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  1. This is the OOC/Sign Ups thread

    Based on the hit web series by Rooster Teeth, this RP takes place in the World of Remnant, where scattered points of civilization are constantly beset by creatures that feed on fear and negativity known as the Grimm. Combat these ferocious beasts are elite warriors known as Huntsmen, trained at one of four Academies as protectors of mankind.

    Set two decades before the events of RWBY Volume One, this RP follows the era when Ozpin and his partners are just beginning to discover the secret of Remnant:

    That legends are real.

    For those that have seen RWBY Volume Three, this RP directly relates to the discovery, search, and protection of the Maidens (female individuals who can use superpowers without aid, akin to actual magic).

    "Victory is in a simple soul."

    Character Sheet:
    Description: written or image
    Race: Human, Faunus, or android
    Semblance: if any
    Weapon: with main modes, function, and alternate modes described

    Players can be apprentice Huntsmen or Huntresses, graduates of a Huntsmen academy, or non-Huntsmen.

    Though OCs are encouraged, the time of the setting (20 years prior to Volume One) allows for certain canon characters to be playable (see below).
    Knowledge of the RWBY universe is strongly encouraged for ease of play. Knowledge up to Volume Two is extremely helpful, as would be Volume Three, though not strictly required.

    I am looking for 3-4 players.

    Available Canon Characters
    1) Ozpin
    2) James Ironwood
    3) Glynda Goodwitch
    4) Qrow Branwen
    5) Raven Branwen
    6) Taiyang Xiao Long
    7) Summer Rose
    8) Peter Port
    9) Bartholomew Oobleck
    10) Winter Schnee
    11) Junior

    Ozpin (Razilin)
    Age: 21
    Semblance: Time Control
    Bio: Recent graduate of Beacon Academy, sent by the headmaster to investigate the spike in Grimm activity. A historian.

    Rick Wright (Xytheus)
    Age: 20
    Semblance: Bursts of strength
    Bio: Protector of a village in Haven. Not a Huntsman, but well-trained regardless. A survivalist.

    Ehrgeiz Viridian (CasketCase)
    Age: 19
    Semblance: Leaping
    Bio: Beacon Academy student and Impala faunus. Lost his arms on a mission against Grimm. Recently returned to active duty after rehabilitation.

    Aruna Clay (Jessica2477)
    Age: 18
    Semblance: Turn into feathers
    Bio: Member of a long line of Vale Huntsmen and Huntresses, but reduced to poverty. Now enrolled at a combat school.

    Elaine Sparrow (Captain Mittens)
    Age: 17
    Semblance: Featherweight
    Bio: Beacon Academy student and a known prankster. Apparently a terrible cook.

    Titus Vender (Uncle Legens Legentis)
    Age: 30
    Semblance: Static Gauntlet
    Bio: Highly intelligent student of Haven Academy, originally from Mistral. Moved to Beacon to study Grimm.
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  2. Interested.
  3. wonderful, as stated above this is the sign up thread, so go ahead and toss in a char sheet for approval
  4. Name: Rick Wright
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165
    Semblance: Strength. Rick can achieve bursts of great strength that can allow him to throw a full-sized ursa.
    Weapon: Frostbite gauntlet.
    The weapons serrated "teeth" clamp down hard enough to crack metal, and the miniature chainsaws in each doubles the damage.
    Skills/Abilities: Skilled survivalist. He can survive alone in the wild for weeks at a time.
    Background: Rick Wright was born in the wild. From day one it was hard work. The little village he grew up in was just south of Haven, not too far from civilization. He grew quite fond of the forest. Eventually, he grew to become a protecter of the village. As time changed the villagers migrated into the kingdom for greater safety. Rick preferred the wild but he didn't hold it against them. Though he never attended a combat school, he works closely with hunters and huntresses. He usually patrols the areas surrounding Haven, helping those that need it.
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  5. Name: Ozpin


    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 210 lb.
    Semblance: Time Control (Ozpin can briefly slow or speed up his personal time, usually manifesting as slowing his metabolism or speeding up his reaction time)
    Weapon: Oscar Zoroaster (walking stick mainly used as a short club; the distal end doubles as the barrel of an elephant gun)


    -Combat Training: Ozpin is a capable swordsman and marksman using his cane-gun, Oscar Zoroaster. His fighting style relies on parries and patience rather than aggression.
    -Historian: Ozpin extensively studied the history of Remnant, including its mythologies.
    Background: Ozpin entered Beacon Academy in Vale at the age of seventeen, during which time he learned combat skills, Semblance control, and the lore of Remnant. His time at Beacon also exposed him to Team STRQ (Summer Rose, Taiyang Xaio Long, Raven Branwen, and Qrow Branwen), who became close friends of his by the time they all graduated. Fresh out of training and ready to explore the mysteries of Remnant, Ozpin is eager to do his part to defend humanity.
  6. Name: Ehrgeiz Viridian
    As an antelope (he insists on Impala, specifically) faunus, the most noticeable racial signs are the white rings around his amber-hued eyes that stand out against his otherwise reddish-brown skin, and most obviously, the pair of black, lyre-shaped horns coming out from his head amidst short, slicked back blond hair. His basic outfit consists of a simple, dark green ranger's vest, a baggy pair of khaki cargo shorts, and brown combat boots. The latest additions to his outfit come in the form of robotic arms and the Grimm-like mask that hangs from his belt in dedication to his former team leader who once wore it.
    Race: Faunus
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8"/1.76 m
    Weight: 150 lbs./68 kg

    • Leap - Ehrgeiz' legs are unnaturally powerful, allowing him to run faster and longer than most; however, its true power lies in his jumping and kicking power.
    • Gunpowder Grendel - Classified as a "Prosthetic Ballistic Limb" (PBL) weapon, Ehrgeiz's arms have been replaced with robotic limbs that store a high-powered revolver in the hands and automatic shotguns in the forearms.
    • Martial Artist - Ehrgeiz is a skilled martial artist whose prowess allowed him to fight most Grimm without a weapon. While the loss of his arms have hampered this somewhat, he is quickly regaining his skillset back to its former glory.
    • Danger Sense - Due his innate faunus senses and specialized training, Ehrgeiz has grown to develop a sixth sense of sorts, allowing him to perceive danger, usually in the form of a "bad feeling".
    Once a student at Beacon academy, Ehrgeiz was on the verge of graduating as a full-pledge Huntsman. Unfortunately, during the mission that was to be his final exam, his team came across a large group of unreported and powerful Grimm. Unable to escape them, his team was forced to fight to survive, resulting in the loss of both of Ehrgeiz's arms, another of his teammates being seriously injured, and the leader of his group traumatized to the point of dropping out of the program shortly after. Until recently, Ehrgeiz has been recovering and rehabilitating with his new arms in preparation of returning to Beacon.
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  7. Click here for Appearance

    Basic Information

    Name: Aruna Clay
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 144 lbs

    Color: Brown

    Weapon Name:


    Weapon Derivation:

    Description: Her weapon is a long sword which alternates as a fan. The sword's usage is self explanatory, but the fan can double as a shield. The edges of the fan itself is sharp, with Dust inside that can be used at the push of a button. It allows her to create a strong wind, blizzard, or inferno depending on the dust used with it.


    Her semblance allows Aruna's body to fall apart into feathers and reform in a different location, mainly used as an evasive or defensive technique.


    Human Psychology; Aruna learned the hard way that not everyone can be trusted, so she studied the basics. She has an easier time reading a person emotionally and body language wise.

    Combat: Combat school allowed her to train in her combat ability


    (Probably add more details to this later)

    Aruna grew up within Vale to the Clay family, a family in which had a line of hunters and huntresses. After a peculiar event involving the family budget and losing most of it to con artists, the Clays had to live in poverty for a long while. She, once their family could afford it, enrolled in combat school then the Academy with the ideology that she would simply grow up to protect and serve.
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  8. Character Sheet:
    Name: Elayne Sparrow
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Semblance: Featherweight. Elaine can lower her body weight, along with any worn or held objects, to one tenth of its original. This allows her to jump higher, fall softer, and generally be moved around more easily.
    Weapon: Ugh, no picture. Couldn't find any, and I'm not sure an MSPainted scrawl would be very helpful.
    Either way.
    Valkyrienfluegel: This is a pair of 'wings' that strap to Elaine's arms. The stylised feathers are razor-edged, allowing their use as a melee weapon; a rifle barrel is built in, and emerges just below Elaine's hands when the wings are worn.
    Aside from the usual bullets, Elaine also has a set of propulsion cartridges, which rocket her away from the fired direction at high speeds. Even more so when in Featherweight form.
    Gourmet Chef?- Elaine loves to cook, and often tries to do so for others. However, her abilities in this regard are... lacking, so to say, and only those with the strongest of constitutions will manage to avoid vomiting and general malaise.
    Bird's Eye- Elaine has excellent vision, more so than the vast majority of humans, due to trace amounts of faunus blood running in her veins.
    Agile- Elaine is fast on her feet, and fairly proficient in various acrobatics, and incorporates this into her fighting style.
    Background: Elaine was born to a fairly middling family in Vale. Always inquisitive and adventurous as a child, she was prone to running off, drawn by anything that caught her fancy. This impulse drove her to want to become a huntress, as she'd be able to travel the world to her heart's content. Thus, she made her way to Signal, and later, Beacon Academy. Despite fairly bright, and an agile fighter, her erratic nature and habit of setting pranks has made her somewhat of a nuisance for the teachers. As of this point in time, Elaine is still in training, although her graduation is near at hand.
  9. Character Sheet:
    Name: Victor Groff
    (There is a reason why I have a picture of someone in all armor. Just read the bio, but if I need to put a picture with a face then I will do so.)
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10 or 1.78m
    Weight: 185 or 84kg
    Semblance: Sense Manipulation- The user has complete control over the senses of oneself, including fight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance, pain, etc, allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them. They can enhance, reduce, or remove them temporarily or permanently, protect them from being overwhelmed.
    Weapon: Victor's weapon of choice is is the DG-3 long rifle. His rifle has a sight called the HDS sight. The efficient HDS allows the user to swiftly alternate between the standard scope and an increased magnification of the barrel mounted rifle sight. Before the bullets leave the gun the gun gives his bullets more power for they can easily penetrate through grim.
    Tracking- Thanks to hunting with his father, Victor is an excellent tacker.
    Silence- Victor has learned that silence is one of the key elements when it comes to surviving this world. Weather it's out hunting, talking to a superior, or even when your girl is screaming at you for no reason.
    Steady aim- Victor is a master when it comes to hitting his targets. Some of it comes from his semblance, but most of it comes from pure training with his father.
    Background: Victor has always looked up to his father, Jacob Groff, and wanted to be a great marksman just like his father. One day, Victor's father deiced that his was skilled enough to take down a Ursa. While tracking down the Ursa, Victor and his father got separated. The sound of Victor calling out his father's name attracted the Ursa to Victor. Once the Ursa found Victor it attacked him. The sound of Victor's scream lead his father to him. But when his father found Victor, it was to late. Victor's face and body was all scratched up, but luckily Victor survived the attack. Ever since that Victor had wore armor and a mask (In picture). After the attack Victor was accepted into Beacon academy. At first the headmasters was kind of against Victor wearing his armor, but after he showed them what had happen to him they allowed him to go to school with his armor.​
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  10. Profile has been updated. I'll add in the appearance in just a few moments.
  11. @CasketCase accepted

    interestingly, your chars bio can naturally lead into the first post in the
    IC thread, if you go with the conceit that the grimm that took his arms is part of the grimm activity in haven
  12. I'm just waiting for someone else to post for I can get an idea on what to post. XD
  13. since victor groff is at beacon, perhaps his introduction has him receiving reports of the Haven Grimm attacks? one thing i was intending on doing if no one else had their own ideas for involving themselves into the story was to have Ozpin look around for talented individuals (i.e., players) to make a Team to go investigate Haven
  14. I'll get a post up soon.
  15. Posted! I hope I didn't embarrass myself too badly >///<
  16. I shalt create a grandest of apps... EVENTUALLY!
  17. Name: Titus Vender
    Description: [​IMG]
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Semblance: Static Gauntlet - In a deadly encounter, Titus can harness the very power of his mind and redirect it as electric energy, sometimes as a shield and sometimes as a projectile. While not always fatal, there is a strong chance that temporary paralysis can be inflicted onto any opponent that has been struck multiple times. For defensive maneuvers, Titus bends the energy over his wrists to block physical attacks of any variety.
    Weapon: [​IMG]
    Skills/Abilities: Titus is an unrivaled intellectual. He can use his powers of deduction in a moment's notice, either to outwit an enemy in combat or subvert anyone else that stands in front of his goals. He is also abnormally flexible, an additional plus when the fight turns brutal. Pain resistance is a given, though even Titus has his limits, and is prone to over-exerting himself far too quickly.
    Background: Titus Vender was born in the Kingdom of Mistral, a fact that he makes clear to those whom get on his nerves. The swampy marshlands were an absolute nightmare to be raised in, and with little more than determination and a brilliant mind, the young man worked hard to survive. With a reputation for intelligence, Titus was noticed by Haven Academy and was promptly accepted into it. Despite having no interest in becoming a Huntsman, he gladly offered his services to the school and provided many a scientific achievement. All he received in return, however, was unlimited access to a treasure trove of knowledge.

    There was yet one other blessing, bestowed upon the young man at his tenure in the academy. Amara Feldgrau, a timid former Huntress whom lost her legs in a Grimm attack, shared a deep relationship with Titus, leading up to a secret marriage. Following his elopement, Titus amassed as much information as he could before departing on a new quest. For years he had dreamed of studying the mysterious Grimm up close. There was no other way he could pursue his dream without leaving Mistral, heartbreaking as it was to leave. It seemed as though Beacon Academy offered many more interesting links on the nature of Grimm, so it was decided that Titus would move to Vale and make more discoveries.
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  18. @all - cast list up as an easy place to reference our characters.
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