Ryuuseigun - Visitors from the Stars

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Whatever, Bullfrag is awesome.
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After pondering, I finally thought of a plot to go with the name.

Ryuuseigun is a Mecha Musume Roleplay with a heavily-female cast. While it contains fantasy elements, it will be under the Science Fiction section.


After reaching their peak, they fall from the large canvas of darkness.

Stars without sparks fall onto our Earth. While losing its shine and never able to return to the skies, they hold great amounts of power.

When in great danger, they unleash their potential in feral, dangerous forms - Celestials, which share their hue with the starry skies.

There are two organizations against Stars

Star Hunters - Bounty Hunters who capture stars to sell as energy sources on the black market.

Anti Celestial Coalition Association - Using their technology, they intend to eliminate Celestials, and even Stars before they have a chance to emerge into Celestials. They see Celestials as a threat, and seek to destroy them.

Now, 5 young girls will be assembled in order to save the Stars and let them live normal lives.

Basically, this RP will revolve around five girls who help save Stars - beings who take the form of human girls - from danger. I imagine this to be as Mahou Shoujo as Symphogear or something.

So yeah, here's the plan.
Does anyone seek a little mecha musume fun?
This seemed interesting
I'm interested (as said in PM).
2 interested. I will await more.
Will you tag me when more arrive please?
Very well.
Thank you very much
Got any friends to tag?
I wish, most of my friends don't like to do group rps anymore.
Most odd. Personally I can't anchor myself to 1-on-1s or small groups that are too small.
Sorry I have none to tag
Looks like this RP may not make it until a third person pops in.
Most odd. Personally I can't anchor myself to 1-on-1s or small groups that are too small.
Yeah, they stay away from them now because most of the ones they have been in don't last and they got tired of that.

Looks like this RP may not make it until a third person pops in.
I don't know if there's a way to change the idea a bit to have only a few people. Who knows, maybe others would show up after it is made. I had that happen before. I would make an interest check but end up getting a lot more people in the actual OOC to join than interest in the interest check.
We can have a small cast, but not this small.
Welp! Truly sorry, Crow, but I already joined a mecha musume RP... I usually don't do multiple same-themed rps simultaneously. :( also, I already reserved a spot in your Ragnarok Girls RP. Once Again, I am sorry, but I won't be able to join. However, I sincerely hope this RP can take off!
Ill see if some others want to join
Well Sign me up. I'm interested!

Here's how I ponder.

If we have four members, there'll be four members to play the main four characters and every single NPC will be controlled by me. This reduces competitiveness and fun, but it works.

Will this risk be worth it?

I think it'll be better waiting for more. What do you think?
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