S.C.T.F Roleplay search 1X1 male needed

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  1. Hello so I'm searching for a roleplay partner who can write at least two paragraphs. Also yes this includes romance, cause I'm a sap, but it's not the main focus.


    The S.C.T.F. Is a government controlled operation that operates with genetically modified canines. S.C.T.F. Stands for Secret Canine Task Force as any dogs in this operation are trained to become special agents that embark on dangerous missions that the government doesn't want to risk their men on.

    They have a huge range of gadgets, ranging from their own underground passages that lead to the head quarters, to ear pieces that not only let them communicate with humans but act as a communicator with the H.Q.

    But Kyrem Corporations is up to something that will put the world in danger and the only dogs for the mission are the rookies.


    If the roleplay does span past them beating Kyrem then I'll think of more missions for the main two characters to go on.
  2. Hmm...sounds very interesting...I would like to try this out!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.