WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Sir Jozilioman Archonfall Character Profile

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  1. This character profile is for the group roleplay, Seasonal Island Kingdoms.


    • Full name: Sir Jozilioman Archonfall

      Nickname(s): Brass

      Age: Has operated in Autunmei for thirty years

      Species: Reanimated Corpse (formerly human)


      Personality: While at times Brass might seem sullen or disinterested, it is more likely that he simply cannot remember the right way to reply to a person, or engage with them. However, Brass is both fiercely loyal, and compassionate despite his warrior instinct and grave appearance. As something between construct and man, the creature is both capable of complete emotional detachment in the face of combat, and deep connection between himself and his people. In fact, while he speaks little, when he does speak it is often words of comfort or inspiration. Even when he hasn't the use of his voice, Brass expresses himself with actions: the warrior still possesses some of his old, more knightly hobbies, like jousting, feasting, and courtly dancing.

      After spending decades in Autunmei, Brass has reconstructed for himself a new purpose to replace the mission he forgot, and now is exceptionally patriotic for the people of his nation. Although he hardly remembers how he perished the first time, some instinctual part of him still recognizes that the life he lives is not his first, and that he above all else knows not to take a single day for granted. Often wordlessly, the knight will intervene to protect any person or creature that appears threatened, and due to the crime rate in Autunmei, he has never found himself at want for something or someone to stand before.

      While crime aggravates the creature, he does not fault the leaders of Autunmei for their ambitions in Nuetolam, nor for the hostility between his land and Sumenoto: to Jozilioman, politics are matters concerning only royalty, and one's loyalty to their state must remain absolute no matter how their leaders fare.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?:
      Seriously Lengthy Backstory
      Many years ago, another island kingdom--not wholly unlike any one of the seasonal kingdoms--enterred a period of great civil strife. The island was a solitary empire in and of itself, however its people's disinterest in exploration led to its own downfall. While it had been a self-sustained land for centuries, the great isle of Igorion was struck with a series of concurrent, and inexplicable natural calamities for nearly a whole month.

      First, a series of great tidal waves crushed the isles many lower reaches, decimating farmland and the population of the common class. Next, a series of hurricanes assaulted the island, effectively halting any relief efforts the noble caste and royalty could deliver to their subjects by destroying the great glimmering capital itself. Igorion was famed for their chivalrous culture, and despite the sheer impossibility of the task, the knights of Igorion's capital were tasked to save its city or perish in the destruction.

      Of course, the third and final wave--a volcanic eruption from the peak of Mount Igorous itself--rid Igorion of all its living inhabitants, and despite the haplessness of their duty, it was the knights who stood at the front of the oncoming magma and the first to fall. Sir Jozilioman had already lost much to the great calamity, and on the final day of his homeland's destruction, as fire and ash rained upon his city, he never reaced the vanguard of knights he was sworn to. Instead, Jozilioman was tasked with a singular duty by his lord: to breach the great sea as the last Igorion and live so that his people's memory would too. It was on this voyage that the knight's vessel crossed through the magical energy surrounding the seasonal kingdoms, and at last drifted ashore.

      Alas, the great knight was ill-fated for his mission: although he had been able to drink rain-water, he hadn't time nor ability to stock his small vessel with food for the voyage, and the knight had long since starved to death in the bottom of the small craft. On Autunmei, his corpse lay, still encased in the brass colored armor of his guard. It would not be his end, however: a young enchantress--eager to prove her skills--discovered his preserved corpse nearly completely buried beneath the muddy banks on the northern part of the island. Long roots, river-weeds, and algae wrapped in and around the knights armor, and much of it had sunk into the ground but for a single point at the front of his face-guard.

      Using a series of taboo trinkets, the young enchantress set about trying to breath magical life not into the dead knight but into his armor: she endeavored to create a magical construct. Instead, her trinkets, which she had buried into the breast of Jozilioman's corpse, reanimated an amalgamation of the armor, the knight, and the flora that had grown atop the body. Rising from the shore on unsteady legs, the great knight again formed some semblance of consciousness, but lacked any memory of who he used to be. For many years, the creature stumbled through the wilderness of Autunmei, grasping at fleeting memories and thoughts until it could again speak in simple tongue.

      The young enchantress had fled upon his first awakening, and although the knight never found her again, he did find the capital of Autunmei. While he never remembered his true name, nor country, the knight did know his purpose as a protector, and set about creating a life for himself as a silent defender of the Autunmei people. He would never abandon his armor lest they fear or outcast him, but with care, the knight was able to not only divert suspicion, but gain the trust of those he encountered. In time, as Jozilioman grew to be a regular citizen in Autunmei, he adopted the nickname "Brass" for the sheen of his armor, and applied himself to become a government commissioned warrior and protector of the people.

      Extra Information: In the cracks and creases between his armor plates, one can spot a tangled mess of autumn leaves and twigs springing forth from inside. The magic totems tethering Brass's soul to the armor so too enchanted the flora that had grown inside his armor, so if he were to remove his suit he would appear to be a walking bush of sorts, and only beneath the husk of vines and branches would one find his shriveled corpse and the totems embedded inside.

    • Experience Points:
      2 EXP



      Ability| Traits:


      Quest Log:

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  2. UPDATE: 10/22/16

    Sir "Brass" has successfully obtained the 'Silver Necklace of Metallic Summoning' that was swinging on an Apothecary Sign. This necklace is very special for those who use any kind of metallic weapon. There seems to be faint engraved writing across the bulk of the medallion and in the middle there is a beveled sword that signifies the power that can be unlocked within the necklace. This necklace grants the user the ability to summon two different metal weapons every three posts. However, the necklace will only work once the wearer has taken it to an enchanter to be unlocked. More information about this item and the other rewards received is in the Seasonal Island Kingdoms Saga Clan.