WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Mira Boggs Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay; Seasonal Island Kingdoms. This roleplay is always accepting characters!


    • Full name: Mira Boggs

      Nickname(s):Squishy, squiggles

      Age:? technically just born


      Personality: Very shy around humans or other humanoids, and feels awkward due to the fact that clothing refuses to stay on her from lack of solidity. She doesn't like it when others are hurt and her slime can seal wounds shut and relieve pain. She cannot be cut either, however if she comes in contact with fire she will bubble and fall apart, and if she touches water she becomes diluted and has trouble holding herself together. Loves being social with people she knows well, even though she cannot speak from lack of lungs or vocal chords. Currently has a well functioning knowledge of the islands and the science behind some of it, due to how she came to be.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?: The blood from a scientist entered the residue from an interrupted extraction of soil from sumenoto in the lab on Winturof dedicated to plant research. The liquid coalesced into Mira, who at this point has the knowledge but not the memories of the scientist who bled.

      Extra Information: Likes being poked. It makes her giggle and/or jiggle.

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