]
      At one time Lindle was home to a popular store called Nat's Snacks. It was owned and run by it's founder, Kent Nathaniel and his sons, Garrett and Hunter. Nathaniel provided many jobs for the people in town and he was a strong advocate for health and equality. His sons, however were not. They could have cared less about the people or whether the companies products were healthy or not. They just wanted money.
      There came a time when a fat cat from the city came to offer Nathaniel an opportunity to turn his small business into a mega corporation, but Nathaniel refused. He knew that taking the man's offer would destroy the warmth and integrity of his store.
      His sons were enraged, so one day, when Kent was completing paper work in his study, his sons came in, locked the door and murdered him. They pinned the blame on Kent's accountant who was in the store at the time. The brothers ran off to the city where they tried to make it big with the the store, but due to their rash decisions and tainted moral compasses, they failed, went bankrupt and returned to Lindle.
      Target: Garrett (80) and Hunter's granddaughter Lizzie (21)

    • [​IMG]
      Unlike the other ghosts, this man, Sam Owens was not a Lindle native. He was simply an upbeat college kid, high off of life and the fact that'd he'd finally graduated after years of intense study. At the time, he was driving through Lindle with the intent of meeting up with his friends in the next city and going on a road trip. Unfortunately he got lost in the many twists and turns of the town and when he asked for directions, the locals didn't help one bit. That's how it was in the town. The most of the locals didn't quite like city folk, and so they messed with them whenever they could.
      They got Sam so turned around and bewildered that he dropped any hope of meeting with his friends and instead tried to return to the road going back to the other city. He never made it that far.
      No one really knows what happened that day. Some say the guy was hysterical and that's why he didn't see the oak tree on the side of the road. Some say he'd screamed obscenities over his shoulder and slammed the tree with his car with the intent of destroying it.
      Either way, Sam Owens died, and now with all the lesser ghosts gone, he's the strongest ghost and the one with the biggest grudge of all.
      Targets: Everyone in Lindle.

    • [​IMG]
      The town of Lindle has only had a few cases of twins in their history. There were the two sweet old men, Charlie and Chester. There were the inseparable fraternal twins, Jason and Juliet and then there were Akifumi and Aiko. Unlike the previously listed twins, these two girls did not have a loving sibling relationship. For a reason unknown, Akifumi always hated Aiko and she bullied her constantly. Aiko was a submissive girl and so she never stood up for herself and simply endured the abuse. It was later revealed that Akifumi was extremely mentally unbalanced and she had schizophrenia.
      One day during her routine of daily abuse of her sister, Akifumi decided to try something new. She had recently seen a certain horror movie about a knife wielding maniac and desperately wanted to achieve the same results that he had. Because no matter what she did, Aiko always remained silent and never made a peep.
      But Akifumi wanted to hear her scream and what better way to achieve that, then to chase her through the house with a knife? She expected her sister to scream and maybe beg her to stop. What she didn't expect was for Aiko to shove her out the third floor window.
      Target: Aiko (23)

    • [​IMG]
      On May 12th 1998, Shay Tammy was out playing in the woods with her cousins. They were playing hide and seek and Shay was winning because she was the smallest and could find great hiding places. After quite a few failed attempts at finding Shay and winning, her cousins became fed up and decided to play mean trick on Shay. They snuck off and gave the pretense that they had left. Shay, at the time was only ten and very afraid of being by herself. After not hearing her cousins for quite awhile, she rushed down from her hiding place, the highest branch of an oak tree, lost her footing and broke her neck.
      Targets: The children of her only living cousin Bobby Flynn. Sadie (8) and Billy Flynn (5).


    • Appearance: [Anime]
      Fashion Style: [Description or Polyvore/Pinterest/Tumblr link]
      (18 - 25)

      [At least five sentences not counting dialogue. Include any encounters with ghosts and how you joined the team.]

      Specialty: [Are you a historian? Do you rake in the jobs? Etc.]
      Weapon: [Max. 2]

    • J Dale
      Tara Barnes
      Adam Hertz
      Ayla Sahin

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  2. @Wolfsbane706
    @Fugo Pannacotta

    Here is the promised Sign Up thread!

    - -

    Fashion Style: Athletic Look
    Josephine "J" Dale
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: J is a loud and headstrong girl who usually doesn't take 'no' for an answer. If she sees somebody with ghost hunting potential, she'll pursue them and try to wear them down until they agree to join the team. She'll even go as far as to learn your schedule and follow you around for days until you fold.

    Bio: J is a Lindle native, through and through. She was born in the town, attended school in the town and never left. It wasn't as though there wasn't hope for her anywhere else, it was more like she loved the town and never wanted to leave. When she was in high school she received two athletic scholarships to two east coast schools but rejected them. College was never apart of her life plan, and she only participated in sports for fun. Her real calling was tinkering with various mechanical objects in her house and in a garage working on cars. It was in that garage that she first found out about ghosts.
    She had been scrapping car parts from a vehicle that had been totaled in a car crash when she heard someone crying nearby. After scoping the car out for a bit she found the source. A somewhat transparent man with shaggy black hair and bright red eyes. She recognized the man as the deceased owner of the car she was scrapping. Although they had known each other in the past, the man didn't recognize her as a friend but as any foe who was in the middle of destroying his beloved car. He lashed out at her, his anger causing various tools to fly through the air. Fearing for her life, J recalled the only ghost movie that she had ever seen and grabbed a nearby vacuum. She might not have had the same fancy tech as the Ghost Busters but she was gonna try and achieve the same result.
    That day she found out that sucking ghosts into vacuums and expelling them later, actually got rid of them for good. With this new discovery she decided to create a team to help eradicate violent ghosts that wished to harm the towns people.

    Likes: Sports, working out, meat, big dogs, pop, stuck up city people.
    Dislikes: Swimming, having to wait/people who make her wait, guys who can't take a hint, turtles, small dogs (yappers).
    Mechanic. She usually fixes the mechanical tools that they use as well as the broken electrical objects in the houses they clean.
    Weapon: A roomba and a regular vacuum.

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  3. Awesome! I will make my CS this afternoon or tomorrow.
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  4. ((Finished!))


    Fashion Style: Subdued, dark colors. Always wears skirts and long-sleeves, never wears pants or t-shirts.
    Name: Jacqueline Cross
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Somewhat subdued, like her clothes, but excitable around things she likes or finds interesting, particularly ghosts. Jacqueline's got more than a little vested interest in figure skating, thanks to her first encounter with a ghost being at the local ice rink. She also has something of a "tunnel vision" problem. When she starts focusing on something, it is extremely difficult to get her attention until she's done.
    Bio: Jacqueline mostly leads a normal life, besides her job with the S.O.A.P.S. crew. Originally, she was just an amateur writer and off-and-on programmer, but after encountering and investigating rumors of a poltergeist at the ice rink, she became interested in finding and studying ghosts. Typically, though, doing this publicly ended in rebuttals, rebukes, and everything else associated with thinking a person is just a little bit out of their mind. Having realized this, Jacqueline decided she need to find somewhere or someone that would not only believe her claims, but support them as well. With that end in mind, she sought out and joined S.O.A.P.S. Her role is mostly logistics, keeping track of everybody and making sure anything that gets broken is explained.
    Likes: Figure skating, ghosts, writing, reading
    Dislikes: Being criticized for any reason, being bugged while writing or reading
    Specialty: Cover Stories: In case things get out of hand while capturing or hunting a specific ghost, Jacqueline can weave a believable story about why things got messy during what was supposed to be a simple housekeeping job. Most of the time.
    Weapon: A vacuum cleaner modified to spit as well as suck.​
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  5. WIP
    Fashion Style: the 'I Do what I want' Look
    Her normal outfit:

    Her other clothing:
    Skirts: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=132694856
    shirts: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=132694159

    Name: Trinity Odessa
    Age: 19
    : Female

    Personality: Changes all the time its all on the clothing my friend all on the clothing XD
    Bio: (I'm writing it!)
    - Sweats
    - shirts with Gifs
    - ripped Jeans
    - boys
    - Pranks

    - Rude people
    - non fashoin looks
    - No Sweats
    - rude people

    Specialty: .... She has none.... fine I'll think of somthing XD
    Weapon: Duster
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  6. ~~~~Tara Barnes~~~~


    Name: Tara Barnes
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Fashion Style: The stereotypical schoolgirl
    Appearance: Her usual style is very casual. She is usually seen wearing some form of sweater, and is always wearing red somewhere on her body, whether it be a pair of socks, a bracelet, or a new skirt. She wears black flats most of the time, and when she wears socks, they are always knee-high. Overall, she has the look of a stereotypical schoolgirl, despite the fact that she graduated high school three years ago. Her short hair is dyed red, but is naturally brown, and she has dark green eyes with thin lashes. Her skin is pale and she almost always ha her hair put off to the side or pulled back, with either a headband, hair tie, or barrette.
    Personality: Tara is very self-confident. She prides herself mostly on her smarts, and is very stubborn and gets annoyed easily if people question her intelligence. She is very logical and thoughtful, as well as an overall nice person, but if she feels like she is correct, she will not back down from her opinion, even if she later realizes it is wrong.
    Bio: Tara was born in Columbus, Ohio. Upon hearing that her mother was pregnant, her father left her mother, leaving her all the responsibility of raising a child alone. Surprisingly, she got along pretty well. She had just finished school, and managed to get a high paying job at a law firm. The only problem was, she had to move to the small town of Lindle, Massachusetts to get it with her young daughter. Once the two settled down, they lived a simple life until Tara graduated, to which she was subsequently accepted into Harvard Law for her grades, and she was delighted to be following in her loving mother's footsteps. However, she wanted to take a break from school for a bit before going back, so she made a simple but nice life in Lindle, living in a tiny house with her pet cat, Cow.

    After a few years, she was looking for a bit of excitement. Sure, her life was great, but it wasn't all that interesting. She needed some excitement, so when she heard about S.O.A.P.S, she was all for it. She needed some friends her own age, and she would make a little more money doing it. So, she joined up, not realizing until then that it wasn't just an ordinary on call maid service...

    • Cats
    • Strawberries and any fruit
    • Rain
    • Cold weather
    • Loud people/noises
    • Playing sports
    • Ignorant people
    • The dark (she is afraid of it)
    Specialty: Tara is the strategist. She is the main person that figures out where the ghosts are as well as the fastest and safest way to remove them.
    Broom and old-fashioned feather duster
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  7. WIP

    Fashion Style:
    Rather mixed but definitely comfort before looks.
    Name: Ayla Şahin
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Ayla is a woman of many faces (sorry for the pun), vibrant and excitable one moment and then easily fits into her newest persona. She flits from persona to persona, depending on what suits her that day. She can be talkative and when she is in such a mood, will talk your ears off. Other times she is as silent as the grave.
    Bio: Ayla grew up Turkey, in an extremely superstitious and very much unorthodox family. No washing was done of Tuesdays or Saturdays, no work done between sala to ezan and one never pointed near the cemetery lest their fingers grew weak. She grew up one of 9 siblings, the eldest and though she was a good older sister, she longed for a place outside of her tiny hometown in the hills.
    Her first ghost encounter was when she was 14, wandering through the village on the way to her home. It was dark and her grandmother had bid her return home, for crows had been seen flying about and everyone knew such a thing was a death omen. A great mist rose up and out of it emerged a spirit with little flesh and was if it had starved and dessicated after death. She fled home and though she never spoke of it, she has seen others since then.
    Good spirits
    Palm reading
    The heat


    The cold
    Flies or biting insects
    Open water (she cannot swim)

    Psychic medium as a job, helps find out which houses have spirits or ghosts in them from her clients. She has a good strategic mind as well.
    Weapon: [Max. 2]
    Spray bottle
    Broom (A superstitious item said to be dangerous against spirits)
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  8. @Lilpuff

    Accepted! Bonus points for the cat named Cow! :D And ooh, a ghost hunter who's afraid of the dark! Lovely ehe..ehehe...:3
  9. I thought that would be interesting :) I was going to do Arachnophobia, but that seemed too common.
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  10. I swear if the Ghost have no Fashion Its going back where it comes from! if not welll She going to have a hard time ghost hunting and may want that ghost XD
  11. is it too late to join this?
  12. @Demaryu
    No it's not too late to join. ^^

    I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand what you said?
  13. ok i will create a cs sheet tomorrow morning. I got work soon so i cant do it now
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  14. What @Cry said: If the ghost has no fashion sense, bye-bye ghost. If the ghost does have a fashion sense, she may want it as a pet.
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  15. Appearance:

    Fashion Style:
    No set style though she prefers a range of buttom up shirts along with skinny jeans, skirts or shorts. Occasionally she wears sleeveless jumpers over the shirts. Harriet does wear all clothes without care though avoids pinks, oranges and greens.

    Harriet Gale



    Harriet is easily distracted person as she will often fall into her music and accidently blank out basically everything. Though she still fails to block out her issue of finding herself repulsed by dirt. This of course makes her cover more bbelieve able. Harriet Iis kind, easily finding forgiveness easily in her heart though when it heads down to loathing she holds a very strong grudge and when she does it lasts. She often uses her stash of strawberry lollipops to keep her focus. Strangely, Harriet can easily be mmanipulated as she is not an incredibly stubborn person unless it comes to her grudges which often are quite comical. She Is not the most school smart but In un academic related stuff, Harriet can be quite knowledgeable.
    Harriet is someone heavily into her health so she is quite physically strong in comparision to most females her age.

    Bio: [At least five sentences not counting dialogue. Include any encounters with ghosts and how you joined the team.]

    ☆music -kpop
    ☆lollipops - strawberry flavour
    ☆ her head phones
    ☆ lillies
    ☆ wearing masks...

    ☆ loud people
    ☆ country music
    ☆ working
    ☆ adventure films
    ☆ dislikes dirt in any form - leads to panic.

    Harriet's specialty would be her memory. She has a near perfect memory which leads her to often record all information she gets her hands on. Normally anything important despite her memory is written in red bound books in her room incase she vanishes and the information
    needed.She used to work with archives and before that in a library.

    Weapon (s):
    ☆ Broom
    ☆ Books

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  16. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Fashion Style: Always wears a full suit or tuxedo when going out and about. The suits range from colors of navy blue, grey, black, tan, white, and red. When at home lounges around in casual blue jeans and t-shirts.

    Name: Adam Hertz

    Personality: Adam is an easy going carefree kind of guy. He is always the type of person that sees the glass as half full rather than being half empty. This causes him to not take most any situation seriously despite how dire the situation may be. He can be counted on in a pinch just don't expect him to rush.

    Bio: Adam grew Up as a single child to an average family in the small town of Lindle. At the young age of four while playing hide and seek in his house with some friends from school. He hid in the attic and encountered his first ghost. Like any child he reacted with a scream and ran down to get his parents. He showed them up to the attic and pointed right at the ghost, but they saw nothing. Over the next ten years he encountered more ghost and tried to convince friend after friend with no luck. Finally his parents hand enough and sent him away to a strict military academy. While there he picked up two things knowledge of martial arts and a carefree attitude. He graduated from the academy as the age of twenty three and returned to Lindle no more speaking of the ghost around him. For one year he searched for a job that would allow him to rid the town of ghost while not looking crazy. Eventually he had chance run in with S.O.A.P.S. when they by chance came to his parents house and cleaned there. He noticed that the ghost had disappeared. He tracked them down and questioned them about the ghost. Once they knew he could see them he was hired to work with them and has been with the team ever since.

    Likes: Suits , games, laying around, and sweets
    dislikes: people telling him to be serious, lectures, veggies, and not wearing suits.

    Specialty: Has a side job as a land surveyor. This allows him to scout out the town to see were ghost activities have happened or looked to have occurred so the team knows were they should offer there services next.

    Weapon: spray bottle and washrag
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  17. man this took way longer than i planned. i ended p going to sleep before i found a pic i wanted to use
  18. @Demaryu
    Awesome! A flippant guy who wears suits. Nice. :D Accepted!


    Oh and I just wanted to let you two know that when the rp starts, our characters would already know each other.
  19. TT.TT i would like to thank my mother for having me so i could win such a role in a great rp such as this. Thank u for taking me in i shall do my best not to disappoint.
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