s-CRY-ed: Civil War

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Aurora nodded and smiling, lead the way upstairs. Upstairs there were three closed doors, Aurora opened one to reveal a rather large bathroom holding a bath and shower "bath or shower your pick." She pointed to a sink which had a cupboard underneath, " in that cupboard is soap, shampoo, bubble bath pretty much whatever you need."

She dissapeared for a moment then came back with a soft towel, handing it to Jennifer she smiled "help yourself and when your finished you can use that bedroom over there." She said pointing to the door on the left of the stairs, "I'll leave you to it."

Aurora then headed to her room, shifting through her wardrobe she found some clothes she'd had when she was a little younger. They would probably fit Jennifer for now at least, she folded them up and placed them on the foot of the bed in the spare room Jennifer was to use. Finished with that she headed down stairs and outside, she was headed towards the HOLD building to see if James was still there.

She was wondering Jennifer's fate, she knew James would be suspicious but would trust Aurora's judgment hopefully. James would most likely want to use her as a spy, probably for Keria as Howards was paranoid and wouldn't accept her.

She was deep in thought so she nearly missed seeing a familiar face, Adel. She walked calmly over to her, keeping a safe distance 'you know you ought to be more careful showing yourself in public." She said politely, with a hard to read smile.
Jennifer wasn't too worried about her fate. As happy as she could be here, she knew how to run away and escape to some hidey-hole if she needed to. Or fight if necessary. Though admittedly she disliked using her alters too often because of the horrible backlash. Right now she had a serious case of chills, that hopefully warm water would fix. She took a brief shower, towel dried herself off, and then got dressed again before cleaning up the bathroom so it looked like it hadn't even been used. She then went to the room Aurora said she could sleep in, and gratefully passed out on the bed, leaving the door open just a crack in case something happened. . . She learned at an early age to never sleep too deeply. Though she -was- exhausted today and simply made an exception, so she slept..... for hours.
Adel turned to look at the girl, still stroking the cat, as she spoke. So, the girl was from James' territory. Well, her warning was taken to note, but she still wasn't worried. The girl smiled after what she said as if waiting for Adel to respond. Adel only shrugged faintly and set the cat down. It rubbed against her legs a moment before taking off down the street on its way, Adel's cold eyes watching it go before returning to the girl. Without so much as a word to her, Adel simply turned and began to walk another way, there were other things to explore in the area aside from the actual HOLD ruins. She could always loop back later.
Aurora awaited a response but none came, Adel started to walk off and so she calmly followed. Why? To make sure Adel didn't cause any trouble, Aurora decided against making her leave right away. Adel could become an ally, and besides Aurora would stop her from finding anything to take back to Howards. She followed silently, far enough away to avoid a sudden attack but close enough to perform one of her own. After a while she spoke up, "so doing a little spying of your own are we?" She asked, and smiled again.
Youko covered her face, a choked sob escaping from behind her hands, as her chest tightened with each ragged breath. The smoke was only beginning to settle as the fires were finally extinguished. Her hands were charred and blistered, and her body was covered in blackened ash. The fires had spread too rapidly; the damages had doubled from the last attack. Injuries had multiplied, deaths were counted, and people were losing hope – fast. And who would blame ‘em?
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The young woman shook her head and smeared the ash across her cheeks as she wiped away her tears. Looking around the village, she felt shaken, cold, tired, and sad – but also angry. Angry at fighting every day to hold onto everything she loved. Angry to keep struggling for peace. Angry at the bastards who could not see the families living here and not think of their own. Her fists were clenched tighter with every new thought.
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It made Youko burn with a sickly heat. She was so damn exhausted of this war, and even though, she yearned to keep the peace – something had to be done. And soon. She didn’t know how much more she could stomach.
Jennifer woke up around late evening, yawning as she stretched out in an actual...comfortable bed. She rolled off the mattress, pulled on her shoes, and walked downstairs. She would probably wait around until Aurora got home, but in the meantime, a little house cleaning never hurt, so she dusted and even vacuumed the rugs to keep busy. There wasn't much for her to clean, but she wasn't going to go wandering around outside this late at night.
Tairo village

Michel walked through the burning village. What was left of Vorn was slung over his shoulder. Walking through the village he came upon Youko.

"Sorry about all of this," Michel said as he walked by her, "I only needed this idiot, but he couldn't stay still for the life of him. I did what I had to. Either way, you're at least better off without him." As Michel had walked some way past her he stopped and looked back, "Are you sure your loyalties are where they should be? Willow won't recover from this, just as Howards and Short won't be in power much longer. We all have to chose which sides are truly ours, or else we control tomorrow." Michel then turned to walk away again.

Aurora's House

A woman was sitting in a corner as Jennifer had started to clean. The woman's clothes were plain, black pants and a white T-shirt. She sat, waited, and watched, not saying anything as Jennifer went around the house.
Jennifer finally noticed the woman in the corner as soon as she was finished cleaning. She glanced up with a start, and knew she'd never seen this person before...."Excuse me miss..... Is there something I could help you with?" She asked worriedly. She wondered if this woman was friend or enemy, but hoped she was just lost or a friend of Aurora's. She really didn't want to have to use her alters against someone tonight!
Rex lifted his head he had been sleeping on Aurora's bed when he heard noises downstairs, was his mistress home? He slowly padded downstairs and growled when he saw a strange girl in the house, he snarled at her fiercely and backed her against a wall. He didn't bite her but he was ready to if she attacked him, he also noticed a woman in the corner. She too was strange and so he snarled at her as well, keeping them both against the wall.

Aurora headed slowly back to her house, it was very late she had been following Adel all day. She had made sure that she hadn't discovered anything, and that she was now safely back in Howards territory. She yawned as it came into sight, she opened and closed the door behind her. She glanced around and noted that Jennifer had been cleaning, she smiled and was about to call out to her when she heard growling.

Aurora gasped and hurried into the living room where Jennifer was baled up against the wall by a large menacing German Shepherd, she whistled and the dog came to her. She patted his head and looked back to Jennifer, smiling apologetically "sorry i forgot about Rex here, don't worry he won't hurt you unless you attack or if i tell him to." She said a quiet command to Rex and he walked over to Jennifer, he licked her hand and wagged his tail. Aurora was truly sorry, Rex was an extremely frightening dog when he needed to be. She hoped Jennifer wasn't too scared.

Aurora smiled "he won't attack you anymore, so you were clean......." Her voice trailed off as she noticed Jennifer's still worried face and Rex's growls, but there were now directed solely on a woman in the corner. She scowled and drew her swords, she moved in front of Jennifer and whistled Rex to her side.

She looked at the woman intensely, "who are you and what are you doing in my house!?" She demanded and was ready to slice her if she tried anything hostile, Rex stood silently by Aurora's side but was ready to use his razor sharp teeth on his mistress command.
Jennifer instantly panicked, throwing her arms up to protect her face against that huge dog! When Aurora got back she was relieved, not only because the scary-woman might leave now, but because the dog might leave her alone too! She was a huge bundle of nerves right now, but finally calmed down a little as soon as the older girl returned and called that beasty off her. "Thanks! I don't know who this woman is but she was just waiting here like she owned the place or something. And your dog is scary... Wherever he is I'm not going to be." She said, trying to slow her breathing rate. She'd just about had a mini-heart attack!
After spending most of the day scoping out the area around the old HOLD HQ, Adel finally looped herself back around to make her way toward the ruins. It was late and the stars were out as she idly walked through the empty streets, unconcerned if she was seen or not walking toward the HOLD ruins. Her hopes were to get inside, poke around a little, and perhaps find out some information. If she was lucky, perhaps she'd run into the well known James himself. She'd seen him from a distance and was impressed, but that still wasn't saying much. Adel's loyalties were still strongly rooted with Howards, and she wasn't about to uproot her loyalties just yet. Kicking some loose debris aside, she peered into a large hole that had long since become partially filled, but still was large enough for her to climb through. Pulling herself through and landing inside, she took out a flashlight from her meager belongings and began to walk through the old halls, her footsteps echoing about her. The place was almost creepy, but she'd heard many stories about what this place once stood for. Back in its supposed glory days. She must be in the area where Alter Users were once brought and held, as there were rows and rows of what looked like small holding cells. Interesting. How the times have changed. She continued on.
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