WORLD SHOWCASE S.I.K: Aston Tamesis Character Profile

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  1. This character profile belongs to the roleplay Seasonal Island Kingdoms. This roleplay is always accepting new characters.


    • Full name:
      Aston Tamesis



      Snow Leopard Neko-Hybrid


      Aston is very solitary and quiet and only speaks when needed. He can come off as cold and unfeeling,
      but he isn't one to show emotions to any unless he is very close to them. He is secretly caring and
      a very nurturing person. He's very nice and loving, but no one ever sees this side of him as he isn't
      ever social or seen too much unless he is accepting or turning in job requests.

      How did they get to Seasonal Island Kingdoms?:
      He was born on Wintrof

      Extra Information:
      Theme Song

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      Experience Points:
      Ability| Traits:
      Quest Log:
      Inventory Slots:

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  2. UPDATE: 11/17/16

    Aston Tamesis has successfully collected two items: The Scroll of Icy Breath & The Broach of ColdStones. The scroll is illuminated with ice magic and there is an icy blue ribbon tied to it to keep it closed. The handle of the scroll is a light blue metal and the writing is frosted onto the parchment. The title reads "Icy Breath Spell" and there are glowing instructions below this...
    The broach is silver metal with blue "ColdStones" a unique mineral on winturof that gives extra ice magic boosts to those who wear it...
    To find out more information about Aston's new items you can go to Seasonal Island Kingdoms Saga Clan.