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    • Full name: Syra Elviar (Sira El-V-air)
      Age: 24
      Species: Elf/Witch (half and half)
      Syra stands tall at about six foot even, blame it on her elven blood from her father, with soft ivory flesh stretching across her frame. Her build is about average with a feminine shape overall that gives her a nice set of curves to hide the bit of muscle beneath. She had long raven black locks that curl and wave their way down to the top of her back. Her eyes are constantly flickering between a lavender, light enough to be silver, to a dark amethyst and every shade in between the two. Her ears, white not near as long as a full blooded elf, ends with a dainty point.

      At first glance, Syra can come off as a bit cold, or even a bit snooty. She doesn’t get much better after a first impression, being a bit on the prickly side to even those she deeply cares for. Its not odd to see her offer up a smirk or a sarcastic comment on the flip. She is capable of a cool politeness in situations that demand it. However, for all the prickles she shoes, she’s actually a very kind person trying to cover up that kindness so it doesn’t get taken advantage of. She has a particular soft spots for young kids and animals. Syra is observant, and doesn’t mind long spells of quiet while she watches and waits. She also doesn’t mind being alone for long periods of time, used to being solo a good chunk of the time. But she also doesn’t mind being around people for that matter. It’s not odd for her to be away from civilization for periods of time as she explores the islands, she has a healthy dose of curiosity and a sense of adventure.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?:
      Syra was born in the isles. Her fathers family is from Sprinfata and her mother’s from Autunmei. Her parents met while her mother, Anita, was visiting Sprinfata to look for some herbs that didn’t grow on her own island. While there she stumbled into a charming elven man by the name of Degoza Corinor. During her stay, one thing led to another and Syra was unknowingly conceived. At the end of three months, however, Anita returned to her own island. Anita and Degoza stayed on good terms. However the two didn’t really know much of each other.

      Backstory (open)

      After a couple months of being home, Anita would begin to show signs of pregnancy. It would take her six months before she worked up the courage to send news to the man she knew had to be the father of the infant within her. It was then that now parents really got to know who each other was.

      The two came from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Anita came from a long line of witches, three of those generations being born to the Islands, the generations before that had come from the world beyond. Anita herself was meant to be become the next matriarch of the family after her mother passed away as the only child. The witch was a strong enchanter and made some of the best potions and amulets in her hometown. While Degoza came from a noble family of elves on Sprinfata. His father served in the council and was the nephew of the current king. However Degoza himself was second born and not a direct heir, he himself had a knack for the wilds and had become a hunter. While he enjoyed finding color materials, his main occupation was that of a model, to keep good face for his family.

      After meeting in person and discussing what was to come of them and their unborn child, it was decided that the child’s identity would be kept on the down low. Degoza still wanted to be a part of the unborn babe’s life, but he knew he had to keep marriage open in case his family needed to make a political alliance of some sort. So the child would stay and be raised by Anita, it would take Anita’s name and Degoza would have to be careful when he did want to see his offSprinfata. After the decision was made, Degoza returned to his home. He would however still send letters, and every now and then money or small presents to the woman he had impregnated. Then finally, on a rainy night, Syra was born.

      Through her younger years, Syra was a quiet, observant child. She asked a near obscene amount fo questions and was curious beyond her years. While the young girl was fascinated by magic, she was also weary of it after an accident involving her grandmother’s lab. Syra learned quickly for her age, devouring any form of schooling her family threw at her. She was also spoiled by a mysterious person who sent her gifts in the mail. A man that her mother promised to tell her all about when she was older.

      Syra grew up fairly happy. But once she turned 12, there was still no indication of any magical ability. This worried her mother, but she kept a smile on her face. What did manifest just as she hit puberty, was a knack for exploring and finding things. Syra began to wander, and as she wandered she began to pick up on where she could find certain things on the island. It wasn’t long before she was bringing her family ingredients they needed for their magic workings. It was not long after this when Syra came home, bloodied that Anita truly began to worry about her child, whom had no means of protection.

      Syra was given boundaries. She was no longer allowed to venture out beyond her family’s land. Anita began to try and push the magic in her daughter’s blood to manifest. There had to be something, some means of protecting the girl who seemed to be hit with wanderlust. But the longer Syra was restrained from venturing into the woods, the more resentment built up and the more the normally docile child began to act out. After discussing it with Degoza, an offer was given to the young teenager. If she could get some kind of magic to manifest, Anita would tell her about the mysterious man who sent her things. Her curiosity piqued, Syra calmed and began to throw herself into the lessons.

      For months, the effort was fruitless and the entire family was feeling the strain. Relations where snippy. Maybe Syra was just not meant to harness magic. It would be the first show of impotency in the Elviar bloodline. But it was possible. Syra hated hearing those hushed words. She threw herself into it even more, now desperate to prove those words wrong. It took a year and a half before the first inkling of magic expressed itself. By this time, Syra knew the practice and protocols inside out and backwards. She knew how it was supposed to work. She just couldn’t make it come. Or so she thought, she was mixing a potion, the only thing she could get to work for her when she felt the first stirrings of something inside of her.

      A month later, she lost her temper, spinning and stomping her foot as she let her anger lash out. As she did, violet flame erupted from where her foot struck the ground. Finally, Syra was able to call magic. Although after another year of this, it would be proven that her grasp on magic was limited. She was able to learn to control that purple fire, mix potions, and conjure a familiar to her (which always took the form of a raven), but beyond that, Syra still couldn’t call magic to her like would be enchanters half her age.

      However, as was promised, her mother sat her down and told the girl of 15 all about her father. At the end of the discussion, the woman offered the girl the chance to visit, as had been prearranged between the two adults. After hesitating for a moment, the girl agreed to it. Word was sent and a month later, Syra stepped onto her first ship, waving to her family as the ship began to make its way to Sprinfata.

      When father and daughter finally met for the first time, it just clicked. Although Syra teased the elf about his modeling profession, the two seemed to get each other in a way that was lacking between mother and daughter. The two of them spent much of their time in a vacation home away from the capital. There, Degoza taught his daughter the ways of the bow and how to track, something the teenager ate up, taking to this learning this trade much easier than the one of enchanter. The three months spent with her father passed by in a blur for the teenager. But when she made the trip back home, it was with a bow and quiver full of arrows, a new found calling, a promise of a yearly reunion, and a companion by the name of Legan, a friend of her fathers who would continue to teach her to be a hunter.

      That year passed by in a blur of falling leaves, forest exploration, and mountain climbing as she learned diligently with Legan on the lands of Autunmei. When the time came for her to return to spend three months with her father, Lean accompanied her back to his home island, saying that now she had to learn herself from her surroundings. As a gift, Legan gave her a young wolf pup to train into a hunting companion. She would eventually call this creature Vix. So when they docked, the teen bid her goodbyes to Legan and joined her father again.

      A cycle was set, and while Syra would spend most of her life with her mother, she was now promised three months of the year to spend with her father. This cycle was promised to continue, at least until she hit adulthood. After witch, it would be her decision. But she was to always keep in mind her fathers position. The rest of Syra’s teens passed in a blur. However, a month before she turned 18, her father was married to a noblewoman by the name of Cassandra.

      The next time Syra was allowed to visit, she was introduced to her step mother. And while the two didn’t quite connect. They both held an understanding for each other in Degoza’s life. It was talked over, and Syras existence as his bastard daughter would still be kept quiet. After his marriage, Syra slowed her visits to the man, not wanting to intrude on the beginning of his new family. Something she quietly resented, but understood.

      Since then, she has been prowling around the archipelago, avoiding Sumenoto according to her mother’s warning. Autunmei is still her home and where she pledges her allegiance to, it’s also the island she knows best. But she has started exploring the others a little.

      Extra Information:
      Necklace she wears is a gift from her father.

    • Experience Points:
      2 POINTS



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  2. UPDATE: 8/2/16
    Syra Elviar has successfully retrieved an 'Opal Ring of Tracking' laying upon the ground in front of a ferret. This ring will allow the wearer to see tracks on the ground more clearly than before. As well, if the in-scripted words, "Radar Tracking Prints" is said thrice times in a row the ring will send out a high pitched radar scan in a 20ft radius around the ring bearer and it will allow the person to detect any living thing in the area for two posting rounds.

    More information on items and how to receive them are located in the Seasonal Island Kingdoms Saga Clan
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