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  1. Fifteen years ago, an Atlesian military study titled Dark Winter prophesized the fall of one kingdom, and how the others would cope.

    Within five days, as a result of public fear, the other Kingdoms were overwhelmed by Grimm. Civilized society fell, man turned on man, and the Grimm devoured them all. Remnant plunged into darkness.

    Shocked by the study, at a summit of the kingdoms, the four put in place Directive 51. Sleeper agents scattered throughout the kingdoms and the world. They were to lie low, go about normal lives. When they were needed, they would be activated.

    The project was given the title of Phoenix Division.

    Now, Dark Winter is a reality. Vale has fallen, the Grimm and White Fang own the city.

    Things look bleak and hopeless.

    But there is a plan.

    We could not stop the fall of Vale.

    But we can save what remains. The shadowplay is over, and the activation has begun. Claim your weapons, and enter the fallen city. The fate of Remnant is on your shoulders. We are not throwing you to the wolves.

    You are the wolves.

    With that bit of intro aside, I'm here to see if there's any interest for this kind of roleplay. Taking the events of RWBY Volume 3, adding in an interesting element, and writing our own story around it.

    While I have some plot points sketched out, I'd like to see if there was any interest. Predominately, the characters will either be Pheonix Agents, with one or two Huntsmen/Huntresses/Students in the mix. All characters would be original ones, and while we would interact with things in canon, no canon characters would be directly involved.

    Pheonix Agents are not as powerful as a fully trained Huntsman/huntress, but their strength lies in teamwork, and in force multipying tools unique to them. This can range from a deployable turret, to a portable medical station, to arm mounted shields. Further distinctions will be made in the character skeleton.

    I welcome any questions or suggestions below
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  2. I've reworked the cast list, and should more interest be generated, I'll gin up a character skeleton.

    Pheonix Agent 01-Reserved: @ShatteredSkies
    Pheonix Agent 02-Reserved: @Jessica2477
    Pheonix Agent 03-

    Free Agent- @AgentMcBagle

    Undecided Hunter- @Oliver Queen

    As for enemies the group would face, we would be up againsy the creatures of Grimm, rouge Atlas combat drones, the White Fang, and some criminal elements trying to make their own stake on the city.

    So, @Jessica2477 would you mind claiming a spot, if your rating was a way of showing interest?
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  3. I'll reserve Phoenix Agent 02 ^^
  4. Done. Would you happen to know anybody else who would be interested in this? My usual RWBY crew here has since dissappeared, and it'd be nice to fill this up. No worries if not.
  5. Hmmm, I can ask a few people. You'll know if they said yes or no.
  6. I appreciate it.
  7. This idea seems something I'd get into. Never played the division but I have a lot of ideas for RWBY.
  8. I basically outlined it in the "trailer" part. Sleeper agents, more reliant on technology, teamwork, and skill than power. A Pheonix Agent has one signiture ability, a piece of equiptment, which gives them a pretty sizable advantage over your normal guy with a weapon. I'll C/P a list of possible abilities when I'm not tired.

    I'd love to hear any ideas, would you like to claim a cast spot, as well?
  9. Ill take a spot but I'm open to any of the roles. Not all too sure which one would work better. Most of my ideas are a series of weapon and character concepts and whatnot, though depending on what you have outlined for the agents I could whip some up. RWBY is just a really fun thinking process for me.

  10. It really is, I agree with that. Lots of cool stuff you can do.
  11. I think that, if we get one more player, I'll put up a signup/ooc thread to actually get to plotting.
  12. So if I'm understanding this correctly, it appears to be a crossover between RWBY and The Division, right? With elements of both being installed during the course of the roleplay?
  13. You understand correctly. Some elements of both. Some elements will be left out, gameplay purposes, but distorting neither so much that the parent universes become unrecognizable.
  14. And would it also be correct to assume that the "student" roles are merely just "huntsman/huntress in training", like how the show specifies it?
  15. Two for two on the assumptions. They're not as good as a full fledged Huntsman, on the level of an Agent, but differant. The chief differance between Students and Agents is that Agents lack Semblances, but make up for it with a special piece of equiptment.
  16. I see...

    Do not put me down for it YET, as I would like to sleep on it first before making a decision.

    Also just a side note to all involved in this, you may put all discussions of RWBY, both what has happened and what you would like to see happen, in my inbox. ^_~
  17. Okay, I've figured out the base situation that will put all our characters together. And I will say, it's gonna be dark.

    Also, for prospective Agents, here is a list of potential equiptment (Sticky Launcher has been omitted, I'm claiming that one for myself). One can also be originally created, you don't have to use these.

    Deployable Turret-A deployable gun, targets and engages enemies automatically.
    Seeker Mines-Small explosives that roll around on the ground and seek out targets
    Firebird-Small remotely piloted armed drone
    Pulse-Sends out a pulse that marks all living creatures, and Grimm
    Stimgun-Shoots a hypodermic needle capable of healing humanoid creatures
    Ballistic Shield-Arm mounted shield capable of resisting incoming fire and attacks

    Also, for prospective Huntsmen/resses and Student characters, I have quite a few Semblance ideas as well.
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  18. This sounds like it might be an interesting idea. You may feel free to put me down on the list, most likely in one of the RWBY spots, haven't decided which one as of yet.
  19. Awesome, I have you down for it. I think I'll get cracking on an OOC. Which'll probably get done tonight or tomorrow night. In the meantime, if anybody has anyone else who might be interested, please let them know about this and see if we can fill up the party?
  20. Alright, so I have my ideas for the character I want to use for this one, pretty sure she'll be a student. Came up with a pretty good semblance idea and easy balancing for it, so I hope things could work out.
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