WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Searcy Behold Character Profile

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    • Full name: Searcy Behold

      Nickname(s): Sears

      Age: Mid twenties, give or take

      Species: Skeleton

      Appearance: Searcy is, as expected, an extremely thin and spindly figure. The third eye socket on his forehead is opened on occasion, as he usually closes it to look like he only has two sockets. His jaw has a crack that interferes with his mouth, but nothing to note. The skeleton tends to have a purple hued aura around him, specifically his eye sockets and the purple markings on his bones. The haze thickens or thins to his mood. Searcy has an incredibly wide wardrobe. He'll tend to wear sharp and spiffy outfits, or lackadaisical garbs. Evolves around the day, you know?

      Personality: Searcy is what you'd probably expect from a three-eyed, purple-laced skeleton in ritzy attire. I understand that you probably don't expect to see anything like this walking around but just hear me up. He's packaged up with a sharp wit, tied together with a shiny red razor tongue ribbon. He's quick to pick fights, which is nearly a hobby when his loudness tends to entice angry attention. Yes, Searcy tends to get easily wound up into things, and you'd think his frontal lobe was ripped out because of how openly he expresses anger, excitement and so on. Not to mention the ego that he can build up! He will often overestimate his abilities in whatever it is he does, and will prove he's greater on a dime. On the other hand, Searcy is very laid back and physically lenient when he's not roused. He'll get half closed eyes and a dopey grin, and often ignores strangers or just cuts them off. Aside from that, he is very intelligent, believe it or not. He is rounded terms of Science, but never had great grades in math. Although he isn't horrible with numbers, he finds them tiring and even an annoyance. When it comes to things like work, Searcy wavers between being incredibly lazy, or incredibly active.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?: A star-crossed one man boat sailed through the waters at the wrong time, casting it in a wreck onto the shores of Autunmei along with the human who managed it. And whom first came across him was really in a crappy mood. Not to mention he was littering her property with his hopes and dreams of his boat, so she bewitched the stranger. Ultimately, she didn't kill him, but his humanity was burned from himself. What was left was a magic-welding skeleton, who quickly moved to Sumeneto after his encounter.

      Extra Information: Searcy eats like a beast, beyond what it seems like a skeleton should consume, and when he's alone you can hear him mumble or flat out talk a conversation, as if someone's there. This is where we head into his magic abilities. Referring back to the purple haze and markings Searcy collects, he can wield this fume with his hands too lift objects. He creates bones (cough) and direct them at will, and now we move on to the eyes in his reference. Searcy forms (oh boy here it comes) two immense, gnarly looking animal skulls with three vivid purple eyes, who open their jaws to send scathingly bright beams. Although Searcy is the one who can create their physical forms, it drains him quite a bit and not to mention they very much have minds of their own. Which is why he tends to stay away from using their ability until he can control them, and they're who he likely talks to.
      You would probably think Searcy gets hardly any work that he doesn't want to do done. So instead, he will most likely stroll around town and tend to activities he enjoys.

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