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    You are a agent/recruit of S.E.E.S. (Satanic Entity Extermination Services) a organization formed to deal with a growing problem all across the United States of America, demons. No one knows how or why, but these horrific creatures have started to appear at growingly common intervals. What they plan to do is unpredictable, changing from mass murder to taking over small areas to just plain destruction, more often then not combining the three. Demons aren't just red horned people with pitchforks, they are almost as diverse as fish in the sea, each dangerous in their own way. The government is far too busy as it is, with defending the country and all, to fight such a unique and dangerous threat. Therefore, S.E.E.S. was born. S.E.E.S. is a government funded group of hand picked individuals who are tasked with the goal of eliminating the demons and finding why they are here. They are armed with the latest weaponry and the finest tools to get the job done. Those chosen for service must have amazing skills and ,after joining, will spend there days out in personalized rooms located in HQ called dorms. The S.E.E.S. must be ready to respond at a moment's notice to kick devil ass.

    Posts should be at least five sentences long.
    Light romance between characters is fine but nothing +18 please.
    No Godmodding or Mary Sues.
    If you have not posted in three days without telling me that you will be absent I'm afraid your character will become a casualty of war.

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance: (Description or picture)
    Bio: (Include what got them into S.E.E.S. and how long they have been in)
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  2. Diana Raeel, crimson

    Character Sheet

    Diana Raeel



    Appearance (open)

    Diana is a confident woman, who enjoys the little things in life. She would rather have all the negative aspects of life just roll over her shoulders - obviously not going to happen with the devils running all over the place.

    She is patient, friendly, and capable.

    + Throwing Knives - She is just better throwing a knife than shooting
    Knives (open)

    +Flexibility - If she's not throwing the knives, she's weaving through the enemy lines and stabbing whatever is in her way

    +Pyromaniac - Make everything go boom!

    "There's just ... this rush I get whenever I walk onto the battlefield. It's addicting, it feels like a dream, and just can't get enough of it."

    She was bored in life. Had no goal, no purpose. She saw S.E.E.S as a way to end her life, to go out in a blaze of glory and horrifying gore, fortunately for her, she seemed to have found something she really enjoys. Now, she's been with the organization for 7 years.

    The one thing she absolutely refuses to set on fire is her animal plushies. Don't touch those either.​

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  3. *Loud construction noises coming from CS*
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  4. Name: Bellamy Weathers
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Bellamy has a lean stature, being 6'1 and around 175lbs. Bell is light on his feet and moves like a cat. Bellamy has a lean face with high cheekbones, giving it a "long" appearance, a sharp jawline which is counteracted by the surprising softness of his cheekbones. Bell has creamy mocha skin and his face is dusted with freckles, some more prominent than others. His hair is ink black and thick, it is of eyebrow length, and is typically messy looking. Bell's eyes are like two cups of coffee, having a daring spark in them and are surrounded by a thick long set of eyelashes. Bell has a somewhat thin top lip but is made up for by his thicker, more fleshy bottom lip. Bellamy typically sports a crooked smile or small smirk. Though at times he has a hardened look, with a stone stare and blank emotion. Bell has a bullet like wound on his right shoulder, just below his collar bone and a small knife scar on his ribs. Has this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-W-Ibe2Jzc9...o%2Bpoetra.png tattooed on his upper back. Chest http://slodive.com/wp-content/upload...-men/chest.jpg. This tattoo http://www.findyourtattoo.net/wp-con...os-For-Men.jpg is located on the inside of his forearm, with the north part of the cross located towards his elbow and going down a bit past half way his forearm.
    Personality: [Brave][Charming][Introvert/Extrovert][Determined][Bold][RoughExterior][Intelligent/Quick Thinker][Protective/Possessive][Soft Mannered]
    Bell is willing to die for the group for it's survival. Usually putting himself before the danger. Though he is only seen as a hard-ass amongst the others since he tends not to show his softer side, believing it will make him seem weak.
    When he needs or just wants something, Bell can flick on a switch and lose the hard-ass act and become somewhat charming. More so in a mysterious way.

    Although Bellamy loves people following him and being in control of those around him, he does enjoy having time to himself and thinking things over. He is a bold and strong leader, but does not abuse this power. Bellamy has a hard time expressing his emotions and will not, even to those close to him. Having the thought that this will make him seem weak to those around him. So he keeps his emotions close to him and attempts to figure them out himself...even if they slowly break him down from the inside out. Bellamy uses his hard-ass act to disguise his real self.
    Bellamy, is highly stubborn. Making a decision and sticking with it, even if everyone around is nagging on him about it. He believes in his own decisions strongly.

    Bellamy isn't afraid to stand out or to make his thoughts known. He knows who he is and exactly what he is capable...or at least he thinks he does.Though at times Bellamy can be highly influenced by those around him, depending on the situation.
    Rough Exterior
    It takes a lot to get to Bellamy, emotionally. He tends to shut people out and not acknowledge their emotions. If you find a way to weasel your way past the exterior, it's not uncommon for him to just shut you out then and there, not to act on your emotions or to even act on his own. As a leader, he doesn't want to be slowed down, especially if someone can't keep up with him. But he is soft and squishy on the inside and a bit complicated, so you never know what could happen.

    Bellamy is intelligent and intuitive. He reasons everything out and then acts on instinct to carry it through. It isn't uncommon for him to act on just instinct alone, usually this is success or failure, but he learns from them either way. Bellamy absorbs the world around him, whenever he enters a room, he acknowledges weapons, exits etc.

    Depending on who you are and what you mean, Bellamy will protect you until death or until you betray him (than he just pushes you away without second chances). Bell also doesn't like sharing and will do anything to make sure he doesn't have to. It's not noticeable, to where he is pulling you away from people, but he gives subtle hints, you could say.
    Soft Mannered
    Past all his bumps and bruises, Bellamy is a soft mannered guy. He secretly hides his soft and cuddly side, well more so doesn't let it out. As stated before, he doesn't express it because he fears looking weak, especially with the role of being Leader.

    Skills: Weapon skills, Speaking Ability, strength, agility
    Bio: yeay for shitty bios cx
    WIP, will have it done by tomorrowOther:
    Appearance (open)

    If I need to change anything, tell me!

    Also, would I be able to make a second character?
  5. Ok... just need to state something here, I don't expect such in death CH's from others. However yes, so far this CS is approved. But I'm afraid I'll have to limit you to one character each.
  6. I understand...I just copied and pasted it from a previous post of mine (that asked for a descriptive personality) so I wasn't sure here...I can shorten it if you want me to and okay ^.^
  7. *sees Bring Me The Horizon* oooh~

    Ahem. Well, here's my character. I tried to keep it brief (and failed).

    Let me know if anything needs changing!



    His full name is hidden somewhere deep in the S.E.E.S. data files, away from newer eyes.

    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    6’4’’ of toned, rugged demon slayer.

    lookie lookie (open)

    A fashion so offensive, so without style that it is his style. Nobody but Wes could combine leopard fur with a candy cane-esque scarf and still be scary. Wears long, billowing coats but often neglects the shirts that should logically be underneath them. The amount of chains hooked onto Wes’ wardrobe eliminates any possibility of stealth; his boots fall heavy and any self-respecting demon could smell the reek of cigarettes ages before he got there.

    In other words, he isn’t an assassin. He’s the type who gets dropped into the thick of things and works his magic.

    A grumbling harbinger of death and destruction. Wes is almost always in "one of those moods", perpetually mordant and down-to-business. His patience has worn thin over the years-- especially when it comes to new recruits or demons that are particularly hard to kill. His attitude wanes outside of battle, though many people still find him to be unapproachable.

    An estimated 75% of his vocabulary is curse words. Despite referring to his job as "a damn tiresome one", the heat of a moment can put a grin on his face that's rare to find elsewhere.

    Gunslinger- Wes' primary weapons are duel firearms, and he uses them with a sort of violent finesse. They seem to be some sort of customized combat pistols or machine pistols; left shoots armor piercing/incendiary rounds and right shoots hollow points. The bullets are also made with melted down/blessed crosses for that special demon in his life.
    (I don't know shit about guns I'm sorry)

    Experience- he's been on a job for at least fifteen years and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. His resourcefulness and intuition have grown over time.

    Physical- can be quite the dexterous individual. Although primarily a gun-user, it would do well not to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Wes. The tricks up his sleeve are literal and sometimes sharp and pointy.

    Intimidation- while not entirely unreasonable, Wes often gets sent in to rough up non-compliant humans that interfere with S.E.E.S. operations. He likes to do interrogations as well.

    Nothing fancy. He resolved to master his fears instead of being mastered and had the disposition to pull it off in the end, which is what made him attractive to S.E.E.S. recruiters.

    Been with the organization for 15+ years.

    Wes is the agent mentioned in Ghost's bio on the next page. NetherMyth and I collaborated it.

    edit; doing some work on Wes' weapons. Since they don't fit into any one category of gun (or at least not that I can identify), I'm going to have to get creative and say they're custom made or something >.> brace yourselves for my extreme ignorance​
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  8. Finished editing!
  9. Accepted!
  10. My form's done as well, unless there's anything you want me to change.
  11. Also accepted!
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  12. Sounds good.

    I'll be in the city for Christmassy/family stuff all day tomorrow, so my apologies if that's when you start the roleplay. I'll be sure to catch up when I get back.
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    @-horizon- Finishyourbioplease
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  16. First of all - Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Second of all - I won't be here on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! I'm literally going to be in the 'downtown' place for the holidays, but I will have internet access, so I will be able to post at least one a day - should this RP start anytime soon.
    With that, I hope your own holidays are going swell. I'll be on and active for the next few days as well though. So yay!

    Are we still looking for more people? Should we put this RP up on the Roleplay Advertisement or are we good in numbers?
  17. Character Sheet:
    Name: Kodi Kroe
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    General Stats on ID Badge

    -Normally appearing distant or dull witted Kodi seems to always be gazing off somewhere else. She is hard to approach not because she is scary or because she is mean, there is just something empty about her, a draining sensation one would call it. Part of the reason she got into S.E.E.S and part because of her strange jade - hazel eyes she is off putting. Though if there is one thing known about her, she is loyal to a fault. Only having been with the group for five years she considers them all her family, even if she doesn't necessarily like them all she will kill for or die for any of them. Of course those that do get close to Kodi realizes they will never truely be close to her, she keeps everyone distant even without knowledge of doing it.

    Bad Habits: Twirls hair, day dreams, cap naps, Bi -Polar

    Synapsensis: A strange frequency that ranges in levels unseen and unheard by what Kodi calls the Norms, she believe this ability is unlocked after traumatizing experiences in those with certain gene patterns. She's still trying to learn all she can about how she got it or why but it all started after her parents murder and her brush with death. It's not exactly a power or ability she can turn on or off but it will give those around her the sense of energy being pulled from them while standing to close to her. This 'ability' allows her to see through the veil which gives her these little odd quirks.
    >Sixth Sense: Can sometimes just before the instant something happens realize it's coming, really useless normally only keeps her from barely dieing when in fights.
    >Sixth Sight: Some demons walk in the skin's of men still hidden and traumatizing the world through possession, Kodi will see through that flesh suit of theirs to their true nature and can 'locate' demons for the group. Though she feels a tingling sensation in the back of her skull when a demon is near now like someone is walking over her grave, this only works if it's really close (within eye sight) or it's really really powerful demon.

    Paurkour: Before all this shit in her life started and she was just a Norm, she'd been a devote Free Runner, anything and everything was an obstical or challenge for her to get over, around even simple things like steps where changed to walking the railing of stairs and bounding from the walls along a stair well. Anything to make it more of a chase, a run a challenge. This skill has not left her, and due to it's rigorous movement's and speed required she is quite the agile little thing. When all else fails Kodi can normally make a break for it and get away from any Human peruser, demon... not so much the case.

    Dual Sword Wielding: (was gonna do dual shooting but i see someone already signed up with that so going a stranger route)
    Even though it's modern times Kodi is trained in a medieval fashion of Acinaes blade wielding (spartan styled dual short sword fighting) dangerous up close, it's best to keep a distant when fighting the pip-squeak Kodi, she is fast and her agility/parkour training makes her a force to be reckoned with.

    Five years ago, a case rolled across the S.E.E.S desk that spoke of a rather brutal murder in which a 17-year-old-girl ripped her family limb from limb and then walked quietly out into the street out from of her house being hit by a cause and nearly killed. This girl had survived though and was in the hospital. A team was dispatched, the girl was more than likely still possessed. They were to rid her of her demon's or dispatch her.

    Kodi would awaken from being in the hospital one moment to being surrounded by S.E.E.S agents, the endings of her 'Cleansing' had left four of the original Five agents dead. Kodi's mind had shut down in a way after that, the surviving agent brought her to S.E.E.S at first hoping to find the girl a new life. Until the day a demon tried to walk in the damn lobby right past Kodi who started screaming bloody murder and attacked the possessed man. The confusion caused by Kodi brought attention to the bomb the possessed man had been wearing and agents assembled to take down the man. But Kodi from that day was changed, she felt anger, not fear for demons, a deep and seething hatred. She would train and would help purge the world.

    Other: O.O; don't know if ya'll are still accepting but though I would throw my profile in the mix and see what you think.
  18. If your still accepting, I'll start working on a CS ASAP
  19. Accepted and the RP starts tomorrow. Signups are open until I say otherwise. So @Toxic Flower yes we're still accepting
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