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    Hello! I'm on a search for a good roleplay between Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime whether in canon universe or alternate. I'm not asking for too much, but there are some few rules I would like to state:

    1. While I'm not the best when it comes to grammar, please at least have decent punctuation and spelling.
    2. No one-liners! Two paragraphs or three or more is enough.
    3. I'd love to work with a cooperative partner who is willing to share their ideas!
    4. Know how to work with canon characters.
    5. Be okay with doubling when necessary.
    6. To have a generous amount of affection for Seijou ~

    I don't mind roleplaying either canon characters, so feel free to choose Oikawa or Iwaizumi to roleplay as. I'm pretty flexible. To know more about my writing or myself, you can head over to my profile and read my information or roleplay resume.

    PM me if you're interested! ^-^
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