WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Niege Lucidclock Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay, Seasonal Island Kingdoms.


    • Full name:
      Neige Lucidclock


      225 (looks 25)

      Snow Elf

      Enyel can be perfectly described as a lion in a mouse’s body. He dreams of being a skillful warrior and being a hero to his Kingdom, but sadly Enyel struggles getting over his own habits. He’s a timid, shy and quiet young man. Always preferring to be alone or around people or things he’s familiar with. Comfort and safety in normal routine is what Enyel strives for, a way of life not meant for a warrior.

      To keep himself from reverting back to his old self, Enyel will take the initiative in any chance he gets. From meeting new and different people, to gathering minerals in new locations, and trying new and exotic foods, Enyel will do anything to keep on his personal quest to become a great warrior.

      Enyel is more of a listener than a talker, but will become a part of the conversation in order to get his voice heard. Being very kind-hearted and gentle, Enyel goes out his way to making everyone around him safe, even those who give him red flags. To him, until they do something, they deserve to be treated kindly.

      When in danger, Enyel’s first instinct is to run and hide. But when cornered, he will unleash his inner warrior and fight until his last breath.

      Many will find Enyel aloof and standoffish first, but with effort them both, they will see Enyel as a good friend.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?:
      Enyel was born and raised on Winturof.

      Extra Information:

      -Snow Elves were once a prosperous society that rivaled those of High Elves. They were a peaceful, accepting society that welcomed all types of races and species onto their land, until humans began to rapidly build their civilization. Quickly, snow elves saw humans as a lesser race and launched a war with them. The whole snow elves society was soon wiped with genocide by the humans and the few remaining became enslaved by the Dwarves, who kept them under control by forcing them to eat a toxic plant, making them blind.

      Some Snow Elves were able to escape the Dwarves slavery, either fleeing away or creating splinter groups to fight the Dwarves. However, those who didn't accept slavery were killed. Those in slavery slowly became twisted and primal. When freed from slavery after the collapse of the Dwarves, they became bloodthirsty.

      Snow Elves, both pure and corrupted, are now considered an endangered species of elves.

      Snow Elf


      -High magical abilities
      -High tolerance of the cold


      -Easily manipulated and tricked
      -Two faced


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