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In the age of man, magic, and the supernatural the Shinobi stands out above all. Not as a being, but as a link between the worlds whether it be via war or peace. In the modern world, we the Shinobi live now in secrecy trying to stop a sinister war from finishing the wrong way. The Shinobi have taken this long-going war and have placed there strongest card. Kasie Ryuujin, a teenager by nature, but a God at heart. He has the ever lasting ability to bring this war to it's end. But how shall he decide? Will he destroy the enemy and conquer, side with the military and turn on his people, or choose neither and rejoin the heavens? His fate will decide that of these opposite sides. Like every God, he has the world in the palm of his hand.

Outside of the rim of Georgia was an entire blockade of soldiers. All were armed with rifles, thermal-technology, motin trackers, and anything else they think could catch a ninja. The war has gotten intense over the years so much, the sides are starting to change tactics. Leaving society as the one place best to hide. And that's just what Kasie did. Deep among the crowd, silent and unseen, lays the chosen decider of the world. Disappearing seems the best option to him, seeing as before he left he was told that others are searching for him, from both sides. He doesn't really want to choose, but a choice must be made. Whether or not he'll stay hidden until someone or something, finds him.
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Silence was the only thing present. Silence was absolute, and yet movement still occurred, as if a flock of mute birds had rested with great care as to not shake the trees. Although it was not birds, but men and woman, children and adults, all gathering to one spot. Many travelled by trees, the foliage shaking with barely enough force to create the noise of a rustle, but they descended, and came to the main part within the Kopaki Tribe’s small village. All gathered in a circle around four people, a lovely woman, a scarred man, and two young girls. One stood beside the two parents, the other was the one who knelt before them with closed eyes. Only a wrap covered the breasts of this girl, and her back shone white and black for all to see; white of skin, black with a large ink-like marking upon her back in the shape of a raven. The older woman, more properly clothed, cleared her throat as if to grab attention, although none spoke. “Clearly chosen by the Raven, you, </SPAN>Karasu of the Kopaki, are the one chosen to search for the Dragon, as was foretold.”</SPAN></SPAN>

“Yes, Mother.” The ‘Mother’ applied in many ways. This woman before her was addressed as ‘Mother’, for she was the Chieftess of the Tribe. She was the ‘Mother’, the spiritual leader. And she was Mother, she who had birthed Karasu. </SPAN></SPAN>

The Mother nodded and looked to the others of her Tribe, her husband, Chief, silent due to the fact that this was a matter of spirituality. “Any protests.”</SPAN></SPAN>

Many had protests, saying she was blind and would be unable to find the Dragon, but each held their tongue. If she failed, someone more capable would simply go. They did not see this as a true loss, for many believed that no blind woman should rule the Tribe. The Mother knew all their underlaying thoughts, but because none verbalized their protests, she touched her daughter lightly upon the shoulder. “Rise, and may the Crow guide you to the Dragon.”</SPAN></SPAN>

The girl rose with a quick grace, but as she stood one could see her body swaying slightly, as a blind person’s would. “Yes mother.” With these words, the crowd parted, letting her set off to complete her quest.</SPAN></SPAN>
Then rising glow of the dawn's sun was rising on the edge. Sounds of car-horns, construction, and sirens were sounding low among the air. Thousands of regular people flocked the side-walks, police and military eying the roads and borders, while Kasie lingered close to the shadows. With the boundries of Atlanta, Georgia eyes were locked and prepared for the sighting of the chosen one. Either to force, convince, or let him choose the fate of this war. All he can do is make it wisely before this war ends itself. On the right side of him were two buildings, one was a gas station and the other was a hospital. At the top of the hospital were multiple lookouts waiting for a move out of the ordinary.

"Damn, I'll get a days peace..." For him to get around he needed to use the rooftops, but how would he get around without being suspected. Between the two building was some schoflding perfect for climbing or he could just jump the whole thing. Shadow dash past them? No then they'd wonder where the gust of wind came from.

Before he gave up, he heard a soldier talking. "Boss over there!" he said, aiming in the direction. "Stand down" his commander replied, "They're just a buch of teenagers free-running. If they do anything wierd then we shoot." And that was his ticket out of there, free-running! If he could time it right, he'd blend right in without a single eye questioning him. The group of teens luged right over his head and before he was left behind, he reached up and followed their example.
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Walking amongst the crowds on the sidewalks was Olivia Tigerclaw. Slowly she eyed the police as she walked, so tempted to do something stupid but she calmed herself. Remembering the death of her partents she slid between two buildings, sitting there singing the unforgetable lullaby her mother sang to her every night.
"Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart. Never to part, baby of mine. Little one when you play. Don't you mind what you say. Let those eyes sparkle and shine. Never a tear, baby of mine." A few tears fell from her eyes as she stood up and brushed herself off. "I'll be strong mother and father, I wont bring disgrace to our clans name." Clutching her blades by the handles tightly, and bowing her head down to pray to the gods. "Please let me be the one my clan could be greatful of".
Walking from between the two buildings with her head down, still clutching her blades in her hands tightly and listening to the bell on the end of the cloth stitched to what covered her from the waist the her upper-thighs scrape against the sidewalk.
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Karasu had not left the village the minute the ceremony ended. Her torso was still barely clothed, the raven birth mark receiving a slight chill from the wind. She returned to her home, where she donned clothes and weapons, along with a small pouch of necessities that she strapped around her waist. That was all she took, for if she went and carried a backpack around with her, it would interfere with her fighting, and send her off balance as she tried to jump from tree to tree. So the little fist-sized pouch was all she needed, apart from the deadly weapons of course.</SPAN>

Once equipped, the blind girl quickly climbed the nearest tree with no difficulty, beginning to jump from branch to branch as her Kopaki tribe mates enjoyed most as a method of travel. She remembered when she had tried for the first time, everyone thought she would fall and break her neck, but she had did it, seeming like their sacred Raven as she glided with ease between trees. Over two hours later, the trees had scarced to basically nothing, so Karasu jumped down, the sound of cars roaring in her ears as she tilted her chin towards the city, and sprinted towards it. She watched as the Raven showed her, yes, the blind girl was shown the image, of where the Dragon was, and she ran towards the place, cars honking and swerving as she dashed by them. </SPAN>
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Feeling some pain in her back Olivia stopped walking and ran a finger down her back, she could feel it throbbing it one particular spot. She started to have a flashback of when she was younger and felt the same pain, as she remembered her mother's saying "Baby Olivia, don't cry. You're pain is from your mark of the tiger. You're the only one with this mark, just like you're the only one in this clan with grey eyes and blonde hair. You are my little Athena." She tucked her blades into the magenta band around her right thigh. Feeling the pain ease, she looked around and noticed a girl running through the street, past the cars not even getting hit. She worried a little, but didn't bother to question why. Carefully, and closely she followed the girl, making sure not to startle her she tapped the girl on the shoulder softly. "Are you lost miss, or looking for something important?" Her voice was soft, calm, and friendly. She hoped the girl would turn around, she herself feeling a bit lost but willing to help the girl.
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A soft tap on her shoulder, and she whipped around. Karasu, like any blind person, had all her other senses enhanced as if to make up for the lack of sight, and was quite surprised she had not heard the other person- girl, by the softness of her touch and the sound of her voice- approach. She knew that people with regular vision tended to need eye contact to feel reassured, so she turned, and opened her eyes, which had been closed. Her silver-white eyes, that had become that glassy colour because of her blindness, looked up a bit higher than the origin of her voice. Of course, as usual, as her eyes were open she could only see the darkness of the world. But she managed a small smile. “I am lost, without being lost. I have no idea where I am, but it does not matter, for I know where I go. </SPAN>I am looking for someone.”</SPAN></SPAN>

Her blind eyes were unfocused, not really staring at one point, and they moved slowly, just as her body continued its slight swaying. The Raven was showing her things, in the Darkness that she saw. Her blind eyes watched patiently, and her slim hand reached out, touching skin, although she was not sure exactly what part of the other girl she was touching. “You are not him, but you are close enough. You are like me, no? Marked? A Tiger, I can tell… I am a Raven.” She smiled, knowing she was probably confusing the girl, but she couldn’t exactly explain. She could simply see it, even though she was blind to the material world, the world of shadows was a mirror image, without color. It showed her a tiger, so that is what she assumed.</SPAN></SPAN>
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She looked at the girl's eyes. "A-are you blind?" she didn't want to sound rude by asking that. "If you would like, I could help you find 'Him' " She felt her touch on her skin. "I am marked by the tiger." She paused for a short moment, "...My parents and clan have died, so I've sent myself out here to try and make peace with the police and military. But if making peace doesn't work then we'll be forced to unleash our powerful selves, right?" She laughed a little as she didn't fine herself as a powerful person assuming that the girl standing before her was much stronger than she was. She softly rested her left hand on the girls shoulder. "Why are you out here alone anyway?" her voiced had changed a little as she could feel eyes of an enemy staring at them and she clutched onto one of her blades in her right hand slowly pulling it out from her bare skin and the magenta band around her thigh.
“I do not see why everyone is always so surprised to encounter the blind! It is almost as if we were a rare species, by the way you all exclaim it.” Her eyes returned to a close, for it felt more comfortable this way, and the shadows leapt about her, forming shapes behind the lids in a symphony of shapes and shades.
When she was made the offer, she actually laughed and a smirking smile graced her lips. “And do you simply offer anyone you randomly meet your assistance? Certainly a kind soul, I believe my Clan should learn from you!” She laughed again, but her laugh was not meant to mock, it was simply a laugh of surprised joy. The joyous expression fell as the tiger-girl continued on.
“You have lost your Clan and parents? Sad. I understand your wish to comfort the police and military, peacefully or forcefully, and I would like to help, but I have my own quest.” She felt the pressure on her shoulder, and wondered what the other meant by it, but did not question it, simply continuing instead. “It was the quest of which I just spoke that brought me out here to the city, alone. I am looking for someone. ‘Him’, as you referred to. I call him the Dragon, and I have yet to meet him, but I know I must meet him. I simply haven’t figured out why.” A shift in the air indicated movement from the Tiger, and the Shadows of the Raven warned her. Her hands drifted to a pair of matching daggers, as she prepared for conflict.</SPAN>
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"I didn't mean to offend you, I've never met a blind person. The only people I've met are you and the ones that were in my clan." She looked at her as she closed her eyes, and felt bad for what she had said. "If I feel they are kind and I can easily approach them, then yes. I-is your Clan rude?" Her voice was concerned but calm. "I just lost my parents not to long ago, then I went out to help my Clan. But they were all dead. She eased her hand off her shoulder and clutched her other blade in her left hand. "The Dragon? What you call him sounds farely familuar." She thought about it for a moment. "The Dragon! I know who you're talking about, my parents told me stories about him when I was a little girl!" She gave the girl a soft hug and told her to turn around. She, herslef turned around and looked for any sudden and suspious movment that had not been accuring already. Her twin blades clutched as tight as she could possiably hold them. She made eye contact with the enemy and pointed her blades at the tall bearded man, watching his every move.
A gaze as soft as the gentle light of the moon in the night sky, long hair that raven black, tied up and decorated with feathers that flowed softly down the figure's back; it lay softly against dark violet cloak. Endowed with stunning eyes that held a universal stare, ever strong, soft and yet somehow mortifying and mysterious. The woman wore a black outfit that consisted of black straps that wound around her; securing the small amount of cloth attached to her body. The costume was well made, however bare. A belt lay around her waste that held a runed dagger, a white ivory bow slung onto her back that was accompanied by a black quiver and a set of deadly arrows. On her back lay a large tattoo of a shining white butterfly. The Izume Clan Symbol. Hidden, within the concrete jungle. There stood the Butterfly Clan's Leader; Mizuki Izume.

With a calm notion she let herself be aware of her breathing, her muscles relaxing bit by bit as she exhaled the breath each time. The sounds of the city surrounded her like a valley of ongoing echoes - the crawling bugs that nestled their way through the cracks of the earth, people
whispering secrets to one another. The few birds were chirping a song in no sort of particular tune. But there was one conversation that caught her attention, a conversation between two young girls.

For a moment she listened and heard voices as well as noticing another presence that lay watching the two.

Who is it?

Mizuki searched for the owners of the two femanine sounding voices she heard. Accidently eavesdropping on the conversation, but then that was not uncommon for a ninja. Before he eyes was a girl with long dark blue hair and closed eyes; although her eyes were closed the girl seemed to know where she was, it suggested the girl was blind. If that were the case, then the girl might know that Mizuki was watching from afar. But Mizuki could not be certain until the other girl in the company rudely asked thus answering the question for her also obtaining the information that the blind girl was a raven. She could also tell what clan somebody was from without seeing their mark? Interesting.

With a quick observation she also analysed the other girl who stood there. The girl had long white hair that was first plated then toward the top the hair tied into two buns while the remainder of the girls hair lie against the girls back. Along with gaining the information that the girl was a tiger. Compared to herself, the girls looked considerably younger than her, the Tiger more so than the Raven give or take a few years.

Mizuki watched as they talked about 'The Dragon' to which she assumed meant one of the dragon clan members. Curious. This blind girl had an urge to go and meet one of the dragon clan but why she did not know. It seemed the girl believed in fate and thus followed that natural instinct, which could either be wise or folly.

The other presence that Mizuki had been aware of suddenly moved. Still staying in her position, as the Tiger below her drew her swords. An enemy it seemed? Watching patiently, Mizuki wanted to see how well this girl fared in combat; if all else failed, Mizuki would back them up if necessary. As neither of the younger girls seemed to be bad people.

For the whole time it was just him and the group he used to blend amongst the crowd. Them jumping the roof-tops made it pretty convincing for him to be a normal citizen, but it was rough to contain all of his strength in his movements. At every turn he wanted to just fly off or move through at the speed of light, butthe city was held down all over. Through the whole run the group didn't seem to say anything and it started to seem a bit suspicious. They were jumping across the roofs, yes, but how it seemed so easy wasn't right. Through his questions, he followed the group to a massive set of steel doors standing twenty-five feet high.

"What is this?" he said looking at each of the boys in the group. They turned slowly back at him and tore off their faces to reveal combat droids. It seems the military was upping their game, but they still need to work on their negotiation skills. Ryuujin quickly became surrounded before he could run, even if he took them on he'd eventually become capture. He stood there with his hands in the air and the spotlight of a chopper staying down on him.

"Do not move, you are under arrest."
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Olivia was aware that somebody else was there with her and Karasu. Was it the enemy? No. She looked around in the other direction to see if anything suspicious was before her friendly acquaintance. "There's an enemy across from you" She turned her attention back to the bearded man before her and watched as two more men joined him. Olivia couldn't help the fact that she had the urge to cut their throats. She looked down at her blades as they appeared to look a bit longer. Know her mother was the best person in combat of her clan, she had taken her mother's blades as an inheritance. "I don't understand" she said to herself, still looking at the enemies and waiting for them to charge at her. "Karasu, well have our first fight together." Taking her blades and tucking them back into the magenta band just above her knee, she then took the cloth stitched to what covered her from her waist to he upper thighs. Reaching inside the little opening at the top of it she pulled out her long sword, aiming it at the three men in front of her.
Ryuujin said nothing as he was confronted by the surrounding military. Tanks, choppers, jeeps, mounted turrets, these men were armed to the bare teeth. His best bet was making his way around them and taking them down as he went, basically child's play for him. The anticipation of the first move was causing tension you could cut through with a blade, some soldiers were afraid to even move, and others were just to scared to charge him. Three soldiers found it in them finally and started moving towards him. Their rifles were aimed ready to bring him down but were their fingers fast enough to pull the trigger?

They all took a position around him just in case he decided to move, but never expected anything to happen. Kasie leaped up and disappeared in mid-air, making the soldiers become disoriented and disband. Without a sense of team work their communication will lose track and leave them wide open. "Where is here, does anyone see him?" they shouted. "I've got nothing! Everything is clear! What the fuck is going on?" Just before they could start to recover, he acted quickly and broke their spotlights with a quick punch to each of them. His speed allowed him to go around the area unseen like the shadows, relative to his people. "I've lost all spotlights, you're running around in the dark down there!" in response to that news, they switched to night vision to give them some sort of edge.

Right as one of the soldier turned on his vision, Ryuujin cracked his skull with a strike to the head with metal staff. Another turned to face him and received a rising strike to the chin, then another soldier took a series of strike to the ribs and skull. He pressed forward and brought down the remaining enemy around him then disappeared again.

"What's happening down there? I just lost 18 men." said their watch tower guard. In the back of one of their buildings they had confiscated weapons from fallen shinobi. Behind a chest he found a set of armor and a sword. He smiled at his discovery and took his time to wear the honorable refuge and use the blade.

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This girl simply blabbered on and on, didn’t she? Karasu was answering for the mere sake of politeness, but her annoyance pricked slightly. She had a mission to attend to, and yet this overly-curious girl kept asking her, a stranger no less, questions. She felt as if she was in an interview! Behind closed lids, her blind eyes rolled. “Yes the Dragon. Now, I must go find him, so perhaps I should just leave now.” Although phrased like a question, it was more of a statement.</SPAN>

But before she could depart, this stranger was hugging her! Not even her own parents bothered with hugs, so she was quite surprised by the girl’s arms. But she soon realized why there was a sudden bout of contact, for the girl believed someone was watching them. She couldn’t help but let out a laugh at the previous obliviousness. She had known the whole time of the other people whom shamelessly eavesdropped. “I knew of the people, they have been here the whole time, although there is a soul who means us no harm.” Instead of looking at the three attackers, she opened her blind eyes and turned her face towards the hidden form of Mizuki. Her presence seemed much more obvious than the others, and it hurt. Like looking into the sun with no glasses on. She nodded at the other ninja, before tuning her ears back on the unsubtle Tiger. She took out a few of her throwing stars, and threw two, both hitting one of the men in the face, causing him to yell at the two pieces of metal stuck fast in his cheek and forehead. She smirked, knowing that blind people should not have such good aim and knowing it would confuse the Tiger, but she offered no words of explanation. She pulled out two more of the tiny metal stars, but as she threw them, she suddenly stumbled with a slight gasp, causing both to miss and lodge into a tree. She straightened herself up. The Path she had to follow had wavered slightly, hurting Karasu. The Dragon…. “We must hurry our first fight, before he is gone once again!”</SPAN>
It wasn't long of a fight to keep the dragon under warps. In fact, it was barely a scuffle to his ability. Within minutes it was over just like that, no survivors, no mercy, no remorse. In his mind, it bothered him how a powerful group of legendary warriors were brought to standing weakly on their two feet. Their weapons may have been primative, but their skill out matched the military at all turns. Maybe it wasn't all their fault though, maybe something unexpected happend and shook their core into submition. No matter how much he thought about it, it would never change his fate. He had to decide the end of their conflict.

"Humans," he muttered, stepping over the sliced remains of the enemy. Ryuujin looked left and right over the blood scattered ground and thought, Why him? Why did he have to the god to decide a world's fate, be hunted by both sides just for a choice they could make any day. As he walked he came across control panel for a garage door way. When he pressed it, inisde were motor bikes, jeeps, and tanks ready for a war. This would be good for saving at least a little strength, so he grabbed one of their bikes and used it to ride off. He may have been a ninja, but he's been living around american's long enough to know how to ride a bike.
She watched the girl take out one of the men in amazement. "Wow!" She seemed so wowed. "Okay, you go and I'll take this one out" clutching her blades, she charged for the man still standing and quickly cut him 3 times; once on the neck, back, stomach, and then stabbed him in the stomach. She watched as he fell over. "May I come with you Ms?" She asked her desperately. She was hoping she would say yes, her heart was beating fast as she waited for the girls answer.