WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Dixie Higgins Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the group roleplay, Seasonal Island Kingdoms.


    Dixie Higgins
    Image commissioned by me, drawn by NikktheHuman

    • Full name: Dixie Higgins
      Nickname(s): He strongly prefers to go by Higgins.
      Age: 23
      Species: Werewolf, more of a coyote than anything threatening

      Appearance: 5’6 and on the scrawny side. He has a short, brown/plum hair and golden eyes. Pointed ears, suspicious claw-like nails, and sharp fangs are the few outward indications of his werewolf infliction. He typically wears his work attire and smokes to seem intimidating.

      Personality: In his 23 years of living, all of them were spent in a restaurant. He can spend hours griping about his parents and their desire for him to continue the family trade. He’s got two other siblings so he figured one of them could carry the torch while he focused on being a criminal. But he doesn’t have a knack for breaking the law – which always lands him back to his job waiting on tables.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?: Second born of three to a Sumenoto family, Higgins was never raised to expect much of his future. What time he got away from the house was usually spent causing trouble. After doing the daily grind for 20 years, he found himself caught up in some Autunmei dealings and, as a result, has defected to continue as an inspiring criminal.

      Extra Information: His mother and brother are the only other werewolves in the family. His dad and sister tend to put up with others with immeasurable patience.

    • This information is for WhisperingWillows to fill out once the IC is up.

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  2. UPDATE: 12/22/16
    Dixie Higgins has successfully picked up the 'Coin of Control' that was lodged in the corner of a store building. Before Dixie can use this coin's powers, he must activate it with an enchanter first. The Coin of Control is a device to allow Werewolves to freely control their wolf form when they have rubbed the coin and spoke the words "Control the Wolf".

    More information about this item and the rewards from it can be found in the Seasonal Island Kingdom Saga Clan.