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  1. First things first; I am looking for only one or two partners with an above-average grasp of basic English grammar and that has time to be consistent in posting at least a decent sized paragraph once or thrice a week. I won't expect much from my partner(s) but it would be nice to keep a 1x1 going and stay committed. Feel free to chip any ideas you might have in and help me out with whatever, because I love to plot and hear other people's opinions. Don't be afraid to let me know if you want to make any changes or add something new.


    These are just basic plot ideas I'm craving for right now. Shoot me a message if you are interested in starting a 1x1 with me so we can discuss more about whatever plot you want over there, or leave a comment here.
    ALSO. Anything in bold is the role I'm interested in playing.

    PLOT #1
    Beauty and The Beast
    Classic Disney romance with a dark twist; beauty is a vindictive huntress (or hunter) determined to track down and kill the very beast whose claws stole her/his father's life.
    (fxm) or (mxm) either one is fine by me

    PLOT #2
    Mafia Leader x Serial Killer
    Mysterious disappearances of members of a vicious mafia group linking back to a recent prison escapee hell bent on destruction and a hidden ulterior motive that could ultimately destroy the reputation of said mafia's leader.

    PLOT #3
    Dancer x Choreographer
    He's the new dance choreographer with a dark secret. She's an aspiring dancer with a dark past. He pushes her away when he fears her prying has gone too far. She pulls him in when her life story comes crashing down on them. And together, they might just start something that will only hurt them both in the end.
    * I can see lots of sexual tension and angry sexy times going on for this plot and near physical fights and a shit ton of yelling and hair pulling and shoving one another against walls. Of course, let's not forget about dirty dancing.

    PLOT #4
    Heir x Tutor (TAKEN)
    When the high school son of two reputable business owners failed his Literature class for the umpteenth time, a private tutor, much less a classmate, was hired to help him improve his grades before the end of the semester. But if he fails by end of the semester, his chances at becoming a major shareholder will be lost and would have to fork his place over to his brother, who is more than eager to oblige.
    Doesn't seem like much of a challenge, if his new tutor didn't also happen to be his ex.
    And the relationship did not end well on both sides.
    (fxm) or (mxm)

    PLOT #5
    Princess x Assassin (TAKEN)
    The princess is the last living royalty of her family. Endangered and always on the run from suspicious individuals who may potentially want to kill and steal her crown, she is assigned a bodyguard to protect her until the fuss dies down. But little does the princess know, her new bodyguard also happens to be a lethal assassin hired by the royal family's enemy to take her down. Will he go through with his original order and steal her life or cross boundaries and go against his priorities?

    Remember that nothing is set in stone, so if you don't like something in any of the plot ideas, give me a heads up and we can come up with a solution.​
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