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Hello, fellow RWBY fans,

It's widely accepted in RWBY that semblances reflect a Hunter's character, but less often mentioned that their weapon reflects a lot about them as well. Consider how Yang takes a direct approach in both life and combat, or compare Weiss's elegant rapier thrusts to her refined personality. Change a character's weapon, and their entire fighting style shifts with it - and what soul does that new fighting style reflect?

This partner search is for writers who want to answer that question.

In this RP, we'll each play two members of Team RWBY - each with another teammate's canon weapon, and the changes to fighting style, character, and semblance that follow. The result will be a refraction of the character through the lens of her new weapon; she'll have her canon counterpart's basic backstory and appearance, but everything else may be deliciously changeable. I am imagining we start the RP arriving as freshmen at Beacon, although I'm also open to other ideas.

You may be wondering what kind of partner I'd be. I reply two to four nights a week, multiple posts a night if I get replies, at one to three paragraphs. My posting expectation level is Adept. I would like you to have a similar skill level. Liking F/F ships (all Team RWBY ships except Ruby x Yang) is a bonus, but not required. Finally, I really enjoy chatting OOC - not just about where the plot is going and who our characters are, but maybe enough to become friends.

PM me if you are interested (please do not comment here). I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully writing with you.
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