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For centuries, warriors have been born with unique skill and unique mind. The Spartans in ancient Greece, commanded and conqured nearly half a cotinent, samurai build noble causes throigh strength and hard training. Knights, crusading in the name of their kings and religion. Each warrior in the world, all with the same ability to conquer the other, all except one name.... SHINOBI. Alive since time imemorial, the Shinobi has aquired multiple names over the years. Demon, shadow, devil, and monster. Due to there unique in-take of stealth, use of the elements, and inhuman use of weaponry, they've become the most feared name in history.And as their name grew, so did there population. As many sought out the assistance of the shinobi, people learned their abilities of archery, weapon use, stealth, element control, and meditation. Leading up to present day, where their numbers range into the millions, enough for an entire conquest of a unknowing country. But as every warrior becomes stronger, so does their enemy.Eventually, mankind learned of the Shinobi's existance, naming them ninja, in American words. Modern day military find ninja as muderers with a cloak and a blade. At first they asked them to abandon their way and submit to the government's rule. They refused. The events soon lead up to war between the two worlds, sending them into using tactics of more advancd elements. A ninja prayed to his ancestors for warriors to be born and save them from such chaos. And so was given, the birthing of the Senshi, the warriors.Children born into their clan, born with the mark of an animal, each holding an elemental ability that fits their creature. Only one was born of a god himself, a dragon god, his name is Kasie Ryuujin. Now the war is in year 2022, the Shinobi have spread across the globe. Japan, the U.S, Korea, etc. They've become almighty to most and still at war. Kaie Ryuujin is 16 years old now. He is destined to decide the fate of the war. And with his human companians' aid, he shall decide.

------------Character Sheet :D
here is what you must have:
weapon type;
animal marking:
other info:

weapon preference:
other info:

I'll be playing the roll of Kasie Ryuujin so that we can keep the story rolling :D

Name: Kasie Ryuujin
Age: 18
Element: Fire duhh :P
Weapon type: Mutliple
Clan: no affiliation
Animal marking:View attachment 6762
Appearance:View attachment 6763
History: N/A
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name: Olivia Tigerclaw
age: 15
element: Water
weapon type: Twin Elbow Blades, Samuri sword (15 inches long), Explosive bells.
clan: Clan of The Water Tigers
animal marking: Tiger.jpg (Located on her back)
appearance: Talim.jpg
history: Olivia was the first born of her parents. She was born into the Clan of The Water Tigers. Out of the entire clan she was the only one with blonde hair and grey-ish eyes. She stayed by her parents when they got sick. After a little of three weeks her Mother died from a fatal heart stop in her sleep. Short after her mother's death she was still taking care of her father as her clan went out into the war. Soon after that her father passed away. She went out searching for her clan, only to find them dead. She's now the only survivor of her clan, and helping in the war.
other info: She also learned medical techniques to help injured people. She's 5' 7''
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