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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay; Seasonal Island Kingdoms


    • Full name: Kovu Kisaragi

      Nickname(s): Tiger

      Age: 22 years old

      Species: Hybrid Neko

      Appearance: The first thing that's everybody will notice on Kovu are his adorable, pointy and blonde ears, followed by his white and sharp canines after greeting with a big smile. If someone looks closer into his eyes, they will notice the familiar cat pupils. Overall, Kovu is 6'.5" tall with short but straight blonde hair, hazel eyes and a muscular and resistant body structure that have helped him during tough physical activities.

      Personality: Kovu is an energetic and charismatic guy which negative thoughts doesn't seem to affect him at all. He's also kind and friendly with everyone, not minding at all if he just met them. He loves adventures, so he could always be seen traveling from one place to another in search of exciting things to do, like exploring caves, travel through the seven seas or climbing a tall mountain. When he trace a goal, Kovu will do anything to accomplish it and there's pretty much nothing that can stop him. He works alone most of the time, but he doesn't have any problem working with a partner or a group once in a while, that way, he could meet new people. Kovu's definitely that friend in which can be trusted and know that he will be always there.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?: By an unexpected accident in an ocean. Kovu was on his way toward Europe on his boat. Recklessly forgetting to check the weather news, an unexpected and dangerous storm stroke the ocean, the strong ocean currents dragging him into a big mass of fog. What seem like an hour, it was an eternity for Kovu. After the storm finally left, Kovu woke up on the beautiful island of Sumenoto, totally shipwrecked.

      Backstory (open)
      Since he was a child, Kovu knew he was totally different from the people, even from his parents. Unlike them, he has ears, a long tail, and sharp canines that could rip apart anything with ease. Every time he asked his parents about what exactly he was, they always told him that he was a normal boy just like others, but with special traits that made him unique. Kovu knew they were just a bunch of lies, but also understood that they just wanted to make him feel better. Still, he knew they were hiding something from him, something that will finally realize what he really was.

      Kovu lived with lovingly married humans named Haruto and Hikari Kisaragi, in a small town located in Japan. Like responsible parents, they enlisted their son on good school since Primary. As expected, the poor Kovu was always the main subject of rude jokes and weird glares among the students due to his different appearance. Afraid of him, they always avoided to be around him and when a teacher assign group works, Kovu always ended up alone. At first, he couldn't understand the discrimination, thinking that it was totally unfair, but through the years, he got so used to it that he didn't care anymore, always asking the teacher that he wanted to do all of his work by himself. Due to that, Kovu turned into a highly independent person since a child.

      When he hit puberty and turned 14, Kovu managed to make his very first friend in 9th grade, a beautiful and kind girl named Yuuki Aisaka. One day when a science teacher announced a group project, Yuuki volunteered to pair with Kovu after knowing he always ask her to work together. That was a shock to the whole class, even for Kovu and the teacher as well. Still, Kovu shyly accepted and since then, a beautiful friendship born between them. After graduating from middle school, Yuuki declared her love to Kovu, which didn't saw it coming at all. Totally touched and having the same feelings, Kovu accepted to be her boyfriend and since that day, they started a relationship that promised to be unbreakable.

      When Kovu turned 17 years old, his parents decided to tell him the truth they've been hiding for so long. They started by telling him that he was actually adopted after Hikari found him inside a small box hidden in an alley on a cold and rainy night. Not having the heart to leave him there, Hikari brought him to her home and after discussing it with Haruto, they decided to adopt him because Hikari was an infertile woman. They couldn't tell Kovu from where he came from or who were his biological parents because they didn't have any idea and there weren't any notes in the box he came from. Kovu was totally shocked after such revelation, but instead reacting angrily, he thanked them for everything he did to him and hugged them tightly.

      A year later and just a few months before Kovu was about to graduate from high school, he received a phone call that changed his life forever: it was the mother of Yuuki, telling him that his girlfriend was about to die and that she wanted to see him. He rushed to the hospital to see her and asked what just happened, only to hear that Yuuki was suffering from a brain disease since she was a child and at this point, there was nothing the doctors could do to save her. Her family was totally devasted but Yuuki wasn't. She began to thank Kovu for these years of been by her side and that he was like a gift sent from heaven. An hour later, Yuuki died in the arms of Kovu after saying her last words with a bright smile, her eyes filled with tears: "Always remember, Kovu, that every new day is a chance for having fun and enjoy the life."

      After the burial, Kovu promised himself that he won't let this ruin his life and he will do just like Yuuki told him: take chances of fun every day and enjoy the life to the max. And so, he decided to drop school for become an adventurer. He went to different academies that taught hiking, climbing, sailing and other skills and abilities that would help him on his journey to adventure. When he turned 22 years old, he decided to leave his for living on his own. He thanked his parents for everything they did for him one last time before. Then, he bought a boat after planning to travel to Europe, wanting to discover that new world. Forgetting to check the weather news, a strong storm intercepted Kovu, dragging him offshore and into oblivion.

      After the stormed passed away, Kovu woke up in the middle of a beach, shipwrecked. Instead of panicking, Kovu simply smiled, thinking that if the storm brought him here is because it was for a good reason, totally positive about such unfortunate event. Exploring around the island, he discovered that people actually lived there in villages, but what caught his attention was that they didn't look human at all. He founds elves, dwarves, Werewolves and more species that he only saw in fantasy books. Totally amazed, Kovu decided to keep exploring the island, feeling like home.It took him a full year to accustomed to the island of Sumenoto and know more about the magical archipelago. And so, his days of Hunter began.

      Extra Information:
      •Kovu gets totally flustered and shy after hearing somebody tell him that he's cute.
      •Like most cats, Kovu couldn't resist purring if somebody pets his head or scratch the back of his ears. He also loves fish, drinks a lot of milk and enjoys chasing small and furry animals like rabbits or mouses.
      •Kovu doesn't have 7 lives as the saying goes.
      •Sometimes you can see Kovu kind of sad or upset, but just on really rare occasions, probably after not been able to complete a quest or just because he's bored.
      •When really excited, Kovu cannot control his feline instincts, making him finish his sentences with a cute "nyah".

    • This information is for WhisperingWillows to fill out once the IC is up.

      Experience Points:
      2 Points



      Ability| Traits:


      Quest Log:

      Inventory Slots:

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  2. UPDATE: 10/15/16
    Kovu Kisaragi has successfully picked up the "Golden Gemstone of Swiftness" left on the ground by a mischievous white Ocelot. If you put an ear to it you can hear a faint magical hum. The Golden Gemstone of Swiftness grants the holder a burst of agility and energy to use once per post. This burst of swift energy can help with certain situations. Keep an eye out for the mysterious Ocelot, it might want to play a trick on Prince!

    More about the "Golden Gemstone of Swiftness" Stats and attributes will be explained in the Seasonal Island Kingdoms Saga Clan