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  1. Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.

    Man, born from Dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction, creatures of Grimm, set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the Darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void.

    However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change. And in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help them even the odds.

    This power was appropriately named, Dust.

    Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the Darkness. And in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and, most importantly, life.
  2. The airship was stuffy as all hell. Sure Grigor could handle a bit of used air, but he really hates the feeling of not getting fresh air. Maybe it's spending most of his current life among green plants that make a lot of fresh, clean air. Maybe it's because he was stuck in a trunk for an hour when he was six. Hell for all he knew, it could be because some god of monkeys decided that Grigor should dislike stuffy air. He absently tapped his large arm bands where his Vladimirs were resting peacefully. He could hear Dmitry snoring loudly next to him. For some reason he decided to tag along, probably too pride full to admit he doesn't want to see his older brother leave.

    An hour later he felt the thing lurch to a stop, shocking Dmitry awake. The two were never too fond of big goodbyes, Grigor simply looked the soon to be head of the family business, smiling as his younger brother did the same. They give a simple nod, and they were off. Dmitry went back to his nap as Grigor set out in this strange world where Grimm are pests and he was the exterminator. Or was he the weed and the Grimm the hemlock? That was more appropriate. He'd have to remember that in case he had a chance to use it, he really does enjoy being dramatic, after all.

    No no, he should be the hemlock and the Grimm the Rats. Yes that's far more dramatic.

    He didn't like this many people. It's a lot of competitors. Lots of competitors make lots of politics. He was going to need some sort of ally in this to whether his foes, the more the merrier. He decided against playing nice, though. It's the best way to get honest friends. Honest friends were only a legend in a place he grew up.

    He gave an absent yawn. Maybe he should've followed Dmitry in that nap, the timezones are so different it's midnight in his old home. He's handling it well, but sleep would be good any minute now
  3. Ruby follows Yang off the ship. "Go make some friends."

    "Why do I need friends? I have you."

    "Weeeelllllll, my friends are here now. Gotta run! Bye!!" Yang runs off, leaving Ruby's head spinning.

    Well. That didn't go as planned, she thinks as she falls.... right into a girls luggage. "What in the hell do you think you're doing?!? Do have any idea of what you've done?!?"
  4. Maybe finding another way to Beacon would have been smarter, this was much to cramped for his liking. With a sigh Bastien pulled down on the old worn cap that hid his ears, his tail hidden underneath his shirt as getting into a fight early on wasn't something the Faunas really wanted at the moment. Though all the smells were giving him an headache. Was it too much to ask for air conditioning or at least lowering a window slightly? This was worse than all the times he'd be stuck in a shuttle when going to the next town over to pick up his mother's medicine she need, thankfully a neighbor who lived by would be doing that from now on. But this was going to be a long flight.

    Upon feeling the airship lurch, electric blue eyes regained their focus as he straightened himself up against the wall he had been leaning against in the meantime. Making sure Star Burst was correctly in its sheath that was strapped to his back and the flintlock was strapped to his hip. Well, might as well get this over with. The sooner the orientation was over the sooner Bastien could get the forced introductory to other students finished and go about his business. Making friends really wasn't on his priority list but if someone managed to catch his attention and weren't judging of Faunas, if they were human, then he wouldn't mind have a few stick around.

    Though it seemed already he was sticking out a bit, probably carrying a large spear helped with that, but it also helped cause people to give him some room as the teen made his way of the airship. Ignoring the way his ear twitched at the whispers of an old model and simply snorted. Old model or not, Sun Burst could strike down just as many Grimm as the newer generations could.

    Sadly his train of thought was broken when it seemed an altercation was already happening, sighing to himself at the sight of a white haired girl yelled at a another who was dressed in red after the younger had fallen down. I really hate my parents at times. Making him do the right think when it was obvious this would be a pain in the ass. "If you mean accidently falling into your luggage without meaning to then, yes, I do believe she does. Oh the horror, did your clothing get scared?" Snorting Bastien moved over to the side and leaned over slightly while offering the redhead his hand, "Here, I'll help you up."
  5. Blake got off the airship with everyone else but felt weird because of her ears even though they were covered. She didn't want people to judge her just on her first day here because she was a faunus. She was scared shirtless she hid her chain scythe tucked behind her long black her onto the carrier onher back that kept it out of sight but still allowed her to feel safe. She says hello to the redhead aand the boy near her. She also saw the person who was being royaly rude to the girl. She said what are your cothes so precious you have to scream at people. Her own golden eyes watching the white haired girl cautiously.
  6. " I don't care about the clothes! They can be replaced! I care about this!" She opens one of the many cases and pulls out a vial with a red substance inside it. She starts waving it around, and Dust particles escape into the air. "Do you know what this is? This is Dust, the most powerful substance in the Remnant. Do you know who I am?"

    'A stuck-up princess?"
  7. Blake says I totally agree with her as she pointed to the redhead saying she has too much money to care about people.
  8. That voice.... no. No way. That little snow angel wouldn't ever show up at Beacon. Regardless, Grigor had to check. He turned around to see an incoming argument with Weis, some hyperactive crimson Santa helper, and a country boy by the looks of it, probably does that "family heirloom" Shit with his older model, that or he couldn't afford something better. Good model though, he honestly could only find a slight improvement when he tested various weapons to be his signature at Beacon

    He had a feeling Weis was going to get double teamed. She was too much the stereotype to back off or apologise, and Farmboy and Elf really didn't seem to be the type to back down. He's going to rate Farmboy as the instigator. And then miss black on black showed up. They did just that. A nice little triple team went off because Weiss carried a fucking jar of dust in her bag.

    He better break this up before someone does something they regret. He made his feet stomp a little as he held out his hands and yelled just loud enough so the group can hear "Snow angel! It's good to see you again!" By again he means that one time in a ball some place he couldn't even remember properly. He quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her forehead. He could always blame it as a greeting and that would make everyone who's focusing on Weis focus on him

    "And who's this? Making friends already?" He let his home accent poor out by the buckets too, that'd be the weird factor. Now to freak someone out. Miss Black didn't seem the type used to such gestures, and he'd probably get a foot in the face, same with the impulsive looking Farmboy. His only bet for "creepy weirdo" instead of "trying to kill" was the tiny Red Santa Elf. He grabbed her before she could react and kissed her forehead as well. He addressed everyone but Weiss when he gave a dramatic bow "I am Grigor Dragonivich, at your service! But you can call me Greg!"
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  9. Blake shrugged and looked at the redhead and said are you OK now completely ignoring the new guy he made her feel uncomfortable and she didn't wanna get kissed she fixed her bow slightly and waited for the redhead to answer.
  10. Yes, they didn't know what Dust was yet they were all at Beacon. Was little Miss Snow Globe a bit damaged in the head from all the ball she had likely been through? Typical rich people, thank god for the hat or else his ears would have likely been flat against the top of his skull. Eyes drifting over when another girl walked over and simply nodded in greeting, it seemed he should have just avoided this after all. Then looked back to Miss Snow Globe after her next question.

    Retaining a neutral tone and expression despite what the redhead and black haired girls said, Bastien shifted from one foot to another, "You're a Schnee, it's not hard to figure out given the way you talk and hold yourself. Surprising that you're complaining about Dust though, seeing what your father is in charge of." While he didn't go to some prestigious school he was smarter than he thought. If the dust wasn't some indicator of what her identity was then it was certainly her hair color and the way she talked, it was all to common of someone with money.

    With a mental sigh in annoyance at the sound of stomping towards them Bastien really was kicking himself in the ass for getting involved. It was so incredibly tempting just to blow his flintlock out and injector some Dust to make a quick escape, even if he'd take some damage in the process, it seemed like a much better solution rather than sticking around for much longer. And glanced over when another male came into sight and wanted to just turn and walk away, now they had a rich guy come into the equation, oh joy. Probably some pompous brat that looked down on others who weren't on the same level of life as he was.

    Seems nobles really didn't understand the concept of personal space either, despite everything his expression remained the same with dull eyes. Seeing how there wasn't really any point in staying around, the other guy's involvement was pretty for him to guess, he simply snorted and turned away. "I'll make sure to forget it." Then walked off towards the area where the remainder of the students were heading, might as well pull out of the little gathering while he was still able to, keeping brain cells was a priority of his. Plus it seemed the girl in black could probably handle herself and the red haired girl, given how she blatantly ignored the other guy, now that had been amusing.
  11. "Ok. So you know me. Do you have any idea how volatile this stuff is?"

    "Look, I said I was sorry!" Ruby sneezes, setting off the Dust in the air and causing an explosion. The Schnee just blinks.
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  12. Takara stepped off the airship only to get hit by a small dust explosion. This made made the pink haired girl slightly agitated. "Not even 2 seconds here and I'm already hating this place." She looked over to the group of other students covered by the same blast. "Now which one of you caused the explosion." Her cold pale blue eyes scanned each one of them as her hand made its way down to the silver defenders hilt which was a broad sword strapped to her hip.
  13. Weiss storms off.

    The boy known as Jaune pulls Ruby aside to escort her inside. "The name's Jaune Arc. Simple, sweet, girls love it."

    "Do they?"

    "They will!!"

    "I'm Ruby. Ruby Rose."

    "Pleasure to meet you, Ruby."
  14. Takara sighed as she dusted herself off. She watched as everyone scattered leaving her alone once again. She made mental notes of these people and who she could possibly team up with. She decided she would try to get to know some of them later but for now she needed to get to the orientation area.
  15. After a slight detour to let the crowds settle, and so Bastien could give his ears a breather from underneath the hat, he finally arrived where orientation was taking place. Fixing the lance on his back the young man stuck to the outside wall of the large room and leaned himself against it while taking a glance around. Hopefully this would be a quick event. Letting out a sigh to himself he pulled the bill of his cap down slightly and simply waited for what ever would happen next.
  16. "Ruby! Over here! Have a good first day?"

    "I exploded!"

    "Aw, c'mon. It couldn't have been that bad."

    "No! I really exploded! There was this mean girl, and I knocked over her luggage, and she started yelling at me, and-"


    Ruby jumps into Yang's arms. "AAAHHHH! It's happening again!"

    "Wow. You really did explode."
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  17. Blake ran over and stood between Weiss and the redhead and the blonde she says let it go! Its not worth the fight you to!!!
  18. Takara walked into the gym and stood near the rear door as she saw 2 people walk into the stage. "Judging by the way they carry themselves they're seasoned hunters and huntresses." She whispered as noted the group of girls talking in the center. "Oh its those 3 still wondering who caused the explosion."
  19. "I didn't mean to!"

    "Well, you did."

    "I said I was sorry."

    Weiss sneers in disgust.
  20. Oh for the love of, you had to be joking, even when orientation was about to begin the snowflake wanted to cause trouble with the little red? Why couldn't people just let bygones be bygones and get on with their lives instead of holding petty little grudges? With a grumble Bastien pushed the brim of his hat back up to reveal the electric blue eyes before he pushed himself off the wall and headed for the group, might as well just finish what he had basically started. "There, you have an apology, it's obvious she didn't mean any of what happened." Coming to a stop between the two girls he stared Weiss down, "This is a pointless conflict that you'll gain nothing from."
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