s-CRY-ed: Civil War

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Outside Tairo Village

"Bloody Pyro?" Michel asked, followed by a burst of laughter. "No one's called me that since the mainland left seven years ago."

Michel deftly dodged the first slash. Vorn followed with a thrust that Michel forced to the side using his Alter. Michel then forced Vorn to step back by sweeping the sphere along the ground at his feet.

Michel then jumped back, closer to one of the fires. "You know, you really could have avoided this. All I came here to do was talk to you, but you ran off too quickly. I had to do something to get your attention, and so here we are." He announced as he stood near the fire. "Your choice Vorn. You can try to kill me or we can talk. I promise you, though, that if you try to kill me, I will level this entire village before you even have a chance of landing a killing blow."

Tairo Village

Kiera turned suddenly as the first flash went off and the buildings began to catch fire. As more buildings caught fire she rushed back to the village. "Not again," she pleaded, helping the first person she could find away from the smoke and fire.

She passed too close to one of the fires and got a face full of smoke. Recoiling from the fire she started coughing, having inhaled some of the smoke. Kiera began to stumble through the town, trying to catch her breath. Despite this she was still glad that the person who had started the fires had stopped for now.
Aurora decided she wasn't going to get any thing done today, and she had just crossed back into Jame's territory when she smelt smoke. Fire coming from Keria's territory, she decided to go check it out. She knew that Vorn wouldn't change sides but others may, especially after another fire. She decided to tread lightly, knowing that she'd most likely get the blame considering her alter.

When she reached the burning village, she didn't have to hide as the smoke covered her. She watched, relieved that everyone seemed to be safely out of the burning buildings. However her relief didn't last long, she heard a child screaming and her heart sank as she realized it was coming from one of the buildings. The building was ablaze and ready to collapse, the child's parents were nowhere to be seen.

Aurora was disgusted that the poor child's parents had deserted her, which is one of the reasons she ran head first into the house. She squinted her eyes to see through the smoke, and used a hand to cover her nose and mouth. She followed the girl's screams and found her upstairs, trapped against the wall by flames. She spoke to her reassuringly that she was here to help her, the girl was quiet and nodded frantically.

Aurora braced herself then jumped over the flames, she landed safely but she sustained a burn to her left hand. She ignored the pain and grabbed hold of the small girl, she ran towards the stairs but the were engulfed by flame. She glanced around frantically and spotted a window, she ran towards it. She griped the girl tightly and shielded her when they landed on the hard ground, the girl was fine and wasn't burned. Aurora was worse for wear, she was in searing pain from her burn, she had taken all the force of the fall and she was about to pass out from inhaling the smoke.
The little girl in that house suddenly realized she'd sleep walked the entire way to her old house, after leaving the strange guy behind and sleeping under a bridge. When she next woke up, she was in her old house that her parents had abandoned her in, more than 4 years ago! Before it could even be absorbed fully that she was screaming at the top of her lungs -and- surrounded by her own alter power of fire, she was soon rescued by an older girl. In the process of rescuing her however, she burned her hand, and looked ready to pass out any moment. Now that she was comprehending again, Jennifer focused on her other power -ice-, just as two bright ice blue crystals the shape of triangles formed from inside her vest on each side. A fine pale mist of ice surrounded the destructive flames, immediately dousing every one of them, and even clearing the air of that horrible smoke. Taking charge since she'd been rescued, Jennifer lead the other girl out of the house, which looked like it could collapse at any moment! "I'm sorry......I didn't realize how far I could sleep walk. I haven't been back here since I was deserted.... and I don't know why my fire alter set off like that. Thank you, for helping me." She said, staring at the girl, and wondering where she should go next. Time hadn't been nice to Jennifer at all. She forgot when she'd last eaten anything, bathing in streams had kept her clean, but aside from this, she looked so thin and pale, almost ghostly. As if she could easily disappear.~
Aurora sighed in relief when her burn was soothed by the little girl's icy mist, when she was lead outside she took in a deep breath of fresh air. After a few moments she started to feel better, she turned her attention to the little girl who was talking to her. Sleepwalking? That was a bad thing to have in a place like this, she thought she'd started the fire. So this girl could control fire and ice, that was rather unusual.

Aurora shook her head and motioned to the other burning buildings, "you didn't start it someone else has." She glanced at the girl, she looked awful like she hadn't eaten in months. Aurora understood that, she had been like that herself once but she had learned how to survive. She managed a smile, "you're welcome my names Aurora." This girl clearly needed help, "who are you staying with?" She wondered if this girl was with Keria, she hadn't seen her in James or Howard's territory. By the looks of her, she could be on her own.
Jennifer remembered the day her parents left her. She had been just barely three years old, and they hadn't cared at all about taking her with them. "I'm 10 now... so.. I've been wandering through towns and villages since I was 3... Not with anyone, just myself. I was in Willow's village for a while. That's where I remember falling asleep, under the bridge.... then waking up here." She explained, her red-and-blue eyes looking puzzled. Her body was freezing cold from using so much ice to douse the fires. She was still trying to put out more fires from the other burning buildings- it was instinctive, if not dangerous for her frail health.
Aurora nodded and noticed what the girl was doing, she also noticed how much weaker it made her look.She looked around and saw that none else was trapped and most of the buildings were already being doused by the other villagers. She turned her attention back to the little girl, "you should stop you don't look well." She felt enormous sympathy for this girl, it sounded as if she'd been abandoned. Aurora too had been abandoned and maybe that's why she said this, "if you need somewhere to stay you're welcome to stay with me." "If you want to that is, and i didn't catch your name?"

She smiled at her, "you look like you need a good meal." She glanced at her again, and thought to herself that she needed protection as well. She glanced around and noted that a few villagers were looking at her angrily, some had seen her before and knew she could control fire. They also knew she was loyal to James, so she was immediately a suspect.

She looked back to the small frail girl, and impatiently awaited an answer. She had to get out of here before the villagers attacked her, she didn't want to hurt them but she would if necessary.
"I'm Jennifer....... and thanks." she stopped the icy-mist, but she did use it one more time to conceal the two of them from sight. "I'll stick around. I'll throw off anyone who attacks you." She added, knowing she could without even physically fighting, to the point where it would be as if there had been no attackers. Though she usually tried to stop people without killing, she knew this wasn't always possible. She followed her rescuer out of the place they'd been staying. She wasn't going to make anything difficult for her, that was certain!
Aurora smiled and was somewhat surprised by Jennifer's tough attitude ,and she was quite observant. She quickly glanced around, before turning her attention back to Jennifer "you're welcome, now lets get going they may not be able to see us but can still hear us and they knew where we were standing." She started to lead the way walking quickly and silently, and glancing over her shoulder once or twice.

Once they were safely in Jame's territory, Aurora slowed her pace and turned back to Jennifer "so what happened?" She looked at her sadly, 'why are you on your own?" She hoped that her parents had died tragically, it sounded cruel but it was better than them abandoning her. Aurora had been abandoned and she knew all to well the feelings that caused. It made her feel worthless, hurt, distrusting, angry, upset, and worst of all empty.

Jennifer blushed. "I know they're probably still alive somewhere. . .they just... left when I was three. no explanations or anything. I don't even know what direction they were headed they ran so fast. I think they were scared of my alters...." She said a little dejectedly. She remembered a few incidents of her powers setting off at a young age, and how it disturbed both her parents. . .she'd felt like a freak ever since until she realized later on that more and more people were turning out to have such abilities- some even more powerful than her own.
Aurora nodded sympathetically, "I'm sorry but believe me you're better off without them." She said sincerely, and smiled sadly at her. She turned to look at her, "i should know, my parents abandoned me when i was seven." As she said this her thoughts began to turn to that day, her mother and father were fighting as usual. She was dumped on the orphanage doorstop, and then they drove off before she could follow.
Jennifer managed a small smile. "I'm sorry you went through the same thing." She said, honestly. Apparently they both had a lot in common. She hoped nothing bad would happen to either of them for a while as they walked through safer areas. She let Aurora think to herself, her strange eyes looking cold, but only because of how different they were. She didn't mind running the other way if she ever saw her parents again, that was for sure. "So... who're you loyal to, and where do we go from here?" she asked, mostly to change the upsetting subject of terrible parents.~ No need to dwell on things that really couldn't be helped, much less understood.
Aurora was a little unsure as to how to answer that question, who was she truly loyal to? She had joined with Jame's as he was like her in a way, preferring to work in the shadows and wasn't brutal like Howards. She could have survived in Howards group, but she didn't like fighting unless she had to. In truth she'd like to join with Keria, because her rule inspired hope of a peaceful life. But their reluctance to fight made them an easy target, and Aurora needed to be in a group who would most likely take control of the whole lost ground.

She stopped and turned to look at Jennifer, "i am loyal to James." She gazed down at her, her eyes filled with conflicting thoughts. She didn't know herself how strong her loyalty was, but didn't think it wise to reveal this to Jennifer. For all Aurora knew the girl could be a spy for Howards or Keria, it didn't seem likely considering her condition but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Aurora shrugged and smiled softly, "first lets get you something to eat and then we can discuss things." She knew that if the girl chose to stay with her she'd have to convince the others in Jame's unit that she wasn't a spy, no easy task since she wasn't 100% sure herself.
For as long as she could remember, Jennifer had a strange way of reading between the lines that sometimes. . .saved her life. She nodded to Aurora. "I assure you, I'm no spy. But what I've heard about Howard sure makes me want to stay as far away from him as possible. Besides, I've been wandering long enough to know things are bad all over. Why make anything worse?" She said reassuringly. She did manage to keep up with Aurora, fairly easily. The girl was small boned and light limbed, therefore, speed came natural to her. Having used a lot of her ice alter today however, made her extremely tired. She felt like she could really sleep all day -maybe all week!- But she had a stubborn side that refused to show problems. It just wasn't in her nature to be needy or whine. Even though she'd known a lot of kids who were like that.
Aurora looked at her a little oddly, "you're quite perceptive for someone your age." It was in her nature to be mistrusting, so she still wasn't convinced but she knew she could handle this girl if need be.

She said nothing more until they reached a small house, it was still in good condition and not far from the ruined HOLD building. She held open the door and ushered Jennifer inside, it was a small house but well kept and comfortable.

Aurora had chosen this place for its security and location, she didn't mind that it was small as she wasn't in it very often anyway. She motioned Jennifer to the couch and disappeared into the kitchen, she rummaged around for a few moments then called out "you're not allergic to anything are you?"
She managed a smile. "No allergies." She assured Aurora. She understood trust took time, and left the subject alone. She sat perfectly still on a tall stool at the kitchen counter, which made her look even smaller than ever, with her legs not even close to reaching the floor. She looked around the house, wondering if this was where Aurora stayed by herself, or if it was just a hide-out.
Aurora nodded, allergies were hindering and she was glad she didn't have to worry about them. After a few minutes she placed a pot on the stove, she turned to look at Jennifer and noticed her wandering eye. "It might not look like much but this is where i live." She said, not in the slightest way embarrassed. She was grateful just to have a home and it was clean and brightly decorated, mostly with reds and oranges and images of tigers.

She turned back to the stove and after a few more minutes of moving around, she placed a bowl in front
of Jennifer and smiled. "Its Yakisoba, go ahead its nice." She also placed a glass of water beside her, then sat down. She quietly sipped her tea, and thought.
"Its nicer than any other place I've been." Jennifer told the older girl honestly as she tried the Yakisoba. She found she liked it a lot, the new flavors were interesting to the girl and she had been hungry for so long, it was amazing she remembered table manners. "That was delicious... I'd also like to learn how to cook and help with my share of chores if possible." She offered, instantly going to the sink to wash her own dishes.
Aurora was a little impressed, the girl had excellent manners and was very mature for her age. Any other child would have refused to do anything, and that was one of the reasons Aurora avoided children where possible. They never pulled their own weight, and were always complaining about what little they had. Aurora had always hated those children, when she was little and went hungry so many nights other children were complaining that they didn't like the kind of food their mothers so lovingly prepared.

Clearing her head of these dark thoughts, she turned her attention back to Jenifer. She had expected Jennifer to devour the meal in 5 seconds, as anyone would being that hungry but she had composed herself. Aurora smiled and decided having her around mightn't be so bad after all, she obviously wasn't a burden, she was polite and willing to pull her own weight and for once Aurora might be glad of the company.

Aurora got to her feet, and laughed at Jen's comments "it's most defiantly possible for you to help." She gently took the dishes from her, "I'll teach you whatever you want but you look like your going to collapse from exhaustion, why don't you sleep for a while?" She asked kindly.
Adel had started to make her way toward the Alter Forest to see what was going on with the smoke, but she figured there would be others there as it was. Changing her course, the woman began to make her way toward James' territory instead. From intelligence gathered on Kiera and James, James was a very interesting fellow. Adel had picked up a small motor bike along the way to make the journey a little more bearable, as the walking could get rather tedious. The wind blew through her brown hair, the crimson ribbon fluttering loosely in her hair as if at any moment it would unravel and flutter free. It baffled many why Adel stayed so loyal to Howards' cause, especially considering she didn't seem much like the fighting type. Really, she wasn't. Adel knew how to fight and could generally hold her own ground, but she avoided fighting for as long as she could.

Her blue-grey eyes peered forward with the same sadness they always held about the world around her. Arriving in the city she began to make her way toward the old HOLD HQ. She just appeared like any other regular citizen, so she wasn't worried about being pegged as a spy. Parking her bike on a side street, she hopped off and began to wander on foot. People peered curiously at her in passing, since she wasn't from around the area, but they said nothing. She wasn't afraid either way, she came to scope things out, that was all. If someone wanted to pick a battle she'd react accordingly, but her prerogative (despite howards' request to gain the territory to place one in his high regards) was to gather information.

A stray cat suddenly made a loud clatter as it skittered from a nearby alley toward Adel. It stopped before her and simply looked up at her with hunger in its eyes. Adel stared at it a moment before stooping down and scooping the creature into her arms, stroking its fur gently while it purred. All the while she felt eyes upon her.
Jennifer smiled.. "Sleep is good... but I miss being clean too.. Is there a bath or shower... or sink- I could clean up in first?" She knew she didn't have a change of clothes either, but was too embarrassed to mention it. Besides a few holes, her clothes were fairly decent. She'd mend the ripped up places when she had time. Hopefully her new friend wouldn't notice the scars that covered near-every inch of Jennifer's skin. She'd gotten into a few bad fights over time, which was just unavoidable in some cases. She was surprised Aurora treated her so nice, so she wasn't about to ruin things by not being helpful or polite!
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