WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Marzipan Loaf Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay, Seasonal Island Kingdom


    • Full name: Marzipan Loaf

      Nickname(s): N/A

      Age: 22

      Species: Bunny girl

      Appearance: Marzipan is short, standing at 4’10” and has a bit of a pudgy face. Don’t let her baby face fool you, though, she does many things to keep herself in shape and has a lot of muscle on her. Her hair is a very light blonde, almost platinum blonde, along with her fur on her ears. Her tail, meanwhile, is all white in fur color. Said hair is in a pixie cut, as short as possible without looking bald or ridiculous. Her dark brown eyes are generally fierce and smoldering, her glare something one usually doesn’t forget. Her clothing consists of a light material that is a soft sand color. She also has two short swords that are well kept.

      Personality: Marzipan is as tough as nails and quite proud of her race. Her temper is high and can get the better of her at times, butting heads with everyone that looks down on her or her kind, no matter their social status and the like. She doesn’t back down from a challenge quickly and others need to rein her in if she spots something that would look to be a worthy opponent. Still, she has an optimistic outlook for exploring the islands and wanting to know more about them. Because of this, she’s a bit of an adventurous sort. She will prove to be the hunter and not the hunted in any given situation. It takes time for her to like someone, she’s not the kind to take an instant liking to people.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?: Marzipan was travelling the world, earning a living as a mercenary. While on a boat to another continent, a storm began to brew and it ended up blowing the ship way of course. It eventually landed in Nuetolam and, curious about her new surroundings, began searching up information on the Seasonal Island Kingdoms. After some time, she pledged her allegiance to Nuetolam and would willingly draw her sword for the island kingdom.

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