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    • Full name:
      Iolani Kaleikaumaka




      Iolani is incredibly tanned, blame being born by tanned parents and working out in the fields all day without a shirt and shorts for that. He stands at 6’1”, making him a bit of a giant compared to other people. His hair is jet black and his eyes are nearly just as dark, with flecks of gray in the iris. More often than not, he wears very loose clothes that stick to him in Sumenoto’s climate, usually a white short sleeved cotton shirt and brown cotton shorts. In colder climates, he tends to wear the shirt, but the pants changes to long cotton brown pants. In even colder climates, like that of Winturof, he wears a black cotton long sleeved shirt and a black jacket that honestly doesn’t keep him warm enough.

      Iolani is a curious soul, wanting to know about the businesses of the other islands in the archipelago, not just the going ons of his home island. Though a hard worker, he sometimes makes risky decisions that fail on his end. He’s not gruff with the people he meets, rather he wants to meet as many people as possible in order to learn something from them. In a way, he could be a quick learner if he put his mind to it. He thirsts for knowledge pertaining to everything and wants hands on experience from it, not just being told about it, though information that is told is helpful to him. Having worked on a large farm with others, he’s cooperative when it comes to pretty much anything. Due to his thirst for knowledge, he might be a little too insistent on learning from someone that’s new, approaching them unabashedly and talking up a storm.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?:
      Iolani was born on Sumenoto during a heavy rainstorm. Both of his parents worked as farmers on the island, providing food to people all over. However, he wanted to try doing something else in life, so he started exploring the other islands when he was old enough to do so on his own.

      Extra Information:
      Has never seen snow in his entire life.
      Is addicted to Bovica and its luck giving properties. Tends to dump a whole load of it on his plate whenever his family buys some.
      Loves attending classes of any sort, just as long as he can learn from them.

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