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    It was all over the news. Recently, Four Seasons had released a brand new album, and they were starting a national tour, visiting all the heavily cultural places in their wonderful country. Fans from all over were getting hyped, and the four members, Aisu, Ren, Kurinai, and Natsu, were all over the media. They had been created not much more than about a year ago, and their popularity was already spreading to outside of the country.

    Now they were getting ready to perform, and they sat backstage, preparing themselves while a local idol opened up for them. Tension, Anxiety, and overall excitement was rising among the crowd. The local idol was good, but she wasn't much compared to Four Seasons.

    "Okay," said their manager, Mikoto Hasuhashi, "If you guys do anything stupid that wasn't rehearsed, you will clean the stage for a week with no pay, got it?"

    "Ah, but what if the crowd likes it, Miko-san?" Aisu asked with a big smile on his face.

    "In that case, it's okay, but their will be paparazzi out there, so if it's really stupid they won't."

    "Miko, Relax, no one will do anything stupid," Natsu said, pulling back his long purple hair, "Except maybe Aisu."

    "Aisu is completely different onstage," Ren said, butting in, "Just like we all are, except you, Natsu. You're an ass where ever you go."
    Natsu grabbed Ren into a headlock and the two teased eachother. Then everyone laughed and sat back down.

    Over the portable radio, the boys got the cue to move into position and they did. Ren talked into the mic system, and the music began to play.
    The fog machines began to cover the stage in steamy fog.

    "Hello!" Ren said over the mic, "We're really happy to be here! I hope all of you are happy to see us too! You're happy faces remind me of summer!"

    "Good Evening," Kurinai said, "I am very grateful for all of your hospitality in this city. Please enjoy the songs we harvest for you."

    "Yo," Natsu said, "It's great to see such beautiful flowers all in one place. Each of you is a treasure waiting to blossom."

    "I won't wait for you to be ready," Aisu said, "I want you to be enchanted by my music, and for chills to dance on your spine."

    Four spotlights of the member's flashed on the stage, and each one stood in a different pose. The concert finally began, as the four sang their first song.

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