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  1. Sunil and Bora

    First Years

    Both sisters were seated with one another side by side, the slight motion of the airship causing few of the other passengers to get motion sickness. Bora, the oldest of the two, sat with one leg crossed over the other. The slight munching noises of her chewing on her snacks, idly looking around while she waited to arrive to Beacon Academy. She had her and her sister's bags right next to her, one being decorated with light blue sparkles, happy puffy stickers, and other such things while the other was rather plain. It wasn't hard to imagine which bag belonged to who.

    Sunil, the youngest of the two, was looking out the window with her knees on the cushion. She had a bright smile on her face as she watched the blue sky and fluffy clouds drift past them. Her energy was practically radiating off of her to the point where she would be shrieking out of pure excitement if it wasn't for Bora being as cool as a cucumber. Sunil wanted to scream to the Heavens about being able to attend Beacon Academy with her older sister.
  2. Dahlia wandered back and forth along the length of the airship. This was too damn boring! They were too closed in to be able to do, well, anything! All she could do to vent off her energy was walk up and down and up and down and up and down and up and arrrrrrrrgh! Dahlia slumped into her seat again. Why couldn't the damn ship go any faster? With a sigh, she reached into her pack and pulled out Tooth, Claw and a bottle of oil. Might as well make sure everything was good. Checking that the barrels weren't loaded, Dahlia set to work cleaning, polishing and just generally prettying up her babies. If what she'd heard about Beacon was true, she'd most likely need them extensively. One last wistful look out the window to see if she could see any sign of the Academy and then...sigh. To the drudge work.
  3. Kahn stood near the door. Instead of sitting he leaned on a railing, calmly listening to his headphones. Bass beater was secured to his shoulder via a strap. The muzzle was pointed upward. Anyone standing near him could hear muffled metal coming from his headphones. He was lost in a trance. Somewhere between bored and excited there lied complete and utter nothingness. Khans mind stood idle and he stared off into space. A sudden hit of turbulence shook the ship enough to snap him out of it. He shook his head and looked around at the other passengers before retrieving his music player from his back pocket and switching to a new playlist. He looked out the window as a new song started.
  4. August yawned in his seat near the window in his hands he held a book, he couldn't get more than an hours sleep last night. It was finally here, the day he'd arrive to Beacon, it was something he was both proud of & dreaded. Something he thought about as he continued reading the book in his hands, One Hundred Greatest Battles, his favorite that he must've read at least a dozen before but never got tired of. August's eye lids fell closed, he snapped his head up & opened them wide, too much important things were going on today to relax! He frowned & put his book back into his bag, he crossed his arms & looked out the window. He tried to focus on what he was going to do today, really it came down to just following along with what the teacher said right? He shouldn't need to focus on that too much, but he shifted uncomfortably as he tried to get to grips with his ignorance, a small part of his mind was itching at him, nagging him.

    Go see
    Go see
    I'll see them later!
    Go see
    Dammit, I'll go bloody see.
    Go see

    He BADLY wanted to know who were going to be his teammates.... There were going to be teams, so what kind of people were they going to be? All he knew so far that whoever they were, were at least on the airship right now. He shut his eyes & burrowed his brow, he stood up & stretched. He spent a moment adjusting, fixing his coat, checking his cuffs, making sure his weapons didn't stick out. Snatched up his bag unto his back, he tucked his hands into his coat & began to a walk down the airship, no where in particular just to people watch. Not as if he wanted to talk to anyone really... Might just worth taking a look at the students he'll be going to Beacon with.
  5. @Jessica2477
    Oshea was sitting across from two girls who both resembled one another, he was relaxing but they seemed nice... but he remembered them somewhat...
    "Aren't you two the Winterval sisters from Sanctum... my you two had quite the reputation there.. well at least the short time I was there but they should have spread the reputation of the Beauty of the Winterval sister's" he said

    sitting up and smiling rubbing his head.

    Sitting up with a smile on his face, he didn't look like a normal passenger on the airship as he didn't have a visible weapon... he honestly looked like he was hitching a ride. He turned his head to see someone cleaning what looked like battle axes, another guy had something like a grenade launcher strapped to his back listening to music, another guy reading a book and many other people. Although Oshea was talking to the Winterval's his focus was Beacon, another combat school he could learn from hopefully rise to the top and become a Huntsmen that could protect other Huntsmen... he didn't want no child to go through what he did so he had to become the best.... he zoned off for a moment but turned his attention back to the Winterval's

    "Oshea Creed but please just call me Creed" he said reintroducing himself in case they didn't recognize him because they never spoke at sanctum he just heard about them.​
  6. "I'm finally here." Looking out onto the campus he was rather impressed as the school certainly lived up to all the stories that his uncle had told him about. Taking his time to gather his thought and take it all in he watched the wide variety of students there were to interact with,especially the ladies. The obvious sister duo were the main ones that had caught his attention the whole ride over as seeing them interact reminded him much of himself and Helio on a daily basis. The lone thought of his brother did get him down a bit as they had parted only recently with Helio deciding to head back home and join the hunter program there instead of heading to Beacon together. "Eh i'm worrying too much i'm sure he'll be fine he is my brother after all." Picking his head back up he focused more upon the group he would be spending the next few years with instead seeing that getting to know them early would probably make things easier down the road.
  7. @Iroh

    Both girls had been minding their own business when they heard the boy across begin to address them. Out of the two, Bora had been better known at the academy due to her exceptional skills. Not to say she was the best, but according to this gentleman, she had a reputation. Sunil, on the other hand, was probably known for being one of the combatants to fight mainly with their legs and feet. The one thing Bora feared was that Sunil was better known as "the girl trying to one up her sister" or something along those lines.

    The younger of the two had to grab the back of the chair she was against and leaned back a bit, her face upside down as she was trying to see who was talking to them. It wasn't often a charmer spoke to them like that.

    "Oh, hello! Uuh, what was it? Oceana?" Sunil leaned back up and turned around so that she was sitting on the chair properly. Bora, on the other hand, was inspecting Oshea for anything that said something about him. She couldn't see a weapon on him, at first glance, so it must have meant he was either wearing it on himself somewhere, it was small enough to carry in one of his pockets, or he didn't have one. If this guy hadn't mention Sanctum, Bora would have believed this guy wasn't supposed to be going to Beacon. Sunil then said, "Huh, didn't think my big sister and I would have a reputation following us! Is this what it's like to be famous? Having people recognize us but we don't know them?"

    "A reputation that's hard to build but easy to tear down, might I add...Yay." Boracommented simply before eating a few more of her snacks.

    "Aw, come on don't be a negative Nickel. Isn't it cool that you and I made a name for ourselves there?"


    "You are such a killjoy." Sunil turned her attention back to Oshea, hearing what she should call him. "Okay Creed! Huh, I feel like we would have known you at Sanctum, or at least recognize you..."
  8. The airship was bustling with life. There were people chatting, looking outside, and just pacing around nervously. But in the far corner of the airship, there was one person who was watching. He didn’t talk or speak to anyone, but instead Jay Ciel just sat. Watching. Observing. On one side of the ship he saw guy staring out the window and listening to music. Near the headphone guy was a Fanus frantically cleaning her two battle axes. Jay thought for a second to go help her, but decided against it. She’s probably really nervous and doesn’t want the attention, he thought to himself. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw two girls, most likely sisters, sitting next to each other. He had seen them before, but now a guy approached them and appeared to try to make a conversation. From what he could perceive, the sisters didn’t like the guy’s presence all that much. “Oh great… A player and school hasn’t even started yet,” Jay mused to himself as he began to walk towards the girls to intervene.
  9. Chance shrugged nonchalantly at the four card piles laid out before him. He had managed to win a game of Solitaire in under ten seconds. For the fifteenth time that flight. Granted, knowing the exact order of the entire deck certainly made the game easier, as well as the mounds of practice Chance had piled on over the years. Still, he grew bored sitting by himself with nothing truly interesting to do. Chance looked around and saw that most of the airship's passengers looked like the type of people that weren't too keen on socializing. It was at times like this where he decides to make some conversations start.

    Chance gathered his cards and began to shuffle them with practiced speed and precision. The sound the cards make has always been strangely soothing for the young magician. Eventually, he started transitioning into more flashy shuffles, twirling cards between his fingers and even letting a few spin in the air for a moment. Chance grinned inwardly- the show of dexterity seemed to have gathered a small crowd of strangers. He always said that any time is a good time for a performance.

    He stopped shuffling and swept his gaze across his audience, Twisted Fate held flatly in the palm of his hand. He asked them, "Would anyone here please help me out with a bit of magic?"
  10. @Jessica2477
    "Yea I wasn't there for long and I really stayed to myself I wasn't in a good place at the time... but my name is O - SHEA" he said pronouncing how it should sound.

    "Well you guy were mainly known for your combat ability if I remember correctly ....granted I heard more about one then they other but im no good with names so I can't say who I had heard more of... but its lovely to meet ....GAAHHH" he screamed out as a girl came and hit him in the head.
    She had headphones on and a backpack with two customizable pistols at the end of the straps of the backpack by each hand and one had a scope on it.

    "Please don't mind this deviant don't let him sweet talk you, he's my cousin and he's supposed to be only focusing on school" she said before getting into Bora and Sunil's face's with candy lollipops... "You guys want some candy.

    Creed looked up.... "Damn Violet .. Jeez no one told me you would be here" he said
    "And I'm glad they didn't someone has to watch you" she replied turning her head to him and sticking her tongue out.
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  11. *SMACK*


    Jay was still walking towards the girls up until he saw Mr Flirt get smacked and chastised by some passing girl.

    Looks like my job here is done. Nice that I didn't have to do anything.

    He turned and went back to where he was sitting. And, as before, he just watched and observed the people on the ship.
  12. @Ramboing

    (Wonder if our characters can be rivals somewhat not out of hatred or anger just skill)

    Creed moved from Violet and the girls he admitted he may get a little talkative with women but he was always respectful. He walked to the back of the airship..... He saw a guy with a sword and swordsmen always interested him as he was somewhat like one.

    He was rubbing his head "Oww that girl is abnormally strong, hey man I'm Creed nice sword looks royal what can it do?" He asked.

    Violet would always do this to him in her words no man in her family would be a dog but how would he meet a quality woman unless he spoke to women he was in a lose lose situation.
  13. @Infin1teZer0

    August continued along his way, he saw quite a few people, some noticeable, some less so. Even a few back from the few times he showed up at Sanctum for class. The Winterville sisters, or at least something along those lines & some talkative gentlemen chattering away. He passed them by,

    Could they be part of my team? No...I don't want anyone from Sanctum, that wouldn't be good, that just won't do. That would suck, I don't want to be remembered.

    He anxiously kept forward, he chuckled as he heard a loud yelp & looked back to see the chatty one being assaulted. That's always fun to watch but he didn't want to stick around. Continuing onward, he passed some a few faunus, looking at them curiously, always impressed how different faunas could be but just really so similar to humans. He passed the largest man he had ever seen in his life, if he were to walk the airship, August wouldn't be surprised if he could get it to tip if he jumped high enough.


    He began to reach the end of the ship, there off, he saw a small group of people watching someone perform .....something. He headed over and he stood by as he watched a performance of utmost precision & timing, cards beautifully weaving through the air.

    "Would anyone here please help me out with a bit of magic?" The performer asked, August looked at the other few students there, no one seemed to immediately stepping up. Nervousness wracked August, he didn't want the limelight but if there was magic, he HAD to know how he did the trick, being part of it was his best way to find out. "Yea, sure. Um, do I just take a card?" He head his hand up & moved forward.
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  14. @Iroh

    Jay was watching some guy perform some card tricks as Mr Flirt approached him.

    "Oww that girl is abnormally strong, hey man I'm Creed nice sword looks royal what can it do?" He asked.

    "Huh me? Oh you talking about the sword. Yeah no this isn't anything special," Jay responded as he pulled out Vol. He held it up and presented to Mr Flirt. "See. Just a regular old backsword. Nothing too fancy. But yeah, it was my mom's. She always loved the classics."

    He paused as Mr Flirt observed his sword before introducing himself. "Names Jay by the way. Jay Ciel. Don't really think I caught yours."

    (Yeah btw @Iroh sounds cool)
  15. "Ooooh, we have a volunteer! Marvelous!" Chance smiled warmly, his eyes flashing a faint gold as he extended his hand to shake. "August, right? Folks call me Chance- nice to meet ya~" he greeted, his introduction getting a slight reaction from the crowd. "But yes," Chance fanned out the entire deck in front of August, "pick any card. One that calls out to you in particular."
  16. @Infin1teZer0
    "Wait, huh-"

    I never said my name. Did he go to Sanctum?
    I... don't remember.

    "Yea, nice to meet you Chance." As August shake his hand he smiles but nervously tries to keep his sleeve pointed downward, covering the gears. "Mmmm.... Hmmm....." He takes a moment to glance at the cards, looking to see if anythings messed up with them, corners marked, scratches, anything, if there was some trick he badly wanted to see how he did it. He reaches out a gloved hand & draws a card, pulls it back & glances at it.

    3 of Hearts. "Right, okay, I have a card."
  17. Bora, despite not looking so, was amused. Someone had this charmer on a leash, and she looked younger than he did. Perhaps a sister of the sorts? When she mentioned she was his cousin, the two girls smiled at her. The older took a lollipop when offered, and Sunil took one after her older sister did.

    "I like you just a little more now." Bora told the other girl after being given the sweet.

    Though, Sunil was already creeping away to go and see what sounded like a performance. She was enthralled by anything she couldn't explain. Illusionists were one of those things, at least until she can debunk them. The older sister stayed where she was, but the younger approached the crowd.

    Her problem? She had to keep hopping to look over the taller people. Sunil didn't want to get stuck in between people and legs if she tried to squirm her way in, so hopping to try and watch was her best bet right now.
  18. "Alright, let's see here..." Chance looked at the chosen card once the crowd had a chance to look for itself. "Three of Hearts. Hmm, most interesting. See, what we just did was establish a bond between August here and the Three of Hearts," Chance told the crowd. "He'll be doing all the magic from now on- not me. The card's bound to his will now~"

    "So! It's actually quite simple to do the magic. Put the card anywhere you want back into the deck," the magician ruffled through it until August told him to stop, then had him put the card inside. "See, now that you have this bond with the Three of Hearts, whenever you snap your fingers..." Chance prompted him to do so.


    He flipped over the top card on the deck, revealing it to be the Three of Hearts, "It'll jump to the top of the deck. That wasn't bad for your first shot! Try it again." Chance put the Three of Hearts on the bottom of the deck.


    "And there it is again," the Three of Hearts jumped back to the top, just as Chance said it would. "Now," he continued, putting the card in another random place in the deck, "it only works when August here does it. If someone else snaps their fingers..." he gestured someone to volunteer.


    Ten of Clubs.


    King of Diamonds.



    Three of Hearts.

    "As I've proven so far, August and the Three of Hearts share a unique kinsmanship for the duration of this performance. It's actually quite special. Do I have any other volunteers?~"
  19. Sunil, hearing he wanted another other volunteers, was already jumping up and down and waving her hands behind the crowd. From Bora's point of view, her sister looked kinda silly. The younger sister was hopping up and down as high as she could, trying to get whoever's attention for whatever illusion he had next. "Meh! Meh! Meh!" She said at each individual jump, "What are you gonna do next!?" Sunil called out, wanting to know the answer. If she were picked, she'd be able to watch the trick up close. More opportunities for debunking!
  20. @Ramboing

    "It's Oshea Creed but I prefer Creed" he said looking at the sword and Jay wasn't lying just a classic sword

    "Wow you must be some swordsmen to wield a classic in this day and age and its your mothers lucky you some of us don't have a great weapon to remember their mother" he said with slight contempt
    "I wield a sword to but it's a large long sword I'm assuming you use dust to enhance your strikes?" He asked

    "I'm Violet and I like you two but can't wait to see you in combat if Shea recognized you... if your that good then maybe I won't knock him senseless if he flirts with you" she said winking as she sat down

    Violet was looking at her weapon
    "Oooohhh I think I seen those weapons before... umm I forgot what it's called...but you seem to be a long range close range fighter" she said

    Violet flipped her weapons in the air and caught it combining them into her sniper... "I'm a super long range woman" she said
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