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Accepting New Characters: Yes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Sci-fi fan-fic
Atmosphere/Mood: action
Timeline: day after tomorrow
Basic Plot: it's been fifteen years since the great uprising occurred, when Kanigawa prefecture rose high above the rest of Japan. With the great uprising came the Alter powers, the ability to deconstruct matter, and reconstruct it in a form specific to the user. With these powers came a new problem for the government, how to prevent these people from committing crimes, this and a desire to access the powers from the "other side" where alter users obtain there powers. This ended with Japan losing control of the lost ground because of a handful of powerful alter users.

It has been Seven years since Japan lost control of the lost ground. The alter users that freed the lost ground have done little since except to keep the mainland out. Inside the mainland it has descended into chaos, Alter users have been fighting since those seven years, all trying to gain control or stay free. These battles still continue, but how long can these battles continue before the lost ground becomes too weak?


Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
Established Alter Users:

Character Name: James Short
Gender: Male
Age: 25
General Appearance: brown combed back hair, a black coat, shirt, and pants.
Current Goal/Purpose: James Short's goals are not publicly known, but he has been slowly extending his territory since his emergence. His territory consists for what is left of the city.
Alter: the Alter Negative: takes the form of a fine mist, it disables any alters it touches, but has no other abilities.

Character Name: Kiera Willow
Gender: Female
Age: 17
General Appearance: Long red hair, a loose brown shirt, and a brown dress.
Current Goal/Purpose: Kiera's been able to take control of the area around where the alter forest used to be, she has had steady control of that for a year or two.
Alter: Forest Speaker: takes the form of a dryad, causes accelerated growth and mutation of plants around the body of the Alter.

Character Name: Howards
Gender: Male
Age: 16
General Appearance: has unkempt blonde hair, wears a sleeveless jacket over a T-shirt and jeans
Current Goal/Purpose: The most aggressive of the current major players, His territory has been spreading from the underground alter arenas
Alter: Armor Piercer: creates a crossbow with five high powered bolts, he can make bolts more specific to his situation.
Luckily I saved a copy of this bio.


Character Name: Rin Sakai
Gender: Female
Alter: Kousetsu: Ice-like crystal amor around her torso and upper arms. Though there are wing-like crystals on her back they do not function as such. She can form more crystals around her and shoot them as projectile weapons. She normally uses the water matter in the air to form her alter.
Job/Role: A peace keeper
Age: 19
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Protecting civilians from the chaos of the civil in any way she can. Often trying to stop or lessen the damage done by battles that break out.
General Personality: Gentle and caring most of the time, Rin rarely shows any signs of having a bad temper, keeping her anger bottled inside. Even when in battle she keeps a calm aura around her. Despite rarely ever showing signs of anger, she is not a forgiving person. Rin hates anyone who encourages or is employed by war.
General History: Rin was born into a wealthy family a knew little about the real world as a child. Discovering her alter powers at a young age, she began using them as entertainment for party guest. Rin would take anything and form it into beautiful crystal statues, a talent people loved her for. Though, as more and more fights broke out betweens alter users, Rin became a target of hatred. This and the cival war didn't phase her for years until her mother was fatally injured when caught between a battle of alter users. Since then she focused her own powers on an effort to keep peace.
Hell yes just keep on trying and you'll eventually get the results you are looking for. I'm game once again...just have to make a sheet again.
profile looks good shiny.

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I assume this is all one stage alters again. So here is The Black Dragon Atrum Ryu

Character Name: Vincent Coalgate (alternate personality Ater Atra Atrum)

Gender: Male

Age: 25


Goal/Purpose: To bring an end to all the fighting in the Lost Ground.

Personality: His common life personality is almost saintly. He likes to play with the children in the towns he visits and helps the adults in farm work. He even brings along his own seeds to help start certain crops in some areas. All around Vincent Coalgate is a gentleman.

On the other hand when he is hired to do a hit his other personality comes out. To help cope with the severe and, quite bluntly, disgusting things he does when on a job his alternate personality came forth. This is the one that knows full control over his alter. This is the one that everyone fears on the battlefield in this civil war. This is Ater Atra Atrum.

History: Vincent grew up like most in the Lost Ground. He used to work on a farm in a small town. That was until the second uprising and the loss of control the mainland had over the Lost Ground. It was now truly like its name and one of the first villages to be hit by the upcoming civil war was Vincent's.

With the threat everyone in the town was enslaved by an alter user. Vincent, being who he was, agreed to do this work. They had worked for a total of three years and then things started to get worse. The alter user was now at war with another and had them working even harder. Sometimes he would end up killing some of his employees out of anger. This was a bad idea when it came to Vincent's mother. She was killed when a plan did not work right for Leader, as they had come to call him.

While staring at his deceased Mother's body that is when his mind started to split, Ater Atra Atrum came forth. By the end of the battle nothing was left of the town, nothing was left of the fields, nothing but a black hole and the crisp bodies of those caught in his blast. Since then people have searched for his aid in battles against others in this civil war.

Alter: The Black Dragon Atrum Ryu: The Black Dragon is a devastating alter power. Although nobody has seen it and lived people can assume by its name the shape resembles a dragon. It is also said a dark cloud forms overhead when the dragon strikes. This could either be the shaping of the alter or the alter itself causing this. The only known fact is that the attacks are short lasting and leave nothing in its wake, not even the user of the alter who mysteriously disappears each time. Nobody knows this mercenary's face, just his calling card and attack.
okay Piro, looks good

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Character Name: Sanryu
Gender: Male
Age: 32

General Appearance:

Sanryu has a katana and a .50 cal sniper rifle capable of firing AP, hollow point, rubber, and tranquilizer ammunitions, on top of regular bullets. The rifle has a high-powered scope and effective maximum range of .75 km.

Current Goal/Purpose: To make enough money to retire to the mainland. He also appears to have a hidden goal, which is tied to his background.

General Personality: Sanryu is quiet generally quiet, and is most talkative when in one-on-one battle. He is ruthless in combat, and will do just about anything to complete his mission. However, he will go out of his way to protect the innocent. If hired to kill someone who poses no true threat to anyone, he will often help them find a way to escape and hide from who ever hired Sanryu.
General History: Not much is known about Sanryu, other than that Sanryu is not his true name. He currently works as a mercenary, taking any job from anyone, as long as the pay is worth it. More about his history will be revealed IC through flashbacks.


Alter Name: Muramasa
Alter Type: Equipment, Armor subtype
Alter Abilities: The Muramasa grants Sanryu dramatically increased strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, as well as flight capabilities. The Muramasa's sword is able to cut through just about anything, including titanium.
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Character Name: Siriana Locke
Gender: Female
Age: 18
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Siriana is struggling to survive in the lost ground.
General Personality:
Siriana is dreamy most of the time, but gentle and sweet. Her moods range from depressed and self-doubting to cheerful and cuddly, but not really angry.
Serene is the embodiment of all of Siriana's impulses, her passion and wild desire. Serene does as she pleases and is ruthless.

General History:
Born in the lost ground, Siriana was a sickly child who was very mild to start with. When her younger brothers were born, she was expected to take care of them as he mother worked, furthering the need to reign in her emotion from a young age. When all three young boys died, leaving just the slender, delicate young teenage daughter, her mother considered all her work to be for naught, her hopes for a better life nullified.

Orphaned when their small hut burnt to the ground with her mother inside, Siriana was taken in by a neighbor and taught a tailor's trade. She makes a fair living from this.
Kindred Soul -
Material is used to create the body of a dragon, which encases Siriana. Siriana refers to the dragon as Serene. In this form, the underbelly is susceptible, the rest being scaled. Serene can fly and to a small degree, breathe flame.
Serene stands ten feet from tail to muzzle, with a fifteen foot wingspan to support herself but lacks focus and will at times fly off through the air on a whim.
Okay, Kitti, your character is good.

And the IC is up in the Sci-fi section.
I've finished my character.

So...two alters who take the form of black dragons... -_- Was Wal-Mart having a sale on Alters or something?
Well to be serious for a second, this is my original character sheet when this first came up. Atrum Ryu is just the new name I gave it.

Now to be unserious. /seriouss. Heh I guess Wal-mart needs to carry more mythical things.
No no, I know that this was your original character. Same with me. Still...Two black dragons...
...I could be a white knight and balance our your dragon imagery :P

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