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  1. Monty Oum. Some people here might be familiar with his animated works of Haloid and Dead Fantasy. Some of you might be aware of him as the lead animator at Rooster Teeth putting his magic to work in the CGI scenes employed in Red vs Blue season 8, 9 and 10.

    Well now Monty is at the helm of his own project at Rooster Teeth: RWBY (Pronounced "ruby").

    Not a whole lot is known about RWBY at the moment other than the main focus will be around four girls, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and one who's only known by the code name "Yellow" at the moment. The four girls will be a team (using the first letters of each of their names to make the eponymous RWBY) and go to a school where they will be encountering various other "teams" Over the past few months Rooster Teeth has been revealing each girl through a trailer, the most recent being Blake's trailer last weekend at PAX East 2013. The date for "Yellow's" trailer is unknown, and the series is scheduled to debut it's first episode at the Rooster Teeth Expo early this July. That being said, I present the trailers unveiled thus far.




    Before you start wondering, no, this has nothing to do with the fairy tales you might be seeing. They have no interest in retelling those stories and the girls just reference them.

    So based on those trailers what are your impressions of the show? Something you'd watch?
  2. This looks like it would be one of the best shows I've seen awhile! The action is really intricate and the characters are just total bad asses. And these are just trailers?! Amazing! Can't wait for the first ep!
  3. Oh hell yes. I have been following this project roughly from the time the Red trailer came out, and I am quite excited about it. The animation seems to be very well done, the character designs are fun and the fight scenes are, simply put, awesome. From the looks of it, this could very well become one of my favourite animated series, so I am definitely keeping an eye on this and I plan on following it all the way to the end.